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Location Oakland, CA
Occupation Writer/ Real Estate Broker

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    Atelier Books, Ltd.Co., 2010.

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    Creative Arts Book Company, 2001-10.

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    Shameless Hussy Press, 1976.

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    Scarecrow Press -, 1982.
  • About Me

    Published 18 books of poetry and one novel. Memoir about growing up with polio, entitled: A BODY DIVIDED, 2009, available at 6 books of prose in total.
    Rave on
    "Much more solid content than the rationalizing wimps that fill up the couch on Oprah's show. A literate and inspiring memoir that stands well above the usual marketplace driven drivel. Recommended."
    -- Tony Crowell

    New novel available in manuscript entitled: HOW THE SIXTIES ENDED: or The San Francisco Poetry Wars. Part of which is available for free online.

    Most of my work is available for purchase on Amazon kindle books.

    Also, a new novel manuscript of flash fiction letters from both male and female perspectives entitled: ADULTERATED MEMOIRS.

    Inquiries are warmly welcome!

    You can see me reading some poems on youtube:

    or plug in jerry ratch to, and it comes right up.

    new book: click on link for online echapbook: How the Sixties Ended

    song "Three Good Hubcaps" by Jerry Ratch, music by Tom Casesa:

    song "Nope" by Jerry Ratch, music and video by Tim Young:

    Why do you write?

    I wish I knew. Nothing is a certainty, that's for sure! All I know for sure is you won't find my writing at an airport kiosk. Unfortunately. But you will find my books online at amazon kindle books for, like, 99 cents each. So, c'mon, now!

    Any favorite authors? Books?

    Ernest Hemingway. Raymond Carver. T.S. Eliot. William Carlos Williams. Charles Bukowski. a few Billy Collins. a few Jack Gilbert. Walt Whitman. Emily Dickinson. Roberto Bolano.

    Jerry Ratch's Wall

    Kait Mauro – Jul 15, 2017

    Thank you <3

    Kitty Boots – Jul 29, 2016

    Jerry, thanks for reading Husband Googles Travel Zoo!

    Kitty Boots – Jul 20, 2016

    Jerry, thanks for reading and commenting on Road Gators. I hear my father's voice every time I notice one. I think he would have enjoyed this. I rarely write anything humorous (maybe I should lighten up!) but this was truly a gift!

    Misti Rainwater-Lites – Nov 03, 2014

    Hi Jerry! Thanks muchly for your kind words.

    Christopher James – Oct 04, 2014

    Thanks for reading and commenting :)

    Loyola Landry – Apr 08, 2014

    hey, just noticed you're from oakland. same here, until two years ago. how's it going in the town?

    Philip F. Clark – Jan 10, 2014

    Thank you foro the "*" on "Dream Music", Jerry. Appreciate that. Am enjoying your work very much.

    Penny Goring – Nov 19, 2013


    Barry Friesen – Sep 24, 2013

    Thanks for looking at my silliness, Jerry. Yet Another Magazine, indeed. I would rather call it Doorstop, though, and publish it with the pages glued together.... :)

    Amanda Harris – May 27, 2013

    Thank you, Jerry, for your kind comments on "Letter for K". I've been watching your readings on YouTube--very subtle, very powerful. Someday, I hope to give "K" that same kind of power.

    Lillian Ann Slugocki – Mar 18, 2013

    dear Jerry, thanks for your comments on demons, its a long work in progress and I so appreciate it!!

    Gloria Garfunkel – Jan 27, 2013

    Get to the truth? What's that? Thanks for your incisive comment on Holiday Newsletter -- as true as it gets.

    Lillian Ann Slugocki – Jan 24, 2013

    Jerry, will look at that last line of Playboy Bunny, it it supposed to function as a leitmotif or thread connecting the dots for the protagonist, but...maybe not. Thanks again for you comments, truly appreciated.

    Gary Hardaway – Jan 07, 2013

    Thanks for reading and commenting on Bitter Bits, Jerry.

    Barry Friesen – Dec 22, 2012

    Generous of you to look at "Love in Amber," Jerry! Thank you!

    Gloria Garfunkel – Dec 08, 2012

    Thanks for EX!

    Nonnie Augustine – Dec 06, 2012

    Thank you for reading and commenting on When Borders was Alive and Well. I'll read something of yours soon. I just read that you've published 13 books of poetry! I'm slaving over my first collection and I am in awe of your volume of work.

    Gary V. Powell – Nov 06, 2012

    Jerry, thanks for the read and fave on "Mechanics of Sex." Based on what I've seen of your work, I'm not surprised you liked this.

    Gloria Garfunkel – Nov 04, 2012

    Yes, of course it's shmarc. He was just too upset.

    Gary V. Powell – Oct 21, 2012

    Thanks for the kind commens and fave on "The Songs of Townes Van Zandt." He touched and continues to touch many people.

    Bud Smith – Oct 03, 2012

    Jerry, yeah ... good stuff, keep on writing, I'll keep reading

    Lillian Ann Slugocki – Sep 24, 2012

    Jerry, thanks for the fav. It took me a couple of days to get back to you, but want you to know I really appreciate it.

    all best, Lillian

    Gary V. Powell – Aug 10, 2012

    Thanks for the read and recommendation on Riding with the King. I see where you are coming from about that last line.

    Katie – Jun 04, 2012

    Jerry, thanks for faving my short, Exposed! You've written so many pieces, i'm impressed! I really enjoyed your work :)

    utoo – Apr 13, 2012

    Thank you for the welcome Jerry. I did enjoy the one story of your's I've read so far, hope to read more soon. Cheers.

    Misti Rainwater-Lites – Apr 11, 2012

    Damn it, Jerry, I sure appreciate your encouragement! Thanks for reading and liking No Sugar.

    Steven Gowin – Apr 06, 2012

    Thanks for the note on "Daddy Walked the Pits." I've only been active on Fictionaut for a couple of months. Getting to know people on line, peeking at their websites, it's all very interesting. I almost went to Irvine for grad school. My advisor thought I'd like Oakley Hall. I'll be watching for your stuff.

    Barry Basden – Mar 20, 2012

    Thanks, Jerry, for the * on 'Saved, Nevertheless.'

    Bill Yarrow – Mar 17, 2012

    Jerry, thanks for faving "Eyes Off the Road."

    Bill Yarrow – Mar 10, 2012

    Hi, Jerry! Thanks for faving "Joan of Dark."

    Bill Yarrow – Feb 17, 2012

    Thanks for commenting on and faving "Rattlesnake Pancakes," Jerry. Glad you liked it!

    Carol Nelson – Jan 16, 2012

    Hi to you, too! Thanks for the post!

    Bill Yarrow – Jan 12, 2012

    Hi, Jerry! Thanks for faving "The Sober Boat."

    LeeAnn Pickrell – Jan 07, 2012

    Thanks for the welcome. Always nice to meet a fellow Oaklander.

    Bill Yarrow – Dec 22, 2011

    Hi, Jerry.
    Thanks for faving "Magritte."
    Happy holidays!

    J. Mykell Collinz – Dec 03, 2011

    Hi, Jerry. Thanks for reading, 'Heart of Gold.' I greatly appreciate your comment and fav.

    Michael Gillan Maxwell – Nov 23, 2011

    Haha! We must have hung out in some of the same bathrooms! You in Berkeley and me in Madison! Always loved that one - along with the send up of the Nathan Hale quote: "Give me librium or give me meth!" Although now, not quite so funny!

    Michael Gillan Maxwell – Nov 22, 2011

    Hi Jerry- My signature quote: "The only Art I ever knew drove a laundry truck..." was actually graffiti on the wall of the men's room my first day of Art School before my first painting class - and I was nervous - I saw that written in marker on the wall - and I never forgot it! :-)

    David Ackley – Nov 22, 2011

    Thanks, Jerry, glad "The Last Chance...Story Contest," caught your fancy.

    Marcus Speh – Nov 20, 2011

    jerry, i am touched that you think the little yellow pills might work for you. i'm not that old however, and neither are'll have to do without. writing is a great substitute for pills. thanks for commenting on "<a href="">the serious writer occupies wall street</a>"!

    Jack Swenson – Nov 17, 2011

    Jerry! Good to hear from you. Thanks for responding to my nasty little Twain story.

    Bill Yarrow – Nov 17, 2011

    Thanks for faving "Fish Boil," Jerry.

    Jack Swenson – Nov 14, 2011

    You're a champ, Jerry. Thanks for the comment and fave for my Twain fantasy. I 'preciate it.

    Nicole Bonaccorso – Nov 11, 2011

    Thanks for the invite, Jerry! I'm currently trying to figure out how this website works. I checked out a few of your poems-great stuff!

    Bill Yarrow – Sep 08, 2011

    Thanks for faving the Chattanooga poem, Jerry.

    Bill Yarrow – Jul 28, 2011

    Thanks for faving the Euclid poem, Jerry. Appreciate it!

    Marcus Speh – Jun 05, 2011

    thanks, jerry for that fav on "<a href="">in the nude</a>". you're the grand master of the nude memoir.

    Bill Yarrow – Apr 20, 2011

    Thanks for faving "Addictions," Jerry!

    Bill Yarrow – Apr 18, 2011

    Thanks for faving Son of Goya," Jerry1 Appreciate it!

    Erin Zulkoski – Apr 17, 2011

    Jerry! Thanks for you comment on War Rides A Red Rorse. Horse. And I'll check the author out; I've been told to read him.
    Also, for the favorite-o on May December.
    You're cool. :)

    Jack Swenson – Mar 28, 2011

    Hey, Jerry, that's it, I bet. Maybe we will change Spot's name to Lassie.

    Jack Swenson – Mar 28, 2011

    Spot did not get named Spot by accident, Jerry. Hope all's well with you, my friend.

    Frankie Saxx – Mar 25, 2011

    Jerry, thanks for your comment on Momma's Dogs. Everybody Needs a Soul made me quiver inside.


    Cherise Wolas – Mar 23, 2011


    Loved your succinct comment and the fave on Sisters At The Lake! Many thanks!

    Andrew Stancek – Mar 07, 2011

    Thanks for the welcome and the Fav. I loved your Homage to the Old piece and gave you a Fav for it.

    Jack Swenson – Mar 06, 2011

    Jerry, thanks for the * for "Still Life." Much appreciated.

    Heather Fowler – Feb 25, 2011

    The Pigeons! I love them. :)

    Lou Godbold – Feb 23, 2011

    Ah, Jerry! You didn't forget about me. Give me fifteen years and I'll appreciate it.

    Jack Swenson – Feb 17, 2011

    Jerry, thanks for the comments and the star. Yes, 9/11 was a frightful day. Then somebody stepped in and said, "Now do you want to see something REALLY scary?"

    Larry Strattner – Jan 21, 2011

    Belated Thanks for your comment on Smite the Hindmost, I appreciate it. LS

    Danny Goodman – Jan 13, 2011

    Check out a new poem from Jerry over at fwriction : review!

    kate hill cantrill – Jan 06, 2011

    Hey Jerry! I love that you, too, have puppet love! Thanks for posting on my wall about it!

    Bill Yarrow – Jan 05, 2011

    Thanks for commenting on and faving "Whiplash Marriage." Glad you liked it!

    Kim Conklin – Dec 26, 2010

    Thanks for the awesome comment and fave on Things Left Unsaid, Jerry! I'm drawn to dream/reality stuff too, so there probably are a few more like it lurking in my subconscious...:)

    Bill Yarrow – Dec 22, 2010

    Thanks, Jerry, for faving "Mussel Memory." Glad to be back!

    Angela Kubinec – Dec 22, 2010

    Thanks for having a bite at the "Dessert Buffet". I wrote it in first person to start with, and as a bit longer piece. Your comment was especially interesting to me. Perhaps I should trust my initial instincts.

    Catherine Davis – Dec 15, 2010

    Thanks for coming by and reading my X, Sam. So now I will be checking your X as well. (Puppet X, excellent title.)

    Angela Kubinec – Dec 13, 2010

    Nipple? Nipple! What a great word.

    kim teeple – Dec 01, 2010

    Thank you so much!

    Bill Yarrow – Nov 29, 2010

    Thanks, Jerry, for the fave of "The Proud Accounting."

    Angela Kubinec – Nov 28, 2010

    You faved me! I love that.

    Meg Pokrass – Nov 27, 2010

    thanks for reading Hinky and Claudette and I'm really glad you like rats.

    Jack Swenson – Nov 26, 2010

    Thanks, my friend, for your fave for "Lefty's." I always look for to the next installment of the youthful J.R. saga.

    Kristen Tsetsi – Nov 25, 2010

    Thanks for reading "There's Love, and there's Marriage" & for leaving your "fav!" So many of yours to choose to blindly point and click.

    Jules Archer – Nov 22, 2010

    Thanks Jerry for reading and faving "Lay On Me".

    Lena Vanelslander – Nov 21, 2010

    My pleasure Jerry, I enjoyed your work! Lena

    Kathy Fish – Nov 08, 2010

    Dear prolific Jerry, thanks so much for the thumbs up for "Moro". I really appreciate it.

    David Abrams – Nov 04, 2010

    Thanks so much for Fave-ing my flash fiction, "Arm." Really appreciate the warm welcome to Fictionaut.

    Mark Reep – Nov 01, 2010

    Jerry, thanks for faving No Adjectives. All best.

    J. Mykell Collinz – Oct 31, 2010

    Hi, Jerry. Thanks for reading 'Fifty Five Words or Less.' And for the fav.

    Bill Yarrow – Oct 26, 2010

    Thanks for the fave of "Florid Psychosis"! Appreciate it, Jerry!

    Bill Yarrow – Oct 19, 2010

    Thanks, Jerry! Glad you liked "Knot Eye."

    Angela Kubinec – Oct 19, 2010

    Jerry - thanks for Fav-ing "Stolen Shoes". I am pleased that you liked it.

    Angela Kubinec – Oct 15, 2010

    Thanks for reading "Swift and Precise". I love being read, but being read and faved is even better.

    Mark Reep – Oct 15, 2010

    Jerry, thanks for reading Check Engine, and for the fave. Much appreciated. All best.

    Kathy Fish – Oct 14, 2010

    Thanks for the fave, Jerry. You have a ton of stories here. Look forward to reading more of your work!

    Mark Reep – Oct 09, 2010

    Thanks for faving Better Days, Jerry. All best.

    Jack Swenson – Oct 06, 2010

    No respect, Jerry, no respect. That's what happens when you get old & gray. Thanks for the read & comment about my eatery story.

    Matt Dennison – Oct 04, 2010

    Jerry ("The Snatch Snatcher") Ratch

    (Couldn't resist! Delete at your convenience...)

    Jack Swenson – Sep 30, 2010

    Glad you liked my post 9/11 story. Thanks, Jerry.

    Johnny Dantonio – Sep 27, 2010

    Hi Jerry! Thanks for reading and commenting on Riposi ... I'm pretty new to Fictionaut so I'm just catching on to seeing comments and replying, but I love interacting with other writers, so your comment means a lot!

    Susan Tepper – Sep 26, 2010

    Jerry, thanks for the read and fave on my vagina girl story (centerpiece), so glad you enjoyed it

    Matthew A. Hamilton – Sep 14, 2010

    Thank you for reading Dark Water. Much appreciated, as always.

    Foster Trecost – Sep 10, 2010

    Hi Jerry, thanks for reading Ripe - glad you liked it!

    Foster Trecost – Aug 23, 2010

    Hi Jerry, I'm glad you liked Burger and fries - thanks for the fave.

    Lorenzo Sewanan – Aug 18, 2010

    as someone who is interested in medicine, the epilepsy piece was very humanizing. i liked it a lot.

    Denis J. Underwood – Aug 18, 2010

    Hey Jerry, thanks for the welcome. Moved from the city to Oak Park a year ago. Enjoying it so far. Don't know much about Villa Park. Will have to check it out. Off to read some of your work...

    Spencer Strub – Aug 09, 2010

    That's the best kind of marginalia!

    Lori Lou Freshwater – Aug 01, 2010

    Jerry, apologies this is so late, but thank you for your comment on 'This Girl in That Shirt'.

    Kait Mauro – Jul 29, 2010

    Hey Jerry! I've just posted 'A Caregiver's Homage to the Very Old' to Like Birds Lit. I just wanted to tell you have much I loved reading it. My great grandmother lived with us for a couple years when she was in her early ninety's and your piece really hit the notes, in my humble opinion. The last couple of lines, in particular, pulled at my heart strings.

    James Lloyd Davis – Jul 25, 2010

    Jerry. Thanks for the fav on "The man who killed Molly Bloom." Novel? I thought about it for a minute, but I'm working on three and I've already got the next seven planned after them ... and I doubt that I'll live long enought to finish those. Sometimes, too, you just gotta sit back and smell the beer.

    Matthew A. Hamilton – Jul 19, 2010

    Thank you for reading and commenting on Ocean Front Epitaph. Much appreciated. BTW, what has happened to your "Poetry Wars" excerpts? I have enjoyed reading those.

    Jack Swenson – Jul 19, 2010

    Nice comment! Thanks.

    Joseph Scapellato – Jul 11, 2010

    Hey there!-- I was born in Western Springs. Near LaGrange, Hinsdale, Downer's Grove. What about you?

    George LaCas – Jul 09, 2010

    You're too kind, Jerry! I'm glad Hotel Chelsea is drawing some fans.

    George LaCas – Jul 09, 2010

    Hi Jerry, thanks for your comment about "Hotel Chelsea - Nanette 5" - appreciate it!

    George LaCas – Jul 06, 2010

    Hi Jerry, thanks for your comment about "Hotel Chelsea - Intercut 7" - appreciate it!

    Rick Rofihe – Jul 02, 2010

    Jerry --
    Thanks for laughing at/with "NEVER Drunk, ALWAYS Disorderly".
    Very best,

    George LaCas – Jun 21, 2010

    I mean "Intercut 2"

    George LaCas – Jun 21, 2010

    Thanks, Jerry, for your comment about "Hotel Chelsea - Intercut 1".

    Jane Hammons – Jun 20, 2010

    Thanks for the note, Jerry. I'll take a look. Always so much to see here at F'naut!

    Nicolette Wong – Jun 18, 2010

    Thanks Jerry for reading my story The Voyeur. It means a lot to me. Looking forward to reading your work here!

    Bill Yarrow – Jun 13, 2010

    Me too! Two poems in the 80's. I'll check out your Poetry Wars.

    Bill Yarrow – Jun 13, 2010

    I live in Lincolnwood. Been to Berkeley--a different life! Loved it there. (Of course, I was there in 1972!)

    Bill Yarrow – Jun 13, 2010

    Where did you grow up?

    Thaisa Frank – May 30, 2010

    Hi Jerry---

    The next time you see me in Rockridge, say hello! Thaisa

    sara t. – May 27, 2010

    Jerry, thanx for the fave on "Urban Renewal". Appreciate it!

    Susan Tepper – May 26, 2010

    Jerry, thanks for reading and posting on my story The Fall of Love. Hope to see you in NY in a few weeks--

    J. Mykell Collinz – May 22, 2010

    Jerry, thanks for reading Teacher. I appreciate your support and the fav. I'm enjoying your writing as well and will continue to read.

    Cherise Wolas – May 14, 2010

    8 out of 10 points is pretty great. Thankfully, I'm not using this questionnaire for personal purposes, just a story in another form!

    J. Mykell Collinz – May 13, 2010

    Jerry, thanks for reading and commentin on Doreen - II. Yes, there will be more.

    Cherise Wolas – May 13, 2010

    Jerry, thanks for the fav on The First Date Questionnaire. Me thinks it's scaring people off!

    Matt Dennison – May 11, 2010

    WHO IS VON ROTTEN?!?!?!??!

    Cherise Wolas – Apr 26, 2010

    Hi Jerry,

    Do you have a different email address. For some reason, I can't access your email address via your website, my computer goes into some glitch mode that I don't understand. If you do, send another email address to me via my email on f'naut.

    Thank you for the fave on Things I Should Have Learned - #2. Would love your take on Things I Should Have Learned - #1.


    Cherise Wolas – Apr 26, 2010


    You want to send me the whole book? I'd be glad to take a real look. Richard Ford blurbing for you, sensational. I do so adore his writing, though perhaps I'm the odd woman out because I think it's men, not women, who most hew to his work.

    I'm just starting to really work on my own writing seriously, and appreciate your comments!

    Bonnie ZoBell – Apr 19, 2010

    Thanks for reading my story "Real Estate," Jerry. Those real estate ladies! I'd love to read one of yours. Which do you recommend? I was they gave the dates of the posted stories so we'd know where to start.

    Doug Bond – Apr 17, 2010

    Jerry, nice to meet here...thanks for comment and reading on Sweet & Sour.

    Matthew A. Hamilton – Apr 11, 2010

    Thanks for reading 15 Minutes More. Glad you enjoyed it.

    James Lloyd Davis – Apr 10, 2010

    Jerry, thanks. There is a lot of talent here ... a lot.

    Sarah Faith Ethridge – Apr 10, 2010

    thanks for inviting me!

    Walter Bjorkman – Apr 10, 2010

    Jerry - thanks for the thanks, I did you a disservice though, in Bklyn it was probably only 4-5 years later. One of the rites was throwing darts at a ping-pong table leaned up against the wall, our Miller got the idea to crawl behind it, then stuck his shit eating grin out from behind, took one right in the temple. Of course, the little girls ran to comfort him while he basked in the glow, same grin on his face. So you see why I related. Gotta read more of yours, the two so far have been great memory snatchers.

    Carol Reid – Feb 17, 2010

    Was a pleasure to read your story. Thanks to you, too!

    Matt Dennison – Jan 24, 2010

    Neat to see the Bubble Lady referenced in your last installment. I saw her lead an anti-Reagan parade in 1980, I believe. I was was working at Blondie's Pizza on Telegraph Ave, if that rings a bell.

    Susan Tepper – Jan 21, 2010

    Jerry, George Wallace sends his regards back to you.

    Finnegan Flawnt – Dec 28, 2009

    you're welcome - i'm already in meg's group and read loads of stuff: see - enjoy!

    Finnegan Flawnt – Dec 28, 2009

    two things, jerry: i really enjoyed your reading (on youtube) and i like yer beard. if only because i got one like it, too, more peppered.

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