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Enough about me. What about you?

Why do you write?

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.

Some things just need saying.

Any favorite authors? Books?

D. Jonson. T. Jones. B. Pancake. L. Brown. J. Gardner. J. Harrison. D. Barthleme. A. Monroe. A Dubus. B. Hannah. R. Carver. B.A. Mason. A Beatie. F. O'Connor. Calvino. Landolfi. Kundera. Kafka. Fante. Buk. Borges. Babel. Golgol. Chekov. Hem. Faulk. Cortazar. etc. et al.

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David Erlewine – Dec 15, 2009

Indeed, the "wrestling" story is what I was referring to. Really enjoyed it.

The Kill Author folks quote Barthes at the bottom of the home page. They have some great stuff. I can't get in there to save my life.

Nice to be in touch.

Matt Mullins – Dec 15, 2009

Thanks. I take it you mean that one where I'm "wrestling" with Roland Barthes?

BTW, what's >kill author?

David Erlewine – Dec 15, 2009

read your suicide piece. very nice. seems like you will/would be a perfect fit for >kill author.

David Erlewine – Dec 15, 2009

the imagery and language are shattering and absolutely right you are...the rhyme scheme counters the brutality so well.

just read it again and still, all these years later, my favorite line is "My friend, you would not tell with such high zest"

Matt Mullins – Dec 15, 2009

The imagery in that poem is astounding and I love the way he counters that brutality with the rhyme scheme.

David Erlewine – Dec 15, 2009

oh man, that Owen poem got me to major in English/Creative Writing.

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