Bringing the possibilities of the
social web to literary writing.

Fictionaut is a vibrant literary community that is opening exciting new possibilities for short fiction and poetry. Part self-selecting magazine, part community network, Fictionaut is a way for readers to discover new voices and for writers to share their work, gain recognition, and connect with their audience and each other.


Fictionaut makes it easy to discover new work by your favorite authors and exciting new voices. The constantly updated stream of new stories features fiction, memoir, and poetry by Maud Casey, Matt Bell, Marcy Dermansky, Marc Fitten, Jim Ruland, Pia Ehrhardt, Jedediah Berry, Noria Jablonski, James Robison, Kim Chinquee, Terese Svoboda and hundreds of other established and emerging authors.


Whether you’re a first-time writer or best-selling novelist, Fictionaut is a discerning, friendly place to show off your work. On Fictionaut, you can invite constructive criticism or post to attract a large, engaged audience of discerning readers, editors, agents, publishers, and at least one astute Unitarian minister. Previously published work is as welcome as work-in-progress, and many stories that made their debut on Fictionaut have found homes in print and online literary journals.


On Fictionaut, you can follow writers and readers whose tastes you share and offer feedback. By commenting on and favoriting stories, you help influence the community-driven recommendations on the front page and make connections over what matters most: the writing.


Fictionaut Groups offer sub-communities dedicated to a wide variety of topics — from magazines such as PANK and Matchbook to writing programs, cities, and forms such as flash fiction or novel excerpts. Start your own group or invite friends to form a private writing group with its own rules.

Fictionaut was launched in 2008 by Carson Baker and Jürgen Fauth. The Board of Advisors includes Frederick Barthelme, Alex Glass, Marcy Dermansky, John Minichillo, Richard Nash, Lauren Cerand, Lizzie Skurnick and Gary Percesepe.