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George Santos' Dream

by Gary Percesepe, posted 16 hours ago 5151 views00 comments00 favs

he dreams of limp victims stepping out of the waves/ water draining from skin and hair

Possible Wildlife (redux)

by WAYNE CRESSER, posted 2 days ago 7272 views11 comment11 fav

This caused a problem when some raccoons, skunks and a fox were found lingering on and around the premises (separately, of course).

Meet Me In The Dollar Bin

by Chris Okum, posted 5 days ago 100100 views11 comment11 fav


Bad Clean Fun

by Todd Maupin, posted 5 days ago 7171 views44 comments22 favs

It was cold and clammy, but then it got worse. Far worse. Any opportunity to celebrate the unity and harmony of tolerance was soon cancelled.

Parts Unknown/ Mix Off and On

by Darryl Price, posted 5 days ago 7676 views22 comments11 fav

"Think for yourself"--The BeatlesIt seems like years. Our adventure is long past your bedtime now. It has no real timeline for me. Maybe someday. Is that pain enough for you? You only become aware of it as you go, if you go. We were eager…


by Dulce Maria Menendez, posted 6 days ago 7777 views44 comments44 favs

When I stopped drinking,the desire to write poems was gone.Remember this to be true.The black dog still waits in the distancenot far from the fence.I watch it and open the sliding windowsto let the winter air run amuck through my kitchen doorengulfing me with…

Speculation on the Quantum Mechanism of Death

by strannikov, posted Jan 23, 2023 103103 views44 comments33 favs

With whatever else physicists may learn . . . perhaps they will begin to see that the connections between the physical world and non-physical domains of existence have an explanatory power which has only barely been considered.

Sounds Came & Went

by Carl Santoro, posted Jan 19, 2023 122122 views55 comments55 favs

"...regurgitating double A's all akimbo."

Bar Time

by Tim G. Young, posted Jan 19, 2023 110110 views99 comments55 favs

Men and women, close and distant, angling for attention, or not. Glasses washed, stacked put in their place, cell phones on bar instead of cigarette packs.

They Didn't Love Their Daughter.

by Smiley McGrouchpants Jr Esq., posted Jan 19, 2023 137137 views22 comments11 fav

“But he's going to the University of Chicago!” “I know.” …


by stephen hastings-king, posted Jan 18, 2023 136136 views22 comments11 fav

Legitimacy is vorbei.

Tinnitus Story

by John Olson, posted Jan 15, 2023 150150 views55 comments55 favs

I went to see an audiologist this afternoon. He specialized in tinnitus. Good news for me. I've been plagued with tinnitus for 55 years. It started the morning after a catastrophic experience with LSD. It was there when I awoke in a padded room in a hospital in San José,…

In the Sun

by Agnes Ezra Arabella, posted Jan 15, 2023 162162 views1010 comments55 favs

The light was bright andthey sat on the railing of the long wooden bridge in the sun. She looked up at her father."Oh Daddy, where did you go?" she asked.He was young with black shinny hair blowing in the wind. "To Heaven, little girl,"She shook her head."What's…

Sisyphus takes the day off

by Ed Higgins, posted Jan 14, 2023 142142 views77 comments77 favs

what-ta-hell, fuck this/he snorts brushing/ the dust from his shoulders

Words of Departure

by Jackie Parslow, posted Jan 14, 2023 111111 views33 comments22 favs

Not a fuss, not a stink, The eulogy, deep, will make one think, Grandmother, sat in back, will wink

The lyre bird

by Erika Byrne-Ludwig, posted Jan 13, 2023 120120 views99 comments44 favs

When silence makes his way next to me on the narrow path, I let his arm brush mine, and I stop singing with the birds. So, in the vast forest filled with songs and rustling, silence and I follow our path to the edge. Two tranquil strollers, meditating on the ancient voices…


by Jeffrey S. Callico, posted Jan 13, 2023 8888 views22 comments11 fav


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