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Our Enormous Fat Man

by Steven Gowin, posted 16 hours ago 3838 views00 comments00 favs

Pity would have been appropriate. Yet, townsfolk whispered behind his back. Shouldn't he do something about it. So lazy. A gluttonous swine. Hadn't his mother kept him too long at tit, breastfeeding ‘til four? Look. Look at him now. A fat man. Our enormous fat man.

Bad Boys

by Jerry Ratch, posted 42 hours ago 5757 views00 comments00 favs

Her name was Carrie. And yes, it was love at first sight. Yes, she was a client, and you were supposed to keep your hands off the clients. Everyone in real estate knew that. She came into my office and took a seat in the reception area. I had a listin

The Tower

by Erika Byrne-Ludwig, posted 2 days ago 7272 views77 comments66 favs

Magda drove up the road and circled the park — her usual route for shopping and other duties. She would attend first to her son Gino's piano lessons. Delighted, though quite surprised, at his choice of instrument, she opened her music book for beginners and played a…

Phyllis Shapely

by Joey Delgado, posted 3 days ago 7070 views22 comments11 fav

In December of 2003, Daniel Arredondo succumbed to his years long battle with colon cancer. If the name is unfamiliar, you're not alone. He did not answer to the name Daniel Arredondo. For most of his life, from seventeen years old to the end, in fact, he went by the name…

21st Century Living

by Jowell Tan, posted 4 days ago 8484 views44 comments44 favs

there should be a word for it.

House Next Door

by Foster Trecost, posted Nov 06, 2018 124124 views88 comments88 favs

It all began with me. I was first and for many years, the only.

The Turning

by Gary Hardaway, posted Nov 04, 2018 132132 views1212 comments66 favs

A brief colorful season/ and then the fall as winds/ break the hold the leaves have

Owen's Song

by Kitty Boots, posted Nov 04, 2018 139139 views1111 comments66 favs

"I hate people"


by Darryl Price, posted Nov 04, 2018 115115 views99 comments88 favs

War Stories #1The Germans didn't like that theJews had such beautiful women.War Stories#2There must have been a war between the good witches and the bad witches. It's the only thing that would account for such troubling times.Woman With Yellow HatWhy did…


by Ed Higgins, posted Nov 03, 2018 103103 views33 comments33 favs

Two Roman busts have come down to us, both copies of supposed earlier Greek originals, from the 4th. century BC.


by Verkaro, posted Nov 02, 2018 120120 views44 comments33 favs

I've always been a sucker for a pretty face. It's unreasonable sometimes. Yesterday, in the middle of nowhere was a house that might have seen better days in the dustbowl of depression era Oklahoma. Two Australian Shepherds launched from the rickety porch. It was clear…

Caged Light

by Beate Sigriddaughter, posted Nov 01, 2018 134134 views1010 comments99 favs

I will show you

Arcana Magi Wisp

by H-M Brown, posted Nov 01, 2018 112112 views00 comments00 favs

Gon found himself slowing behind everyone. His wings slowly tired. The bird took a chance and pulled up. He could feel it behind him.


by Mathew Paust, posted Oct 29, 2018 123123 views1010 comments77 favs

--small chin, timid mouth, frail nose, weak narrow-set eyes--

Not This Way, Not Like It Has Been

by Kait Mauro, posted Oct 29, 2018 154154 views77 comments77 favs

He, the future doctor, says / it’s a neurochemical imbalance / that’s making me feel this way. / I think it’s more complicated than that. / I know enough to know / mental illness is almost always / genetics meet environment - / voila.

Summer, 1995.

by Neil McCarthy, posted Oct 28, 2018 237237 views77 comments55 favs

I am no different to her, living seven days ahead of myself, looking forward to looking back, as we Irish do so fondly

said the fury to the shade

by strannikov, posted Oct 27, 2018 136136 views33 comments33 favs

let competitions in crime ensue let every madness bring let every sword be drawn let every furious rage flow free let anger know no shame let all blind rage inflame . . .

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