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by John Riley, posted 19 hours ago 9292 views66 comments66 favs

Sometimes cats had to die or dogs

Building That Wall

by Darryl Price, posted 20 hours ago 4848 views44 comments44 favs

The world has long since been bootlegged. The new invisible con men are the same as visible con men, hiding and lying behind their walls of death. There's a weapon wielding demon hell bent on an insane vengeance crawling around inside this guy's …

There's no time

by Randal Houle, posted 20 hours ago 4646 views33 comments33 favs

Your hair lightens in the summer and darkens in my dreams


by Adam Sifre, posted 26 hours ago 6363 views44 comments33 favs

The bar was dark and a little dirty, and that suited Splinker's mood just fine.

Food, Marcia, Food!

by Jerry Ratch, posted 46 hours ago 6565 views44 comments44 favs

Marcia Get a load of This I got two pictures Of food Of food Marcia You're gonna Love it Look at this I got one Of just the salt and Pepper shaker God You're gonna Love this

Husband Googles Travel Zoo

by Kitty Boots, posted 47 hours ago 6666 views77 comments66 favs

When you need a vacation...from everything.

What I took to be God

by Samuel Derrick Rosen, posted 2 days ago 6868 views66 comments44 favs

and I turned to show my face to what I took to be God

you were quiet

by Gary Percesepe, posted 2 days ago 6565 views77 comments55 favs

reticent, we called it/ your silence felt like love

Memory and Restoration

by Gary Hardaway, posted 2 days ago 8181 views1212 comments77 favs

How a breeze feels evaporating sweat on neck and forearms.

more horrid haiku

by strannikov, posted 2 days ago 6464 views77 comments66 favs

a mere forty years/and maybe you become twelve,/maybe sixty-three.

Premature Ejaculation

by Chris Okum, posted 2 days ago 6666 views44 comments44 favs


Proverbs of the Converted

by Bill Yarrow, posted 2 days ago 5656 views88 comments77 favs

a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single ticket

Along the edge of the fading light

by Rachna K., posted 2 days ago 6767 views88 comments66 favs


Something's Wrong

by Mathew Paust, posted 3 days ago 5858 views44 comments44 favs

But you know this already

Other Thoughts from the Darkling Plain

by Sam Rasnake, posted 4 days ago 166166 views99 comments99 favs

the world inside shrinking, the world outside shrinking

for the queen of lapis lazuli

by M. F. Sullivan, posted 4 days ago 7070 views00 comments00 favs

you kissed me, once,/ kindergarten, recall--/ behind my ear./ called/ 'bee sting'

Nursery Rhymes Made Easy

by Peter Cherches, posted 4 days ago 9191 views22 comments22 favs

Nursery rhymes can be fun, but they can also be a source of great frustration. Haven’t you ever started reciting a nursery rhyme and then realized that you didn’t remember the whole thing?

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    Thank you to everyone. I'm happy you like it. I'm a little partial to it myself so I feel better about that.
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    Gary is right. This surely brings the beauty and terror together. *
  4. "Babies are born melting into the inequality fight like so many raindrops." Raging sublime, all of it. *
  5. The last stanza, the last stanza... *
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    Isn't Splinker a zombie? *
  7. Thank you, John.
  8. faved the story Building That Wall.
  9. "And still that's just one finger smudged revolving picture of life happening behind the moving cut glass frontier of our modern times. Listen." Amazing lines. Good poem, DP.
  10. Love good anaphora *
  11. Agree, especially with the last one. *

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