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by Adam Sifre, posted 2 hours ago 1717 views00 comments00 favs

Rose lifted her 55-year-old legs until they were perpendicular to the bed and admired how girlish they looked. It gave her the sexy legs of a 20-year old, if the morning light was right and she squinted a bit.

There Goes A Green Torino

by Dulce Maria Menendez, posted 3 hours ago 3838 views00 comments00 favs

I will be heresitting on this pavementon this blockin this neighborhoodwith my legs crossedwith a dogwith another dog with his bonein front of my housein front of the mammothsunflowersdrinking a glass of waterreading a booklistening to Discobecause I'm weird like…

On Global Warming

by Darryl Price, posted 4 hours ago 3636 views00 comments00 favs

You think I don't know, that's your whole stupid problem. You don't believe in anyone. You must enjoy living in a dark lonely universe. I don't know if you know or not about the lights that live in your own head, but I believe …

A Late Encounter with a Circular Future

by strannikov, posted 12 hours ago 4949 views00 comments00 favs

Grange was still cussing up storms and other calamities in the well-illuminated heat of central Kansas at mid-day when he thought he spied Dennis Hopper . . .

The Mender

by Philip F. Clark, posted 17 hours ago 4848 views22 comments22 favs

I polished his shoes to an avid black; sewed buttons backand mended torn silk and cotton.His clothing was my busy work. Needle, thread, stitch, and iron,I was his apothecary of linens.Blood, wine, soup, vomit --these I cleaned too, until all theircolor and scent…

Gunman Hitchhiking

by Joey Delgado, posted 20 hours ago 5555 views11 comment00 favs

“You're not gonna believe me, I know it. Nobody believes me. It's kinda freeing, actually, not being believed. It's a tough truth, and the thing about tough truths is that they're easier in the tellin' if you have nothing to lose. Shit, it's not like I have nothing to…


by Jill Chan, posted 23 hours ago 5757 views33 comments22 favs

From the way your hand touches the bread of full mornings, far distances.

Sonnet 12

by Lars Townsend, posted 28 hours ago 5757 views33 comments33 favs

What do you do when the only safe space to crawl is under your desk, a dark womb or a cave, you clutch at your knees in casethat sinking in your gut tries to consume. What do you do when you wake up intothe day only wanting to curl insidea little ball and…

Soylent Denial

by Mathew Paust, posted 35 hours ago 7272 views44 comments11 fav

despite the best intentions

My Hot Rod and the Redhead

by Jerry Ratch, posted 36 hours ago 6565 views33 comments33 favs

I think the Air Force Colonel must have known, from the flushed looks on our faces, that I had just fucked his daughter in a roadside patch of ragweed on the way to their house somewhere outside Danville. I remember looking back and forth between him and

The Winner

by Alex M. Pruteanu, posted 38 hours ago 182182 views77 comments66 favs

i never much liked Elvis never did then never do now he was no Kris Kristofferson

Foster's Landing

by Kitty Boots, posted 2 days ago 8181 views99 comments44 favs

my stomach is empty, but it is my eyes that are hungry

Free Form Jazz of Spiritual Harlem

by Michael Tusa, posted 2 days ago 8181 views55 comments44 favs

we are one

The Application of Birds

by Bill Yarrow, posted 2 days ago 5454 views66 comments55 favs

I know someone in need of healing.

Iron Cross

by Chris Okum, posted 3 days ago 8181 views44 comments44 favs


Figure of Seven

by Erika Byrne-Ludwig, posted 3 days ago 7777 views77 comments55 favs

It must be the whiskers or the eyes or the ears or the entire…

Edju - 33 and 34

by RW Spryszak, posted 4 days ago 6060 views00 comments00 favs

33. A tall man from the clear road was calling for me. He had a white egg in his right hand and a short ice pick in his left. At his feet was a large red bowl. Plastic. Filled with more eggs. He leaned against a fence that…

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