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The Final Nail Wears Polish

by Joani Reese, posted 2 hours ago 1919 views00 comments00 favs

Ectopics must remain – they're heaven-sent


by Emily Sparkles, posted 22 hours ago 5252 views22 comments22 favs

If she weaves words that are true enough

My Friend, We Share This

by Darryl Price, posted 45 hours ago 5050 views11 comment11 fav

Don't hold on to yesterday. We share this. These words are just enough. All the love in the world is here. It's not that I could love you, it's that I do. Every chance that's to be taken lies here. This is hope we share. This is our moonlight. Once…

the night

by Tim Young, posted 3 days ago 7171 views77 comments33 favs

it was the night i forgot about time

Algebra, Disco, and a Broken Heart

by Dulce Maria Menendez, posted 5 days ago 104104 views33 comments33 favs

Is how I got from there to here.How all three equal who I am today.It is how I went from there to here.From meeting my first husband at a disco.To meeting my second husband at a job I took when my first husband didn't want me anymore.And how it all ended up with…

Late July

by Agnes Ezra Arabella, posted Jun 12, 2022 155155 views66 comments55 favs

The cicadas struck their soundsTheir ribs made a clicking drumThe sound was formed over buckling ribsvibrations sounds like a maracas bangle beatingShe sat up in a lounge chair trying to sleepThe tiny ants she found tickling her armThey crawled from some hole…

That Pill

by Jackie Parslow, posted May 30, 2022 229229 views99 comments66 favs

It’s good to have some, Extra weight - Something they can Grab on to, In the sheets, When it’s late-


by Kitty Boots, posted May 25, 2022 221221 views1111 comments77 favs

a few Hershey's Kisses tucked in with the note


by Dianne McKnight-Warren, posted May 24, 2022 245245 views1515 comments1111 favs

Some nights now I sit at my window

The Time Traveler

by Todd Maupin, posted May 22, 2022 224224 views77 comments44 favs

My work is not that sexy and glamorous kind of time travel that you see in the movies with Deloreans and phone booths.

I Must Want it. No, I Must Need It.

by Carl Santoro, posted May 14, 2022 267267 views77 comments77 favs

She rubs her head into mine...

On the Deeper Slants of the Universe

by Sam Rasnake, posted May 13, 2022 344344 views1515 comments1313 favs

Everything makes sense.


by Phillis Ideal, posted May 08, 2022 246246 views44 comments44 favs

I rang the doorbell. Claire opened the door, wearing jeans and a T-shirt. I opened my arms to give her a big hug. She stiffened and pulled away. Stunned, my lips parted, but I couldn’t think of a single word to say. Ideal, Phillis. ”Broken”, Pure

The C.I.A. is trying to kill my GRANDMOTHER!!!

by Smiley McGrouchpants Jr., posted May 06, 2022 283283 views88 comments55 favs

Don't forget to fuck me. Blow me. Suck me. Don't forget to fuck me. [REPEAT 2X]

Who Was This Guy

by John Olson, posted May 05, 2022 283283 views55 comments55 favs

Luke and Diane sat at a round white table looking around the room. There were clusters of people forming an archipelago of cordial exchange and small talk. All but a few were strangers, friends and family of his sister-in-law Mary, now a widow, though the word sounded…

Going Home: 1937

by David Ackley, posted May 05, 2022 254254 views99 comments55 favs

yeah time travel

Гумилёв и Ахматова via странников

by strannikov, posted May 03, 2022 282282 views99 comments88 favs

Walking down an unfamiliar street, / I heard a sudden caw of crows, / some thunder afar, strums of a lute— / a streetcar came flying along.

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