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It Isn’t Personal. It’s Business

by Gary Hardaway, posted 9 minutes ago 55 views22 comments11 fav

because you pay/ for it to matter to me.

Honey Bee Men

by Michelle McEwen, posted 3 hours ago 3434 views11 comment11 fav

"...she's been seeming like she's been dreaming while awake lately..."

Sunny Side

by Katrina Trepsa, posted 30 hours ago 4949 views33 comments33 favs

I was so used to the silence of late summer afternoons, when I could roll my hoop through the empty, sunlit piazzas without meeting another shadow, that at first I mistook the footsteps for the beat of a metronome spilling through an open window.

Why Albany, NY Sucks Shit Through a Straw

by Smiley McGrouchpants, posted 43 hours ago 108108 views22 comments22 favs

Sometimes you're too bar behind to be properly “prepped” for it, sometimes you're too far past to notice, yup, you've missed your (cultural) train . . .

Rwanda Suite: Jemima

by Steven Gowin, posted 45 hours ago 8787 views55 comments55 favs

...they'd told us about green mamba strikes, failure to take our anti malarials, the insanity of alcoholic Flemish nuns.

Self Recognition

by Loren A. Moreno, posted 2 days ago 6262 views33 comments33 favs


Not Creative

by Bud Smith, posted 2 days ago 8686 views99 comments88 favs

a poem about things exploding/burning down/scattering for miles.

Friend Of The Devil

by Chris Okum, posted 2 days ago 6969 views44 comments44 favs


Rags to Riches to Rags: 12, Lenin’s Paintings

by Jerry Ratch, posted 2 days ago 6060 views11 comment11 fav

This was the tale Einstein told us about these paintings by Lenin... I was going through Lenin's jewelry and his paintings with a team of experts. I got the idea that I was hired to verify his paintings, although I didn't know he painted. When

Thirteen Ways of Looking at Blackbeard

by Ed Higgins, posted 2 days ago 5757 views44 comments22 favs

Across the placid sea/The only moving ship/ Was eyed by Blackbeard

Four Songs

by Samuel Derrick Rosen, posted 2 days ago 4545 views44 comments22 favs


Confessions of an Impersonal Spectator

by John Olson, posted 2 days ago 5858 views33 comments22 favs

This is why I’ve decided to assign myself a position in life similar to that of Stuart Sutcliffe with the Beatles.

The Nude Pianist: A Novel: Chapter 34

by Daniel Harris, posted 2 days ago 5858 views33 comments11 fav

—Now that’s a hell-of-a-painting, Frank, he said. Those colors are engaged in warfare. How the hell did you do that?

Long Story Short

by Tim Young, posted 2 days ago 7575 views66 comments44 favs

I grew up in Cleveland and when I returned I became friends with the manager of the Cleveland Indians.

Odorless Colorless Caustic Topical Triolet

by Dennis Mahagin, posted 2 days ago 8686 views88 comments66 favs

or Walmart, where punks play the blues In lieu of suicide, on toy guitars:

Ajloun Castle

by Bill Yarrow, posted 3 days ago 5454 views88 comments77 favs

the wind mistook your arms for wings

Bacon's Blood (46)

by Mathew Paust, posted 3 days ago 6161 views55 comments11 fav

Hotel scene (bring your imagination)

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  2. Thanks, Steve.
  3. I particularly like "Consensus." If it's a boardroom, and a dozen people are there, it's almost certain it's a dozen assholes.
  4. I love "...trying to make Ebbie seem good-er than he was." And I like the part about "clingy' women. This is just right there. I know women who could've told me this story.
  5. Nice: My tragedy is that my imagination pictures all the facets of disaster But you see only soaring and that is your invincible gift
  6. Wonderful. Would love to read your spare version when you get to it. *
  7. faved the story Four Songs.
  8. commented on 3 Kids
    “Why what why?” - these questions can never be answered lest they answer themselves. Enjoyed!

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