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Clean Fresh Pretty

by Zlatko Buric, posted 7 hours ago 2424 views33 comments00 favs


Bones (19)

by Mathew Paust, posted 14 hours ago 3232 views22 comments11 fav

The males stared at Blow as he approached. He met the eyes of each, keeping his face blank.

Everyone Else's Business

by Jennifer Donnell, posted 18 hours ago 5858 views44 comments44 favs

"We all knew that the thirty-eight year old mother, with the house on the hill, was having an affair with Darren, a fifteen year old boy, but no one did anything about it. When he was sixteen the parents found out and were furious, but the police were ne

Getting Rid of Her, Part 2

by Diana Kerik, posted 19 hours ago 1919 views00 comments00 favs

"Well what does she want us to do?" I asked Kathy, the supervisor overseeing Arianna's probation who was supposed to be gathering the evidence with which we would fire her. The problem was that there wasn't any. She was always on time, unlike Kathy who…

Fourth Time’s a Charm

by Jim Harrington, posted 19 hours ago 2222 views00 comments00 favs

We wait for a server to bring our coconut cream pie. His favorite. I hate coconut.

See You Later, Alligator

by Bud Smith, posted 20 hours ago 6363 views88 comments88 favs

Nothing feels more like summer than a watermelon war.


by Amanda Harris, posted 21 hours ago 6464 views1010 comments88 favs


Breaking Eggs

by Adam Sifre, posted 30 hours ago 101101 views77 comments44 favs

You want to read, you know where to click.

April, 1956

by Gary Hardaway, posted 32 hours ago 7171 views1515 comments1414 favs

I felt/ no need to show what I had made/ to anybody else.


by Jerry Ratch, posted 35 hours ago 4747 views44 comments33 favs

I flipped a large cardboard coin On one side it said Abundance But on the other side it said Scarcity I went to the store And began packing everything I could get Into my shopping cart But the things that started spilling over Onto the

The Bachelor's Hymnal

by Ryan Parks, posted 36 hours ago 118118 views22 comments22 favs

OhYou like quiet nights in?I do tooBut we might not get alongbecauseOnly part of youwants silence

The Birds

by Jake Barnes, posted 36 hours ago 5050 views99 comments99 favs

My wife goes away for a few days to the little town where Hitchcock filmed The Birds.

Summer of Mary

by Charlotte Hamrick, posted 39 hours ago 5959 views88 comments55 favs

You were sophisticated in a way I/ didn’t understand but coveted.

Negative Space

by Chris Okum, posted 41 hours ago 5656 views1010 comments99 favs


The Couple

by Jeffrey S. Callico, posted 41 hours ago 3838 views66 comments55 favs


Food that Heals

by Steven Miller, posted 43 hours ago 5353 views33 comments22 favs

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past five years, you’ve certainly heard of Patricia Little and the chocolate chip cookies that saved thousands. Nevertheless, let’s start from the beginning.

Good Friday--Mary Magdalen

by Beate Sigriddaughter, posted 44 hours ago 5151 views99 comments88 favs

“...and many women were there beholding afar off” ...and, yes, I was with them. I speak…


Editor’s Eye: Gary Hardaway

I confess that if the writer is unfamiliar, anything with a word count greater than 1000 words will likely be ignored unless the volume of comments and stars suggest I pay attention. I have a short little span of attention. But, if the first sentence or line is authoritative enough, I will continue without the comfort of other opinion or familiarity. Through such combinations of curiosity and serendipity, I make “discoveries” that often lead to serious enthusiasms for particular writers and those enthusiasms lead to comments, citations of favorite passages, and “faves”.

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