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Hey Old Lady! Want To Buy A Reverse Mortgage?

by Roz Warren, posted 11 hours ago 5050 views11 comment11 fav

Facebook just hit me with an ad for coping with memory loss, probably because I just turned 63. As far as my favorite social media site is concerned, I am now an Old Lady. When I asked my Facebook pals who are also Seniors what kind of promotions have been turning up…

(Still) Pike County's Prettiest Boy

by Stacie Adams, posted 14 hours ago 4242 views11 comment11 fav

A magical combination of words.

Wake Me Up

by Chris Okum, posted 18 hours ago 4242 views44 comments33 favs


A Death of the Bed

by Philip F. Clark, posted 19 hours ago 4646 views33 comments22 favs

It is too easy, to ponder here and call up the semen-y ghosts of sweat and questions, restlessdreams from which you turnedin bed, and your voice I listened to, waiting for the lurking dark you were inside of,to end.That acrobatic heat of sex,…

Over Fifty

by Ann Bogle, posted 19 hours ago 7878 views55 comments55 favs

Yet it was another thing to grow to become indispensable to someone without whose infirmities the helper could not exist. People in general had started to call that helpless requiring “codependency,” but to Althea that word did no good,

Cornelius van Linjpleel's Contributions to the Study of Etruscan Tombs

by strannikov, posted 40 hours ago 7171 views22 comments22 favs

Cornelius van Linjpleel discovered and excavated for himself a lone Etruscan tomb not far from Populonia in 1898.


by Ed Higgins, posted 41 hours ago 6767 views11 comment11 fav

Boil (n.)––1. Pus-filled pustule inflammation of the skin, usually painful. 2. Slang boiled pus, bucket of (n. phrase)“Your asshole brain is a bucket of boiled pus.” (see also pus, SCOTTISH derogatory term for face.

Got A Light

by Misti Rainwater-Lites, posted 2 days ago 9797 views66 comments33 favs

The Catholic wedding was my idea even though the only god I believe in is Gary Stewart's vibrato (especially in "Ten Years of This").

Tell Me Where the Cows Are

by Kitty Boots, posted 4 days ago 100100 views1010 comments66 favs

Pholcidae...Daddy Long-Legs

A Ruckus Needs To Be Raised, or Caused

by Jerry Ratch, posted 4 days ago 6767 views22 comments22 favs

Either a ruckus needs to be raised Or a ruckus needs to be caused I began chewing the locks of love Off the fences and the gates I was so outraged At the horrible academic trash If they had found me doing this They would have hauled me a

First Date

by Gary Percesepe, posted 4 days ago 132132 views1010 comments33 favs

She was rags and hair with a shot of ragamuffin. Skin dusty white, her eyes aqua green. She strolled toward me like the last word, adrift within her own circumstance.

Perilous Joy

by Mathew Paust, posted 4 days ago 8181 views1010 comments33 favs

...bush tail beside him his closest comfort next to the genes...


by Bill Yarrow, posted 5 days ago 7676 views77 comments44 favs

Life is meagre with me; I am unsatisfied and left always begging for __________.

Shaken not stirred

by Adam Sifre, posted 5 days ago 9696 views22 comments22 favs

The warmth of the sun

War Garden

by David Ackley, posted 5 days ago 103103 views44 comments33 favs

From the home front....

A Vignette on Fathers

by Jamal H. Iqbal, posted 6 days ago 8585 views11 comment11 fav

On 3rd when you looked at your 389th happy New Year greeting, you autotyped “same to you”. No one on whatsapp knew. At week 17 of IVF therapy when you and your new bride could do no more; doctor Mehdi said neither could he. At 5 minutes left, you mi

Sold Out Shade

by Katrina Dessavre, posted 6 days ago 102102 views11 comment11 fav

We begged him to sell us some shade. Just enough for half an hour, until our bus would pick us up and drive us to our next destination, continuing what was turning out to be a purgatory tour of forgotten Mediterranean towns.

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