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Twelfth Love Poem and Twelfth Song of Despair

by Beate Sigriddaughter, posted 2 days ago 7373 views22 comments22 favs

Let us not save each other for special occasions.

When again?

by Adam Sifre, posted 2 days ago 5959 views22 comments22 favs

will we begin again?We are a wheelFirst touchfirst kissfirst heatThey fade, disappear, come back again.Spokes in our wheel.When again shall we begin again?I hold you and feel myself spincaught in the whirlwind of thrill -the world, saturated with your scent.We hold each…

not Baudelaire's “Beauté”

by strannikov, posted 2 days ago 5454 views22 comments22 favs

I charm as any stone-sculpted dream: / men grind themselves to dust on my breasts / in solitude poets spill and spew / enraptured of my adamant clay.


by John Riley, posted 3 days ago 4545 views33 comments33 favs

When I got out I didn't buya new suit of clothes, stepinto a bar, or bargainfor an hour with a whore.I walked from McGee Streetover to Russell and wonderedif Bus 16 still went out of its wayto loop around the traffic knotat the shopping mall. It'd drop you thereif you had…


by Lorenzo Baehne, posted 3 days ago 5454 views11 comment11 fav

I sometimes wish I had in my brain a switch next to the illuminated image of you. A toggle I could turn off that this haunting would be exorcised. Or perhaps I could undergo a session beneath that clever contraption zapping the bits of Joel Barish's gray matter in which…

Sunlight Falling Directly On Her Body

by Jerry Ratch, posted 5 days ago 6161 views11 comment11 fav

The fine blond hairs lift slightly along the skin of your arms As you nod, listening to him. The veins On your arms standing up as well I was caught in an off moment because of your skin Because of the way moisture beads up on it The youthful fi

Round Dance

by Neil McCarthy, posted 5 days ago 9292 views66 comments44 favs

Cold smoke from the crater Breathes on our eyelashes; The abysmal emptiness held Its breath just once.

Playing Pretend

by Joey Delgado, posted 6 days ago 8282 views33 comments33 favs

“Can I get apple juice and milk?” “Yes.” “And a chocolate shake?” “Will you finish all that and your food?” “Probably not.” “Still yes. Get whatever you want.” The waitress took the order. Along…

Counting the Stars

by Darryl Price, posted Jul 06, 2019 122122 views44 comments33 favs

Everybody's trying to just not get killed. Cut flowers. It's an illusion. The grand smell of our deathly beauty. They were so afraid of the ghost dance once upon a burning time that they decided on murder to get it to stop. Those were the days. That's…


by Gary Hardaway, posted Jul 04, 2019 136136 views88 comments44 favs

What purpose other than misery/ can cancer serve? And Parkinson's,/ AIDS, and STDs?

Drainmen Ch.2

by RW Spryszak, posted Jul 04, 2019 9898 views66 comments33 favs

We didn't make any special good-byes before you came to resemble a hundred other people I used to know.


by Erika Byrne-Ludwig, posted Jul 04, 2019 117117 views77 comments55 favs

My body is hollow, my mould made of concrete. There are no organs in me, no flesh or blood. I can't move. No muscles to allow motion. I look like a lamb but I'm not a real one, one that frolicks alongside its mother, suckles, enjoys freedom with its usual plaintive baaa.…

there is no erasure of things first felt

by Amantine B, posted Jul 02, 2019 123123 views77 comments44 favs

Love escapes into primary nouns . . .

Spare Tire

by Smiley McGrouchpants, posted Jul 01, 2019 100100 views22 comments11 fav

'What now!' he thought, like a goddamn idiot, chiding himself like a fool giving himself a slap upside the head. 'Last thing I need is a shootout!'


by Tim Young, posted Jul 01, 2019 113113 views66 comments33 favs

just want to write a music note rap my hands all over my throat jump into the city to stay afloat gotta build me a damn big boat

Geek Squad

by stephen hastings-king, posted Jun 27, 2019 139139 views66 comments66 favs

Big hair shoulder pads hell no.


by Foster Trecost, posted Jun 26, 2019 140140 views66 comments55 favs

And now binoculars, the latest far-fetched method that seemed further-fetched than the others.

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  5. Intense, powerful and restrainedly classical.
  6. I think JL would love this piece. I sure do *
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    Glad you shared this here, great piece. I like the way you ended it with a memory *
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