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Dear Andreas,

by Glynnis Eldridge, posted 3 hours ago 2727 views00 comments00 favs

Dear Andreas,My mom is asking me to come home.They found you amongst the ferries, down the street from the pile of unearthed bedrock I lived on as a child. It took two months before you showed up again. You left everyone scared, running to the bridges, but there was no one.…

When it's not called missing

by Nicholas Cook, posted 10 hours ago 4545 views33 comments33 favs

Father says it's not called missing when you don't want to be found.


by Dennis Mahagin, posted 11 hours ago 5757 views55 comments33 favs

one of those lost in space muted trumpets you’ll never hear anything like it.

Bacon's Blood (11)

by Mathew Paust, posted 12 hours ago 4141 views11 comment11 fav

Rebel Bacon has killing headache...

Bring the Whole Sea

by Jerry Ratch, posted 14 hours ago 3838 views22 comments22 favs

They would not heed my words at all ‘cause they could not read the writing on the wall They were way too short They were way too tall They took a tumble They took a big fall They met Humpty Dumpty in the bathroom stall They were way too sh

Hot Dog Hot Dog

by S. Asher Sund, posted 15 hours ago 4141 views44 comments44 favs

A man on the sidewalk dressed as a hot dog hits a triangle dinner bell with a clang and yells for everyone to come and eat at Hot Dog Hot Dog. We were feeling more like fish and chips or spicy pulled pork, but there's something about how…

Night Talk

by David James, posted 28 hours ago 5757 views77 comments77 favs

She said, "Tonight let's talk of things untrue and he said, ' Like black is white and night is day and up is down and in is out?' and she said, 'Yeah, those things we know to be false for sure like you know, like...well, you could say, 'I really love you' and I could say,…

The Ridges of Ancient Battles

by James Claffey, posted 29 hours ago 6363 views66 comments55 favs

“It smells like turkey,” she said, rubbing her one good eye. “No. I think it’s more like mutton,” I reply, tugging the lapels tight. The steam rose from the corpse in ripples, the matted fur stiff, stuck together in places. Where it came from we had no

The Cave of Signed Paintings

by Peter Cherches, posted 29 hours ago 4848 views33 comments33 favs

In the cave of signed paintings ...

The Stranger

by Jim Harrington, posted 37 hours ago 4545 views55 comments33 favs

“I can't go to sleep,” Jonathan said, laying on the doctor's couch. He counted on his fingers to keep his mind active. “I'll certainly die if I do.”


by Larry Strattner, posted 2 days ago 5555 views88 comments88 favs

His mother was a ballerina.

Sleep Soak

by Mat Dennison, posted 2 days ago 6161 views66 comments66 favs


The World Explained

by John Olson, posted 2 days ago 5959 views44 comments33 favs

This is why the earth revolves around the sun: refrigerator magnets.

The Small Blue House

by Gita M. Smith, posted 2 days ago 5656 views44 comments33 favs

She allowed him to wash her hair. Touching it in a wet state, running his hands through it in a soapy state, wringing the water out when he was finished—he was ecstatic.


by Chris Okum, posted 2 days ago 6262 views44 comments44 favs


Pandermonium [Card #15: The Devil (WORK-IN-PROGRESS — v.1)]

by Crabby McGrouchpants, posted 2 days ago 3333 views22 comments22 favs

Everybody was dead, lying on the floor in pieces.

Waiting for the Voice on the Line

by Gary Hardaway, posted 3 days ago 7676 views88 comments66 favs

hoping for a happy outcome/ like a kindly voice on the line

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