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Thank Christ For The Bomb

by Chris Okum, posted 3 days ago 8282 views11 comment11 fav



by Tim G. Young, posted 4 days ago 6767 views99 comments66 favs

A hotel lobby. Fancy, impeccably lit, (dim) concierge on the wing, lounging on lounges, cigarettes is ashtrays, everyone was smoking


by Darryl Price, posted 5 days ago 103103 views44 comments44 favs

In my neighborhood, birds have thankfully come back in full force this year. They stand on the preheating driveways, like small children happily watching fireworks, and puff out their colorful vests and nod their slick heads to the beat of a…

There’s No Peace In The World

by Foster Trecost, posted May 24, 2023 127127 views33 comments33 favs

Then there was the time I splurged, hoping a higher-priced phone might keep me from slamming it against the wall.

A Chosen Voice

by Sheila Luecht, posted May 20, 2023 125125 views33 comments33 favs

While the shadows of lives that once were still hid away, others who survived tried to stand on their own two feet and walk the distance again and tell what happened and what it was all like.


by DeWitt Henry, posted May 16, 2023 139139 views22 comments22 favs

She knew that she was bland and overweight and dull; that what was beautiful in her was locked away like a tiny maiden, far, far away in a tower, too difficult to find or reach. She must face her lot, grateful for her family and her work.


by Smiley McGrouchpants, Jr-Esq-III, posted May 15, 2023 106106 views22 comments11 fav



by Jerry Ratch, posted May 15, 2023 101101 views33 comments22 favs

Paul and Mary Jo lived in an apartment at the top of a long, dark flight of stairs that were so high, I remember as if it were yesterday thinking, the night she pushed him down the stairs, he would surely be dead by the time he hit the landing at the…

a prayer for lambs

by Kitty Boots, posted May 10, 2023 148148 views1212 comments66 favs

unsteady, they try to rise


by Joani Reese, posted May 08, 2023 194194 views55 comments44 favs

Not for the short attention span

Hypothermia Society

by stephen hastings-king, posted Apr 30, 2023 185185 views1111 comments66 favs

You'll last maybe 10 minutes this time of year

Trees and Strangers

by Dianne McKnight-Warren, posted Apr 26, 2023 157157 views99 comments77 favs

The summer I was eleven years old....

with and without absent lines

by strannikov, posted Apr 17, 2023 178178 views66 comments55 favs

Across the vacant vanished . . .

The D A W N

by Erika Byrne-Ludwig, posted Apr 16, 2023 194194 views1111 comments88 favs

Scene this morning ... Dawn flirting with the swallows.Blue petals in the air. Beautiful day ahead.Every season has its dawn. In autumn it shows its freckles.Flushed with pink love, it embraces the sky.When morning begins, it reveals its mauve petticoat.The cat felt a…

two love tankas

by Ed Higgins, posted Apr 16, 2023 176176 views33 comments22 favs

December scent rains coming down sodden leaves underfoot


by WAYNE CRESSER, posted Apr 02, 2023 237237 views44 comments22 favs

Scuttling on his knees now, he crossed to the other side of the boat and dropped the fish into a bucket of water. He knew what he had to do next.

The Straps and the Electric

by Agnes Ezra Arabella, posted Mar 25, 2023 229229 views99 comments55 favs

The winter sun was going down and she watched it out the window.Light like shards of glass,time had melted.It took hold.She was held down by brown leather straps and she couldremember the smell of incense and little hands and little eyesof an infant cold on the bed.She…

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    Of course. Thank you, Dianne.
  3. Yes! I want to be there too, vicariously of course. Great atmosphere. Nice gentle suspense.
  4. Love this. It really picks up speed per second per second. Funny and sad story. I love the dramatic irony at the end. Works great.
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  6. What American citizens will never understand is that the tools of Empire are always brought back from the periphery of Empire to be used at the center, on the citizens of Empire. But then again, us...
  7. Hey, thanks everyone!
  8. ... like Colin POWELL was, at the U.N., or the guys at the end of 'Raiders of the Lost ARK' were when they told him the Ark was being looked at by "top men." "Yeah but — " Indy says. "Top. Men!"...
  9. ... like Colin POWELL was, at the U.N., or the guys at the end of 'Raiders of the Lost ARK' were when they told him the Ark was being looked at by "top men." "Yeah but — " Indy says. "Top. Men!"...
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    Many thanks, Agnes and Sam.
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