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Wing Kee

by Peter Cherches, posted 8 hours ago 4444 views00 comments00 favs

Last night a stranger approached me and told me that I could save a life by visiting a certain restaurant in Chinatown called Wing Kee.

Is This Is The End

by Jack Woods, posted 12 hours ago 2424 views11 comment11 fav

Tell them words are math counting forever four letters of truth

Ignacio's Very Special First American Christmas

by Con Chapman, posted 20 hours ago 4444 views33 comments22 favs

"He’s from some godforsaken village in the Andes, where they burn llama turds for fuel.”

the PC birds have come home to roost

by Lance Manion, posted 21 hours ago 5656 views11 comment11 fav

I want the luxury of hearing other people who disagree with me tell me why I’m an asshole!


by Gary V. Powell, posted 22 hours ago 5353 views88 comments77 favs

I formed a snowball in my bare hands. Hard as a rock, I let her fly.

Read Through

by Alex Austin, posted 32 hours ago 6161 views44 comments22 favs

“Professor Gosser,”continued Victor, “I once screwed three women in a row--I mean of course, time, not space—good one, huh? Well, each woman farted at the exact moment she climaxed. Would that qualify as coincidence? And did it have anything to do with th


by Samuel Derrick Rosen, posted 35 hours ago 3737 views33 comments33 favs

Amen, no more nothingness now, finally the hilarity of a band of abecedarians getting drunk on whiskey and beer. We've been in this place since 11 am, now its December in January On the toilet cubicle wall are words such as Sorry and …

The Vivid Dream

by Jerry Ratch, posted 35 hours ago 5151 views44 comments55 favs

I had a terribly vivid dream where a big leaf was talking to a baby, and the Mouseketeers had grown fat, and my lover was passing the healing comb through the hair of my soul during the night as she retouched my youth, so I could rejoin


by Carol Reid, posted 36 hours ago 5757 views99 comments1010 favs

Before You Come Home

by Jim Parker, Jr., posted 38 hours ago 6060 views66 comments55 favs


The Legend of Knifemouth’s Legendary Mouth Grows

by Matt Rowan, posted 38 hours ago 6969 views22 comments22 favs

In the small towns of central and southern Illinois there lives a very indecent sort of man.

A Skeptic’s Faith in Four Parts

by Gary Hardaway, posted 39 hours ago 6262 views99 comments88 favs

The universe will fuck you over in the end./ That’s what it does, what it’s good at—

Apparition of the BVM

by James Claffey, posted 40 hours ago 8787 views88 comments77 favs

The hose was used to suffocate the parish priest.

A Brief Stirring Of Dust (Chapter 2)

by Christopher E. Hilliard, posted 42 hours ago 5454 views00 comments00 favs

David awoke to the sound of a subtle melody and the tap tap tip, taptap of a fading rain shower. He wasn’t sure which sound he liked better and was glad that he didn’t have to choose.

The Arrow

by Carl Santoro, posted 47 hours ago 4949 views55 comments55 favs

"Give it to me I said, you dip! Fork it over!"

Stranger than Paralyzed [Card #10: The Wheel of Fortune (WORK-IN-PROGRESS — v.2)]

by Crabby McGrouchpants, posted 2 days ago 3737 views22 comments22 favs

Oh well, you're still irreplaceable . . . Yeah, for a few weeks of my life, anyway . . .


by Kathy Fish, posted 2 days ago 111111 views2424 comments1111 favs

Maybe the thing is over by now. They have gathered up all the pictures and mementos of our dad’s life and hauled them away.

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