Ed Higgins

Location Newberg, Oregon, USA
Occupation Writer-in-Residence & Professor Emeritus of Writing and Literature
Website http://www.georgefox.edu/academics/undergrad/departments/writing_lit/higgins-poetry.html

About Me

I live on a small farm in Yamhill, Oregon an unrepentant holdovers from the early 70s west coast “back-to-the-land” movement. I raise a small menagerie of chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, pigs, Jersey cows, and a feral barn cats. I have an elderly but very fast male whippet. I'm retired from teaching writing and literature at George Fox University, a Quaker-founded institution, south of Portland, OR., USA.

My poems and short fiction have appeared in various print and online journals such as Monkeybicycle, Ekphrastic Review, Triggerfish Critical Review,, Blue Print Review, Haibun Today, Ekphrastic Review, and Tigershark Magazine, among others.

Why do you write?

Things fueling my creativity: I read lots & lots of contemporary poetry in online & print journals as well as book-length volumes by recent authors; I read dozens of contemporary novels a year; I read magazines like the Smithsonian, National Geographic, Time, Archaeology, Slate, The Onion, and several academic journals; I'm a Google news junky; life on the farm; life, generally.

I write because I hate the blank page. (So who doesn’t? Maybe a lucky few, but the rest of us hate you.) For me the wanna-be price of being a writer is initial, paralyzing terror of how am I ever going to fill that accusingly empty page with something that’s not going to make me want to throw-up all over my keyboard? I already want to throw-up all over my keyboard even before there’s a word, a sentence, and idea conjured up there. I’m the kind of writer who wants the finished writing before it’s even started. I want to gloat over my glowing genius of a polished piece, but I loath the painstaking, ego-slamming process of getting that final product.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Poets: Anne Sexton, Dorianne Laux, Scott Cairns, Jeanne Murray Walker, Rita Dove, Carolyn Kizer, Wendell Berry, Walter McDonald, Sharon Old, Sandra Cisnero, Naomi Nye, to name a few.

Novelists: Margaret Atwood, Marilynne Robinson, Gail Godwin, Richard Russo, China Mieville, Dave Eggers, Susanna Clarke, Zadie Smith, Carol Shields, Jhumpa Lahiri, Kent Haruf, Amy Tan, again, to name a few.

Favorite books (besides any of the above authors'): Samuel Johnson Is Indignant by Lydia Davis, For The Time Being by Annie Dillard, The Origin of Satan by Elaine Pagels, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, Ultimate Visual Dictionary by DK Publishing, and tons more.

Ed Higgins's Wall

Rabbit Angstrom – Apr 17, 2021

Thanks for viewing and commenting on my short piece, nestled in swirling chaos, it was very nice to see that the underlying feelings were conveyed bc so much of writing is capturing nuance in such a way to feel like yr being honest....well, many thanks for getting the message, word, amy

Arturo Ruiz – Apr 01, 2017

Thanks for reading, Ed!

Larry Strattner – Jan 29, 2017

Love the name Odious

Kitty Boots – Oct 09, 2016

Thank you for reading and commenting on Socrates Wouldn't Do That to a Hamster...I wasn't sure if it would work...you never know!

Steven J. Kolbe – Dec 10, 2014

Thank you for your detailed comment on "An Advent Cookies Rumination." It really helped confirm which parts are woking.

Tabatha Stirling – Dec 08, 2014

Thank you so much x

Misti Rainwater-Lites – Nov 03, 2014

Hello Ed, thanks muchly for reading and appreciating Wet Rainbow!

Carol Reid – Apr 15, 2014

Ed, thank you for reading my latest posts here. I appreciate it!

Nonnie Augustine – Dec 22, 2013

Thank you for reading and for your generous comments about Winter Solstice, Ed. Now I'm going to read something of yours, because I haven't yet and I love your bio. Much merriness. Nonnie

Carol Reid – Oct 09, 2013

Hey, Ed! Thanks for liking "Best".

Penny Goring – Jun 25, 2013

<3 lol

Amanda Harris – Jun 22, 2013

Ed, thanks for the comments on "Beware the Armed Man". I value razor sharp writing; can't tell if that's a quality of adolescence or if that's just the way I perceive it.

Also--yay for finding another Anne Sexton fan!

James Knight – Jun 22, 2013

Hi Ed! Thanks for your comment on 13 cyborg poets. Much appreciated!

Gary Hardaway – Mar 04, 2013

Thanks, Ed, for reading "The Beauties Abandon You" and for the comment.

Jerry Ratch – Mar 04, 2013

Thanks, Ed!

John Riley – Mar 03, 2013

Hi Ed, thanks for commenting on "Middle Age." I'm happy you enjoyed it.

Gloria Garfunkel – Aug 10, 2012

Ed, thanks so much for your fine compliments about Spaghetti Woman.

Bobbi Lurie – Aug 10, 2012

Thank you very much for reading and commenting on my piece, 'Milk Shake & Fries" I love your writing.

Bill Yarrow – Feb 05, 2012

Hi, Ed. Loved your comment on "Eleutheria." Thank you for your careful reading! I look forward to getting to know your work.

Beate Sigriddaughter – Feb 05, 2012

Thanks for your comment on "The Story of F." You delighted my inner evangelist (whom I am, however, trying to keep a lid on).

Beate Sigriddaughter – Jan 06, 2012

Thanks for reading and commenting on "The Wedding: Snow White." Happy new year to you.

sean m. poole – Jan 01, 2012

Thanks, Ed, for your generous words of praise on 'The Explosions Sound Like Gunshots'.
I'm happy you enjoyed it and I dig that you went online to learn more about Gattorno and his work. His art and his life story are really quite fascinating. Thank again for taking the time to read the stuff!

sean m. poole – Dec 19, 2011

Hi Ed,
I just posted 'The 2nd poem of Xmas'. Check it out when you've got the time.

sean m. poole – Dec 19, 2011

Hi Ed,
I appreciate you taking the time to read "The First Poem Of Xmas" and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

sean m. poole – Dec 17, 2011

Hi Ed,
I dig "Santa's Stuck"! Thanks!

Joani Reese – Dec 13, 2011

Hi Ed: Thanks for stopping by my poem for Mr. Lennon and for commenting. Love your profile picture!

Joshua Michael Stewart – Dec 12, 2011

Ed, thank you for your comment on my poem for Jane Kenyon. It made my day.

Beate Sigriddaughter – Dec 12, 2011

Thank you for reading and commenting on "Escape Literature." I appreciate it.

Nicolette Wong – Dec 11, 2011

Thanks, Ed, for your kind words on my story "As Pleat". Look forward to reading more of your work!

Bobbi Lurie – Dec 11, 2011

Thank you for reading and commenting on my piece, "Soliloquoy on Ma"--I'm honored that it reminds you of Jamaica Kincaid's "Girl"

MaryAnne Kolton – Sep 29, 2011

Ed, you'll find more Nail Polish on my blog - maryannekolton.blogspot.com

Meg Pokrass – Sep 26, 2011

"Odius"? oh my goodness! your animals!

Meg Pokrass – Sep 26, 2011

ED - thank you! glad the rejection letters are funny, they were so much fun to write the whole thing felt illegal!

MaryAnne Kolton – Sep 26, 2011

Thanks Ed, Even to a former Chicagoan who misses it so, your life sounds idyllic. Most of my work is in submission or soon to be published so not much of mine to read. You can read a story at my blog http://maryannekolton.blogspot.com/

James Lloyd Davis – Apr 25, 2011

Ed, totally appreciate your enthusiastic comment on "The Rising." Thanks.

Meg Pokrass – Apr 24, 2011

Ed - thank you for your kind comments on 2 of my stories. Very appreciative. The pussy story was too much fun to write, it felt illegal:) best, meg

Joani Reese – Jan 27, 2011

Hi Ed: Thanks for your comments about my Lennon poem. They made my day.

Joani Reese – Jan 24, 2011

Hi Ed: Thanks for your comments on "Because It's Dec. 8..." Appreciate them.


Bill Yarrow – Jan 24, 2011

Hi, Ed. Thanks for the comment on "George." Almost all my recent poems are 14 lines. I do consider them sonnets of a kind, but they are all unrhymed.

Frank Vander Rasky – Jan 06, 2011

Thanks, Ed, for the read and your thoughtful comments on “Oh, Fish Eggs!” I appreciate it.

Susan Tepper – Dec 21, 2010

Hi Ed, thanks so much for your read and comments on body, and wishing you a good holiday and happy new year! susan

Julie Innis – Oct 25, 2010

Thank you for your kind words on my story - looking forward to reading your work here as well.

Ramon Collins – Jun 14, 2010

Thanks for the compliment on my story, Ed. After reading your credentials, I'm sincerely flattered. I'm from up north (Seattle) but have spend many happy days in Oregon. Lived, briefly, in Rainier, watching the mighty Columbia Roll On. Currently, drying out on the Mojave Desert.

M.H. – Mar 07, 2010

Thanks for the greeting Ed - you got the right wall :) Good luck with your grading...

M.H. – Mar 07, 2010

Hi fellow Oregonian :)

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