About Those High Tension Wires In Our Backyard

by Jerry Ratch

In all the years we lived here we never had any issues from the power towers behind our house, other than them being slightly unsightly. I didn't even notice them when we would socialize out back, especially when drinking. When it rains you can sometimes hear a faint hum, but that was the most we were aware of them. 


We raised our two sons in this house and they loved being able to run around and have the freedom of the back yard, and only one grew a nubbin on the side of his head. We entertained a lot, having many BBQs and parties either out back or in the living and dining rooms. Our favorite part of the house was sitting on the deck, enjoying the beautiful Oakland evenings, and humming along with that overhead humming of the wires, punctuated by the occasional gunshots.


I hope that whoever buys our house has as many great experiences in it as we did. I don't know what went wrong with our marriage.