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It's a Boy!

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Sex when you’re pregnant Is like sex when you aren’t Pregnant, but with extra people.

I tried summer with my eyes closed

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I tried summer with my eyes closed.I tried it tied, bound tight as a bundleI carried on my head, in my teethI clamped summer until it squirmed.I wore it tied behind myself like a bow;I placed it like a rose in my teeth;I stood in its circle of lightAnd waited for…

You Could Marry Anyone

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Take that waiter, you could marry him.A policeman with his fat black stick Or a night watchman with his globe Like an eye, veined, protuberant. A baker thwacking his silky rope. You could lie flat back and be floured. In the morning you would have…

The Poor Little

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Wow. I’m just going to say it/ That’s one ugly little girl you’ve/ Made for yourself. But now someone/ Will miss you when you’re dead.

Blue Glass

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Of course that’s seen behind a screen. The lake by day is patternless gray, the O of breath- stoked mirror or a chain- smoked sky, slim fingers rising


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They were the family Hard. We laughed at that. They’re all Hard! Junior high was unforgiving.

While She Works on Her Marriage, I Get Drunk

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At least Scotch leaves, he chases the eighteen year old variety the perfect age, so smooth, tasty, he admits, too readily

The Greatest Public Works Program

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Hope wakes starving/ in the storm,/ to off and hunt.


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I have a memory of rooms I never leave but have invisible walls. These are rooms I never leave, these are rooms where I exist but don't live. These are rooms where it is dark but I know they can see everything. They can even see inside of me—even my heart beating…


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waking mid-motion derailed mis-seeing twisted tree trunks for drunken suited men with washcloth faces wiping off the wasted nightscape of midnight misplaced before a caked men's room mirror wipe saliva thickened glass last night's travels grime not to see…

There are questions I will never ask you

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There are questions I will never ask you because there are answers you will never give me As you said, we were basically children back then thin-skinned and easily maimed to never recover again only to become terminally sane.


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Your matted hair a clotted dark galaxy torn from useful teeth stars disappear into the flavorless gray Does it always have to be that way? Do we always have to change? Will you stare if you ever see me again?

Sincerity is out

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I liked one best when he threw off his scarecrow shackles and joked, pinching my knees I liked the other one when he was sincere though it was rare certainty I crushed his heart without a care so I deserve the hollow hold Even though I swore…

Industrial Honey-Suckle

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I forgot how to breathe when a dog pretending to be a coyote came within yards of us wearing a still tail You held onto me and I onto you loving our fear we wouldn't move Sweet tickles rush into the nose melt away the close gross of an industrial…

The Shawl

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The wolves took all she was underscored what I wasn't someone who could save her. Now her shawl lays in the snow smaller than she could ever go. If only she was as thin as that wind, maybe the wolves would have left her alone maybe I would have always…