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Askew (version #2)

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My matted hair a clotted dark galaxy torn from useful teeth stars disappear into the flavorless gray a longing nebula of regret The universe is turning old before you know Does it always have to be that way? a gray universe of stars dying unknown deaths …

That train

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That train's been murdering my time, a thoughtless crime although I've been waiting for it with all my mind. “That girl's been giving me her heart though I didn't want it,” the hunter confessed his almost crime. Her lips were chapped, …

Celluloid Angel

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To be a wonder girl she wears a wonder bra isn’t a bore bothering with how it cuts her up inside the fabric so tight it

A house of dreams

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I remember a house of dreams I remember all the jack-o-lanterns in a row laughing disconcertingly, their mouths collapsing inward minds exposed.

The Song of the Jardin Venus

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The place is a living rebirth, And all death is only temporary. For soon in the land, the soil, For soon in

A Reconsideration

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Remember when we declared our friendship at an end. . .

The Well Fed Fly

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A well fed fly flutters...

For Paul

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My father-in-law sits On my dining room table In a black cardboard box with His name inked on top.

To A Poet Married

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I am teasing. I know how much you enjoy the wind scraping against your chin, your blue eyes squinting in the sun.

You Friend Me On Facebook

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You look just like your mom she says I LOL her and say, funny cuz you look just like yours

Your One Fifteen's Been Here Since Yesterday Morning

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"... How do you sleep at night on a scale of one to ten? ..."

He of the Birch

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In a meadow of colorshe perceives with earsthe hues of flowersothers see with their eyesIn a grove of white birchhe harkens with eyes the rustling of leavesothers hear with their earsIn a bed of damp barkhe inhales with lipsthe aroma…

public apology (or, why most people hate monks)

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I want separate twilight a room with no candles, plates, phones or music a glass ceiling to smash when my head's full I want tiny hand-

Memory Box

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Soft voices in private, in the street, city noise violence disappears she blinks her eyelids and I can hear the lashes intertwine and pull clear.

Da Minotaur He Very Sore

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dey could go to da suboibs, ya know da value of a voigin back in dose days?