Daniel M. Landolt-Hoene

Location Portland, OR to Boise, ID
Website http://dmlh.blogspot.com

About Me

I am moving around the country and finally editing some words i wrote. writing more. I write essays that are songs and songs that are poems and poems that are txt msgs to people I love. I write articles about whatever comes across my path on a blog that a boat-full of people have read. Its not a very large boat, but it keeps finding room for more every time it comes to port(land). I am roaming back to portland for the rainy season. You're right, it doesnt make sense to me either, but I have been in boise, idaho, for six months and that is enough of that. I spent the spring on tour around the country performing live hip hop and/or spoken word depending on the venue. I am going back out next spring, so holla at me if you are out there and care. Want more? dmlh.blogspot.com

Why do you write?

I write at times because there is nothing else for me to do, other times because I want nothing more than to do that, most times because I think its a good idea to make myself do things that make me sweat, not counting exercise.

Any favorite authors? Books?

everything is worth reading. i like brett halliday and dashiel hammett, tom robbins, vonnegut, orwell, jack london, paul auster and siri hustvedt, keroac and burroughs, dan chaon, junot diaz, tolkien, jm barrie and lewis carrol, phillip k dick, bukowski, aaron cometbus, 2pac and nas, slick rick, raekwon, gza, inspector deck, (wu tang is for the babies), sleep, onebelo (okay so you like flash but what about hip hop?) alan moore, grant morrison, dave sim, (what about comics?) foucault, derrida, chomsky, etc etc etc. i like to read, dont do it nearly enough, which is more than pretty much everyone i know. wtf does that mean? favorite books? i dont want a fight to break out on my shelves. yeah and i like poetry too.

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Darryl Price – Aug 21, 2009

The signed Thank you for reading was very cool!

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