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Unwanted Stories: A Public Service Advisory

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Unfinished, deeply flawed stories require the kind of handling you see in movies where a Virus That Will Doom Mankind is disposed of by scientists in hazmat suits.

Barn Owl

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I was out of my element. I was on property that wasn't mine. In a woods with mansions tucked away among the trees.

The Tsunami Future

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That’s the nature of fortune: it’s incremental.

Train Whistles In Wintertime

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Train whistles in wintertime made him feel lonely.

Dutiful Son

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Bubba thought, “Oh, fuck”, as he pulled into the parking lot, filled with old Buicks. He had caved in to his Mom's pleading and agreed to take her to attend the new, “seasoned sirens”, strip club,”Droopy's” which was the new…


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Momma called them Vaughens, "a outfit," and said, "they shoulda throwed the book at that Darla Jean."

Star Light, Star Bright

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I am experience and information// at a small but irredeemable remove.


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I dare not disturb

Can Anybody Here Juggle?

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What was that film in the '80s, him so cynical, so beautifully stoned?

The Innocence of Age

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“I want to show you something pretty.” She looked at me, chin on her chest, watery brown eyes looking up. Skin tags on her eyelids made it difficult for her to look as coquettish as she wanted. She tried to flutter what was left of her eyelashes, but syr

Yellow and Jameson

112112 views99 comments88 favs it was thin honey. ..

The Salad Days of Fictionaut

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I'd sit in a Parisian cafe with Ernest Hemingway and Seabiscuit and Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, making up stupid posts about Komodo dragons and beehive hair-dos.

No Matter.

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the people I know are all going to some place that doesn't exist. hell.

A Whole Forest Full of Leaves

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A response to Darryl Price's "Hello Is All There Is".

Home Security

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They might think that loneliness has made me gullible, more than willing to open for them all kinds of drawers.

The Slaughterhouse Whitewash

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It's not with charity that the lies come ghosting under the door, nor with our best intentions in mind do they commandeer the airwaves, carousing the dead with the rose bed of martyrdom. Pointless in silence, the fallen bells from shelled…

the spit 'n polish

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With gum stuck to my shoe . . .

Imparting Shots

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He knows why I’m here, so he stalls, talking about the coffee, about how it’s a new dark blend from a little shop in The Village, about how he loves the flavor, so rich, but just because a coffee is dark doesn’t mean it’s stronger, that, in fact, it’s the

Pretty Face

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The two girls who were my best friends had not minded that I didn't draw it in. It was Obie, as he was nicknamed, who commanded me to inhale at thirteen. "You're dead," Obie said, as soon as I did it. I fell backward in the tall, yellow grass.

First Shot (36)

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...once when he got up to pee...

All The Way Up With A Red Hot Poker: A Short Oral Biography of Robby Benson

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The sidewalk moves like jelly and he tells me it’s okay.

In the Stream of Space Expanding, Eddies

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Microscopic purposes emerged// with their combinations and permutations

Lips of an Angel

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“Hey honey. How are you?” The man sat down in the office chair, his cell phone pressed against his ear. Light peeked beneath the closed door from the main area of…

Long Sticks Are Often Useful

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It was just lying there by the side of the road next to a mailbox, pockets turned out, weeds kinda rolled flat around it. I counted three nickels, a dime, and a cigar butt too. I could sure use the change for gum, but I didn't want to get near it. It looked dead,…

the glumland gals

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after trawling lowlife scenes ...

Things That Are Sad

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Things that are sad.

Ten Tequila Shots

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After sprouting boobs and a vagina before her sixteenth birthday, a girl watches her divorced father fall from parental grace by drinking ten tequila shots and baring it all for the neighbors to see on his birthday.

The Unsocialists

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and we’ll have dinner with the head of the Swollen Artists Club and I’ll keep my mouth tied shut with my own tongue

Vigil and Prayer

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What nightmare can compare to life / somewhere right now?