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She grinned when he steadied himself against the sofa. “Boy, I know you.”

Love Stories

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I've got an appointment to see my shrink next Wednesday. She's pretty sharp. Not bad looking, either.

Lying to the Boss

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I was having festive sex flashbacks and wasn't thinking sharply.

Due to the volume of submissions

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Somebody pushed the automatic fuck-you button today, not the due-to-the-volume-of-submissions-we-receive button, nor the it-does-not-fit-our-editorial-needs button;

Love in the Time of Ebola

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Me: In my orange hazmat, the one that makes my eyes look intensely blue.Him: His flexi-human-hamster ball. Fun, but a bit informal for a first date, I think.We're outside because doorways are not easy for him. After some impromptu rounds of bumper balls on the square, he…

I Don’t Think Her Last Name Was Tucker

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I ran into Tanya at “Pearl's” — maybe it was still called “Big Balls” — over in the Stockyards (Ft. Worth) in '72 and right up front we both admitted to loving honky-tonks and “done me wrong” songs which is why we were there…


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They wore dunce hats, played jazz and drank gin up on the deck at the back of their house. “So?” she said. “So too.” he said. “What to do?” “Not a thing,” he said. Clink. Clink. More gin. They got…

The Shopkeeper

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His eyes are closed yet restless, as if too many thoughts loop beneath the lids.

Dog & Pony Show

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The boy is a man is a guy is a smoked snack stick is a guide to picking up chicks at online dating sites is an Axe body wash commercial is a robot cartoon is a cautionary tale is a a zombie tv series reject is a country reduced to a whining drooling dog m

In Your Dreams

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What did it mean? What would a psychologist say? Oh, who cares. In my opinion, we ask why, what, when, where, and how too often.

don't come to my funeral

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Turning corners.

not enough

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The being enough, the water boiled, the leaves soaked until flavor releases, and never enough for the only failures are the sharp pangs of a heart attack waiting to be enough on a fine day in June


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I am quite the wreck!


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Now I am prepared to waltz under a K bullet that hits a stucco brick above the tropical hibiscus.


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We were busy painting pictures of False Hope on the face of Reality.

First Shot (59)

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We left Blow, Salzwedel and Frank Rust heading across the water toward Turtle Island where they believe Sarah Kellum is hiding out. We pick them up as a storm sweeps in from the northeast.

Pebbles Against Empire

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Whatever you have,/ we can monetize it

Loveless Lover

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Love me like a crutch Love me when I'm strong

Strawberry Daiquiris

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A hot summer night walks into a bar and orders a drink.

This Much

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halfway between Latino and angelic,

the hospital closet

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and I sit very still, avoiding the hair-trigger.


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Five micros with a capital "M."

The Damp Place

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As long as he could still take the stairs, he would go down there to be with the memories that each piece held. He knew that their time was about up, because his was too. His wife had already gone, and even before that she had long stopped using the washe

An Attempt at Reconciling with the Non-Existent

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dealing with an over-aged imaginary friend gone rogue

Dead End

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She'd still rest her fingers on your back, and her smile still lit the lantern of your soul.

You Are Now Leaving Czech Soil

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Curses, at the beginning of time, had no meaning. Now they do, because you keep squeezing the last strings of remorse out of the human fiddle.

"Daddy, Can You Find the Cheerios?"

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Why, these were the young hands that I kissed only last night.

The Maple Leaf Club

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One of his operas was confiscated when he couldn’t pay a hotel bill. He ended up in a mental home, demented from syphilis.

First Shot (60)

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Their boat hits a sandbar and overturns. Blow and Rust can't find Salzwedel. Now, on Turtle Island, a shot pierces the stormy night. A wailing scream. Oh, mercy!