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Night Talk

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She said, "Tonight let's talk of things untrue and he said, ' Like black is white and night is day and up is down and in is out?' and she said, 'Yeah, those things we know to be false for sure like you know, like...well, you could say, 'I really love you' and I could say,…


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His mother was a ballerina.

constellation pigeons

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I'm just one man sucking in all the pollen wind

On Literature

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Believe in every word, and you just might find the truth.

When it's not called missing

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Father says it's not called missing when you don't want to be found.

Father's Day

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“What do you want for Father's Day?” she asks. “Sex,” he says, his mouth curling at the corners, “and a bottle of Shiraz.” …

See You On The Other Side

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Sleep Soak

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A Runner

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There is law and there is justice. Sometimes they are incompatible. You could say that I fled the one because the other was lacking, but then… a guilty man is just as apt to claim the circumstance as…

To Fill the Hollows

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most famously, a small/ writhing dog. A thousand casts were made/ before they stopped


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one of those lost in space muted trumpets you’ll never hear anything like it.

Bacon's Blood (12)

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Blow nibbles crow for Bacon. (hungry)

The Subsequent Ferocious Silence Is

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just another torn & burning journeyflag for the rebel heart. All we know forsure is that dancing among the toads andcrickets takes a bit of courage. Beauty takesreal living guts these days. Laughing takes guts,too. Living takes love. Love is feeling. What'dyou think I…

A man with bleeding hands

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A man with bleeding hands at the back door of Out of the Closet this morning asked me for the bride and groom figurines at the top of my donation box

Great Rift Valley

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she shivered in the ceasefire like a virginal nude brought to life.

The Breakup

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Don’t break things, I add. And he looks at me like I’ve broken everything else.

A Love Story

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The woman abruptly closed her legs.

The Small Blue House

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She allowed him to wash her hair. Touching it in a wet state, running his hands through it in a soapy state, wringing the water out when he was finished—he was ecstatic.


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Hot Dog Hot Dog

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A man on the sidewalk dressed as a hot dog hits a triangle dinner bell with a clang and yells for everyone to come and eat at Hot Dog Hot Dog. We were feeling more like fish and chips or spicy pulled pork, but there's something about how…

The World Explained

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This is why the earth revolves around the sun: refrigerator magnets.

The Stranger

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“I can't go to sleep,” Jonathan said, laying on the doctor's couch. He counted on his fingers to keep his mind active. “I'll certainly die if I do.”

Bacon's Blood (11)

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Rebel Bacon has killing headache...


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With the sudden addition of a comma and a pronoun, the clause declared its independence.


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"I said drive this fuggin' thing." He scooted around and dropped his left foot on her accelerator foot . . .

The Cave of Signed Paintings

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In the cave of signed paintings ...

Dear Andreas,

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Dear Andreas,My mom is asking me to come home.They found you amongst the ferries, down the street from the pile of unearthed bedrock I lived on as a child. It took two months before you showed up again. You left everyone scared, running to the bridges, but there was no one.…

All the Pretty White Fonts!

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The musicians bereft of instrumentality and the audience awed by Lucretia’s performance, silence reigned in the musty theater for most of the next five minutes, as Lucretia had no other lines to deliver for the remaining quarter hour.


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Being an uncredited bonus composition, written in the sublimest access of divine afflatus this poet believes his lyric verse has ever known. “In olden times, dark was not counted fair”: Those were the words, I think, of some old poet. …

The Dialogue

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"Aren't you free to say whatever you please?"