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Back of the tavern, Saturday night...

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You can’t just let it go.


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Millicent asked me to stop over at her place for coffee after work because we needed to talk. While pouring, she said she was torn about telling me what her father used to do to her when her mom was not around, but she thought I needed to know how twisted her life was…

Mick Dever

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The P-36 used for gunnery exercises was twitchy and stubborn...

The Scottish Play

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Dead Moon

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“Dolphins swim in the soul when it is calm,” the king of television yoga says. His face seems so relaxed. Suddenly, you feel the heat, and must remain quiet to remember, again. Later, you will hang with…

...and counting

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A man will kill me.

Scottish Independence

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with peaty aromatics, opened,/ and a welcomed sting, swallowed,


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Days like this I operate this city on muscle memory.

1918, 1944, 1991, and now

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Disability is indivisibility—all of us could be its members—unlike its affirmative action forebears who remain underrepresented, even as the groups’ selected contestants prepare to retire early, a distributed group whose specialty is American anthropology

Slight of Hand

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Our ironies don’t make us happy

The Ill-Tempered Caviller

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The Ill-Tempered Caviller decides to run for office. He runs as an independent. On the campaign trail the Caviller eats hot dogs and kisses babies. One of the babies drools on him. The Ill-Tempered Caviller spits back.

Startle Reflex

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I’m decades in and it hasn’t gone away. In all other respects, I am normal. Life is hard, but I’m not complaining. The thing is, I am in a constant state of falling.

The Sky Suffocated

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In the night the rain made gentle, the flood still far off, and downstairs on the dining-room table the centerpiece collected dust as the hours passed.

rings of nibelung

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The war, or to put it more precisely the slaughter, had been brewing for some time. Yet there was something very strange about this war, despite what many people were saying. The yellow press was calling it a war between civilisations; a few so-called serious …

John Ruskin doing a Swan Dive

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She used her right breast. Lifted it to her chin, aimed at the can, and shoved it down as hard as she could.

some poetry will shut you up

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o christ/ here you are again/ you sickness appearing in my brain/ pouring smog from my jaw/ my body hot and cold as though sleepless/ while i could sleep/ centuries/ undisturbed/ and awaken, tireder still./

Hot Rocks

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We go to the spa on my wife’s day off and get a manipedi. A swarm of little women pounces and works on our fingers and toes.

Bums of the Bird World

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Yeah, okay, so pigeons are the bums of the bird world So what are a flock of crows working over a wheat field while the artist Vincent is desperately trying to live with his bleeding ear or to sell at least one painting during

The Opposite of Fear

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The rocks were pillows around her shorn head, the crimson stream running from her ears the only sign she had not chosen to lay down on them. Behind us, the rockface stood stoic; below us, the water lapped our feet.She held my hand in hers, giving me succor as I…

The Trials of Saint Agnes of Rhodes

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Was she giving another virgin birth so Jesus wouldn't be lonely?

Carmen Rental

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But in 1991 Carmen developed a heroin habit and was forced to sell her powder blue, convertible Mercedes 500SL...


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Ten Books That Have Stuck with Me Off the Top of My Head as I Make Them Up

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#2 The Typewriter Inside You by Harmon Gentle—I found this one at a garage sale when I was 15. Intended as a manual for sharpening one's typing skills, by the third chapter it became obvious that Mr. Gentle's sanity had slipped, and that rather than mastering the…

First Shot (50)

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Last episode Bart Bullshit dropped in on Blow and Mary without warning. Now he lives up to his bloviating rep.

It is Easier Than You Think To Ride A Train: The Q & A

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Q:What made you want to be a person who rides a train? A:As soon as I learned there was such a thing, I wanted to be one.

My Bunny Hop Years

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The Bunny Hop represented that riot-like atmosphere–in cuddly guise–described by Claude Levi-Strauss in his seminal essay that I have forgotten the name of it’s so important.


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Then I see her walking down the grass aisle: my assignment. She looks nothing like the image I have been trained with, but her identifier is strong.

While the Light Lasts

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Smoke from bodies aflame tongues the strung moon;

Hip-Hop Elephants of the Golden Palace

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Hello floaty word man / suspended in smoke / chortling coughing with collapsing colon / spraying sounds into the day / making it night and ending the line