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I loved to visit my grandparents when I was a kid.

Two Little Girls Running Out Of A House On Fire

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If My Feet Were Wings

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no pair of wings whipping

Blind Date with Nostradamus

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Rerun from a couple years back.


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My eyes filled with tears when it entered my throat

Breaking News

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We are our own pathogens.

2 little mysteries

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"When did you learn this?" I ask.

The Lemon Tree

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Working Girl

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Suddenly a hand shot up on the other side of a hedge. “I’ll have one of those!” cried someone who remained invisible.

Al Dente

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The dinner was a flop.

A Loser, Either Way

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Although I'm twenty years older than her, my girlfriend has called me "jailbait" for the past year and a half because she says the only way to stop having to share me is to kill my wife..

February 14

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I need you by my side when it counts: when / the hurricane is coming....

Move and Pause

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On a Saturday I flew from murky air. My wings grown weak, I stole away from plundered nest, casual stings, and skillful barbs. In family's fold, I perch.


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I am Bible in my reading. It takes about five good days to read a passage fully. 1 Samuel has been fully rich. OT is condensed and so is NT in a different way. Truth is mesmeric. For me and other people I know, the end is not nigh.

Annette and Florian

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Annette, make sure you practice your German phrases, and color your hair, every two weeks.

Brief Requiem for the Twentieth Century

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The crumbling meccas/ gnaw/ Each fiscal year’s quota of blood and bone,

Dramatic Effect

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You wanted transcendence, wanted height, danger, the tracks blurred into murky distances behind and in front of you. You slipped, reached for it, starlight shining in your eyes, something you didn't have when I held your hand. We didn't fold the…

Eyes Without a Face

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It's tough when muscle gets in the way of memory. The way pain is the only thing I can remember about certain things. Fifth grade, that's what I think of. I think of pain. Not just abstract pain, not some we'll get to it later adolescent angst or ennui.…

Excerpt from working novel

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Like when she said the word 'but', it came out ‘bet’.

Long breeze

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This is a piece about wind-chimes, well, not really,

ok, ok, so I concede

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some answers are enough to make you cry or laugh yourself to death

My Life in Prepositions

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Thanks to prepositions I can be on drugs, get into music, sway under the influence and rock around the clock. I can jump up and down, crawl into a sleeping bag, sleep under the stars, wander into dreams, and wake up feeling down. I can drink from a bottle, sit…

The Writing On the Wall Has Been Covered by Graffiti

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The graffiti has grown so large It has covered everything we know and love It has covered the windows, shutting out the light And it’s all about leaving your mark The ones who are living outside your walls Have grown worried about leaving th

My Father Said, "I Miss the Game."

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Of course he misses it,


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She didn't know this man but there was something about the way stood there wordlessly perturbed, head tilted to one side that made it impossible for her to finish her sentence.

It's a Beautiful Banana Moon

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and I can't help it if it is. I know it won't stay that way for long, but for now that's all I've got to work with in my window made of all fingers and some thumbs. But the latest pushy words still want to give themselves over to…


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“What. Is. That?” Sid asked, staring at the shaggy ball of fur sitting in the living room. Its tongue hung out of its mouth and its tail beat against the carpet.“This is Ranger,” his mom said. “I don't know what breed he is, but he's a sweetie…

Say What?

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Red glazed chickens?

A Session With My Poetry Coach

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“Please excuse the form letter, but due to the volume of god-awful submissions that we receive, we do not have the time to crush the spirit of each writer personally.”