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I arrange my stones in circles

Trio Anomie

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We deny one another, here,/ as long as it’s plausible.

The Best Banana Bread

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You Atop Franz Josef Glacier, Twelve Miles From the Tasman Sea

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58 words

Sister Rosetta

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I left the train, still going nowhere, but in a hurry. Still a boy, but trapped in a suit.


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If you were glassI'd fog you up With my breathI'd leave messagesPictographsIn fingerprints I'd press in closeSo would youAnd so we'd danceBut you are glassAn inch of depthTo catch my breath


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Language is a human presence ....

Almost Regrettably Useless Advice

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This world is always at least as strange as it seems, but usually far more strange, so many non-repeatable phenomena . . . .

The Nine Mountain Movement

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I wanted these mountains to be prettier and Jerry must have seen it in my face. “Second thoughts?” he asked. I pretended I didn't hear him, but that probably wasn't believable because Jerry knew just how loud to scream…

Pounded-Flat Pat, Ch. 1: NOT ANOTHER MEATBALL!

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Ruined, she tried to strain the spaghetti (not knowing what al dente was, even). Wrecked and destroyed, she stood on tippy-toes — the water was warm; it made her nervous — and pouuuuuured it into the…


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“Only one ring away,” I told myself while swiping the small glass screen of my cell phone with my sweaty thumb, repeatedly pushing down the illuminated green icon with the white telephone receiver. I was seated in a small crowded courtroom with hard…