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Mirror, Handheld

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the making by taking away

Emily Watches Him Sharpen Kitchen Knives

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trim the dull

Rudy on the line

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Get out of here, you fucking clown.

The End of the GOP (a cento)

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The converted bat thinks he’s Bella Lagusi, and would look very fondly on a cup of freshly drawn blood.

Tne Noise

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I'm hearing a noise. I can't see it. It's hiding and seems to be coming from the other side of the creek. With boots on I slowly wade across. The water makes its light lapping sounds. Reaching the bank, I search for the noise. It must have a face, suntanned and warm, that I…


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it's all a bit like the quiet steam drifting to nowhere off my microwaved hot coffee in the sunflower mug

Пушкин и Baudelaire, via странников

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—but night does not reduce me to sleep / the dragging minutes keep awake / the dark that only opens its deep . . .


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See if you can come up with the pattern. It starts without much of a runup to the theme. I am not making this up...


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You did this. We only reacted poorly to your cheery performance. Everything happened out of your hardleaving. We were only trying to maybe feel something better and not so bitter about the world's lack of love in the only way we knew how. It…

My Secret Pen Pal

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What if I let it be known that I've been enjoying a heavy correspondence with Queen Elizabeth my entire life? We began the correspondence on the very day she was coronated. February 6th, 1952. I was four years old and working as a bartender in Cheyenne, Wyoming. …