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I dreamt I was raped the other night. Sometimes it was me, that is, and sometimes it was another woman with a dark bouffant hair-do. Definitely outside though and the hulking back of the man was covered by a charcoal wool…

The Dark

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Where is the one who was brave?

Not Quite There Yet

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You're not late yet, but if you don't move now, you will be. You close the cover of your mac book, don't even finish the sentence you were working on or close down the file. What had been of the utmost importance, clutching at your…

Considering a Career

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Mostly, though, reiteration of the old/ in an idiosyncrasy that strives/ to become fresh and fails

The Dotards

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We played synthetic derivative punk. We used Donald Trump tweets as lyrics.

The Band That Didn't Memorize Christmas Songs

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A man stared out a window, only to see a passing train.

Professional Judgment

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Biting my tongue instead of lashing red stripes

Medicine Man

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The scalpel isprescient -- it knows blood before it cuts.Every surgeon is a seer.We start here, just below the neck. The slide of its sharpened silvertouches softly,enters the skin with care; halfthe cut is question,and half an answer…

O Starving Poet

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A novel is an idea that has Survived many severe beatings While a poem is a homely thing that was Never even asked to the dance Art Speak, however, is the art of Systematically overstating and Re-inventing the Obvious to the point of Distr


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As a senior Italian official said, in the late 1980s, “Once there were scandals, but not anymore.”

Arcana Magi Zero + Pure - c.5

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Takashi and Hideki stared at the pool of grey Mana. A scientist carefully contained some of the mist into a container.

A Terse Invocation of Cuttlefish

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Cuttlefish eat: small mollusks, crabs, shrimp, fish, octopuses, worms . . . and other cuttlefish. The chief predators of cuttlefish are: dolphins, sharks, fish, seals, seabirds . . . and other cuttlefish.