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I was seeing the owl lady from time to time when I met Caroline.

Little By Little

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Runs in the Skin

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She used to think she shit glitter and now she’s home.

A modern American koan

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It'll End In Tears

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This Is Who I Am

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I'm not interested in her that way.


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We must sometimes see the world/ as the pale blue dot// surrounded by brighter dots/ and that endless field of darkest dark.

Struck Silent by Homesickness

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This is my city, the one with the iron railings and the narrow lanes, the red-bricked houses and the slated roofs, the one with the green postboxes that used to be red, Rule Britannia, and the one with the statues facing inwards so as to preserve justice

You Can Push Things

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to the back of your mind like a box of unpacked beloved books if you want, but that's no life I want to explore any further with you. We don't have as much time as we once did to believe in something other than an empty bottle of dreams. Love…

We Should All Have One Great Love

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My dumb body that does not speak still cried out your name last night. Did you hear it, maybe in your sleep?

Who Loves the Sun?

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beat them with fists and purses.


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still not used to this giddy / I cough up nasturtiums / you cough up leg bruises / splotches of red and green and gold

It’s Only July

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fireworks were delayed; we stayed in and fucked.

At the Pine-Woods Golf & Poetry Club

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“He's going to hit the ball thirty yards every time and compose poems between shots,” Roethke said. “The course will be backed up for a week.”

Vicious Cycles

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Current Relationship Status:Fucking and sharing the same fucking toothbrushBut we're not together-together. Lord god I missed you so, hated your guts, promised not to budge an inch of care if ever I see you again. But when I did, I just felt like our genitals are destined…

Sunset At The End Of The Industrial Age

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gravelortian part 23

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Can't believe I was able to drive this far

Here Is

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another way to play with all that is that doesn't involve killing for profit. I believe that, don't you? There is always a much kinder response to the falling down of secret night. Dancers know the power of this beautiful all encompassing …

Cloud Gator

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First it makes me think about the time I held a live, albeit tranquilized, juvenile gator at a zoo in Florida when I was twelve. (Somewhere these's a photograph, no doubt, of me looking terrified and a gator looking asleep.)


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TIME FLIES Wind up fucked-up on downers down in Oregon. Feed a spider LSD. Con her into catching a couple time flies. I cut one out of the web before the spider has time to bite the bug. Tie into a noose a hair yanked off my head.…

First Shot (17)

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First Shot (18)

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Are they...?

gravelortian part 22

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This grey is going to kill me

The Model

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My art teacher hated Salvador Dali.

The Blueberry Man

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It was a Thursday. That's when I found out about the blueberries. Those precious, round little wonders, now forever untouchable.I left the note on the ledge of the balcony, taped down so it wouldn't fly away.It was going to come to this, eventually. After…

My Life Story

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Somewhere there is desire I don't know what to do with.

The Man Speaks

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Feets You Fail Me

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San Bruno avenue, six shops in eight blocks. Those Vietnamese ladies thrive on the pedicure trade.

Suede Denim

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Rogue sits bedside in Jello Biafra’s hospital room.