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Nineteenth Century Noise

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The virtuoso tortures a violin/ in homage to Paganini.

The tenth point of possession being this...

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Guys on safari wearing safari jackets shoot things all day, things with funny names …

The Thing

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I'm sure someone somewhere must havefelt something like it before. Imean I've never been able tohave this kind of deep longing asif you might want to forget everythingyou know. I always figured that funny stuff onlyhappened to folks in a foreignfilm. Not to some guy…

Maurice Utrillo

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Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

waves - a haiku

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Wet Work

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blinking out

Snatch XIII

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The Guardian

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Everyone loves a story of love unrequited. But what about the stories of the unrequited lovee?

Abecedarian inspired by Bill Yarrow

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Despite what the bible says, Shadrach and Meshach had no third brother named Abednego. To pay for his cello lessons, Yo-Yo Ma worked the subways of New York as a busker. Just chill. After Sal went into witness protection, he yearned for a job at the art…

Gabriel has lost his horn

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The Mythology of Rooms

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Ben Clarone: Prologue Part 2

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This was not the bar that the artist usually frequented.


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It's just another night in the old city, perched in the skeletal radio tower with my collection of telescopes


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Sitting On a Powder Keg - song

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I just sit here thinking You’re cheating on me again It’s how you acted last time The same as it’s ever been Don’t wanna go ballistic What’s inside your head? Why don’t you just tell me Who’s been sleeping in that bed


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The whole time I wondered why I was there. She didn't want to see me. I didn't exist to her anymore. Nothing and nobody from those times did. It was important to try seeing her anyhow. She had been there for me once. I believed in righteous dues.

The Blonde With a Sweet Pair

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Long, elegant, with a touch of arch,

Edward Ogle the Forth

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Charted stars by the dozens / with a side of frizzle onions / dawn showers us with glitter.

Emotional Gentrification - excerpt Single Stroke Seven

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Sunday, Nolan and I drop by the ice rink on 10th and Alma to watch the amateur hockey leagues battle it out in an unspoken yet assumed class war: the buff, unemployed rink bums who can grind ice, cross-check, and stick handle like the pros, versus the dou


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Kim Chow Click Click

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Ok American dogs. Here my first story I wrote when I only two days old! Then evil moderator delete me and story go away. Now I three days old. I try to remember.

The Tote Bag Song

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You can ask so many questions Of what’s it all about You can empty out the closets And roll the mothballs out But no one has the answers It’s all a mystery There’s a bigger picture But it’s really hard to see

Ben Clarone: Prologue Part 3

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The urban-abused Chevy looked older than its seven years.


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The young monk rose early to jog, his appetites trailing like cats in heat.

Riddle 44 from the Exeter Book: The Key

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Curiously made thing

Trick or Treat

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Arcana Magi Zero Arc 2 - c.4

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Marissa sat on her knees placing her hand on Alysia’s head. Her eyes held back her tears as she watched her daughter’s eyes shift back and forth.

Secrets of the Younger Brother - 7

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Three camels and one man. Covered in dust and sand like mummies. The animals were still tied to one another. Mahamadu kept all his camels tied tail to nose. If one moved, all moved. So where were the others, and how…