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The husband entered my friend's home and shot him dead


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When her mind was good

Elvis, Mosquitoes & Marilyn Monroe -- What I Learned From Magazines This Week

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People usually take fonts for granted.

Life Apart

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Practice has perfected disengagement.

The Dry World

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drunkards indulge, addicts abuse


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He wasn't sure if I was joking.

Making Love- Circa Y2K

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I want to ask him why not now, right here on the living room floor when Rosie is out for the day. Instead, I suggest Sunday afternoon. I can make grilled cheese sandwiches and we'll eat them on the veranda. I'll take off my tennis skirt and unbutton my...

Please Help Support My Attempts at Being Funny

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You can tell your doctor the truth Even if no one else will stop and listen He or she may have a balm for it To help make it go away Or at least go into remission Remission is the staging area for Lies Corporate and otherwise We don’t have

Unkilled Jeff

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"Oh — what is this 'work' thing the philosophers speak of" sort of thing. ¶ He's honestly curious, from his point of view.

The Nightingale

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Still, it was only morning.

Edju - the 39th Stave

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39. They put each of us in solitary confinement. Jacinto's room was long and narrow. Mine was a white cubicle. Alice's reminded me of a dank basement when they threw her in. Then, after three days of bread and water, the…

Extended Play

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The Fetishist

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Sex is a fetish war -- a battle of trinkets of desire