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Gravel Roads

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My sister fell out of a 49 Chrysler Windsor on a gravel road in Iowa in 1961.


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After his resurrection the children began to play.

Every Woman Adores a Fascist

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We liked the orderly Newtonian/ with its fundamentalist action/ and reaction, its rules

Tree Men: A Report for Ms. Casssidy’s 8th Grade English Class, by Reilly Wilson

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With Climbing becoming more widespread, my mom and I keep a close eye on my Dad.

Logic of Things

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Uncertainty does not feel as threatening as it did a few minutes ago.

Peshawar kids

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a dark day

The First Time

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The summer I turned fourteen I had a job babysitting our neighbor, Pam's three year old daughter, Annie, three nights a week while Pam was going to Junior College, but it was hardly work because, after I tucked Annie in to sleep, I just watched TV, sitting in Pam's den…

First Shot (68)

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The sight of Newt Gunther's head being blown off again and again and again had the effect not only of numbing Blow's sensibility to its grotesqueness.


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Maybe the thing is over by now. They have gathered up all the pictures and mementos of our dad’s life and hauled them away.

First Shot (69)

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Blow, torn between lust and suspicion, is nearly trampled by a runaway horse at the bastard Newt Gunther's funeral.


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Altodog was dressed in filthy chef’s trousers and a long-sleeved purple dress shirt, somewhat dignified by a tattered black vest.


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That is That

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Alexander Ivanovich stuck out his leg and tripped Daniil Ivanovich Yuvachev. Daniil Ivanovich Yuvachev stood up, took two steps forward, stuck out his leg and tripped Alexander Ivanovich.

Light Is the Only Witness To Ruin

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We carve out our kings. They don't last.

Revolution, Pass It On

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There's nothing I could want from those fried bread Devils. Don't want to dive into their cash Filled channels either, biting my way out Like a radio controlled shark, or be Seen falling out of their night-time cars like A teenager in love, flying face down, …


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all / the secret letters/ ever dreamed up


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“Oh it’s the quicker picker upper mother fucker quicker upper . . .”


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I bought a book called Shylock. I began to read it, but as I was reading, something began to make me feel rather uncomfortable.

I Don't Want to Go to the Bronx

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"... each of them stuck in one finger to sample the goods. Just then Katie felt a breeze on her bare legs. Her skirt literally moving."

Bad Monkey

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The hotel sits on the highest point in Shimla: a place of cedar-scented air, an aggressive monkey population, and summer houses left by the British Raj.

The Day I Discovered, Followed The Night I Realised

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Nature is perfect... We can never learn that much

Wherever and Whenever

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It’s good to get fucked in the rain. It’s good to get fucked in the back seat of a power boat on a river in the hot summer air with the mosquitos sucking the life out of you. It’s good to get fucked with your bare back rubbing up against the

A Certain Document

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The object of my investigation is a certain document, the writing at the edges obliterated by a mother's kiss.

Down and Out in the Portland in Oregon [Card #8: Justice]

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Lights sorta coming in through the window—why look outside?—I'm in the cell, the bottom bunk, maybe business is slow, I'm grateful the top bunk remains unoccupied, maybe lawbreakers take a break for the holidays, or perhaps cops let things slide a bit.

Ms. Vergust's Collage (many words, sorry)

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He envisioned Ms. Vergust slumped on the couch, between her weighty legs a beer can, Pabst sloshing onto her bathrobe, a joint down to a nub burning her lips.

Alice in Hell: 13 slithy variations

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1. Having made Alice from one of the Mad Hatter's ribs, Humpty Dumpty told her she could do anything, except speak. “How bothersome!” she said.2. In the church, Alice was horrified to be presented with a talking lamb. “EAT ME!” it bleated and, as the…

Well Enough Away

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Everybody knew the buildings were trying to kill us.

Don't Touch My Notary!

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Thousands lined the avenues of Paris in protest; one held a sign that read "Don't Touch My Notary!"

Dog, Deer, and Boy

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A black and white Malamute chasing down a deer to the edge of the water, and putting her mouth on it. The hurt deer fallen into the water to escape. Red blood floating out into the water like cloth. The boy racing down the slope into the reeds t

Day Slides Like A Drop

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later still wine parties with cucumber red and rich