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“Stars above the barren trees”

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Say it all — Leave nothing out —

When You Love Someone

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you set the world in motion. When you lovesomeone you reset everything to now. When you love someone you forgive the world. Everything is possible. When you love someone it is time to go on home. When you love someone you're reborn as someone else…


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aquatic, free-swimming or earth-bound

More news, another fugue...

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...he'd made a regrettable deal for Monkeydick long long ago, and the pain was deep, and it never went away.

Picking Strawberries

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Underneath the fence she picked strawberriesThey were nickle sizedand some were red, some were green and some with a littleof both/in between They came up from the ground in little patchesand sweetness could be smelled on the windAs the cloud cover came…

Excellent Sushi

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I drove at an outlandish speed to get excellent sushi

Little Red Riding Hood, The Woodcutter, Grandma, and The Big Bad Wolf: Their Ongoing True Story

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Grim though it be Little Red Riding Hood and The Woodcutter, with his hewing axe, eviscerate and skin the Big Bad Wolf, thus rescuing sickly Grandma. Grandma’s a bit worse for the wear after her couple of hours in Big Bad’s overstuffed stomach. But she cl