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Sometimes a full-breasted pink, gold, auburn sunset is crouching right behind the thick summer mist. If the fog splits open, there is no higher, closer view of the ocean from anywhere in your city—the one you've lived in for twenty years, the city you are leaving…


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If you want to know who I am, read these Faerie cards upside down.


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The night before his mother's teeth began chattering.

Glory Hobble

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I was to limp with stunned, growing horror, as I navigated through the swirling smoke and maze of human corpses...


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we swim in failure

Jimmy and the Ark

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Yes, he'll be quiet. Very quiet. He rocks himself, the ark, suddenly imagining water underneath him, over head, all around. Water, water, water—


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It took all four of his kids to convince my father to pull the plug. Mom's car crash had left her a vegetable, but of course he hung on. Once they withdrew life support, she was gone in ten minutes. The first thing our father said was that he was hungry. He felt…

Enough, Trump

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Enough, Trump. We've had it my dear, with your pink ties, your hairs, your swagger, your towers, your money, tempers, walls, bombs, smarts, snarls, pouts and doubts, bigotty bile, and once again, style. We just…


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I realize I am standing with my hands on my naked hips, my panties and shorts are clumped around my left ankle.

Lost at Sea

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Now can see—the coldest fish invigorated by the warmth of his submerged soul. Use those words sparingly.

Bacon's Blood (40)

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Byrd bursts in on Bacon burial plans.

Driving me to Distraction

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In those moments of irritation it's as if he descends from the heavens and settles into my body, takes a good grip of the steering wheel, and elevates the tension in the car to Code Red.

The Whore

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The man and the whore lay in bed together. It was a cold night and they were warmed by the heat beneath the…

By Derangement of All Our Senses

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We will collapse in a storm of images

Circus Metamorphosis

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Such pretty dogma, a voice in sleepstutters a wakefulness, clings to the Gothiclike a warrior clings to war.You wear the gown of impossibility.Before unfinished works of suns,perpetual irises, wonderful, mad,armed with such superlativesI heap praise upon your pineal…

love poem

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There is a touch of horror about me. An irritant hair on the tongue of grace. A falling. A stiff and sick laughing removal. A thin white goodbye's similarity of dark things done secretly and for the moment, there is you.

Strange Sign At the Outskirts to Paradise

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In an area of high winds and strong convictions, I have lived among the ever-changing crowd that is always the same. I must have died overnight, and now my wings are flapping in my own face. I used to be an owl, a night owl, to be sure

Excuse Me, I’m Writing a Poem Here?

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I’m up to my kneecaps in mockery and swill, and … Excuse Me, I’m Writing a Poem here? Thank you. Sheesh! As I was saying, I’m up to my kneecaps in mockery and swill. And I meet someone who names all his fish after people he doesn’t l

The Nude Pianist: A Novel: Chapter 25

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It was 6 a.m. when the phone next to the bed awakened Francesco.

He Needs A Drink

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The Abstract Expressionist are at the beach.The Abstract Expressionist are whiter than their canvas.The Abstract Expressionist haven't learned of Coppertone.The Abstract Expressionist are turning into lobsters.The Abstract Expressionist have sand between their toes.The…


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SapphicsSlumber comes too late to scare awakening; I know, before, there was a life to bind me. I cross the streets instead and watch the rainfall Murmur without ears. It can know no sound but seems…

Chrysalis Unraveled

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Antiphony of Sighs

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IGlasgow, its swollen bleeding face, its unrepentant eyesProud inside its operas, vain within its shames.Watch these sanctities unsound shrink into their oneness.Set these centuries alight, peer into the flames.Into their time descending, the pedestrians now cease,all is…

Fighting a Cold

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There once was a man who was fighting a cold. The fight took place at a famous boxing arena in Las Vegas.

Please Pay Attention Please

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Knife Knavery with Wordswords

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Everyone accepts the risks borne by another: she's standing there, he's tossing the blades, he's not supposed to slice her, but we stare only as each blade strikes very close . . .

The Man Who Smelled Funny

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There once was a man who smelled funny. He didn’t smell bad, he smelled funny.

And Then The Hunger Had More Power Than Even The Sorrow

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Delilah couldn't articulate why she was sometimes uncomfortable watching her husband interact with his mother. (573 words)

Swim for It! [Card #18: The Moon (v.4)]

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Nothing to be afraid of, she kept telling herself, as it got progressively louder, and closer, but kept hugging her knees, barely moving, barely breathing, just the same.

For You

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Why should you go through that for me?