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April, 1956

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I felt/ no need to show what I had made/ to anybody else.


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...He steps back from the abyss, inner eye envisioning the ink sip of a fountain pen, the hard, hot brain frenzy that sends phrases marching toward another bridge between oblivion and art.

On " Thinking outside the box."

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Love to. Really would. …

Haiku Haiku, Fattened Feral Kittens, Hobgoblin Test

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and watch the bird play and squirrel play/ and the twitching of cottontail noses

The Birds

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My wife goes away for a few days to the little town where Hitchcock filmed The Birds.


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Good Friday--Mary Magdalen

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“...and many women were there beholding afar off” ...and, yes, I was with them. I speak…

"Hey, why don't y'all join us for supper?"

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Rewarding the kindness of strangers.

Negative Space

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20. Smitten

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Your tunamelt cadence / Sank me to ocean floors

i've already broken your heart

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beatings and tear gas

Summer of Mary

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You were sophisticated in a way I/ didn’t understand but coveted.

After Prometheus

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His method is simple...

Everyone Else's Business

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"We all knew that the thirty-eight year old mother, with the house on the hill, was having an affair with Darren, a fifteen year old boy, but no one did anything about it. When he was sixteen the parents found out and were furious, but the police were ne


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affiliation: still not in a pagan death cult was just out on the thawing lawn lying belly down, too soon sucking spiked lemonade (not blood) up a twisty straw life is a string of unknown songsslow reveal, we fake our way along service: devour wayward stars …

The Couple

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Things are being said

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Things are still being said in a world that sounds rough like bows and straight slicing arrows communicating with (smashing fists) a pool of tired animals. There must also come a time to surprise those same cruel faces with metal…

Breaking Eggs

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You want to read, you know where to click.

The Voyeurism of a Free Faller

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I wrote this piece after I told the originator of the youtube video "Mieders Alpine Coaster" by David Jellis how I felt watching it. I admitted I was a voyeur not a participant, but that his video fascinated me to the point that I needed to write ab


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I flipped a large cardboard coin On one side it said Abundance But on the other side it said Scarcity I went to the store And began packing everything I could get Into my shopping cart But the things that started spilling over Onto the

Escaped Poems

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Sometimes my poems escape. They crawl out through my Wi-Fi connection, I suspect.


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Pulling out your tax records scribbled with your handwriting, Pulling out photos of your best friends, Pulling out writings about my long-gone grandmother,

Big Top Boogie

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I had the blues. I was feeling down the day the circus came to town. There was cash in my pocket and a bag of weed. I went to the circus with a desperate need to renew my faith in the good of mankind. Perhaps under the big top some laughs I’d find.

Getting Rid of Her

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We needed to get rid of her. That was the word from Mary, our new Director of Social Work. We shouldn't have hired someone with 18 years of experience for a job that could be filled by a new graduate. She was costing the hospital too much money, and the…

By the Way, I'm pg.

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Driving alone again across the U.S. I thought back on my first relationship. As I sd to my girlfriend, because I was always talking, Lynda, I sd, which was not her name, the darkness surrounds us, what can we do against it? Or

Food that Heals

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past five years, you’ve certainly heard of Patricia Little and the chocolate chip cookies that saved thousands. Nevertheless, let’s start from the beginning.

Dog-Eared Sparkplug

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soon enough the orphans will unsheathe their pistols and the hash fields will be emptied of sparrows