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That Being Said

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Push the envelope


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In my dream Danny’s on his skateboard except he knows how to use it. When I tell him, he says, Not fair, and punishes me by twisting the skin on my arm until it burns.

Cranshaw Engages in Debate

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They were discussing reincarnation, what animals they would come back as. "I'd be a vole," Cranshaw said. Is a vole even an animal? Connie asked.

Every word for love should always be misspelled

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in a land of exquisite excrement the germicidal agent is king

The Journey Was Not Ours

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How could I


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I am working tediously putting on the Cuban. This is a long entailed detailed meticulous process depending on the occasion. The process changes depending on the Cuban. For my sister it means putting her house in order via Cuban mode by ordering certain…


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There I saw a man Lowering his head Close to the plate And just wolfing down His cake And that was all he ate It was like Solace He was enjoying it So much


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Are we happy yet? Life without sorrow is not life. Try again. Are we happy yet? Killing yourself for pleasure after pleasure turns out to be the opposite thing altogether, but you already knew that. …

Autumn Day

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The wind whispered through tree branches and the underbrush with little fanfare. Trees creaked and moaned in response, their branches rattling together like the bones of a reanimated skeleton's hands. Leaves of all shapes and colors skittered across the ground as if they…

Rhapsody in the Rain

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so many bills to pay the list keeps shedding its skin like a snake

Edward Ogle the Seventh

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Airwave candy lyrical brandy brass band singer.

five discards or less

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beyond perceptions what will endure beyond sense but long quiet graves?

First Streetlight

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What I'm going to do is grab this eight-year-old fellow down the block, and declare him a candidate for this Presidential campaign. I'll be his campaign manager, and our whole message will be based on the First Streetlight platform. It's old school but very…

Neither star nor killer

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I am fantasy