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Il Vecchio Camino

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They won’t let me make a fire in the fireplace

Three Micros

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I asked the hospice nurse about maggots.

the impossibility of self

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To say what is my self to myself? How does one even begin? Then to think that one could take those disparate elements, experiences, beliefs, and aspirations and convey them to another succinctly: it is like my students writing their 5-paragraph essays on the history of…

Market Day

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I'd rather slit my wrists with a Triscuit...

George Martian (psych eval)

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I took her out to a drive-in movie and we had sex in the back seat of my car. Then went into the concession stand to get something sweet after so much sex, and everyone was in there doing the same thing, you could tell by the flushed look on their faces

Back To Green Gables

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