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Jean-Michel Basquiat Invaded My Dreams

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"the rum tasted of hibiscus blossoms"

Broken Waters

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Sin Curve

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Sin? Nah. There’s just kindness and hurt.

Three haikoos

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Spring Squirrel Spring is here now A dead squirrel in the road Regrettably not Seasonal Surprise Inside warm spring rain Coiled up like Jack in the Box Resides a snow storm Bad Vibrations telephone shouting an…

Dinner With the Footnotes

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Pam was, for just a moment, speechless; there it was, out in the open, for all to see, like an upchucked chipmunk from their cat Mitzi on the rug in front of us.

Not Lao-tzu's Magna Carta, lv - lxiii

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facts of matters are not as they seem,/hour by hour crafty comments creep in,/another hour and "the good" is a horror:/ our human blindness is older than our sight.


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The night is old.


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Worms Shouldn't Drink Whiskey

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I have two memories of my dad. The first is a story he liked to tell: So my old woman came home one day with a worm. She sets the worm on the counter and goes into…


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There came years later he walked through the former palace city from when the child had been conceived and years later even since he'd left the child's mother. Teaching from the streets like this, from city to city, many more than he could've as any king, many felt this was…


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“No!” they cried

The Imprint of Necessity

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I’ll tell you what I think, I think Their hopes of a brush with love Is what keeps the simple cricket Awake all night If you find a baby cricket on its back Fallen on the sidewalk Struggling with its legs In the air Help it to its fee


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in common

Why Big Pharma™ and Dan Savage™ are Shovelling Dirt Over Wilhelm Reich and Elliott Smith's Graves

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The traffic still hadn't moved.

Well I Couldn't Help It

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Mercator Projections

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the devil is beating his wife

Church Construction (Leaps of Logic)

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Suddenly you've got something to do on Sundays - Wake up early and dress your best.

When the Muse Abandons You

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I am abandoned to the mundane/ calculations of a small mind/ trapped by small considerations

Song: A Sixth of a Cow In the Freezer

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I got a sixth of a cow in the freezer That’s not meant to be just a teaser I guess all I’m sayin’ Come on home and you’ll be stayin’ Cause I got a sixth of a cow in the freezer Got a rack and a half of ribs I ain’t tellin’ you no fibs