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The Work of Beauty

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the steady, persistent work of beauty

What I Learned About Death While Eating Dark Chocolate

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85% extra dark cocoa:/biting into bitter darkness

A Devious Mind

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I'll be right with you, just putting the last touch to this flower arrangement. I'm a florist, you see. These gerberas really stand out with their striking salmon colour, an inspiration which should charm the buyer. Let's put this arrangement in the window. Ready now.…


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their skins will dance, yes hard and soft,

3 Seconds Till Uncertainty

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First they Dust off the bottom of the sky But then the clock gets stuck At 3 seconds till uncertainty Then they Dye the sunset clouds To make them more Transparent So as not to confuse The human mind With the stuff of uncommon Nostalgia

Possible Wildlife

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In one instance, a previous tenant experimented with keeping barrels and bins on the deck next to their (now your) back door. This caused a problem when some raccoon, skunks and a fox were found lingering on and around the premises (separately, of course)

Night Flight

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He didn’t even have the energy to tell me to tie her up when he got home.