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The bamboo stick

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I no longer go for walks without my bamboo stick. Tightly held in my hand, thin and light, it beats the invisible particles which try to land on me and bite. My face is hidden as in shame under a rough gag, my hands are getting rusty, missing the touch of other hands. My…

Swiss Sushi vs. Swish Suzi

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There being so few venues for Lapp dancing in Lausanne in those days, Swish Suzi took a job in a Swiss sushi bar.


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As if reaching for the Divine was the problem


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Adam, bronze and lithe, runs laps on the beach


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Campaign Speech

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I'd like to be re-elected so this statement is false.

Kindred Spirits

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Clearing out was not a new concept, and though Katie sensed a kindred spirit, she decided it best to filter the details.

A journal of the plague year: Today

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Stacking wood, unpacking life.

Biden Buys Off Brazil

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Biden Buys off Brazil, Kenya, Italy, Spain, Australia, and scores of other countries to exaggerate the effects of Covid-19 someone's racist coworker has just reported.

AKA Finch

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You know my crime. You must, because it's only spawned like ten thousand documentaries, feature films, books, and now all the Website and blogs and podcasts and whatever set up by the obsessives. The only thing I'll say about the 50…

It's the Great Conspiracy, Danny Brown

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Danny was only ten years old when he first met the man in the suit. His machine looked like a plotter and it was, sort of, but also something of a plot device.

The Toad King

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“I come from a long line of Toad Kings,” Huckleberry said, “and we never back down from a bet.”Phyllis, a great white heron, lowered her long white neck so she could get a better look into her friend's golden eyes.“I just think you…