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Other Thoughts from the Darkling Plain

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the world inside shrinking, the world outside shrinking

Marine Forecast

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A favorite place doesn't always offer comfort.


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There is nothing left to say. Won't it last? I'm daydreaming again with my green-eyed head snoozing on my tilted toward a godforsaken boredom hand anyway. I'm one of the last peasants joining the harboring crowd from where I'm standing.…

The Path

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You break my heart. I'll give you that. You're doing it again, but I'm Not looking. You break me open Like lost poems that were never Published. Eating cherries behind Closed shutters. A wooden plow dragged Like a comb over the bald…

The Model

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This is the world of an urgent art, the room silent, except for the constant sound of the camera.

The technological Judas delivers no kiss

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you are a necessary exercise in futility

she laughs now with wine

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was about a girl/he never met/across cold steel tracks/at cold sunsets.


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Every day, a fresh new/ strain of Hell reveals itself

The Twist

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The Puerto Rican girls had a big color television. We would go to their house to watch Batman and on Saturday mornings the cartoons such as Rocky and Bullwinkle, The Flinstones, The Beatles, and The Jetsons. The girls taught me to eat the bone marrow of f

Along the edge of the fading light

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confronting the nonconfrontational

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You borrow words from platforms you could never build Borrow morals from a party gone sour

Proverbs of the Converted

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a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single ticket

Memory and Restoration

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How a breeze feels evaporating sweat on neck and forearms.

Something's Wrong

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But you know this already


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Everyone falls,

After all

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The questions piled up so high I thought I'd neverget through the door.The ease of alcohol, the incline of submission. Guttural sounds and spittle.Wipe down the morning afterwith a shower.Redress in last night's clothes.There's coffee if you want it.Sincerity too -no,…

Epiphany on a July Morning

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It's that day in July when you feel really bummed because you can't find your favorite white sleeveless shirt that you wear on the hottest days of the yea

more horrid haiku

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a mere forty years/and maybe you become twelve,/maybe sixty-three.

Premature Ejaculation

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The Difference Between Stone and Sand (Prologue excerpt)

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Twice a day, at high tide, the ocean goes down on the cliffside.

Nursery Rhymes Made Easy

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Nursery rhymes can be fun, but they can also be a source of great frustration. Haven’t you ever started reciting a nursery rhyme and then realized that you didn’t remember the whole thing?

What I took to be God

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and I turned to show my face to what I took to be God

The Amazing Adventures of Macro-Microbe

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Macro-Microbe parked his car and proceeded on foot, which was a misnomer because he had no feet. Typical for Manhattan, no one gave him a second glance except for a homeless woman who tried to sell him hand-sanitizer. Macro-Microbe locomoted himself insid

you were quiet

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reticent, we called it/ your silence felt like love

Song: Three Good Hubcaps, music by Tom Casesa

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Looking Glass

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Hi! How can I help? I imagined the tech support person to be Chandler's age, but then everyone sounded like a sixteen-year-old to me when they chatted online, especially when they were tying to help me with a technical problem. …

In Pieces

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At thirteen he laid his seventeen-year-old neighbor, under the smell of agarbatti cones and to the keening of Physical Graffiti. She was kind, generous, and surely less beautiful than he remembered.

A Matter Of Convenience

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Every retailer within my five mile containment zone is consumed with my convenience. It is incredibly comforting, this suburban fixation with access, proximity, speed, and ubiquity. If Marx were hanging out in American subdivisions today, he would likely

for the queen of lapis lazuli

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you kissed me, once,/ kindergarten, recall--/ behind my ear./ called/ 'bee sting'