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Green Lady

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what a mess

Rwanda Suite: Gasoline

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I realize the kid is still smoking. Shocked, I tear the cigarette from his mouth, throw it to the earth, and grind it to death with the heel of my boot.

Paris in the the Spring

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he thought of her / longingly

Mice and Men

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Some life in Rosco's walls. He listened with his dead wife Sonya's stethoscope: rustles and scratching, a collective heartbeat.“Vermin”, said Vlad, Rosco's neighbor. “Will take over if no kill.” He smiled with one tooth, urped some vodka. “I…

The secret meaning of celebrity

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Unapproachable... for all that.


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That’s a long time/ to live with the certainty/ of your death

Embrace the Gray

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At dusk...

Why Men Compete

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It starts on the Fallopian Speedway

Trunk Full of Old Paintings

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The world can be viewed as a drop Of rain, but not all the tears can Be revealed. The stories swirling inside are constantly Shifting gears, searching for the lost highway, and Sometimes finding it. There is plenty of love Going on, and a…

Mr. Pickle and Mr. Peet

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We got a sandwich at Mr. Pickle's, but they cut the sandwich in the plastic. Plastic wrap.


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this doesn't turn me on

Bloody Vodka

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Broken glass attacks me

Angel Dust

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My Two-Spirits and Me

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What we were at home, that was one thing. Away from the pryingjudgmental clutches of our parents—their uninspired insistence that boys should act like boys—that's another. Into our backpacks we stuffed women's purses and the contents of purses, sequined…


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She sat down on my desk and pulled from her pocketbook a pack of Marlboro Lights, turned over my THANKS FOR NOT SMOKING sign and lit up. She dared me with her soft green eyes as she blew an arrow of smoke from her first deep drag past my head towards the


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And I admire// the orchestrations of ants and honeybees/ and the persistence and adaptations/ of the cockroach.

Rinky-Dink First Kiss -rev4

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If you've never seen a cow grazing through a fence, stretching for what's just out of reach, that was me and Susie. Sort of. Her mouthful of braces and dental rubber bands; our barbed-wire fence.

No Alternative

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This story* is brought to you by

Ah, You’re Funny. Good Thing

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I was talking to this famous female artist at the reception, (as if I knew anything,) “If you want to be taken as a serious artist now, you have to have one long serious eyebrow.” There was no reaction. So, I said: “Also, you should kn

Philosophic Fashions of Penultimate Times

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What are our reigning philosophies today, what dominant schools inform and lead our intellectual efforts, inspire our blissful reveries, inflame our breathless humanity?

I Count the Birds

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For most the day I watch parakeetsin the tree outside the window,fluttering in the branches like green leaves constantly rearranging themselves.You, your body, lie there, now seven daysno water or food a family holding vigil, you slippingaway. Later that night we will…

Cork—July Morning

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Dead salmon and hake stare wall-eyed from an icy bed. The Turkish coffee seller makes thick lattes for €2.00

Beyond the Brown Paper Bag: Baggers & The Bagged Items

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Bacon's Blood (44)

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Supper with Lila continues, and she suggests they need Perry Mason on the case.

the strange absence of memory

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Before the paint spikes Coney Island to the wind, I walk home through the strum of a shield, colder than the one he left behind. For an hour I sprawl along the sidewalk in her laugh, crater's shadows for Wonder Wheel, he is midnight sun in The Last Waltz. Where the glow…


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Hi de ho, and hey, hey, hey; The farmer's daughter is made of hay. I went to touch her but she blew away, And noo ma hert is nae langer gay. Hi de hoo, and how do you do? The farmer's wife has a cold up her flue, And takes me away…

On Being Offered a Cup of "Grape Juice"

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I would drinkbut I amunfortunatelychainedto a senseof selfpreservation.

Karmic Rip Cord

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For the kid in me who fell head over heels all the way down the stars, I wonder where you are now. Slack is harder to cut than you might think, I have learned. And assigning the middle finger its true purpose keeps me pretty bus