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Father Atonement

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a planting too soon

After Drinking At McSorley’s

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I see her from the landing above, wearing a white gown, tiara and angel wings.

I Saw the News Today, Oh Boy

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We are infused with fear and dread/ of the world we won’t engage/ except through flat screens and remotes,

Rachel In Her Swimsuit

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we bounce down a muddy road and the driver gleefully says “Half way there, fuckers!”

Laundry List

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• Don’t confuse the virtues of bananas with the virtues of banana bread

Abusive Lover

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I'm glad you're dead

Pen Pals

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Sitting together at Starbucks, we composed a long love letter which we've been mailing back and forth to each other, signing our name upon each receipt and returning it for the last nine months and it has grown to eighty seven pages, barely fitting in a shoe box.

Rwanda Suite: Ape Woman

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I should have buried him on the saddleback and kept my mouth shut. I'll murder the bastard who did it.

Right of Spring

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dicks, skulls and upside down crosses

Expensive Shit

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Poets and Roadkill

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It is indisputable that poets love roadkill...

a simple recipe

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The Nurse

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I lay on a table in a cold room in one of those little blue gowns that open in back.


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A Sliver of Light

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Light slunk in from under a door, but just a sliver.

Blue Boy

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we're already at the movies

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israeli flares light gaza/ casting incandescent nudity/ upon jumbled puzzle piece buildings.

Round Trip

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Lou Ann and Bobby drove in from Slidell and had a small, New Orleans wedding with just a one night honeymoon at the Monteleone because the next morning Bobby had to go. It was barely daylight as Lou Ann kissed him goodbye several times and blew him kisses as his cab pulled…

First Shot (22)

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once upon a time in Sumeria

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Suddenly there was a crash of thunder, and they raised their eyes for the first time heavenwards. That was the beginning of what we call civilisation. - adapted from Prolegomena to Work in Progress — Stuart GilbertIt's the third year of the third millenium,…

Captain Melvin Scarbino's Fortune Cookie For Jet Lag

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with braided dreads, shades, devastating smiles,

Marvelous Cat

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Such a marvelous cat. Loves to snuggle and prefers silk bed-covers and adores horsehair. In a pinch a Martha Stewart quilted cover will do. For some nutty reason he likes floral patterns – get the one in shades of cerulean, jade, and ochre with hydrangea


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Anchored in my garden chair, I was looking at a hearse parked at the entrance to the Baptist Church across the street. The church is my son's church, his refuge. I had been thinking about the drive to the therapist's in Great Neck the other day. I'd hammered…


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First Shot (20)

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"Oh, no!"

I Laughed at the Ants

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It IS good, right?

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

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Now your dreams are headed for the Rhyme or Reason Convention where they try to convince you you can do this Trying to make sense of everything


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I sit in the dark, awake yet aware of another inner death. I breathe in the dark with a disinclination to the cold crimes of my mind. My skin senses the failure of evolutionary processes; a certain kind of abandonment. There is no iron cage of atone


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A story about convincing people to do things they don't want to do, written entirely in dialogue; originally published by CHEAP POP.

The Words

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The Words often visit me in my room, so quietly, so suddenly, flooding my head with wonderful, possible sentences. Sometimes I find them standing there all along, like children ready to burst out in a sneaky fit of laughter if I move just…