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After this last death,

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After this last death, I lose at musical chairs. Rough strangers shove me toward the carved door. Feeling fierce, I yell, “Don't push me!” House racked with noise, smells, rushing, I turn the…

Rwanda Suite: Cabaret La Prospérité

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You made that child crawl around there under the table, to do that thing, and someone should have stopped you; I should have stopped you.

Work Sucks

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I don't have a cubicle. I systematically destroyed it

First there was an eruption

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First there was an eruption. Which is where it all began. Spewing ash clouds miles up and miles wide. It made the non-believers stroke their chins somewhat. Richard Quest-Means-Business was suddenly a volcanologist.

Trombones and Figs

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“What are you doing, Maestro?"

eras mia, tu eres la primera

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I watched the blood flow and be wiped away. Today I thought of you.

Retire! Dance! Die! But First, Pass the Chocolate. Boomers According to Google.

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Born in 1954, I identify as a Baby Boomer. But what does that mean, really? Who exactly are we Boomers? And how does the world see us? I decided to perform a quick Google Search and find out. I typed in the phrase “Boomers Are…” Here's…

13 imaginary friends

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1. He had thirteen imaginary friends. They knew him better than his mother did.2. His imaginary friends were all born of a cat on the night of a blood moon.3. His imaginary friends had grey skin and red eyes, giving them the appearance of dead people. Their cheeks flushed…

The Sugar-Free Scent of Today

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Should have washed our hands, we thought after, licking sugar-spit and dirt.


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Her name is Condescension, she is Sexbot #4985763. She glitters, glides, gallops. Mainly here (in this public forum) I will discuss her outrageous hostessing skills and other G-rated selling points. I will avoid the rest. I have used her and "read her" (ai ai ai) and…

confess yet another sin

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Peppermint Patti Escapes a Life of Pornography

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and I was thinking of the hands of Schroeder,

Notes Via The Coffee Shop

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Biscuits and gravy. I'm off today, I'm lazy.


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Then for a few seconds, maybe even a minute or two, we wallow in a sensual shower of raw emotion. Our defenses are nonexistent and we are overwhelmed with care and gratitude. Suddenly, we love our enemies and are willing to forgive our trespassers.

The Monolingual’s Regret

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Polylinguists lash me with tongues I cannot conjugate

The Ghost II

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Their training consists of French films, watching others eat chocolate.

Fair-Weather Best Friends Forever

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“How scared?” Mikey said, not wanting to find out, and already looking pretty nervous.

First Shot (64)

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Naked under a blanket with 15-year-old Sarah clutching him, Blow argues with cops who bust in the door. (Do I hear "Truckin'" in the background?)

New Black Wheat in the Old Country

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They left their great need behind when they were taken out of the country. They live without thought of that blood.

The Poor Dumb Creature

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was dead, with a spear stabbed in its fat head and hung from a pole like an upside down clay flag. The dumb creature who had killed the beautiful one was grinning from ear to ear like a flickering cat. And as I studied the…

Stop Kicking Your Sister

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Don’t shout. Be nice. Cheer up. Sit up straight. Don’t play with your food. Elbows off the table. Watch your language. Use your napkin. Eat the crust. Stop fidgeting. Stop scratching. Close your mouth when you chew. Remember to c

The Old Curmudgeon Gets the Lesbian Blues

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“How about Sarah,” I ask. “Is she a lesbian yet?”


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The Church of Chimera, which has tentacles in most cities, would like you to accept the existence of MEGACROCODOG, invisible possessor of the largest penis imaginable. You are promised an afterlife of bliss, as long as you pray to MEGACROCODOG and say his penis is the…


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I would see her at the gym in the mornings.

4 Poems in an Avante-Garde Classical Style

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For Derek, Remembering Odd Jaunts in Overtoun I here remembered how we smoked and swam Under the cadenced pleasure of our days, Congealing cross-thoughts under oaken breeze, And watched the Turnered ocean of that swarm Last…

Cricket Box

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Tonight the autumn air is clear and still. There is no frost to compare to moonbeams; no wind carries lotus fragrance or rustles maple leaves.