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a part of something

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the dream pattern in my mind betrayed me


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Hello again, sweet morning

Orientations within the Zwischenwelt

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Licking bowl and spoon taste and foretaste follow.

My Own Amazing Weariness

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This poem is how far we got before they started killing us off under the hill. It's not like we didn't expect it, but the sadness is almost unbearable. What was thatline Brian came up with? Something about a walk in the woods. Can't remember now. When…

The Great Pandemic Poem 2020

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First you had to have been there Because the air cleared up When the world stopped driving And the plants bloomed Bigger and brighter than we had ever Ever dreamed The sky was just a brilliant, pure Blue Like when God was born Now fo

Kind Regards

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Creating Raoul

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Randall had created Raoul to enjoy the freedom of being another person, but this became his second life crisis.

A speck on the wall

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I’m leaning into my freedom and will have you take your portable prison with you and you can set those four walls across town.

Ballad of Vengeance and Violence

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Two weeks later, on his way to a neighbor boy's house, Tim sees Tony on his way to the nearby convenience store.