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Greatness Was Never Enough...

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no place to be

Art and Artifacts

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In the morning after a cup of black coffee, she decided she was hungry and opted for the leftover egg roll and dumplings from the previous night. She looks for the chopsticks sticking out with the rest of the utensils and picks up the last of the dumplings and places it…


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it is said to make your manliness last forever

I Wanna Destroy You

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Short Blonde, Long Red

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Natalie blushed the vodka with an almost pointless twist of the fruit juice as I fought in my inside jacket pocket for my wallet...

Likely Story

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Everybody's out to get me. They follow me in their cars, but never visit me at home. I won't find out they love me till I'm dead. If I had a time machine I would go back and rescue Emily Dickinson. These are just a few of the interestingfacts.…

The Magic Bullet - beginning # 2,348 - take 2.

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I'll be the first to admit that there's something wrong with me, something off-kilter, something in my brain that's a radical contradiction to the sum of my outward appearance.