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The Planet Will Be Fine without Us

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The planet will be fine without us as it was/ when the Permian extinction made the goo/ that made the Rockefellers wealthy.

Mathilda Is Not My Girlfriend

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Some idiot was gonna let a snake eat him. I know, but I saw it on the internets. That's some dumb-assed stuff right there. Everyone knows about snakes. The Jesus book tells us all about them, inside us, slithering through ruby-red and eating our guilt from inside out.…

Action she feels as folly, I respond

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Once a friend asked me to write about rape in an email, so I wrote that it is a weapon of war that would not work here because partners do not give in to it; in fact, they would say it is infidelity in relationships. ... Is this the main idea: whites

Rwanda Suite: Cabaret La Prospérité

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You made that child crawl around there under the table, to do that thing, and someone should have said something; I should have said something.

First there was an eruption

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First there was an eruption. Which is where it all began. Spewing ash clouds miles up and miles wide. It made the non-believers stroke their chins somewhat. Richard Quest-Means-Business was suddenly a volcanologist.

Breakfast for Ten

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Chuck woke when he smelled cooking.

First Shot (63)

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Finally! Blow arrives at the house to find Sarah with a shotgun, huddled by a kerosene heater, a tad cuckoo...

Work Sucks

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I don't have a cubicle. I systematically destroyed it

eras mia, tu eres la primera

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I watched the blood flow and be wiped away. Today I thought of you.

What I Did For Pho

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Once upon a time there was a Vietnamese restaurant. And then there were two, and four, and eight...

13 imaginary friends

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1. He had thirteen imaginary friends. They knew him better than his mother did.2. His imaginary friends were all born of a cat on the night of a blood moon.3. His imaginary friends had grey skin and red eyes, giving them the appearance of dead people. Their cheeks flushed…

I Hear the Voices of Angels

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You're not crazy until you start talking to them, like Blake did. He used to have one-on-one conversations with the Angel Gabriel.


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Extract from my Fantasy book

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Lucien ran through a burning vortex in desperation ignoring the cries of his friend. It was Satanic majesty. The floodlight of the fire was incredibly grim, but it did not hurt his eyes. Have you ever seen painted glass windows in a cathedral built by the Medici? …

Everything I Need To Know About Aging I Learned From Lilikoi

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Behold! Passion fruit!Aureolin sun condensedRolls off palm and tongue.Spurn taut rounded skinWait for wrinklesRipeness revealed, resplendent —The pinnacle of worth.

New Black Wheat in the Old Country

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They left their great need behind when they were taken out of the country. They live without thought of that blood.

Trombones and Figs

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“What are you doing, Maestro?"

The Ghost II

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Their training consists of French films, watching others eat chocolate.

Down and Out in the Portland in Oregon [Card #8: Justice (WORK-IN-PROGRESS — v.5)]

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I remain unwashed for days, teetering on the brink . . .

Within Wythynnwyth, or What I Was Eyeing

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This is where I was when I was wondering. That is when I was wondering why. It is where I was when I was all at once worried, western man, widower, womanizer, workaholic, wet behind the ears, war orphan, wimp, waltz king and washerwoman's assistant.