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Descent on Six Wheels

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The memory of Gerald had become far preferable.

Road Trip

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I threw my hand / at the gearshift/ the car glided off.

What He Knows What She Knows What You Know

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next time i come around i want to be a redwood.

Scratching into January, 2017

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Follow the money. It seeks/ the lowest of the low and finds them here/ in an embarrassing abundance.

Class of '74

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"Hey, whatever happened to..."

A Ghost Is Born

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this is where we end -- the exorbitant eye of forgotten days.

The rooms beyond the garage

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A city in the forties

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Along the hollow center


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the cue & flash

Moriarty lets her hair down

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He did not hear her enter the room...


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I imagine you in the States, pushing stacks of work papers and our memories to the side, sense your enjoyment that you won’t see the worry of your behavior reflected in my eyes again. That you can buy and bang and be whomever you want,

Zen Yoga Mind Over Body Food Prep Hair Net

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See the hair Know the hair Remove the hair

Edward Ogle the Ninth

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Vanilla bean trampoline

'Murder' is Just a Word.

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I didn't know where he got *that* from. It seemed oddly damning.


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“I don't want to talk about this right now.” “Oh you don't want to…

Arcana Magi Memorial Vol.7 - c.1

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The Circle of Four looked at the little girl’s back, and they could almost see the wings, but it could never take shape because of her heart.

Exchange Student

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Sometimes he could feel so small he believed he could fit through the eye of a needle.


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