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leave the dog, take the cannoli

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he who laughs last is probably a dumbass fuck

Wraiths of Vapor

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The rain hammers the windows, an unorthodox pattern on a sad Sunday morning.


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You eat my mind ...

Where Has All the Laughter Gone?

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The despair that comes and goes is here again I saw a woman who was holding herself As she walked past, as if a fire were about to Lunge out of her parts She was in such great need of being held The despair that comes and goes is here again


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This is not her death. This is absent-minded omniscience. This is impossible. And then again, the inside-out, implosion. And the hall was clogged with bodies; none of them hers, but who could be sure?

All Stories Need An Ending

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Drugs, after all, once in the system, demanded unfalteringly more drugs.

Saigon 66

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I'm Hoping, I'm Reaching

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I'm hoping, I'm reaching, I'm scratching the sky...

Forever KAP

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She mustn't...