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Before She Gets into the Car

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His white shirt gleams

How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb #7

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This is no time for those of a religious persuasion. No.


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I can’t hold a job I can’t hold a hammer

The Naked Shadows Inside Her Dress

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When the truth is spoken, we don’t know Where to look, as if we only know someone Has gotten away with something big Or stolen someone’s heart, knowing how easy It was, how fragile, how true to itself So open and weightless, without guile


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You can go in. It won't kill you. The only killer here is you. They put all that sneaky stuff inside you. Some of it has got to go. That's why we are here. We waited. Did you think all those songs were about nothing? Look behind…

Memories Of Watching Deep Throat With My Family

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The Supporting Oscars

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Weekly game night for the Oscar Family. Winning is secondary.