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circles, the round

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and skirts, lovely batiks, swirl around your ankles

Walking With Cyclop

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I was looking for a house in the French countryside. A small farm, to be precise, one I could buy and rent out. With separate accommodation for me to live in during summer. A place in which I could continue with my studies under a different sky, in the warm weather, the…

Don Knotts In A Rowboat

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Expectations of Victory

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Outdated trophies lined a bare-wood shelf; old black and white photos speckled the paneling.


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Got something inside me hard as nails keeps me walking upright ain't never failed

Now Accepting New Patients

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You've had some truly awful shit pumped into your brains for years at a time now. The practice started a long time ago. It's not always your fault. The only lasting way to get it out of your head is to go and figure out exactly where…