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Seventh Love Poem and Seventh Song of Despair

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loving yourself, though highly recommended, never seems adequate

everything moved in circles

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everything moved in circles like the music, the booze and the drugs


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Senseless, inevitable.

Train Rhythms

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“Well, that depends. Some people, they go to a very good place. And some go to a very bad place. And some don't go anywhere. Just depends on what you believe.


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Jo was tailored, Amy was frivolous with ribbons and bows, Meg was plain and sensible; and Beth, who was ill and had no costume changes, wore the same nightgown throughout the dress-up session.

concession to the shapes of hunger

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(no one need fear timidity in our tastes― / we like trying new things, no matter our hastes!)

States of Existence

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I’ve fallen beside the sunrise I’ve fallen beside the sunset As well and died I see your face in the shadows under clouds I see your face everywhere And I haven’t even tried But there you are You’re everywhere I look Even when I’m no

Input? Source? Surrender?

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What a mess.

The Four Despairs of Lumpy

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children love to push the gas up and down my limbs


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It was all things considered a particularly odd sight, which Annalise did not know how to handle. Before her, in flesh and blood as far as she could see, a nearly naked man, stood, partially wrapped with her favorite towel, which was left on the balcony,

How to Murder a Tree

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Round upthe men!Bonus poem:Just Before They Break Our Hearts by Darryl PriceI'd like to say something. I know it's lonely. It's enough to make you want to walk into the dumb hungry teeming ocean waves and shake hands with Virginia Woolf. It's lonely as fuck. We're not…