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Gas Making You Sick?

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It was a sore molar that was giving me trouble, on the bottom right. The dentist, about whose adulterous affairs everybody in the neighborhood knew and whispered about, ts-ts-ts'ed me and murmured "decay" before pulling out the drill.

MY Last Lecture: Achieving MY Childhood Dreams

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The following is an excerpt of my commencement speech at The Hamlin Refrigeration Vocational Institute. Although I am NOT terminally ill, in all honesty, I haven’t been feeling all that great since, I would say, around April…

To The Woman Who Sat With Her Back To The Door

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Such a curious smell in the air tonight: part skunk, part fire, part rubber of your tire, pulled liquid hot across that road.

Brain Dead Bob

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A few years back, I worked with this guy, by the name of Bob, at the same airline I work for now. He was an older fella—I figure he was in his sixties—so he probably had a good twenty-five or thirty years on me. He was one of those types that…

It Is Enough

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I don't know what my mother is thinking. She's either cart wheeling into crazy land or turning into a ghoul.

Our Bodies Breed Endless Trenches

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The pines that line Alden Highway are stained blue today, four days after my brother's soft flesh folded into its last embrace. The two things torn from the speeding car; his skinny body and six gallons of…


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The man was a novice at adultery, paranoid, disaster hanging over his head like a cartoon anvil.

Riding Off into the Sunset

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There's only one road out of here. It goes straight north for a while, then starts veering off toward the west. You and Horace Greeley can get all dreamy-eyed if you want, but I know which side of the river the Egyptians buried their dead on.


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The afternoon I was born, my father brought my two older brothers and my sister to the hospital with him, but back then, they wouldn’t let children in to visit. My father and siblings all stood on the grass below my mother’s room and called up to her.


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They were the family Hard. We laughed at that. They’re all Hard! Junior high was unforgiving.

To Go

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They say it's sex that makes us fleshBut it's the doctor's slab where we wait trussed by time or incidentfor the descending implement to leave at best our bones picked clean,at worst sent home in a bag.

Robert Kennedy Remembered by Jean Baudrillard

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K is eating a banana. He says to me, "There is no end in the sense that God is dead, or history is dead. I would prefer not to play the role of a thoroughly useless prophet. I leave that to others, like Gene McCarthy."

BOLO: Alfred Chester's Wig

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It was there, and then it wasn’t, the victim of a magician or a swooping seabird.

Energy Eater, from King David

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“When I was in Vietnam, lying in that horseshoe-shaped rice paddy after I’d been hit, I was waiting to die. I was fully expecting to die, Mr. Steadman."

Coffee, Reloaded

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All Alice wanted was a cup of coffee. After fifteen years locked up in the Plasma Valley Correctional Facility, he was very tired.He found a Screemin' Creamin'; looked his Destiny in the eye. 'Hi there, my name's Destiny!' said Destiny, who was trained in all the…