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Soft, green moss crept up my shins and then spread over my thighs. I drank floodwater and snacked on the moss. A bright red mushroom sprouted from my navel. It grew fat and heavy, but I knew not to eat the intensity of its color. The air smelled salty and


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Guilt washed over me… Guilt for having been relieved that the victim had not been my Gracie… Guilt for having been relieved that I didn’t have to mourn her loss.

Alfie Hanged Himself

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On an early June morning, Alfie hanged himself in his garage and left the door open to amuse drivers passing on their way to work. The body elongated as the neck stretched. Alfie had jumped from the beam because he hadn't wanted to slowly strangle but to break his…

An Insurrection (revised)

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I started to speak in tongues, some would say uttered nonsensical sound poetry. People would tell me to speak clearly and try to make sense. The deterioration of my “normal” style of reputedly “enigmatic” yet “compelling” communication skills

Dog Tags and Caramels

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The house we both grew up in was still as cold. Smelled of grandmother pee. And grew darker and darker inside with only ma’s candles in the kitchen sink guiding us to not trip in hallways.

The Book

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The woman returns from the store with an armload of books. She reads them quickly, one by one, over the course of the next few weeks. But when she opens the last one, the woman frowns in surprise. All the pages in the book are blank. Every single one.

Grand Union

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She suggested just moving in together. A lot less constrained by convention she, on occasion, did not wear a bra.

My First Post-9/11 Dream: In Which I Discover Life After Death

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January 3rd EST/January 2nd PST 2002 It's 1:45 am or 10:45 pm depending on your philosophy about changing your watch when you fly. My plane is scheduled to land in San Francisco soon, but I'm completely disoriented because I've just had my first post-9/11 dream. …


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Listen, I don’t want to get all teary and here I am getting all teary, but it’s not what you think. What it is is that I think about that very first time, when she comes out of the bathroom completely naked and she looks like heaven’s very best neig

Chapter 1/cats

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Cats always seemed very European to me, flourishing as they did in decrepit, ancient spaces as long as the food kept coming.

French Vanilla Death

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She found him sprawled on the floor, facedown in the International Delight. Not surprisingly, even the defunct stranger had preferred the French Vanilla over the awful Amaretto.

Lisa Duncan's Mom

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Lisa Duncan's mom was puffy, and you could always see part of her breasts.

Bandits in the Afternoon Rain

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Somewhere there are fires burning in oil barrels, ragged homeless men warming torn-mittened hands―one day I'll be with them.

In the Hole

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In the summer of 1995, I found an old photograph of my father and his third wife in a shoebox under my bed. That started the whole thing. I think it was taken around the time I severed ties with him; his new wife had mailed it to me, she…

Fifth of July

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On the day my grandmother was buried, my grandfather shucked corn.