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    Ig Publishing, 2011.
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    My novel Death Wishing is a comic fantasy set in New Orleans and will be released by Ig Publishing October 2011. Curio, my collection of 21 creepy stories illustrated by Mike Meginnis, is available for free download by Uncanny Valley Press.

    Why do you write?

    Huge gaps in my publishing history may suggest state sponsored time-outs, but really I'm now at a point where I can write any time any place.

    Any favorite authors? Books?

    ATTN: My "Favorites" list is becoming a dog-themed anthology

    Laura Ellen Scott's Wall

    Rae Bryant – Jul 18, 2010

    Hi Laura!

    David Erlewine – Mar 03, 2010

    Thanks, LES for checking out the Cerulean piece. And CONGRATS on not only editing Everyday Genius this month (all three pieces have been unique and great). And KUDOS on SmokeLong!

    Erin Fitzgerald – Sep 11, 2009

    Thanks, Laura. Also: Who is yelling outside your window today?

    Robert Swartwood – Sep 10, 2009

    yippie kai yay to you :-)

    C. Kaminski – May 13, 2009

    HA! "The camera adds 10 pounds." ( ) I'd noticed the issue, as well, but got a great kick out of your take on it, and thus came over here to celebrate your wit as loudly as possible. Carry on.

    Lauren Becker – May 12, 2009

    i'm still waiting to hear whether you've responded to any questions with "you should talk to another bridesmaid," as promised!

    Roxane Gay – May 10, 2009

    Hey to you too!

    Samuel Brase – Apr 07, 2009

    your diabolical plan will probably work.

    Matt Bell's writings are great, I just read the top two on his page. complex and elegantly detailed portraits of surreality. I'm encouraged by the fact that according to his blog, he published his first story at the age of 24 (or 25, it's unclear). I may yet amount to something!

    Samuel Brase – Apr 07, 2009


    I'm staring with exasperation at my stories. why is everything so long? don't I have something short that would work well here? sheesh.

    Danny Collier – Feb 10, 2009

    So they tell me.

    Maria Robinson – Feb 10, 2009

    thanks for the fave! i have such a soft spot for that story, it was the first one i ever had published.

    Peggy Duffy – Jan 18, 2009

    Are you at GMU? I recall your name. I'm a Mason MFA alumni.

    Colleen Rich – Jan 14, 2009

    That's my favorite picture of you. I have tried to duplicate it...unsuccessfully.

    David Erlewine – Dec 28, 2008

    Hi Laura! My pleasure on the comments. I greatly enjoyed the start of your novel and can't wait to read more. Congrats on making it home from such an arduous trip!!!! My trip from the in-laws happens tomorrow and I'm so sad about having to leave. :)

    David Erlewine – Dec 25, 2008

    ha on the state-sponsored time-outs!

    David Erlewine – Dec 25, 2008

    lo-ra! thanks for mentioning this place to me. barry graham snared me an invite! look forward to more fb im's! have you submitted to six sentences? cheers, david

    Scott Garson – Dec 23, 2008

    lo-RA! lo-RA!

    barry graham – Dec 23, 2008

    this is nothing like fight club... more like a cigar shop circle jerk... i like it.

    Brian Beatty – Dec 22, 2008

    Thanks for giving my story a look.

    barry graham – Dec 21, 2008

    glad you found you're way here.... nice feet.

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