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    D'Arcy Fallon teaches journalism and creative nonfiction at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio. She is an award-winning journalist who has published a memoir, "So Late, So Soon," about living in an isolated commune in Northern California in the early 70s. She is working on a novel and a series of essays.

    Why do you write?

    Books, love, pain, my family and a good cup of coffee fuels my creativity. I write to make sense of my life and to celebrate the connections between people.

    Any favorite authors? Books?

    Joan Didion ("Slouching Towards Bethlehem"), Jo Ann Beard ("The Boys of My Youth"), Lorrie Moore ("Who Will Run The Frog Hospital"), Bernard Cooper ("Maps to Anywhere"), Tim Cahill ("A Wolverine is Eating My Leg,") Scott Russell Sanders, Pablo Neruda, John McPhee, and many other writers who continually teach and amaze me.

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    Bill Yarrow – Jul 05, 2012

    Thanks, D'Arcy, for your kind comments on "Low Dose Yoga." Much appreciated.

    Marcus Speh – Jun 07, 2011

    d'arcy, thank you for your comment and encouragement on "in the nude". what an interesting suggestion, too. both our lives certainly provide background for a novel...but don't all lives lend themselves to fictional treatment?

    Catherine Davis – Dec 13, 2010

    Merci, D'Arcy. You may visit chez moi anytime!

    Cheryl Snell – Dec 13, 2010

    Thanks, D'Arcy, for reading my Ninety. It's wonderful to get a reaction like that!

    Ginnah Howard – Dec 13, 2010

    Thanks for the comments on "Road Work '92." I am especially fond of Carla myself. Welcome back. I was wondering why you had completely dropped off the Fictionaut world.

    C. Thomas Murray – Nov 18, 2010

    Thanks, D'Arcy! This is a cool place, for sure.

    Thanks again for the invite

    Susan Tepper – Oct 12, 2010

    D'Arcy, hope you are enjoying your retreat! & many thanks for your sweet comments on Little Peebles

    stephen hastings-king – Oct 11, 2010

    thanks for the read and comment on "white" d'arcy. what you said prompted me to see the piece differently...

    Matthew A. Hamilton – Oct 10, 2010

    Thank you for reading Phantom Soldiers. Yes, I agree. I had a full page, but didn't like it, so decided to see how it would look as a 55 word story. Will battle the longer version these next few weeks.

    Jules Archer – Oct 10, 2010

    D'Arcy - thank you for reading "the loudest loud" and your fine comments.

    Kathy Fish – Oct 10, 2010

    Very kind of you to read "Looking for Samuel Beckett" just as you're preparing to leave for Wyoming, D'Arcy. Thank you. Have a great, great time.

    Cherise Wolas – Oct 09, 2010

    D'Arcy, thanks for the great words about Heartbreak Waiting To Happen! Much appreciated. Your new photo is terrific!

    ABxx – Oct 07, 2010

    Hello D'Arcy. Thanks for your read of "Confession". Loved your feedback.

    Jules Archer – Oct 05, 2010

    D'Arcy - thank you for reading/commenting of "Way of the Woman". Love your descriptions!

    Kathy Fish – Oct 04, 2010

    D'Arcy thanks so much for reading and commenting on "Snow!" Much appreciated.

    Kim Conklin – Sep 28, 2010

    Thanks for the generous comment on If Wishes Were Horses! I appreciate the read!

    Paula Ray – Sep 27, 2010

    D'Arcy, thank you for the kind words on Johnny Mercer's Pier.

    Ann Bogle – Sep 27, 2010

    D'Arcy, so glad "Texas Was Better" works for you.

    Bill Yarrow – Sep 27, 2010

    Thanks, D'Arcy, for commenting on "Son of Uncle Sam." So glad you liked it.

    Johnny Dantonio – Sep 27, 2010

    Hi D'Arcy! Thanks for reading and commenting on Riposi ... I'm pretty new to Fictionaut so I'm just catching on to seeing comments and replying, but I love interacting with other writers, so your comment means a lot!

    Larry Strattner – Sep 26, 2010

    Thanks for Snake Eyes, D'Arcy. I was going to name it Seven for the losing roll against the point - Snake Eyes seemed so much more sinister.

    Matthew A. Hamilton – Sep 26, 2010

    Thank you for reading Rivals. I'm glad you liked it.

    Meg Pokrass – Sep 26, 2010

    D'Arcy, I'm really glad you liked my poem "At Home". Thanks so much! -meg

    Julie Innis – Sep 26, 2010

    thank you D'Arcy! Always good to meet a fellow Ohioan here.

    Susan Tepper – Sep 26, 2010

    D'Arcy, nothing like extreme jet lag to bring up the really crazy stuff! So glad you liked this, thank you!

    M.H. – Sep 25, 2010

    Hi D'Arcy - I loved "How to Have a Sabbatical"!

    Martin Dodd – Sep 24, 2010

    Thanks, D'Arcy for comment and fave on "Ashes." I'm taking up skydiving, so if my short-term memory goes...

    Joe Tripician – Sep 08, 2010

    Thanks for your positive comment on my story, "Gateway Love". I always aim to entertain.

    christopher malo – Sep 06, 2010

    Thank you for writing and sharing Other People's Houses.
    It was beautiful...

    James Lloyd Davis – Sep 05, 2010

    Thanks for your take on "They say the neon lights are bright..." Glad you liked the voice. That's what I worried about. It's hard to write in the voice of someone who's flawed in ways that are detestable, but then, if I look in the mirror ...

    Lori Lou Freshwater – Sep 05, 2010

    Hello, D'Arcy, and thank you for your comments on Morning. Looking forward to your work.

    Larry Strattner – Sep 03, 2010

    Thank you D'Arcy for your comment on Inheritance. I appreciate it. Regards.

    Ginnah Howard – Sep 03, 2010

    Thanks, Darcy, for your comments on "Circling." It's always been a favorite of mine. The opening story(Prologue) of R & B is when Carla and the woman who lives in the cabin(Del) meet, then the novel flashes back to alternate pivotal moment stories for these two woman. I see that you liked "Rescue" as well--an earlier Carla R & B story where she doesn't get the abortion, the baby who turns out to be Tess. "Circling" is #12 of 34 and it's just before the stories shift to the present and goes forward in time from there. R & B is Book 1 of a trilogy (and finished, but not sold). Book 2, Night Navigation, was published. It focuses on the log cabin woman, Del, and her family. Now I'm working on Book 3, Common Descent, which is about Carla, Tess, and Rudy.

    I just read your Point of Intoxication. 55 words. The few seconds before it all happens. the lighting of the fire before the flame flares up. Flash-flash fiction. Your profile says you're working on a novel: such a long trip, ehh

    Jane Hammons – Sep 03, 2010

    Thanks for your comments on "Making it Right," D'Arcy. I love your essay in The Final Draft, and the interview, too. I'm sure I must have read your journalism in the Examiner in the 80's. I moved to the Bay Area in 81. Especially thanks for the encouragement to get cookin' on that novel!

    Martin Dodd – Sep 02, 2010

    Thanks for the welcome to your home town. Wittenberg, eh? Whatever happened to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? Anything new nailed to the door? (That's the end of my Groucho routine).

    J. Mykell Collinz – Sep 02, 2010

    And in my haste, I neglected to thank you for the fav, it's much appreciated.

    J. Mykell Collinz – Sep 02, 2010

    Hi, D'Arcy. Thanks for reading 'Private Security in 55 Words.' Your helpful comments are always greatly appreciated.

    Cherise Wolas – Aug 12, 2010

    D'Arcy, thank you for your comments on In the Lake, and for your impassioned and wonderful analysis of the piece and my writing of it. I was so impressed and really appreciated your need to respond to another's comments! Thank you, it was selfless and generous of you.

    J. Mykell Collinz – Aug 10, 2010

    Hi, D'Arcy, thanks for reading and commenting on Halfway to the Top.

    Kim Conklin – Aug 10, 2010

    Thanks for the great comment and the fave on Limboland, D'Arcy. I appreciate the read!

    Kathy Fish – Aug 09, 2010

    D'Arcy, thanks so much for the kind comments about my micro, "Foundling." I really appreciate it!

    Kim Conklin – Aug 06, 2010

    Thanks for the wonderful comment and the fave on Midnight Riders. I appreciate the read!

    Rae Bryant – Aug 05, 2010

    Thanks so much for your comment, D'Arcy!

    Bill Yarrow – Aug 04, 2010

    Thanks, D'Arcy, for your kind comment on "If Dogs Should Come."

    Penny Goring – Aug 04, 2010

    Where have your stories gone?
    I've left a comment under yours (ta) on Bone Dust.

    Juhi Kalra – Jul 31, 2010

    Thank you D'Arcy. I wrote For Those Who Asked Why 2 months ago when I actually did it, and am grateful for your support, which also works on many levels.

    Claire King – Jul 31, 2010

    Thanks for the comment on Good Home Wanted, D'Arcy. *slobber*

    Michelle Elvy – Jul 28, 2010

    D'Arcy-- I am blushing. "Exquisite" is so very kind of you!

    Meg Pokrass – Jul 27, 2010

    I'm glad you liked my advice column, D'Arcy!! Thanks! -meg

    Teri Pastore – Jul 27, 2010

    D'arcy! Thank you SO much for your reading and providing feedback on my latest.

    Much appreciated!


    Bill Yarrow – Jul 27, 2010

    Thanks, D'Arcy, for writing about and faving "I Wonder About the Trees." I'm shocked people like this poem.

    Bill Yarrow – Jul 26, 2010

    Thanks, D'Arcy! Glad you liked "The Death of Sherwood Anderson." Thanks so much for faving it.

    Jack Swenson – Jul 26, 2010

    D'Arcy, I'm afraid all the valium is used up. My wife took it; she claims it was me and not the cat that drove her to it. Thanks for your comment on "Cats"!

    Claire King – Jul 26, 2010

    And next time I will use the apostrophe correctly. Sorry, D'Arcy...

    Claire King – Jul 26, 2010

    Thanks for the kind words on Flesh & Blood, Darcy. Glad it tickled you!

    Kari Nguyen – Jul 22, 2010

    D’Arcy, thank you for your comments and fav of Requirement!

    Myra King – Jul 21, 2010

    Thanks, D'Arcy. Nice comments.

    Rene Foran – Jul 21, 2010

    Thank you D'Arcy for taking time to read and comment on Non-Renewable. And yup, we have our work cut out for us.

    Michelle Elvy – Jul 20, 2010

    Thanks, D'Arcy, for the thumbs-up on French Kiss. Maybe I can go into journalism, write racy headlines...

    Martha Williams – Jul 20, 2010

    Thank you, D'Arcy, for your very kind comments. M

    Kait Mauro – Jul 20, 2010

    Wow, thank you so much. I am incredibly humbled by your enthusiasm. :)

    Penny Goring – Jul 20, 2010

    Your comments have put a spring in my knackered step & I like this 'fav' lark on here. Thank you x

    ABxx – Jul 19, 2010

    In case you didn't see my post, thank you so much for your commentary on "Leaf". I read a sliver of your memoir on Amazon--absolutely gorgeous and inspiring. Can't wait to read the entire book.

    Many thanks,


    Jack Swenson – Jul 19, 2010

    What a great comment about "Evil Humors"! Thank you so much!

    Michelle Elvy – Jul 17, 2010

    Thank you, D'Arcy!! Your comment on Bedtime Story is terrific! :)

    Ryder Collins – Jul 12, 2010

    Thanks for reading & commenting on my story, D'Arcy!

    P.S. I know...

    Jack Swenson – Jul 12, 2010

    Oh, D'Arcy. You picked out the best line in my story! Thanks for your rave review of "Goodbye."

    Jerry Ratch – Jul 11, 2010

    Thank you, D'Arcy!

    James Lloyd Davis – Jul 11, 2010

    D'Arcy, thanks ever so much for your gracious comments on "Walking in Beauty."

    Susan Tepper – Jul 10, 2010

    D'Arcy, thanks a million for your wonderful comments on my story Summer in the City. That line you spoke of: it does sum up who Mickey is--
    & thanks for the fav

    Juhi Kalra – Jul 10, 2010

    D'Arcy, Thank you for your comment on the poem "Nine". I hope you get to read the rest of the Sunday Morning Series and send me your input.

    Jerry Ratch – Jul 05, 2010

    Thank you, D'Arcy!

    Susan Tepper – Jul 04, 2010

    D'Arcy, so much appreciate that you laughed over Mixed Dominance! Have a great 4th!

    Cherise Wolas – Jul 03, 2010

    D'Arcy: thank you for your beautiful words about Lake Chelan!

    Teri Pastore – Jul 01, 2010

    D'Arcy thank you again for the warm welcome!

    Con Chapman – Jun 15, 2010

    D'Arcy--thanks for reading. My wife will be glad to know I'm wasting somebody's time besides my own.

    Robert Vaughan – Jun 11, 2010

    Thanks for your recent comments on my stories. I appreciate your insights. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Con Chapman – Jun 05, 2010

    D'Arcy, thanks. I spent 7 years in Catholic school, and have more fond memories of nuns than most lapsed Catholics. When I get to hell, I'm sure I'll find Sister Mary Joseph Arimathea there, however.

    Jack Swenson – Jun 04, 2010

    D'Arcy, Thanks for the kind review of "Only a Memory Away." Like you, I enjoy writing about the interactions between people.

    Dallas Woodburn – May 31, 2010

    Thanks for your kind words about my story, D'Arcy! I was delighted to see you teach at Wittenburg -- my grandparents went there!

    Jack Swenson – May 30, 2010

    D'Arcy, So glad you liked "The Celebrity." Your Wonderbra comment cracked me up!

    Susan Tepper – May 30, 2010

    D'Arcy, many thanks, so glad you enjoyed Who Sent You?

    Jerry Ratch – May 29, 2010

    Thanks, D'Arcy! And speaking of communes in the 70's, when you get a chance check out my late chapters from my novel The Great San Francisco Poetry Wars.

    Lou Godbold – May 28, 2010

    Thanks, D'Arcy for your comment on Noreen and her birthday lunch. She would be delighted!

    Michelle Elvy – May 28, 2010

    D'Arcy -- wow, thank you for your lovely comment on Elephant. I am shocked and honored that this made your day. How very good to meet you here... I'll be back around to read more soon.

    Meg Pokrass – May 28, 2010

    D'Arcy, thank you so much for your kind words and favoriting "Proposal"!

    Molly Keegan Kuhn – May 27, 2010

    merci! merci D'Arcy I'm really glad you liked it. enjoy your thursday night and friday afternoon. thanks for the comment

    Susan Tepper – May 18, 2010

    D'Arcy, thanks so much for the read and comment on my poem/story Ever Have Breadfuit~

    Matthew A. Hamilton – May 18, 2010

    Thank you for your kind words about The Other Day. I am flattered that a writer such as yourself read my work.

    Bill Yarrow – May 18, 2010

    Thanks, D'Arcy, for reading and responding to "Mt. Harmonica." I really appreciate the "fresh" comment.

    Christian Bell – May 17, 2010

    Thanks, D'Arcy, for reading and commenting on my Breadfruit story!

    Tim Elhajj – Oct 09, 2009

    Thanks for making the memoir group, D'Arcy. We CNF'ers have to stick together! :)

    Katrina Gray – Sep 04, 2009

    Thank you, thank you for you comments. Here's to books, love, pain, and coffee!

    Larry Strattner – Aug 07, 2009

    PS Id change the title to "Children In Hell Want Ice Water". It's a grand title.
    I titled my piece "Read Me" because I wondered if it would cause more people to read it. I am very interested in why people read things. (but Chlidren in Hell... is a better title)

    Jensen Beach – Aug 04, 2009

    Hi D'Arcy,

    Thanks for the nice comments on my story "Training Exercise." It's much appreciated.I'm looking forward to taking a look at your work.


    Robbin Thompson – Aug 02, 2009

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my story. Really, you made my day. And the next day too. When I figure it out, I'm putting you on my contact list and look forward to reading all your stories.

    Darryl Price – Jul 27, 2009

    D'Arcy--thank you very much for your kind comments. Much appreciated.

    Brett Fogarty – Jul 12, 2009

    Thank you so much for your comment, D'Arcy! I am new around these parts and it's always great to meet new people.

    David Erlewine – Jul 02, 2009

    Thanks...D'Arcy for your prescient comments on "Bye"! I am going to review/revise this piece in light of the wonderfully helpful comments from you and Roxane.

    Incidentally, I went to Ohio Wesleyan and nearly went to Wittenberg. Cheers, David

    evntho – Jun 17, 2009

    Thanks for the comment, D'Arcy.

    Carol Novack – May 19, 2009

    thanks for your kind comments, d'arcy! a treat to meet you!

    Heather Fowler – May 17, 2009

    Thanks so much for popping by to comment on my new piece D'Arcy. I love your reading taste. Looking forward to checking out your work! :)

    All warmest and best,

    Karol Nielsen – May 08, 2009

    D'Arcy, I love your books! Didion, Beard, Cooper, Neruda! Am busy managing Facebook, so I just logged in now.

    Samuel Brase – Apr 26, 2009

    I have not read that, nor have I even heard of it! Is it a short story by him?

    Darryl Price – Apr 13, 2009

    Any friend of gary's is a friend of mine!

    Gary Percesepe – Apr 11, 2009

    This is the writing on D'Arcy's wall. Hi D!


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