Michelle Elvy

Location South Pacific
Occupation somewhere between historian, translator, teacher, writer and editor, but definitely not a software consultant any more
Website http://michelleelvy.com/

About Me

I grew up on the shores of the Chesapeake but am now based in New Zealand. We stayed in NZ (more or less) for four years, but we're on the move again (2013). I've grown comfortable with an in-between state of existence. In the last 10+ years I've lived on the edges of Pacific culture between North America and here. My sailboat, MOMO(named after Michael Ende's novel), has taken me from Mexico to Hawaii, from Alaska to California, and across the South Pacific. We're back in Fiji now, heading west this year toward Indonesia and...

Long before I set sail with my husband and two young children(before I sold everything I owned, before I became intimately acquainted with Alaskan fjords, Mexican chilis, Polynesian canoe racing, and Fijian lice), I was a scholar of German language and history. Now, I write and edit and translate as I travel, collecting stories along the way.

I'm a fan of profanity and a firm believer in chance. I advocate a less-is-more approach to life but live fully. I worry about living in a nuclear age and the nature of 21st century war and climate change and the devolving political discourse in my home country, but I admit to doing it while traipsing around sandy beaches in flip-flops (er... jandals).

I'm glad to be here.

My latitude and longitude will change daily over the next several years. But I'll be here and around.


Website (professional editing and manuscript assessment): http://michelleelvy.com/
Blog (where I post poetry and other stuff): http://michelleelvy.wordpress.com


You can also find me editing at

Blue Five Notebook (http://bluefifthreview.wordpress.com/)
poetry, flash, and art with an edge
(with Sam Rasnake -- Blue Five Notebook follows Rasnake's original Blue Fifth Review, published 2001-2010)

Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction (http://flash-frontier.com/)
New Zealand's flash fiction journal and competition site, with two annual international issues


Past projects include:

52|250: A Year of Flash (http://52250flash.wordpress.com/) May 2010 - May 2011

A Baker's Dozen:thirteen extraordinary things (http://13extraordinarythings.com/) January - December 2012

Why do you write?

I believe that a person is an outcome derived from a sum of experiences, events, and stories, all arranged seemingly willy-nilly yet producing precisely and only one result.

Capturing the person in the story is the challenge.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Authors I read and re-read: Barth, Bragg, Dickey, Didion, Fowles, Gowdy, Heine, Z.N. Hurston, Irving, Janosch, Kingsolver, Lahiri, T. Mann, C. McCarthy, Ondaatje, Proulx, Z. Smith, Styron, Vonnegut, C. Wolf, T. Wolfe

Fiction I love: John Barth, The Sot-weed Factor; John Barth, Tidewater Tales; James Dickey, Poems 1959-1969; Kate DeCamillo, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane; Michael Ende, Momo; Barbara Gowdy, The White Bone; Guenther Grass, The Tin Drum; Grimm Fairy Tales (the original un-sanitized version: scary is good!); Heinrich Heine, Deutschland: Ein Wintermärchen (Germany: A Winter's Tale); Keri Hulme, The Bone People; John Irving, A Prayer for Owen Meany; Jack London, The Sea Wolf; Thomas Mann, The Magic Mountain; Cormac McCarthy, All the Pretty Horses; Robert Munsch, The Paper Bag Princess; Sten Nadolny, The Discovery of Slowness; Michael Ondaatje, Coming Through Slaughter; Philip Pullman, His Dark Materials trilogy; JK Rowling, Harry Potter series; Zadie Smith, White Teeth; William Styron, Sophie’s Choice; Christopher Tilghman, In A Father's Place; Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse Five; Christa Wolf, Der geteilte Himmel (A Divided Heaven); Thomas Wolfe, You Can’t Go Home Again

Non-fiction that stays with me: John Berger, Ways of Seeing; Christopher Browning, Ordinary Men; Natalie Zemon Davis, The Return of Martin Guerre; Joan Didion, The Year of Magical Thinking; Ivan Illich, De-schooling Society; Primo Levi, The Drowned and the Saved; Peter Nichols, Sea Change; William W. Warner, Beautiful Swimmers

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Yasmin Elaine Waring – May 25, 2015

Michelle, thank you so much for your kind words and support of "One Way."

eamon byrne – Sep 18, 2014

James Robison – Apr 04, 2014

Thank thee.

James Robison – Apr 04, 2014

Thank thee.

James Robison – Apr 04, 2014

Thank thee.

James Robison – Apr 04, 2014

Thank thee.

Ginnah Howard – Oct 29, 2013

Michelle,thanks for your comments on my novel excerpt, DOING TIME OUTSIDE written by you way back on September 12. I haven't been on Fictionaut for quite a while--too busy promoting. If you do want to read more, I just posted another excerpt.

Rabbit Angstrom – Sep 15, 2013

Thank you Michelle very much for your time spent on my poems and your thoughtful comments. -AMY

Pia Ehrhardt – Sep 04, 2013

Michelle, thank you! It's good to hear from you and to "see" you. Your words mean a lot to me!

Christian Bell – Sep 04, 2013

Michelle, thanks for reading and commenting on "The Last Thing"!

Tina Barry – Sep 04, 2013

Hi Michelle. Thanks for reading "3 Bedrooms..." and taking the time to comment and award it a star. Hope all is well with you.

Neil McCarthy – Aug 14, 2013

Thanks for taking the time to read Welcome to Kiribati - unfortunately not about sailing or exploring ;) Appreciate your comments.

Rachel J. Fenton – Aug 14, 2013

Thanks for reading my little poem, Michelle, and for your comments, as always, much appreciated.

Lillian Ann Slugocki – Aug 12, 2013

Michelle, thanks for your note on OCD Man, so much appreciated!

Chris Galvin – Aug 11, 2013

Hi Michelle, Love the way your story "The Wall: A Love Story, Of Sorts" grew out of your time spent in Deutschland. Enjoyed the cultural references peppered through the story, which bring the setting and plot so alive.

Thanks so much for the thoughtful comments and fave on "Slanting Rain".

Tina Barry – Aug 11, 2013

Hi Michelle, Thanks for all your kindness over the past couple of weeks, and thanks for remembering "A New Tattoo," and giving it a star! T.

Foster Trecost – Aug 10, 2013

Hi Michelle, thanks for reading Crossties, and thanks for commenting, too. Both mean lots to me. fos.

J.A. Pak – Feb 27, 2013

Thanks so much for reading & commenting on "miranda"!

Letitia Coyne – Feb 11, 2013

Hi Michelle. Ramon Collins recommended I say hello, so a big friendly hi.

Sailing the world and sandy flip-flops sounds ideal.


brian warfield – May 30, 2012

I'm glad you found my story Boy/Girl through Editor's Eye. Thanks for the comments.

John Riley – May 08, 2012

Michelle, thanks for commenting on "Mercy Mercy Mercy." I very much appreciated it.

Rachel J. Fenton – Apr 18, 2012

Huge congratulations for your Glass Woman finalist story x

Rachel J. Fenton – Mar 18, 2012

Thanks for your encouraging and lovely comments, Michelle, and especially for your support.


Meg Pokrass – Mar 13, 2012

Well, thank you for your very kind thoughts and words about my story "Frim Fram Sauce" Michelle! Hope you are well! xo

Sally Houtman – Jan 21, 2012

Hi Michelle,
Here I am. Come find me!

Kari Nguyen – Nov 29, 2011

So happy to find you at my story today, Michelle. Thanks so much for the great words!

Joani Reese – Jul 18, 2011

Hi Michelle: Thank you for your precise and positive comments about "Imago." I'm so happy it worked for you and the story will stay with you. I appreciate you time and attention.

Bill Yarrow – Feb 09, 2011

Thank you for faving "Wahrheit und Dichtung," Michelle. Loved your comment.

M.H. – Feb 08, 2011

Hi Michelle - Thank you so, so much for your generous comments on "Nothing Good..." You've made my day!
Happy Sailing :)

Jack Swenson – Feb 08, 2011

Hey. What are you suggesting with that "don't quite fit together" crack? That the author may have a screw loose? Ha ha. Just kidding. Michelle, I was SO glad to see your name on a comment about one of my stories. How've you been?

Robert Vaughan – Feb 06, 2011

Michelle, thanks for reading and your sweet comments about 10,000 Dollar Pyramid. I appreciate it.

Lena Vanelslander – Jan 13, 2011

Michelle, just saw ... Never been a software consultant, but we seem to have or have had the same professions, haha! (Trained in history, write and edit, and nowadays translations)

Lena Vanelslander – Jan 13, 2011

My pleasure Michelle! And thank you for checking out my work! ***

Jack Swenson – Dec 28, 2010

And yes, you are right. A version of the first little tale was posted on F'naut some time ago. I'm not sure it fits in with the other segments in "You Tell Me." I am thinking about separating them for my next book, Echoes & Disconnets, Vol. II.

Jack Swenson – Dec 28, 2010

Michelle! I'm happy you paid a visit. Good to hear from you. Thanks so much for the kind words and the star for "You Tell Me."

Bill Yarrow – Dec 28, 2010

Love comment on "Mussel Memory." Thanks so much, Michelle!

Robert Vaughan – Dec 08, 2010

Can I just say how freaking happy I am that you exist. In every form!

J.B. Lacombe – Nov 24, 2010

Michelle, thank you for your comment on "The Power of Bad Words"! :)

Jo Deurbrouck – Nov 23, 2010

Hey Michelle, the fact that i like your work made your compliments about mine really nice to read. : )

By the way, I'm with Martha. Your profile page makes me want to work on mine a bit.

J.B. Lacombe – Nov 15, 2010

Michelle, thank you so much for your kind comment on "Eggshells". You made my day! Cheers.

Sara – Nov 15, 2010

Hi Michelle, Thanks very much for your wonderful note on Tomorrowland -- it really means a lot. Hope all's well, S.

M.H. – Nov 15, 2010

Thanks so much Michelle for your kind words on "She spread her legs and flew away" :)

Doug Bond – Nov 14, 2010

Michelle, i appreciate your comments on Burying Yard. It's been a wonderful experience writing for the prompts at 52-250 THANK YOU THANK YOU

stephen hastings-king – Nov 13, 2010

thanks for the read and lovely comment on my little geometry problem, michelle....btw the new issue of black warrior review is just out. my 16 distributions are in it. hooray!

Bill Yarrow – Nov 13, 2010

Thanks for the fave of "I Am Not a Corpse," Michelle! I appreciate your dropping by.

Shelagh Power-Chopra – Nov 13, 2010

Thank you Michelle! Looking forward to reading the others for this prompt!

Susan Tepper – Nov 12, 2010

Michelle, thanks so much for making the bad haircut challenge that prompted my story "angel" and thanks for the great words on this story

Matthew A. Hamilton – Nov 12, 2010

Thank you for reading and giving a * to Color Coded Pills. Happy you enjoyed it.

Kim Conklin – Nov 12, 2010

Thanks for the very kind words on Rats, Michelle! I appreciate your thoughts.

Jules Archer – Nov 08, 2010

Michelle - thanks for reading and commenting and faving "Mama's Mass". So very appreciated.

J. Mykell Collinz – Nov 08, 2010

Hi, Michelle. Thanks for reading 'Fifty Five Words or Less.' I enjoyed your insightful comment very much.

Susan Tepper – Nov 08, 2010

Michelle, so glad you enjoyed "fracture" and thanks for singling out the wind line, which I appreciate, and which I can see hitting you this way since you live with wind as a guide

James Lloyd Davis – Nov 08, 2010

Michelle, thank you for the fave and your comments on "Sand." What can I say? Yer a peach.

Cherise Wolas – Nov 08, 2010

Michelle, such great comments on Unpacking Sentences, thank you for those and for the fav. It's funny, both you and Marcus Speh commented on the fun of it (you) and that it's a romp (Marcus), which I found so fascinating, as it seems to me so much darker. But I love that view of it, and find as much to take from that about the reader's perspective as the writer's POV! I have some of your work to catch up on!

Kathy Fish – Nov 08, 2010

Hi Michelle, thanks for reading both "Margaret & Beak" and "Moro"...I appreciate your kind words and fave!

Bill Yarrow – Nov 08, 2010

Wonderful comment on "Convictions, Michelle. Thanks for the fave! I'll have to think more about the tidy/untidy idea. Life and art are both tidy and untidy sometimes. I see what you mean about the piece being random. Thanks for your insight.

Jules Archer – Oct 19, 2010

Thank you, Michelle for your great review on "John and Cathy". Appreciate it!

Kim Conklin – Oct 17, 2010

Thanks so much for the comment and fave on 4P28, Michelle. And also, thanks very much for your creative leadership and encouragement on the 52250. I love that challenge!

Bill Yarrow – Oct 16, 2010

Thanks, Michelle! Glad you enjoyed the Orange Julius poem. It was fun to write.

Paul Hargreaves – Oct 04, 2010

Hi Michele,I Just found your post on Cymbals Guy today. I don't know why it didn't forward by email but in any case want to thank you again for reading and commenting. Much appreciated.

stephen hastings-king – Oct 04, 2010

hello michelle...thanks so much for the lovely, generous comments on "martini" and "antenna." they made my saturday morning.

Roberta – Oct 02, 2010

Thanks so much for the kind comment on 'Genesis,' Michelle. Glad you found it punchy & that it stuck with you.

Matthew A. Hamilton – Oct 01, 2010

Thank you for reading Rivals and for the *. Much appreciated.

Shelagh Power-Chopra – Oct 01, 2010

Thanks so much for commenting on "Game Night"!

M.H. – Sep 20, 2010

Thank you so much, Michelle, for your comments on "Origin" :)!

Kari Nguyen – Sep 20, 2010

Michelle, I can’t thank you enough for that beautiful review of Star Anise. Your kindness is overwhelming! I’m making you a bowl of Pho right now. Thank you!!

Kim Conklin – Sep 20, 2010

Thanks for the generous comment on No Goodbyes, Michelle! I appreciate the thoughtful read.

Siren of Brixton – Sep 20, 2010

Hi Michelle

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on 'In transit'. Incidentally, I'm originally a kiwi- from Rotorua. I went to Whangarei at the end of school with friends to stay in someone's bach (sp?) and drink illegally :)



Jules Archer – Sep 19, 2010

Hi Michelle - Many thanks for reading and your awesome comments on "Just a Mountain". Your input always makes me happy.


stephen hastings-king – Sep 19, 2010

thanks for reading the secret lives of horses, michelle. i spent alot of time moving things around. i think it works, but one never knows. your comment let me think that maybe it does work. so thanks.

Chris Okum – Sep 19, 2010

Bad, bad typo.

Chris Okum – Sep 19, 2010

I don't mind if you share. At least someone is sharing. My kids don't want too. With themselves, with me, with anyone.

Kim Conklin – Sep 15, 2010

Just catching up... Thanks so much for the comment and fave on Telephone!

Kim Conklin – Sep 15, 2010

Thanks for the comment an fave on Responsible! I appreciate the read!

Kate Brown – Sep 15, 2010

Thank you so much for commenting on 'Swimming Pool'. Much appreciated!

Bill Yarrow – Sep 14, 2010

And thanks for the fav!

Bill Yarrow – Sep 14, 2010

Thanks for your wonderful comments on "Bone Density," Michelle.

Matthew A. Hamilton – Sep 14, 2010

Thanks for reading and commenting on Afghanistan. Glad you liked it.

Jim Breslin – Sep 06, 2010

Michelle - Thanks for the notes. It's been a busy summer up here in the north and I've been focused on tidying up a novel. I was thrilled to be in Metazen. I love their stories and the accompanying artwork. I was thinking of you when I heard about the quake. I hope you and the family are well.

Dean H. Wild – Sep 03, 2010

Flash fic is a wonder to me, but I'm far too long winded to pull it off. Every time I try, the piece bloats up and grows tentacles (but that's the curse of being a horror writer I guess). Eloquent brevity is a part of the craft that eludes me, still. But perhaps one day . . .
Thanks for the invite, however. Maybe this is the moment I step ouside my comfortable, dark cirlce . . .

Jane Hammons – Sep 03, 2010

Thanks for stopping in to read "Making it Right" and for your nice comment.

Stephanie Bobo – Aug 31, 2010

Many thanks, though belated, Michele, for reading "Not Today," my flag day piece, and "Later, Now." I appreciate your kind words. And thanks for the faves on flag and "Later" too!

Frank Vander Rasky – Aug 29, 2010

Thanks so much, Michelle, for your lovely comment on my story “Monsieur Editor and Madame Malaprop.” I’m thrilled you enjoyed it! You’ve made me feel most welcome on my Fictionaut maiden voyage.

Foster Trecost – Aug 28, 2010

Hi Michelle, thanks for reading and commenting on Burger and Fries. You really opened my eyes to some things I need to work on, things that had not previously jumped out at me. Thanks again.

Susan Tepper – Aug 27, 2010

Michelle, "Time to Rest" is unspeakably beautiful. I am so touched. And honored you've sent it to the Oil group where it may rest among kindred spirits

Kari Nguyen – Aug 27, 2010

Quiet down a bit… I love it! You are so right on.

Susan Tepper – Aug 22, 2010

Michelle, thanks so much for your great comments on Cannibals, which of course came out of the 52/250 Challenge! This group has been hugely inspiring for me!

Kim Conklin – Aug 22, 2010

Thanks for the great comment and the fave on Corner! I'm trying to stay ahead of the game, because I'm enjoying it so much I don't want to miss a week. BTW-One of my best friends is originally from New Zealand. Hope to make it there someday!

Matthew A. Hamilton – Aug 22, 2010

Thank you for reading Dream Catcher. Glad you liked it.

Matthew A. Hamilton – Aug 19, 2010

Thank you for reading Summer. Glad you liked it.

Jules Archer – Aug 19, 2010

Thank you for commenting on Halo! You made my morning.

Bill Yarrow – Aug 19, 2010

Thanks, Michelle, for the comment and fav on "Self Alaska." Really nice of you.

George LaCas – Aug 18, 2010

Godot is the abyss.

Bill Yarrow – Aug 18, 2010

Thanks for faving "Augustinian Prayer Sonnet." Glad you enjoyed it!

Kait Mauro – Aug 16, 2010

Happy birthday, madame! :)

Matthew A. Hamilton – Aug 15, 2010

Thank you for reading my recent stories for the 52/250 group. Glad they worked for you.

Susan Gibb – Aug 15, 2010

Michelle, thank you for reading and commenting on all my catchup 24/250 pieces! I do have three done that I didn't even post because I felt I was overtaking the front page of new pieces. But honest, I totally caught up with the project!

Matthew Salesses – Aug 12, 2010

Thanks, Michelle! Here's a secret: I've never seen that movie. It sounds terrible, doesn't it?

Cherise Wolas – Aug 12, 2010

Thank you for your very astute observations about In The Lake. You hit it all right on the head! Thank you for reading and the fav. There is more already to the story... and I am finding it fascinating as I watch where the sisters take themselves and me.

Kathy Fish – Aug 03, 2010

Thanks for the kind words about "Florida" Michelle!

Juhi Kalra – Aug 02, 2010

Michelle, Thanks for your comment on "Thirteen". The rest of this woman is in the Sunday Morning Series (posted under numerical titles) and everything else I write, the latest of which is "For those who asked why". Hope you find it interesting. ~ j

James Lloyd Davis – Aug 01, 2010

Michelle, wine-inspired or not, your comments are not only welcome, but, as usual, insightful ... and they always make my day. You're as gifted as a reader as you are with your prose. I mean it!

Kait Mauro – Jul 31, 2010

I just read your bio and learned that you are living on a sailboat - that is quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever heard!

Bill Yarrow – Jul 29, 2010

Thanks, Michelle. She's in Boston entering her fourth year of grad school to become a psychologist. So tiny. So big. So soon! It passes in a flash.

Claire King – Jul 29, 2010

Don't be sorry, I love crying! A response to Peach, now that is something to look forward to! I have a new voice brewing also but it has to wait until I've posted off my novel queries in the next few days...

Bill Yarrow – Jul 28, 2010

Really appreciate your comment on "Penny Arcadia," Michelle. Love all you had to say.

James Lloyd Davis – Jul 28, 2010

Thanks, Michelle, for your reading of "And so it goes." I'm not much for writing into topics. I would make a lousy journalist ... too bohemian, which is not always a good thing.

Matthew A. Hamilton – Jul 28, 2010

Thank you for reading and commenting on Peace of Mind. Let me know if you think of the "too big" aspect your referring, too. I always enjoy your critiques. Maybe there is too many characters involved? Abrupt ending?

Myra King – Jul 21, 2010

Thanks Michelle for your wonderful comments about Broken Mirrors - it made my day! (Felt honoured you got me mixed up with Claire - I love her writing)

Chris Okum – Jul 21, 2010

Thanks for reading and commenting on my story, Michelle. I was hoping that the title of the story and the tone of the story would slide against each other and it appears that for you they did.

Bill Yarrow – Jul 21, 2010

Thanks, Michelle, for your kind comment about "The Meaning of Life." Always enjoy what you have to say.

Ajay Nair – Jul 21, 2010

Great to be here again, too. Lost my writing boots for a while.

Roberta – Jul 20, 2010

thank you so much for your lovely comment on 'rib,' michelle.

Matthew A. Hamilton – Jul 19, 2010

I giggled with pride to your comment about Union of Opposites. That was the reaction I was hoping for.

Cherise Wolas – Jul 18, 2010

Hi Michelle, so glad you're back. I too have been gone from fnaut for a bit of time, out of the city, no computer, but reading your piece, Bedtime Story, I was reminded how great this community is, to be able to read such fine pieces of writing!

Kari Nguyen – Jul 18, 2010

Hi Michelle, thank you for your fantastic comments on my short stuff. I’m so pleased you liked Ice Melts. You speak directly to my intentions with that piece!

Matthew A. Hamilton – Jul 17, 2010

I have not read "Ordinary Men." I'll have to check it out. Thanks

Elizabeth Hegwood – Jul 17, 2010

You're quite welcome! Tell you what -- I'll stalk you, too. lol.

New Zealand, wow!

Jack Swenson – Jul 17, 2010

Michelle: What a review! I'm so glad you liked "Goodbye." I am going to make copies of your comments about my writing and pass them out to people on the street! Thank you!

Christian Bell – Jul 17, 2010

Michelle, thanks for all of your recent comments on my 52-250 stories!

Linda Simoni-Wastila – Jul 17, 2010

Holy Guacamole, girl -- thank you for pretty much reading my entire portfolio and leaving me sweet little bon-bons. Better than Christmas morning! Peace...

Matthew A. Hamilton – Jul 17, 2010

Thank you for reading my 50/250 stories. Especially your comments on Blindness. Yea, I was trying to have the one soldier represent all the others, so that's why I had him begin at the ghetto, then firing squads, last the gas chambers. After rereading it, I can see how it would seem that I was focusing on one specific soldier. What I was trying to show was the progression of mass extermination, systematic horror, if you will. If I make it into a longer story, I'll probably just focus on one particular soldier and setting.

Sara – Jul 17, 2010

Michelle, thanks for your super nice note. I'm sorry I didn't get my act together to post it to 52/250 (I thought Sunday was Monday, what with the fourth of July -- and I'm pretty confused these days, besides) but I have been loving the work coming out of your group. It's such a great, inspiring project (I wish I could be more consistent) -- so again, thanks very much for starting it. Hope you're enjoying your summer!

Cherise Wolas – Jul 13, 2010

From around the globe, I have missed you. Welcome back Michelle. Thank you for your great words on Lake Chelan and the fave.

Kari Nguyen – Jul 01, 2010

Michelle, thank you so much for your great comments on Miss. So happy you read it! I will be back soon to read more of your work as well. Take care!

Matthew A. Hamilton – Jun 25, 2010

No, thank you. Never worry about being too forward with me. I like direct and sincere language. Your honest opinions open up new ideas and possibilities.

Matthew A. Hamilton – Jun 24, 2010

Thank you for reading my 52/250 stories and for the suggestions. Much appreciated.

Susan Tepper – Jun 24, 2010

Michelle, am so much enjoying the 52/250 challenges each week! Thanks much for your sweet words on Soup and my terror story (forgot the title!) yikes...

David King – Jun 17, 2010

Michelle, thanks for your kind comments on Priest in Kilvarnet.

Jack Swenson – Jun 16, 2010

Michelle, even the author doesn't understand it all! Thanks for you thumbs up for "Naked Ladies."

Cherise Wolas – Jun 15, 2010


Loved and adored and so appreciated your close read and your returning to the revision, An Italian Lunch (II)! You are dead-on, "spot", horrible, horrible word; I should be shot for that! And yes, on tying the lyrics in (and yes, that song gets everyone going!) to the narrative. I will take both those great comments with me when I revise the chapter in the project!

Just read X by the way. Sensational. Seriously! Taut, tight, filled with emotion and yet so controlled.

Myra King – Jun 15, 2010

Re your comments on sex scene - Oh, I like that bit too, Michelle, thanks! And you are right, lots of unanswered questions here. As I said, in the author's note, it is a scene from a book I wrote (four years ago) and am now bringing back to life! So pleased to get your feedback :-)

Robert Vaughan – Jun 14, 2010

Your comments on everyone's work (including mine) are very insightful- they help me to see and experience the piece I am reading from varying perspectives. Thanks for that!

Juhi Kalra – Jun 12, 2010

Michelle, Thank you for lovely comments on I guess everything I've posted this week. It is so very generous of a fellow writer. Although I have none of your spirit for adventure and travel (so far) I am also a fan of profanity, so hopefully we will get along just fine. ~ J

Walter Bjorkman – Jun 12, 2010

Thank you for your kind words on my post for that new group 52\260 on this week's sterling theme "lovelies on the beach" entitled I Came. I do appreciate the insight and input, your comments always have good form.

Cynthia Hawkins – Jun 12, 2010

Thanks for your comments on "My Favorite Emotion," Michelle! I commented back on the story page, but, being a newbie, I just now realized you might not even know that response was there! Very helpful -- thanks again.

David King – Jun 11, 2010

Michelle, thank you for reading 'Running Naked Through the Oines' and for your helpful comments. I heard the italics and I'm so glad you liked the story. You're right about the facade line. The thing is this story was written as a flash with a 15 minute time limit and is entirely unedited. I was in two minds whether to post it or not but then thought, What the hell..

Myra King – Jun 11, 2010

Thanks, Michelle for your comments on my poem. Much appreciated!

Bill Yarrow – Jun 11, 2010

Thanks, Michelle, for your wonderful comment on "The Sun, the Trees The Clouds, the Grass." I'm very happy you liked this poem.

Robert Vaughan – Jun 11, 2010

Michelle, I appreciate your comments about Double Barrel. Yes, it is scary and haunting, and although I am not violent by nature, my work often explores this vein. I can't wait to read more of yours!

Roberta – Jun 11, 2010

Thank you for reading and commenting on 'The Ending...'

I like your taste in books. I only just read Animal Dreams by Kingsolver recently.
And yes: fairytales are best unsanitised and as bloody and frightening as originally intended. Disney has a lot to answer for.

Michael J. Solender – Jun 11, 2010


Thanks for reading and enjoying Beard-Men - they are cousins of Toe-men, but that is another story!!

See ya – Jun 11, 2010

Thanks for reading "A Mountain So Lost." You're a jewel.

Cherise Wolas – Jun 07, 2010

Your lovely and kind comments on An Italian Lunch really made my night. Not to be a greedy girl, but if you have the time or a chance, I'd love your view on my revision, also up here on fnaut, An Italian Lunch (II). I did some honing, some expanding...

Bill Yarrow – Jun 07, 2010

Thanks for stopping by and reading "Raleigh B," Michelle. Glad you liked it.

Bill Yarrow – Jun 07, 2010

Thanks for your comment on "Dis-Ease," Michelle.

Claire King – Jun 07, 2010

Hi Michelle, So glad Peach lived up to your expectations! Now she is trying to get me to pay her attention when I'm supposed to be editing my novel though. It's like opening Pandora's box.

M.H. – Jun 06, 2010

Hi Michelle,
Thank you so much for your nice words on "I don't have a gun" and "Get Some Strange" :)!

Cherise Wolas – Jun 06, 2010


You do what I do- find a piece you like then read all that writer's work! I love that. Top of the morning to you! You are in Monday, I am still in Sunday afternoon - well 6 pm actually.

JM Prescott – May 31, 2010

Thanks for your comment on my post, The Room of Doors. I was partial to the last line myself. Cheers.

Bill Yarrow – May 29, 2010

Thanks for your comment on "Acute Amusement." Always appreciate your reads.

Myra King – May 27, 2010

Thanks to you too, Michelle, for all your lovely comments on my stories/poems! The darkness of white noise was the hardest of all to write and harder still to share (I wrote it about four years ago).
You are such a talented writer that I feel honoured that (a) you took time to read and (b) enjoyed my work so much. :-)
At the moment I am living in Clunes, an old gold rush town, in Victoria but hope to moving soon to be closer to my daughter, who lives in Victor Harbor in South Australia. Where are you?

Melissa Ann Chadburn – May 27, 2010

Thanks for the messages... yeah I had a teacher that gave me the sixty word stories as an assignment so I just went with it whenever I got stuck in a rut on a larger project.

Matthew A. Hamilton – May 27, 2010

Thank you for reading The Luckiest Guy Around. Glad you liked it and gave it a "wow."

Cherise Wolas – May 26, 2010


I was just starting to read through your pieces that I hadn't read, and when I got to Celebrating Difference (a story I have already read and commented upon) I saw that Eamon in commenting on YOUR story, used my name! Too funny.

Claire King – May 26, 2010

Hi Michelle, Thank you for your comments, particularly on 'Ten years later'. They are very insightful comments - at least, you read the poem as I intended it!

Cherise Wolas – May 26, 2010

Thanks Michelle, for the read and fav on Things I Should Have Done - #5! Great interview about 52/250... I've got to jump on that bandwagon!

Johnsienoel – May 26, 2010

Michelle, thank you for your powerful thoughts and observations on Kamikaze Birdsongs. I look forward to our reading/reviewing relationship here.

Matthew A. Hamilton – May 26, 2010

Glad you enjoyed reading Basenji. And yes, never met one, but met a person who used to own one. The truth in the story is that the guy bought one for his wife because she had bad allergies.

Matthew A. Hamilton – May 26, 2010

Thank you for faving Nothing to Do. Glad you like it. And by the way, I just put up my "animal fact" story, so check it out.

J. Mykell Collinz – May 25, 2010

Hello, Michelle. Thanks for reading Doreen, Teacher, At Seventeen, and Nell Shea. I appreciate all your helpful suggestion and comments.

Jack Swenson – May 25, 2010

Michelle, Loved your "review" of my Amsterdam story. Thanks!

Sara – May 25, 2010

Michelle, thanks so much for your note on souffle. and for presenting the challenge in the first place -- i love your project!

Myra King – May 25, 2010

Thanks so much, Michelle. I'm so pleased you liked it. I was worried it may have been too long but I feel really encouraged by all the positive comments.

Claire King – May 25, 2010

Hi Michelle, thanks for stopping by to read and comment on Peach. What an amazing profile page, look forward to reading you stories (I'm new here, it's like entering a treasure trove!)

James Lloyd Davis – May 22, 2010

Michelle, thank you. Thank you also... Oh, and thank you once again. JD

Molly Bond – May 21, 2010

Thanks Michelle, this is great! I'll join the group.

Walter Bjorkman – May 20, 2010

It worked, but wasn't a ruse, just me being me

Jack Swenson – May 20, 2010

Michelle, Thanks so much for reading and commenting on "Black Orchids."

Sara – May 20, 2010

thanks so much for reading -- and commenting -- on Spring. And Matrimony. So appreciate it.

Bill Yarrow – May 20, 2010

Thanks Michelle, for responding to "Blossoms and Buds." Glad you liked it!

Bill Yarrow – May 20, 2010

Thanks, Michelle, for your great comments about "Greyhound."

Michael J. Solender – May 20, 2010

Thanx so much for your nice comments on my Moondance. Glad you enjoyed it!

Matthew A. Hamilton – May 20, 2010

Glad you enjoyed reading Tsalagi. Thank you for reading and for the kind words.

Matthew A. Hamilton – May 19, 2010

Funny you should ask about fancy me. I just finished it. Looking it over right now.

Cherise Wolas – May 18, 2010


Glad you've returned! I, too, have been more absent than usual this week, and have so much reading here to catch up on. Thank you for your great comments on Things I Should Have Done #4 and for the fav!

I've been reading the Breadfruit entries, but haven't yet had a chance to comment. I'll try to give one of the posts a go in the group!

Matthew A. Hamilton – May 18, 2010

Thank you for reading My Girl Friend's Birthday. Not a true story.

Bill Yarrow – May 12, 2010

Thanks for the invite to join 52/250. It's a great idea! I just don't write flash fiction, though I enjoy reading it. I'll join the group so I can read the entries. Good luck!

Walter Bjorkman – May 09, 2010

and Jack, further proof that Michelle doesn't know her Norwegians is her surprise in her comments that they would go out the next day! A Norwegian would never be so impolite not to, after doing the bawdiest thing a Norwegian could do, which is about the tamest thing anyone else would do. It just wouldn't be right not to be kind after.

Myra King – May 09, 2010

Just sent you a message, subject : endings - not sure if it got through as my page needed to be refreshed. Can you let me know if you got it.

Jack Swenson – May 08, 2010

Thanks, Michelle. You must not be a Norwegian, though: You're smiling in your photo. Norskies never, ever smile when they are photographed.

Myra King – May 08, 2010

Michelle, thanks for your comments (I didn't even notice the mix up - I did for Meg but as I said, I felt chuffed to be mixed up with such a wonderful writer) Having my morning coffee now!

Jack Swenson – May 07, 2010

M., I got rid of the bad line. Just wanted you to know and to say thanks.

James Lloyd Davis – May 07, 2010

Thanks for stopping by. The Chesapeake was my back yard as a child. Never been to New Zealand. Was close once and the Southern Cross, the Milky Way sky at night on the sea was well worth the reasons for being there.

Matthew A. Hamilton – May 07, 2010

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed La Tomatina.

Myra King – May 07, 2010

Thanks, Michelle, for your insightful comments on Beloved my Bess and The Loss of a Child. I'm really pleased you liked them :-)

Jack Swenson – May 07, 2010

Michelle, Thanks for the tip regarding "Secrets." I think you're right. Do I need the added line? No.

Myra King – May 06, 2010

And thanks, Michelle, too for commenting on blue. I'm looking forward to reading more of your work.

Myra King – May 06, 2010

Thanks Michelle. I'm pleased you enjoyed CTR :-)

Bill Yarrow – May 06, 2010

Thanks for your comments on "In the Pink Distance," Michelle. I really appreciate your careful reading.

Bill Yarrow – May 04, 2010

My pleasure, Michelle.

Cherise Wolas – May 03, 2010

You're welcome about Latitude Adjustment. I never got into The Corner. BUT, I watched every season of The Wire, from Netflix, seriously, one right after that other. Have you read Freedomland or Lush Life? I started with Lush Life, then Freedomland, lastly Clockers. Highly recommend Free. and LL. Tried reading Bloodbrothers, but so far it's been a no-go for me.

Meg Pokrass – May 02, 2010

thank you Michelle for your comment about MILF. Very much appreciated!

Cherise Wolas – May 02, 2010

Thank you so much for reading and wonderful words about all the Things I Should Have Done, #1, #2, and #3

Walter Bjorkman – May 02, 2010

Michelle - truly, truly appreciate the reads you have given my work, and your comments. Raise a glass and toast yourself from me.

Stephanie Bobo – May 01, 2010

Thanks so much, Michelle, for reading and commenting on "Hammer Nail Nail"--and for the fave!

Matthew A. Hamilton – Apr 29, 2010

Thank you again for commenting on Muted Corners. I made a few more minor changes.

Walter Bjorkman – Apr 29, 2010

Michelle - thanks for checking out "Quince Orchid", I had a peachy-keen time writing it, a little J. Alfie tells me.

As for "Celebrating Difference" reads fine to me as is. If you want to expand it with more scenarios it could provide more room for your satient observations, great! You could have shorter/longer versions, for different audiences.

eamon byrne – Apr 29, 2010

G'day Michelle. My wife and I toured all around New Zealand on our honeymoon. Truly beautiful place. You've read an interesting bunch of books I see. Plus you're not bad at pointing a fellow 'naut at an interesting video. Write on!

Susan Tepper – Apr 29, 2010

Michelle, thanks so much for your read and comment on Level, I appreciate that

Matthew A. Hamilton – Apr 29, 2010

Thank you for commenting on Muted Corners. Based on what you wrote, I changed it around a bit.

Cherise Wolas – Apr 29, 2010

It is WILD! Here (NYC) it is 6:25 am, and I was doing the same, catching up on reading on fnaut. I'm so enjoying your work as well.

Cherise Wolas – Apr 29, 2010

Thank you for reading The Shloshim Period and for the fave. It's funny because I think when you were reading my work completely around the globe, I was literally reading your essay "Celebrating Difference" and commenting as well!

Myra King – Apr 29, 2010

Thanks, Michelle for your nice comments on my poem. Very much appreciated.

Linda Simoni-Wastila – Apr 25, 2010

Michelle, your feedback is EXACTLY what I'm looking for - thank you! I have taken out -- and put back in -- that line in The Blues Are Running several times. Need to listen to gut. Thank you for reading. Peace...

Mercy Adhiambo – Apr 25, 2010

Michelle, thanks for the great comments you made on my stories. thanks a lot

Mercy Adhiambo – Apr 25, 2010

Hey, thank you for the positive comments you had on my stories. Thank you so much.

Lori Lou Freshwater – Apr 25, 2010

You're welcome, and again it was really touching. I also meant to suggest you read Unction, by Linda Simoni-Wastila. I read both pieces within the same time-period and it just blew me away.

Cherise Wolas – Apr 24, 2010

Great to meet you on here as well! I look forward to reading more of your work.

Jane Hammons – Apr 23, 2010

Thank you for you comments on Pleiku Jacket, Michelle. I was a little worried about the ending when I wrote it. But as at sat on the page for a while, it looked right.

Susan Tepper – Apr 22, 2010

It's such a great story, I was captivated

Colette Sartor – Apr 22, 2010

Michelle: Thanks for your generous words about "Bandit." I so admire your writing. I agree with Julie - even your "About Me" is amazing. I'm looking forward to reading more of your work.

Jack Swenson – Apr 21, 2010

Michele, Thanks for reading "Loony Tunes."

David Erlewine – Apr 21, 2010

Welcome, Michelle. I live a few miles from the Chesapeake. Well, I live near Annapolis. My brother went to St. Mary's and I've spent a lot of time on the Eastern Shore over the years.

Michelle Elvy – Apr 20, 2010

Very funny, Darryl! What I find most interesting about the Harry Potter books (never mind all the noise about her unwieldy adverbs) is that one can really see the author grow with each book. We read all of them aloud with our kids, and just as the characters change over time and the plots become more entwined and complex, so too did the author's voice become more mature and even sophisticated. I felt like I was watching Rowling grow as a writer as I picked up each new book.

Darryl Price – Apr 20, 2010

I love definitely not a software consultant any more. And certainly yes to profanity--can't help it-- and Vonnegut and Barth.Nice to have you with us.By the way thanks for mentioning Harry Potter. All the snobs have definitely missed out. Deathly hallows was an amazing feat of imagination and writing.

Lori Lou Freshwater – Apr 19, 2010

Michelle, thank you for all of your comments! You started my week off better than any week has been started maybe ever. As soon as have some time I am looking forward to cruising your website and reading more of your work. You're awesome.

David Ackley – Apr 19, 2010

Hi Michelle,
NIce to have you here and thanks for your comments on my wall. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

Walter Bjorkman – Apr 19, 2010

Michele - thank you for reading and commenting on "Emerald Eyes". I am reading your web writings on the Marsters of Palmerston right now - fascinating, you are 'capturing' the people.

Gary Percesepe – Apr 19, 2010

hi michelle,

thanks for visiting my wall, which i frequently forget i have. love, story ws so fine, so v fine, really. it is a pleasure to have you here at this site, exiled or not. stay a while. post more stuff.



Martha Williams – Apr 19, 2010

Thanks for the comment on 'Head Between Knees' - and for the book recommendation (will look it up now). M.

Doug Bond – Apr 18, 2010

thanks Michelle for your comments on Mrs. Doyle and Sweet & Sour...thanks too for the 2 you've put up so far...looking forward to others

Finnegan Flawnt – Apr 18, 2010

thanks for commenting on "flatulence" - i loved your "love, story" which i read just now. and i also spent a year in NZ...auckland actually. take care!

Christopher Allen – Apr 18, 2010

Servus, Michelle!

How long were you in Munich. Did you study here? And all similar questions . . . :)


Martha Williams – Apr 18, 2010

Hi, Michelle - just found you here, fantastic - going to read your stories now, although your profile page is a brilliant story in itself! M

Michelle Elvy – Mar 16, 2010

Thanks, Julie. I could say the same about yours. So glad to have found this place; looking forward to lots of fruitful exchanges!

Julie Innis – Mar 15, 2010

Michelle, yours is the best "About Me" ever. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

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