Linda Simoni-Wastila

Location Lesser Baltimore
Occupation Writer/professor/mama/wife/jam maker

About Me

I write. I read. I profess. I mother. I give a damn.

My stuff's found homes at Monkeybicycle, Thunderclap!, Blue Fifth Review, Eclectic Flash, The Linnet's Wings, Istanbul Literary Review, Nanoism, Camroc Press Review, The Sun, Tattoo Highway, Boston Literary Magazine, Every Day Poets, Every Day Fiction, The Shine Journal, Six Sentences, and numerous anthologies, blah-blah-blah.

Genre confusion rules. When my novels confound, I rip out a poem or wash the floor with a toothbrush, whichever seems easier at the time. Usually the toothbrush wins.

When not writing, breathing, sleeping, you can find me reading long and short fiction for jmww.

Oh, and I study, too. Silly me, I'm getting an MA in Creative Writing @ Hopkins. What was I thinking?

Why do you write?

I write to make sense of my world. Sometimes it works.

Any favorite authors? Books?

I am really hot on Tim O'Brien right now. He uses a circular technique that layers details unto details over and over within stories, and across. A master. Stuff that makes me ache ==> THE THINGS THEY CARRY.

And revisiting Atwood these days. Devastating prose...

For non-fiction, try WAR by Sebastian Junger, and THE MEADOW by James Galvin.

And then there's...
...Franzen. Evison. Baxter. Glass. Selgin. Asimov. Gladwell. Lessing. Swarthout. Pynchon. Herbert. Shreve. Easton Ellis. Atwood. D'erasmo. Tartt. Niffenegger. Davis. Oates...

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avocadoben – Sep 08, 2013

Linda, thank you for noticing the termites. They only gnaw on hearts of punky wood, not of gold so your are safe.

Michelle Elvy – Aug 20, 2013

Linda, thanks for the comment and * on my little Wall love story. Appreciate you stopping in. See you more soon enough...

Gloria Garfunkel – Sep 22, 2012

Thank you so much for your sensitive comment on the Rin-Tin-Tin piece.

Mary Lane – Sep 03, 2012

Oh. Thank you so much, Linda. Your words mean more than you know. And I completely agree that we as woman will do anything to grieve for a time. We cover it up with the "do" as you so wonderfully put. Thank you.

Barry Basden – Jul 04, 2012

Thanks, Linda, for your kind words about 'Hints of the Blitz.' Peace to you, too, and to us all...

Julie Innis – Jun 20, 2012

Thank you Linda, so glad you're enjoying it! Can't say for sure what got some of those stories clicking, but very glad they're clicking for you!

Rick Rofihe – May 28, 2012

Thanks for liking my Rolling-Stones-Memoir piece, Linda!

James Claffey – May 26, 2012

thanks linda! working on the m/s right now, james

Tawnysha Greene – May 25, 2012

Thank you for your comments on "A House Made of Stars." I appreciate them very much!

John Riley – May 19, 2012

Thanks for reading and commenting on "Aztec." It means a lot that you liked it.

Penny Goring – May 11, 2012

Thanks Linda, for reading my tiny poem. I usually write long ones but I'm fascinated by the challenge of very few words. I see short poems as bright strangulations of intensity pinned on fields of white. XXX

J. Mykell Collinz – Apr 27, 2012

Hi, Linda. Thanks for reading 'Wattle and Daub-3.' I greatly appreciate your comment and *.

Foster Trecost – Apr 25, 2012

Hi Linda, thanks for giving 9 and 5 a few minutes of your time, I really appreciate the read and comment. fos.

Bill Yarrow – Apr 21, 2012

Thanks you for your lovely comment about "Not That Kind of Pain," Linda. Thanks for using it with your students!

re: the last line. The questioner is asking about physical pain. In the last line, the person suffering is saying (probably not out loud, thinking to himself) it's not physical--it's emotional, it's spiritual, it's a pain without cause not subject to relief.

But everyone reads this poem differently! I'm thrilled to see it appeal to so many different readers in so many different ways!

Jim V – Apr 13, 2012

Linda, thanks so much for the gentle reading of my silly poem. Hope all is well.

Steven Gowin – Apr 13, 2012

I didn't want to post this right out in the comments, although I suppose it shows up anyway. I still haven't figured Fictionaut out. The Accidental Arsonist seems very Unitarian to me. My wife's one and I get dragged there more often than I like, even though it's only a few times every year. It's me though, not the Unis. They're fine people. Anyway, I read Accidental Arsonists and I'm right there, on Franklin Avenue, by Starr King's grave. With those Unis. That's a good story.

Joe Sullivan – Apr 10, 2012

Linda, I forgot to thank you for commenting on my poem a while back. Thank you!

Steven Gowin – Apr 03, 2012

Hey Linda. I just read "The Minister's Wife..."

Ha! Before I even peaked at the author's note, I said to myself, this is a UU poem... well that's not the best way to put it... but I got the UU connection. I think it was the chalice.

The UUs are always fighting. My wife's on the board at her UU church. They're a good bunch of folks on the whole. As far me, though, I'm just too ornery for Unitarianism. They'll have me, but I won't have them. Too much Methodism when I was a child. Can't even stand the smell of a church and I hate hymns. That's just me though.

Anyway I liked the poem and think I'll give it to my wife, who unlike me, still has a bright soul.

Michael Gillan Maxwell – Apr 02, 2012

Hi Linda! Thank you so much for taking the time to read "Disappointment" and to make a comment - Very grateful and appreciative!

Matthew Robinson – Apr 01, 2012

Linda, thanks so much for your wonderful comments on The Second Sun! It means so much coming from such a prodigious talent. Thanks again.

Barry Basden – Mar 30, 2012

Thanks, Linda, for commenting on 'My Last Hunts,' even though it unsettled you.

Gessy Alvarez – Mar 26, 2012

Thanks, Linda for reading "Weak Knees." I'm still very much trying to write a decent poem. Thanks for the much needed encouragement.

Bill Yarrow – Mar 24, 2012

Thanks, Linda, for faving "The Hotel Where Esenin Hanged Himself." Glad you're enjoying the book!

J. Mykell Collinz – Mar 23, 2012

Hi, Linda. Thanks for reading 'Masquerade-II.' I greatly appreciate your comment.

Meg Pokrass – Mar 22, 2012

oh my goodness, thank you so much for your comments and love on those 2 pieces, I am so glad you got chills reading "The Oyster Queen" - I got them writing it.. so glad you're here, back here Linda. Makes me so happy!

Michelle Elvy – Mar 18, 2012

Linda! thank you so very much for the heartfelt comment on my story Almost There. You know all about writing and healing, so this means a lot to me. Thanks for the connection... Peace back to you, always.

Sina Mashek – Mar 16, 2012

Thank you for the comment on 'My Promise' ! I had not really thought of it sounding like wedding vows. However, I suppose it could since it's portraying something rather similar.

Steven Gowin – Mar 16, 2012

Thanks for the comment on "Jury Duty in the West." If I got a smile out of somebody, that smile, seriously, made my day. I read "Food for Comfort" the other day and liked it. I may have left a comment. I've been trying to leave at least something so authors know, apart from the hit count, that someone else read their work. Anyway, I'll be watching for more.

Bill Yarrow – Mar 16, 2012

Thanks for faving "Joan of Dark," Linda. Glad you liked the poem!

Jules Archer – Mar 06, 2012

Thanks for commenting on Rear View, Linda.

MichaelDickes – Mar 04, 2012

Linda - Thank you for the kind words on Beeko

Alex M. Pruteanu – Feb 21, 2012

Thanks so much for your nice words on my story, The Sun Eaters.

Marcus Speh – Feb 21, 2012

Thank you, Linda, for commenting upon "<a href="">The Sentinel</a>". As far as the title is concerned, it was a last minute decision as I explain <a href="">on my blog</a>.

Bill Yarrow – Feb 21, 2012

Glad you liked "Rattlesnake Pancakes," Linda. Thanks for the great comment and fave!

Andrew Stancek – Feb 08, 2012


I miss you. Your support is so appreciated. Glad you liked "Sweet Sounds of Home".

Barry Basden – Jan 20, 2012

Thanks, Linda, for your comments on 'Waiting.'

Dolemite – Jan 05, 2012

'owdy, Linda! thanks for the read/comment on "Painting a Chimney." I too see it taking place in the New England area, around fall. When I started writing it I had no idea what would happen when the guy got on the roof, but had the feeling that once there, *something* would develop!

Bill Yarrow – Jan 05, 2012

Thanks so much, Linda, for your comment on and fave of "She Waited for Him."

David Ackley – Dec 27, 2011

Dear Linda,
Thanks so much for your warm response to "Tortillas,"--I hope you had a great Christmas and that the fare was better than beans and tortillas, as fine as those may be.


Andrew Stancek – Nov 18, 2011


I am so pleased you liked "Sounds of Silence". Thanks, as always.

Joani Reese – Oct 22, 2011

Linda: Yes, the brave new world out there is a bit frightening and certainly chastening. Thanks for your comments about "2008..." Best.

Christopher Allen – Oct 19, 2011

Hi, Linda! Thank you for commenting on "Three-handed Bridge." I hope you're doing well. Chris :)

Joani Reese – Sep 03, 2011

Hi Linda: I appreciate your comments about "Abstinence." Fingers crossed for your novel. Best.

Susan Rukeyser – Sep 03, 2011

Thanks so much for taking the time to read & comment on my wee story "Dirty Business." It's a thrill, knowing a reader understood just what I meant. I look forward to getting to know your work here.

Gill Hoffs – Sep 01, 2011

Thank you for taking the time to read Firework Sand and commenting here. I'm really glad you enjoyed it - and thank you for the congratulations, too! Appreciate it.

Marcus Speh – Sep 01, 2011

one of my favorite sentences, too, linda, deadly musical. thanks for commenting on "before the bloodbath".

Foster Trecost – Aug 31, 2011

Hi Linda. Just a little thank you for spending some time with Blank Checks - I really appreciate the read and your comments. fos.

DJ Young – Aug 31, 2011

Hello and thank you for reading and commenting on 'Insatiable.' Look forward to reading your work!

MaryAnne Kolton – Aug 30, 2011

Linda, Just finished reading "Waiting" in Blue Fifth Review.
Stunning. . .

Bill Yarrow – Aug 30, 2011

Thanks for faving "The Empty Bed," Linda. Always enjoy hearing from you!

David Ackley – Aug 29, 2011

Thanks Linda for your kind comment on the etymology(Yikes!) of "Felder on Ice."

James Robison – Aug 29, 2011

Thank you, Linda.
Mouthfeel. Of course, I will steal this coined word.

Alison Wells – Aug 28, 2011

Hi Linda, Lovely to see you here too! Brilliant.

Joani Reese – Aug 26, 2011

Hi Linda: Thank you for your positive response to "Play." I enjoyed your story at EDF as well.

Penny Goring – Aug 26, 2011

Thank you! (Temp P) x

Jack Swenson – Aug 25, 2011

Linda, thanks for the fav for "Visiting Sally" and for the thoughtful comment. I'm glad the sadness came through. I hope the regret did, too.

Greg Davis – Jul 29, 2011

Hi Linda,
Thanks so much for checking out "Flatlander's Suite" and for your kind words about it! I love your term "the plight of the outsider" and, like you, I've kind of felt that way all over the place, wherever I've gone. Glad this piece resonated with you.

Bill Yarrow – Jul 27, 2011

Thanks for your lovely comment on "Son of Goya," Linda.

Joani Reese – Jul 23, 2011

Hi Linda: I'm happy you found something to like about my poem "The Human Condition." Thanks for reading and commenting. Best.

ABxx – Jul 23, 2011

Thank you for the kind comments on "Nebbiolo", Linda. All best.

Jack Swenson – Jul 22, 2011

Linda, Thank you for your kind comments about my "tots" story. A tempest in a tea pot, I think.

Maura Fitzgerald – Jul 15, 2011

Linda, thanks for reading and commenting on Snapshot -- appreciate it.

Bill Yarrow – Jul 14, 2011

"You just transported me to some other era"--but I couldn't name that era even if you paid me. I don't really know where that strange tree poem came from, but I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the fave, Linda!

Joani Reese – Jul 11, 2011

Linda--Thank you for stopping by to read and comment on "Release."

Jules Archer – Jul 10, 2011

Linda - thanks for the snort. ;)

Bill Yarrow – Jul 08, 2011

Thanks, Linda. Glad you liked "Black Ice." Thanks for faving it.

Meg Pokrass – Jul 03, 2011

thank you Linda for your comment on "Strawberry trees" xo

Marcus Speh – Jul 03, 2011

your hubby a UU minister! we were UU in NZ and if there's one thing we miss here in berlin it's UU, the rituals, the spirit of community...deeply jealously yours. but peace, too ;-)

Bill Yarrow – Jul 02, 2011

Thank you for your comment on and fave of "The Lost Boys," Linda!

Gill Hoffs – Jul 02, 2011

Thank you so much for commenting on 'The Ghost Of A Smile' - I hope your cheeks are feeling better!

J. Mykell Collinz – Jul 02, 2011

Hi, Linda. Thanks for reading 'Mercury Unbound-4.' Your informative comments are very helpful and greatly appreciated.

Christian Bell – Jun 27, 2011

Linda, thanks for reading and commenting on "Drive." I always appreciate your read and feedback!

Marcus Speh – Jun 20, 2011

thank you for commenting on <a href="">under the apple tree</a> linda. i love how everybody engages with a different part of this story. i suppose that is the strength (and weakness?) of metaphor. this bit is part of a dream of a little girl actually. or at least that's how i see it in the larger picture of the book which i'm planning. writing. planning. something.

Robert Vaughan – Jun 19, 2011

Linda, I hope your summer is progressing nicely. I am very grateful for your recent comments on my 3 Short Shorts. Happy writing!

Bill Yarrow – Jun 19, 2011

Thanks for the comment on and fave of "Demolition Derby," Linda. Really appreciate it!

MaryAnne Kolton – Jun 19, 2011

Thanks for the fave, Linda. Sleep well, dream big.

James Lloyd Davis – Jun 04, 2011

Linda, thanks for the fave and the comment on "The secret meaning of dreams."

Jack Swenson – Jun 04, 2011

Relationship stuff, indeed. Thanks very much for the comment and the * for "Snapshots."

Bill Yarrow – May 29, 2011

Thanks for the fave of "Mad Love," Linda! Appreciate it very much.

Jane Hammons – May 28, 2011

My cairn does grow, yes. Thanks for your thoughtful read of it.

Jack Swenson – May 28, 2011

Ouch. Hope you didn't hurt yourself; have to admit the images are weird, though. It's my contribution to the Chagall crazy running rampant on the site. Thanks for the read & the star!

Christopher Allen – May 27, 2011

Hi, Linda! Thank you for your comment (and fave?) on "The Pain Taster." Much appreciated. Hope you're doing well.

Susan Tepper – May 21, 2011

Hi Linda! yeah, where else but NYC could a story like Tool take place! ha ha! Thanks so much for liking and reading, etc. Hope your enjoying the beautiful (finally) weather. We'll met up one of these days!
Hugs, susan

ABxx – May 20, 2011

Hello, Linda--Thanks so much for the fav on "The Mariner's Daughter". Your comments were lovely.

Julie Innis – May 18, 2011

Linda, thank you!

J. Mykell Collinz – May 10, 2011

Hi, Linda. Thanks for reading 'Raw Goods.' I appreciate your comment.

Susan Tepper – May 07, 2011

Linda thanks for what you wrote about In Unison. BTW, I miss your photo! This one has sort of always overwhelmed me. But I guess you have your reasons! Cheers & Peace..

Jules Archer – May 07, 2011

Linda - thank you for the read/comment on Bleached.

Marc Lowe – May 07, 2011

Many thanks, Linda, for your nice words about "Three short-shorts." Much appreciated.

James Lloyd Davis – Apr 28, 2011

Thank you, Linda, for the fave and the comment on "The Rising."

M – Apr 25, 2011

Thank you, Linda, for the really great reading of my piece for my mother on mother's day. I hope you have a great week.

Bill Yarrow – Apr 25, 2011

Thanks for your kind words about "Addictions," Linda. Really appreciate them and the fave. Thank you.

M – Apr 23, 2011

Dear Linda: You are really kind. Thank you so much for all of your encouraging remarks about flower boat and thank you also for your very insightful remarks about the issue of a religious title. I value your thoughts so much! Thank you for reading and taking the time to share what's on your mind and heart. Yours - Meg

John Wentworth Chapin – Apr 23, 2011

Thank you so much for the kind words on 'Eggshell White Frigidaire' -- praise from writers I admire means an ENORMOUS amount to me. :)

Penny Goring – Apr 23, 2011

Thank you for reading my poem! XXX

Bill Yarrow – Apr 16, 2011

Glad you liked "The Truth Will Out." Thanks for commenting, Linda!

Jules Archer – Apr 12, 2011

Linda - thanks so much for commenting on Hog Heaven. Much appreciated.

Bill Yarrow – Apr 08, 2011

Thanks for faving "Disappearing Ink," Linda. I always enjoy hearing from you.

M.H. – Apr 08, 2011

Hi Linda,
Thank you so much for your nice words on "Christina Heppel" :)!

M – Mar 28, 2011

Thank you very much for your kind remarks about what I wanted in 1968. I look forward to reading more of your work. Blessings.

Bobbi Lurie – Mar 28, 2011

Dear Linda,
Thank you so much for your very kind message. I really appreciate it! I, too, am honored to be in TLW with you! (I haven't seen it yet--I shall go and look it up) I really appreciate your kindness.

Robert Vaughan – Mar 20, 2011

Thanks for your support and comments on any of my work here at Fictionaut and also at 52/250. I value your insights and am so happy we get to rub elbows in the editorial world at JMWW also.

Andrew Stancek – Mar 17, 2011


I appreciate your welcoming me to F-naut and above all I am thrilled to get to know you. I love your "1998: What I Wanted" and "The Golden Moment" and the chat about it. Your emphasis on space is so real. Thank you for being you.

Jack Swenson – Mar 14, 2011

Linda: great mini-review of "Sniper." On the money. Thanks for the star as well!

Jules Archer – Mar 14, 2011

Linda - so many thanks for reading/commenting on Cuffless.

Mary Lane – Mar 14, 2011

Hi Linda! Thank you so much for reading, commenting, and faving my 1999 piece. Thankfully we all grow out of things, yes? I look forward to knowing you. Take care, HM

Kim Conklin – Mar 12, 2011

Thanks for the great comment and fave on 2010, What I Wanted, Linda. Glad it made you feel good.

Christian Bell – Mar 11, 2011

Linda, thanks for reading and commenting on "Soulless, Dreamless"!

David Ackley – Mar 09, 2011

Thanks, Linda, for the kind comments on "2000. What I Wanted."

Jules Archer – Mar 08, 2011

Linda -
Thank you commenting on "Health Code". Appreciate you taking the time to give me helps a lot. Cheers!

Soon to be deleted – Mar 07, 2011

Thanks for reading 2089

Jack Swenson – Mar 07, 2011

Glad you liked "Still Life," Linda. Thanks.

Bill Yarrow – Mar 06, 2011

Thanks, Linda. So glad you liked "Staring at Waves." Thanks for faving it!

Keith U. – Feb 27, 2011

Linda, thank you for reading and your kind words on "1991," and for the star!

Jim V – Feb 21, 2011

Linda, loved your comment on Welter-Skelter. Thanks a bundle.

Meg Pokrass – Feb 20, 2011

thank you so much for your support of "Tip" Linda! -meg

Tina Barry – Feb 19, 2011

Hi Linda,
Thanks for your kind words about "Frida...." I'm glad "nimbus of eyebrow" worked for you! and thanks for the star.

Christian Bell – Feb 17, 2011

Thanks, Linda, for your comments on "More Letters to 52/250 Prompts." Much appreciated!

Bill Yarrow – Feb 17, 2011

Lovely comment on "Sermon of Lilac," Linda. Thank you so much! And for the fave!

Doug Bond – Feb 14, 2011

Linda --really glad to know Traces was well received! Lotus is terrific...just read.

Jules Archer – Feb 14, 2011

Linda - thank you for your thorough review and observations on "Liplorn". I truly appreciate it!

M – Feb 14, 2011

Thank you for your sweet remarks on my tale of veggie love, Linda. Happy Valentine's!

M – Feb 10, 2011

Dear Linda: You are too kind. I look forward to reading more of your work.

Bill Yarrow – Feb 09, 2011

Thank you for commenting on and faving "Wahrheit und Dichtung," Linda. Really appreciate it.

Robert Vaughan – Feb 04, 2011

Hi Linda,

I hope you are enjoying the AWP. Thanks for taking the time to comment on 10,000 Dollar Pyramid. Such thoughtful words expressed, just like your wonderful stories. And congrats on your ILR pub. What a gem they got from you.

David Ackley – Feb 02, 2011

Thanks, Linda, for the great day-making comment on "Express."

Jack Swenson – Jan 30, 2011

Many thanks for your fav & for your comment about "Carver Country." Carver's stories got me writing again after a long, long layoff.

J. Mykell Collinz – Jan 23, 2011

Hi, Linda. Thanks for reading 'Lucifer's Farewell.' I love your comment: very much appreciated.

Kim Conklin – Jan 23, 2011

Thanks for the great comment and fave on Sins of the Father, Linda! I'm glad you liked it and I appreciate the read.

Kim Conklin – Jan 18, 2011

Thanks for the generous comment and fave on Unheard, Linda. I'm very glad you liked it.

Jack Swenson – Jan 18, 2011

Linda, thanks for your rollicking response to my nutty story "Madness"!

Bill Yarrow – Jan 18, 2011

Thanks, Linda, for reading, commenting on, and faving "George." I always appreciate your reads and positive responses.

Meg Worden – Jan 17, 2011

Thanks for the lovely comment, Linda. I see you've made it into The Sun. One of my fav mags. -M

James Lloyd Davis – Jan 17, 2011

Linda, thanks for the fave and the comment on "Foreplay."

Susan Tepper – Jan 14, 2011

Linda, glad you liked "Hydra, 1980" thanks so much!

Carol Reid – Jan 09, 2011

Thanks for the read and nice comment on "Sage"!

Jane Hammons – Jan 08, 2011

Linda-I was so moved by your comment about Headstone as a memorial, which I had really only thought about subconsciously! (I realize how ridiculous that sounds, but it's true. . .) Your spirit is such a good one to have here at Fictionaut.

Bill Yarrow – Jan 08, 2011

Thanks so much, Linda. Loved your comment on "Whiplash Marriage." Thanks for the fave.

Meg Pokrass – Jan 07, 2011

your last story was so good I am freaked and shivering.

Kathy Fish – Jan 07, 2011

Linda, wow, thanks for the super kind words and fave for "Empty."

Bill Yarrow – Jan 02, 2011

Linda, thanks for commenting on and faving "Great Moments in Blindness." Wonderful comment. Thank you.

Meghan Austin – Dec 27, 2010

Thanks for your comments about my essay thingee, Linda!

Julie Innis – Dec 11, 2010

Linda, you always go straight to the heart of my stories- thank you! I greatly appreciate your readings.

Robert Vaughan – Dec 08, 2010

Hi Linda,

So happy to see you here. I adore your comments on my stories at 52/250 and especially love the pertinent sign-off. Peace. Indeed.

Claire King – Dec 04, 2010

Hello Linda, thanks so much for your lovely comment on It Stops. I love your sign off "peace" every time, but this time it's especially pertinent. Peace.

Susan Tepper – Dec 04, 2010

Jeez Linda, I think we're riding the same air current. I just got this from you (which I appreciate very much) and you got one from me on the plane! Hope all is well & peace, YES, PEACE

Susan Tepper – Nov 24, 2010

Linda, very much appreciate your good words on "rug" and glad you found the 2nd person pov worked, thanks so much!

Kim Conklin – Nov 24, 2010

Thanks for the comment and fave on Rats, Linda. I'm really glad you liked it.

dris khali – Nov 16, 2010

hi Linda
Thanks so much for the comment.

Matthew A. Hamilton – Nov 09, 2010

Thanks for reading Color Coded Pills and for the kind words. Much appreciated.

Michelle Elvy – Nov 08, 2010

Thanks, Linda, for your comment on Two Trees. Lovely to see you here -- heartfelt is good.

stephen hastings-king – Nov 02, 2010

thanks for reading and commenting on event particle 9...glad you liked. it's always a pleasure when you comment.

Susan Tepper – Oct 31, 2010

Linda, thank you for Chia kind words

Jack Swenson – Oct 31, 2010

Linda, I love your comment about "The Party." Thanks a bunch!

J. Mykell Collinz – Oct 31, 2010

I'm very sorry, Linda, for posting that without correcting my misspelling of your name. I'm moving too fast this morning trying to respond to the comments from the shortest story ever written, at least by me.

J. Mykell Collinz – Oct 31, 2010

Hi, Linds. Thanks for reading 'Fifty Five Words or Less.'

Kathy Fish – Oct 30, 2010

Linda, thanks as always for your kind words for "Sidereal." I appreciate it.

Kim Conklin – Oct 30, 2010

Thanks for the comment and fave on The Point, Linda! I'm so glad you liked it!

Bill Yarrow – Oct 30, 2010

Great comment on "Florid Psychosis," Linda. Thank you. And thanks for the fave.

Randal Houle – Oct 29, 2010

Linda, thanks for commenting and (fav)ing "What to Bring to Critique Group." I appreciate the read.

Jen Knox – Oct 29, 2010

Thank you so much for the welcome, and for the lovely comment on Soft like Snow. I am so happy to be here. This site seems like a very supportive and inspirational place to be.
It's good to meet you. Warmly, Jen

Sara – Oct 28, 2010

Hi Linda, Thanks very much for your nice note on Tomorrowland. I'm so glad the thematic interplay worked for you.

Bill Yarrow – Oct 28, 2010

Thanks for commenting on "Knot Eye," Linda. Happy you liked it.

Jules Archer – Oct 19, 2010

Linda - thanks for the fave and the read on "John & Cathy Come Home". Thank ya!!

Kim Conklin – Oct 15, 2010

Thanks so much for the comment and the "jewelry" on 4P28, Linda! It meant a lot.

Matthew A. Hamilton – Oct 15, 2010

Thanks for reading Hustling at Starbucks. Glad you liked it.

Kathy Fish – Oct 14, 2010

Thank you, thank you, Linda!

M – Oct 13, 2010

Thank you for your kind note about my story "while we sleep." I love your avatar, beautiful. And I'm a mom too. Go moms. -- Q

James Lloyd Davis – Oct 12, 2010

Linda, thanks for the lovely comments and the fave on "Look in the empty mirror..."

Jack Swenson – Oct 12, 2010

Linda, thanks so much. Great comment about my wacky story.

Kathy Fish – Oct 12, 2010

Linda, thank you for your kind words and fave for "Searching for Samuel Beckett."

David Booth – Oct 12, 2010

Hi Linda. Thanks for your kinds words about my story. They made my night. -db

Bill Yarrow – Oct 11, 2010

Thanks for fave of Orange Julius poem, Linda. I had a lot of fun writing it.

Jules Archer – Oct 10, 2010

Damn! May I just say you have the best descriptive comments. I love them - and I thank you heartily for reading "the loudest loud" and commenting.

Daniel Passamaneck – Oct 08, 2010

Linda, my heartfelt thanks for your kind words about Birdbrain. Needing to write it, I felt as you stated, that that was how I actually felt. In retrospect I find the strength to doubt my smallness, and to imagine that my small shadow results from finding myself surrounded by bright lights like yours. Peace back at ya.

Jules Archer – Oct 05, 2010

Linda- I so appreciated you reading my Negative Suck pieces and the great words you had to say. Love 'em.

Bill Yarrow – Oct 01, 2010

Thank you, Linda, for the kind words on "Son of Uncle Sam." Always relish your visits.

Jack Swenson – Sep 30, 2010

Oh, thank you, Linda. Such a nice comment on my post 9/11 story!

Matthew A. Hamilton – Sep 29, 2010

By the way, what story made it into The Sun? I think that is a NC publication. Would love to read it.

Matthew A. Hamilton – Sep 29, 2010

Thank you for reading The Dancing Lady. I hope to finish the second draft (just a few changes) within the week.

Jules Archer – Sep 27, 2010

Linda- many thanks for the read and comment on "Nowhere in Sight".


Johnny Dantonio – Sep 27, 2010

Hi Linda! Thanks for reading and commenting on Y ... I'm pretty new to Fictionaut so I'm just catching on to seeing comments and replying, but I love interacting with other writers, so your comment means a lot!

Susan Tepper – Sep 27, 2010

Linda, glad the vagina girl made you laugh! your life isn't boring, hers is weird...

Julie Innis – Sep 26, 2010

Linda, I very much appreciate your insights on The House-Sitter. Thank you.

Martin Dodd – Sep 25, 2010

Thank you,Linda, for your read and comment on "Ashes."

Matthew A. Hamilton – Sep 24, 2010

Thank you for reading Rivals. Much appreciated.

Claire King – Sep 24, 2010

Linda, thank you very much for your wonderful comment on Anything Again. The theme was great, that lady had been waiting for someone to open a door for her. So pleased you liked it. x

M.H. – Sep 24, 2010

Hi Linda - Thanks so much for reading/faving "Origin" :)!

stephen hastings-king – Sep 19, 2010

Hi Linda..Thanks for your comment on The Replacement. I liked it alot.

Walter Bjorkman – Sep 19, 2010

Linda - thanks for the reading of The Last Time. The scythe phrase you liked was my recollection of our first May weekend at the no utilities summer bungalow my Dad built, he having to use the scythe instead of the mower because of the length. I learned that a swaying rhythm worked the best. Peace!

Marc Lowe – Sep 17, 2010

Glad you enjoyed "Syllannibal," and thanks for the kind words (best not to eat them unless absolutely necessary, I've learned over the years). Take care...

Keith U. – Sep 16, 2010

Thank you for reading and commenting on 30 Seconds, it is very nice to meet you! Much common ground, common interests, I think.

Christian Bell – Sep 16, 2010

Linda, thanks for your comments on “Firecrackers”!

Michelle Elvy – Sep 16, 2010

Ah, Linda, 'pitch perfect' means a lot coming from you, my dear. Thanks so much for that. :)

Michelle Elvy – Sep 14, 2010

Linda! I love rhubarb! :)

Bill Yarrow – Sep 13, 2010

Thanks, Linda! Glad you enjoyed "Black Squirrel Poem."

Randal Houle – Sep 10, 2010

Thank you so much for reading "Thursday" (and the fav).

Kim Conklin – Sep 10, 2010

Thanks for the generous comment and fave on Responsible! Glad you liked it.

Bill Yarrow – Sep 09, 2010

Thanks for commenting on "Bone Density." Glad you liked the poem, Linda.

James Lloyd Davis – Sep 07, 2010

Thank you, Linda, for your comments and fave on ".... Norma Jeane?"

Kim Conklin – Sep 07, 2010

Thanks for dropping by Corner and lobbing a star, Linda! Glad you liked the read.

Marcus Speh – Sep 06, 2010

hiya. i think it took me 1 minute to get to the bottom of this wall space of yours. which is another reason not to get too deeply involved with fictionaut (time! writing time!) ... but of course your charming comment could not go unnoticed. peace to you, too, linda! (and thanks for the welcome. feels as if i've been here before... ;-)

Bill Yarrow – Sep 06, 2010

Such an interesting comment about the meter of "Parabola Tango"! I rarely work in strict meter. Your observation is insightful and quite helpful to me. Thanks, Linda!

Bill Yarrow – Sep 06, 2010

Thanks, Linda, for commenting on and faving "Parabola Tango.' Always appreciate your kind words.

Lori Lou Freshwater – Sep 05, 2010

Linda, it is of course perfect that we were reading each other at the same time! Thank you, as always, for your support.

Jane Hammons – Sep 01, 2010

Thanks, Linda. Nothing like being in the right place at the right time!

Matthew A. Hamilton – Sep 01, 2010

Thanks so much for reading Afghanistan and for the *.

Greta Igl – Aug 31, 2010

Linda! Great to find you here. Always good to connect with good friends.

Michelle Elvy – Aug 28, 2010

Thank you, Linda, for your heartfelt comment on Time to Rest. I love the image of the green-blue spinning marble. Yes.

Matthew A. Hamilton – Aug 27, 2010

Thanks for reading my Three Haiku. Glad you liked them.

Susan Tepper – Aug 27, 2010

Linda, so glad you liked my story Knives, in Drunken Boat, thank you and peace, always...

Christian Bell – Aug 27, 2010

Linda, thanks for reading and commenting on “Christian Bell vs. Sleep”!

George LaCas – Aug 27, 2010

Hi Linda, thanks for your "Godot" comments :-)

Jack Swenson – Aug 27, 2010

Linda, What a wonderful note to wake up to! Thanks for your extremely kind comment about my story "Dog Days."

Bill Yarrow – Aug 27, 2010

Thanks, Linda, for your great comment on and fav of "Self Alaska." I always appreciate your generous reads.

Michael J. Solender – Aug 20, 2010

Thx for reading and enjoying Seventy-two Hours or less-- yes this will be the basis for my novel and nano...

Jack Swenson – Aug 06, 2010

Thank you, Linda. I am happy that you liked my "peaceful" story.

Kim Conklin – Aug 06, 2010

Thanks for the kind comment and the fave on Midnight Riders. I appreciate the read!

Bill Yarrow – Aug 05, 2010

What a wonderful comment about "Andalusia," Linda. Thank you!

Kait Mauro – Aug 01, 2010

Thanks for the nice comment on "Cinnamon". :)

Larry Strattner – Aug 01, 2010

Thank you for Birth of a Tiger. Jack Swenson suggested it is a longer story. He may be right. I think she may be a subconcious clone of Lizbeth Salander from the Larsson novels. I really like Lizbeth.

Ramon Collins – Jul 29, 2010

LindaS-W: Thanks for the read and thoughtful comment on POSEY'S POND. Indeed, it was a more innocent time.

Kari Nguyen – Jul 29, 2010

Linda, thank you for the kind words and fave for Requirement. I really appreciate your read.

Matthew A. Hamilton – Jul 25, 2010

Thank you for the kind words regarding White Death. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Myra King – Jul 24, 2010

Linda, I'm so pleased you got the premise of my story, Broken Mirrors - the hypocrisy of the mother. Thanks for the fav too!

James Robison – Jul 23, 2010

Thank you for your encouraging words about Prologue. I'm eeling better about it now.

Gary Moshimer – Jul 20, 2010

thanks for the kind words. I appreciate them.

Bill Yarrow – Jul 20, 2010

Thanks for responding to the Coleridge urine poem. So odd to have come across that weird sentence in his voluminous notebooks. Found poems are a curious sub genre. Fun to read. Even more fun to write. Impossible, as far as I can tell, to publish. More to come on Fictionaut though!

Thomas Calder – Jul 20, 2010

Hey Linda,
Sorry for the delay in response, I've been away at the tin House workshop for the last week. That part in your short "Bookends" made me laugh because it was so honest. Granted, I've never been a parent, but I imagine such thoughts occur. Great piece.

Bill Yarrow – Jul 18, 2010

Thanks, Linda. Always enjoy your comments on my work. Thanks for commenting on "Found Poem."

Michelle Elvy – Jul 17, 2010

thanks for the wonderful comment on Bedtime Story, Linda, and the fave!! So good to be back here!

Michelle Elvy – Jul 17, 2010

Ah, Linda! Enjoyed my night out on the Fnaut! :)

Susan Tepper – Jul 15, 2010

Linda, thanks for what you said on All Credit Rescinded. I'm having a blast on 52/250, enjoying your stories there, too, and the others. Cheers!

See ya – Jul 14, 2010

Thanks for reading my latest, Linda. I appreciate you.

Christian Bell – Jul 14, 2010

Linda, thanks for commenting on "Police Blotter." Funny thing is, my intern is in prison and I'm not (currently)!

Bill Yarrow – Jul 13, 2010

Thanks, Linda, for your kind comments on "Playing for Keeps."

Kari Nguyen – Jul 12, 2010

Linda, I appreciate the close read, especially of that first piece. Spot on.

Matthew A. Hamilton – Jul 11, 2010

Thank you for reading Body Double. Glad you liked the Marmalade line. Yea, I have lots of novels floating in my head. I can't decide which one to write first.

Juhi Kalra – Jul 11, 2010

Hi Carol. Thank you for sending peace after reading "Eight". As much as I know the quality of my own voice, it's lovely to be appreciated. With metta, ~ J

Ryder Collins – Jul 09, 2010

Linda, thanks! The 4th paragraph is also my fave, because I'm a sucker for bad boys who smoke Marb Reds.

Christian Bell – Jul 09, 2010

Linda, thanks for your comments on “Alice in Wonderland Syndrome.” Glad you liked that last line!

Marc Lowe – Jul 09, 2010

Hello Linda,

Thanks for your comments. I'm so glad the piece worked for you, and that you were compelled to read it twice. I'll have a look at something of yours this weekend.

M.H. – Jul 08, 2010

Thanks so much for reading "Goodnight Dogs"! I'm thrilled you liked it!

Gary Percesepe – Jul 08, 2010


honored that you read my work--thanks for commenting on quiver--all best,


Jack Swenson – Jul 06, 2010

Thanks, Linda. You really think I do girl good? It was my first time.

Sara – Jul 05, 2010

Linda, thanks for reading and commenting on Crystal. I appreciate it.

Thomas Calder – Jul 01, 2010

Hey Linda!!
It is Thomas from Lesley. How have you been? The second novel has taken a back seat to short stories, looking into grad schools and studying up for the GRE.
Thanks for checking out "Poor, Dead Hamilton."
Looking forward to reading some of your writings here on fictionaut!

David Ackley – Jul 01, 2010

Linda, thanks for the time and attention to "Love Slut."

So what is " Lesser " Baltimore?? And what did it do to deserve its diminishment?

Claire King – Jul 01, 2010

Linda, thanks so much for reading Flash, you reminded me that I wanted to go back and edit it, which I just did. Looking forward to reading your posts,

Matthew A. Hamilton – Jun 30, 2010

Thank you for reading and commenting on "Blindness," and "My Eyes Don't See the Truth." Much appreciated.

Kari Nguyen – Jun 21, 2010

You are very welcome Linda. I’m still thinking about “Survivor” and I’m sure I will be for a long time. Also, thank you for your attention to my story, I appreciate it very much. I’ll be sure to read more of your work soon.

Roberta – Jun 20, 2010

Hi Linda,

Thank you for the comment on 'Edge of the World.' I'm glad it resonated with you!


Susan Tepper – Jun 18, 2010

Linda, The Cutting Edge is an excellent story

James Lloyd Davis – Jun 16, 2010

Collegial, of course... heheheheh.

James Lloyd Davis – Jun 16, 2010

Linda, thanks ever so much for the comment and fave on "Not with a bang..." I look forward to the crit. Thanks!

Michelle Elvy – Jun 14, 2010

Linda - thank you so much for your generous comment on my story, X. I am so pleased you liked it; your comment means a lot to me!

Matthew A. Hamilton – Jun 13, 2010

Thank you for reading Tarawa. Much appreciated. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Myra King – Jun 13, 2010

Thanks, Linda. I'm going over the chapters one by one editing and cringing and re-writing (not necessarily in that order lol) as it's been so long since I first wrote this manuscript.
I would love to read yours, I will check in a sec to see if it is on here. And yes, murder mystery is right!

Juhi Kalra – Jun 11, 2010

Linda, Thank you for your kind words for "Sunday Morning". More are posted, waiting their turn at the starting gate. As I'm new to the Fictionaut community, I hope you will share with others; I'm looking forward to more input. And looking forward to reading you in coming weeks. ~ J

Doug Bond – Jun 10, 2010

Thank you Linda! Your comments on WIld Blue Yonder..very much appreciated...I had first written silk dressed and felt much better about silk-tasseled. Your self-censorship/authenticity note on fb was terrific...honestly voiced.

Meg Pokrass – Jun 09, 2010

Thank you so much for your comment on "Damn Sure Right" and on the JMWW blog!

Christian Bell – Jun 09, 2010

Linda, thanks for your comments on "Thinly Sliced Raw Fish." Always glad to see you active here on Fictionaut!

Cherise Wolas – Jun 06, 2010

As always, thank you for your great comments! So glad the male POV worked for you on An Italian Lunch (II)! The question about the question marks -- yes, I debated over those!

Myra King – Jun 04, 2010

Thanks, Linda. I love it when you comment on my work.

Jack Swenson – Jun 04, 2010

Linda, Thank you for your review of "Only a Memory Away." Pitch perfect? Nobody's ever given me a nicer compliment!

Martha Williams – Jun 03, 2010

Linda, thank you so much for your kind comment on Hummingbird - very much appreciated.

Matthew A. Hamilton – Jun 02, 2010

Thank you for reading Young Journey. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Larry Strattner – May 29, 2010

Thanks for your comments on Addict. And you are correct I am a kung fu master wiseass issue skirter. Thankfully there are endless supplies of issues. We do have one thing in common however, toothbrush floor washing. Cheers.

Shelagh Power-Chopra – May 28, 2010

On my laptop, dining room table, no glamor, no mystique as the the mundane world revolves around me. Oddly enough, I have a river view and face my back to it - probaly due to the habit of having to work anywhere...Heck , I could write in a garbage can if I had to, not to say I'm prolific of course...

Johnsienoel – May 28, 2010

Thank you for the read and lovely comment on The Judas Horse.

Shelagh Power-Chopra – May 28, 2010

Linda, thanks so much for the nice comments on “Small Talk”.

Stephanie Bobo – May 21, 2010

Thanks for the comments on "Not Today"!

Matthew A. Hamilton – May 20, 2010

Very nice. I have three in there: La Tomitina, The Mystery of the Azores, and Caning. Also posted on Fictionaut. I'll buy my copy when I get back to the US.

Myra King – May 20, 2010

Thanks Linda :-)

Julie Innis – May 19, 2010

Thank you! I'm looking forward to reading your work -welcome!

Bill Yarrow – May 18, 2010

Thanks, Linda, for commenting on "Pain." Much appreciated!

Marc Nash – May 11, 2010

Hey Linda, thanks for stopping by and reading and commenting. A poet? None too sure about that. Lyrical maybe. Though I am writing a poem about putrefaction right now. Thanks again. Bests

Michael Tusa – May 10, 2010

Thanks for the read, and welcome.

Michael Tusa – May 10, 2010

Thanks for the read, and welcome.

Matthew A. Hamilton – May 10, 2010

Thank you for reading caning. Much appreciated. Maybe I should have said, "tried to smuggle." After all, he got caught.

Bill Yarrow – May 10, 2010

Thanks, Linda, for your kind words about my poem "Raleigh B."

Jane Hammons – May 10, 2010

Congratulations on the Hint Fiction Honorable Mention. I just saw the results.

Matthew A. Hamilton – May 08, 2010

Thank you for joining NC Writers. Happy to have you.

Michelle Elvy – May 08, 2010

Linda -- thanks so much for your generous comments on Routine. Peace back to you.

Michelle Elvy – May 08, 2010

thanks, Linda, for enjoying the humor in my Fuddy-Duddy Writer piece. It's so very good when writers inspire each other.

Matt Dennison – May 08, 2010

Thanks for the kind words on "Parable..." Unfortunately, I earned the right to write that poem(!)

Cherise Wolas – May 08, 2010

Thanks so much for the read and fav on Things I Should Have Done - #3! Yesterday, I just put up Things I Should Have Done - #4... if you have a chance to read.

Lori Lou Freshwater – May 07, 2010

Thank you Ms. Talented for your comments on This Girl in That Shirt. Glad to see the next Bookends up and I will be reading it another twenty-thousand times.

Myra King – May 07, 2010

Thanks, Linda for your lovely comments on 'blue' I'm pleased you liked it :-)

Walter Bjorkman – May 07, 2010

Thanks for The Fan(s). Read that comment the other day, think Twain said it, of course carried over to apply to comedians as well, of which I have been known to be one at times. That can't be said of Fuddy - just the name itself implies lack of wit (which admittedly she does say she does not do)

James Lloyd Davis – May 04, 2010

Linda, thanks. People who appreciate urban industrial squalor and French coffee simultaneously and yet, still give a damn, are rare individuals in America today, an aquaintance to be cultivated. Stop by any time.

Sara – May 04, 2010

Linda, thanks so much for your note on matrimony. I'm really enjoying reading your work.

Marc Nash – May 03, 2010

Hey Linda, do you know how to set up the 'Follow' me on Twitter link here?
Many thanks.


Meg Pokrass – May 01, 2010

thank you for snorting at MILF!! (that sounds odd, but you know what i mean!)

Peggy McFarland – Apr 28, 2010

Hello Linda! I just got here. Thanks for noticing and happy, happy birthday to you! Do something crazy.

Walter Bjorkman – Apr 27, 2010

thought you'd enjoy my fish story, glad to see you did. Thanks.

Matthew A. Hamilton – Apr 25, 2010

Thank you for your comments on Thunder Snow. Its much appreciated.

Meg Pokrass – Apr 25, 2010

you are a very powerful writer. so nice to know your work.

Meg Pokrass – Apr 25, 2010

thank you for your kind words about "Lost"!

Jack Swenson – Apr 24, 2010

Not OCD, rather GAD. Good call, though. Thanks for your comment on my earthquake quickie.

Matthew A. Hamilton – Apr 24, 2010

Thanks for reading Garden Light and comments. They are very much appreciated. I thought about take out "I think of death," too, but left it thinking it might pose some questions about one's place in nature, etc.

Cherise Wolas – Apr 24, 2010

Thank you so much for your kind words and the fav on The Sloshim Period. I am so happy the story worked for you. I look forward to delving into your work!

Martha Williams – Apr 23, 2010

Linda - thank you for your lovely comment on 'Nobody Told Marni' - I'm really thrilled that you liked it. M

Walter Bjorkman – Apr 23, 2010

Linda - thanks for your read of Watts. And your New Glitch posts in the forum, I laughed.

Michelle Elvy – Apr 22, 2010

Linda! your comment on Love, Story made me laugh! But seriously, what's WRONG with us? love without ice cream?! Glad you liked the Pynchon part... Will be looking you up more often now that I know you are here!

Jane Hammons – Apr 18, 2010

Your comment about "desired remorse" on Pleiku Jacket is really interesting and makes me see this in a way I hadn't, exactly, when I wrote it--so thanks much for that.

Lori Lou Freshwater – Apr 18, 2010

Hello Linda. Thank you Linda. ;-)

Walter Bjorkman – Apr 08, 2010

Linda - Gaithersburg, when they let me out to play - my blues are running experiences were on the LI sound, peace back to ya

Walter Bjorkman – Apr 08, 2010

Linda - they let me out of the jacket long enough to write this. Your comment on my 'Poetipedia' sent me into one of my states of deep elation - Thanks!

Scott A. Nicholson – Apr 08, 2010

Linda, thanks for commenting on A Song To Lose Your Shoes To. I read your work and especially liked The Blues Are Running.

John Wiswell – Apr 06, 2010

Thanks for the welcome to Fictionaut, Linda.

Stephanie Bobo – Mar 26, 2010

Thanks for the comments on "Maps," Linda!

Jerry Ratch – Mar 24, 2010

Thanks for your comments, Linda!
Jerry Ratch

Darryl Price – Mar 23, 2010

I too give a damn. Nice to have you here.

Linda Simoni-Wastila – Mar 19, 2010

Well hey, I put up a poem -- hope you enjoy.

Erin Cole – Mar 17, 2010

Hi Linda,
Awesome you are here - love your 'give a damn' writes.

Olivia Tejeda – Mar 17, 2010

I've been living in the Phoenix burbs since last August. I was in Baltimore (Fells Point) for two years and NY before that. Reisterstown? That's close to Towson, no?

Yes, Three Junes was amazing! But her last book was terribly disappointing.

Fingers crossed for me today. I'm sending out my first book proposal! How's your novel coming along? I enjoyed reading it as flashes. You have such a beautiful style.

Christian Bell – Mar 17, 2010

Hi, Linda. Welcome to Fictionaut--glad to see you're here! Thanks for your comment on my "Irish, Until We Weren't" story!

Linda Simoni-Wastila – Mar 17, 2010

Hey all, thanks for the welcome. It's like being in a candy shop -- what to read, what to post, where to hang, ACK! So much to savor, and I'm supposed to be a MONK, writing PURE. Damn, wish they'd take wifi off this mountain...

Michael J. Solender – Mar 17, 2010

Woot! You've been busy!

Beate Sigriddaughter – Mar 17, 2010

Hi Linda. Great to see you here again. I'm on somewhat of a spirit week, so not very active here this week. Will check back with you later. Oh, PS, do you have anything for the Glass Woman Prize? The current deadline is on 3/21/10 and I haven't seen a submission from you yet. Have fun with this wonderful website!

Olivia Tejeda – Mar 16, 2010

Hey Linda! Nice to see you here. I didn't know you were a member of this site. It's interesting stuff. Inspiring writing.

Hey, I keep meaning to mention to you that I just moved from Baltimore. It's quite a city. I'm not sure I can say I like it, but it was an interesting couple of years.

If you ever make it out to the 'burbs, try to check out Ukazoo Books in Towson. It's a wonderful used bookstore that I used to manage. It's a great store and lots of my old employees still work there.

So, have you submitted to this site? I'm slightly intimidated, but I've been on a submitting frenzy. I haven't even found the time for FridayFlash lately. I miss the camaraderie!

J. Mac – Mar 16, 2010

I LOVE your bio. Short, sweet and to the point.

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