quin browne

Location varies
Occupation writer/theater prop master
Website http://www.quinbrowne-words.blogspot.com

About Me

i write, i work in theater when i can, i've worked in films (script supervisor/continuity)... i read and watch far too many films. i'm not terribly social, i distrust anything that requires reading a book to make it work properly, i spend as much time as i can in new york and england.

i make amazing meatballs and red gravy--grown men have been known to weep when they discover the pot is empty.

some of my work is published (web and print) some isn't. life is funny like that.

i've recently been appointed as one of the editors on the ezine, disenthralled..i'm still stunned i'm that trusted.

i really write for one person... if he likes the work, i'm content.

i'm good with that.

Why do you write?

i have an entire collection of people in my head... i write about their stories instead of holding one sided conversations, speaking aloud to them.. when that happens, people look at you oddly and eventually, you wear a clever white coat...and white is only acceptable between memorial day and labour day.

Any favorite authors? Books?

to kill a mockingbird-if we all had a bit of atticus finch in us, we wouldn't have most of the problems in the world.

my name is asher lev- it reads like a painting

the road-texture and language so rich, i wish i could read braille, just to feel the words.

since i work in theater, i read a number of plays... i'm fond of mamet, wilde and becket. i'm very familiar with simon's works (i did work with the neil simon festival for years..so, no wonder) and i find the work of labute brilliant.

quin browne's Wall

LynnAlexander – Feb 16, 2010

I'm open to a fake textured soy protein meatball!
Hello Quin, I didn't realize you were here. I wanted to extend my best wishes for disenthralled. Please let me know if I can do anything to help. Walt has said so many nice things about you and you have his full confidence!
I hope you share more of yourself, and your creative work. Keep in touch.

Christian Bell – Feb 16, 2010

Hi, Quin! Welcome!

Michael J. Solender – Feb 11, 2010

I would like a meatball.

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