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Ian Ayris – Aug 20, 2010

Hi Laurita. Thanks so much for your comments on 'Over the Edge'. Much appreciated. Especially mentioning the voice thing. I just write whatever I hear in my head, so it's so gratifying to know I've translated it okay. Warmest regards, Ian :)

Christian Bell – Mar 24, 2010

Laurita, thanks for your recent comments on several of my stories!

Finnegan Flawnt – Mar 23, 2010

thanks for your comment on "at a welsh wedding", laurita! keep 'em coming. cheers -ff

Darryl Price – Mar 23, 2010

We're very happy to have you with us.

Erin Cole – Mar 17, 2010

Hi Laurita,
Wow, excellent photo. So glad you're to read your story now!

J. Mac – Mar 16, 2010

Oh la la Laurita! I love bumping in to my favorite writers.

Linda Simoni-Wastila – Mar 16, 2010

Hello my favorite parser of prose! Peace, Linda

Christian Bell – Feb 25, 2010

Just realized you were on F'naut, Laurita! Belated welcome!

Jack Nelson – Feb 24, 2010

I sure you get this all the time - but geographically, you're in a unique place. I worked w/an editor named Geoff Hounsel, he was from New'land. Probably don't know him. welcome.

Michael J. Solender – Feb 08, 2010

yo you yo. Not the end of the world, but you can see it from your porch. Glad you made it!

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