Jack Nelson

Location Midwest
Occupation Producer, Writer
Website http://www.vimeo.com/user1907368/videos

About Me

I'm looking at you with the other eye.

Why do you write?

why does a termite attack a log? No, not an author - an impostor to be sure, and not a very good one at that.

Any favorite authors? Books?

David Markson, Wittgenstein's Mistress, et. al.
Cormac McCarthy: Blood Meridian
William Faulkner; all - esp. short story 'Courthouse & the Jail'
Dante, Divine Comedy
Poems by James Dickey
Poems by L.S. Asekoff
Poems by Clark Coolidge
Poems by GM Hopkins (instress & inscape)
Adventures along the wine route, Kermit Lynch
P.G. Wodehouse -- all Bertie Wooster chronicles
Patrick O'Brien -- entire Master & Commander Series
Luc Sante's criticism
Octavio Paz's "Alternating Currents"
Yukio Mishima "Sun & Steel"
Anatomy of Melancholy, Robert Burton
Dostoevsky's Notes from the Underground
Diary of a Nobody, Grossman
Woyzeck, by George Buchner
Confessions of an Opium Eater, De Quincey
Candide, Voltaire
Sufferings of Young Werther, Goethe
Donald Barthelme, Porcupines at the University
Pentateuch, Gospels, Lamentations
Adam Gopnik's Criticism
The one who was standing apart from me, Maurice Blanchot
Stendahl's Rouge et Noir
Ellison's Invisible Man
Autobiography of Art Pepper by Art & Laurie Pepper
Education of Henry Adams, Henry Adams
Francis Bacon, the Painter
Clyfford Still, the Painter
JMW Turner's Landscape Paintings
Jack Pierson, the Photographer
Coleman A. Young, Quotations from the 5 term Mayor of Detroit

Jack Nelson's Wall

Bill Yarrow – Jan 27, 2011

Hi, Jack. Thanks for commenting on "Hope's Amanuensis." I'll check out Robins in Harper's.

Jack Swenson – Apr 10, 2010

High praise, Jack. Thanks!

Matthew A. Hamilton – Apr 08, 2010

Thanks for your comments about Blue Grass. Glad you enjoyed it.

Finnegan Flawnt – Apr 06, 2010

txs for your comment on "flatulence" - perhaps too few ex-suits on this site to really appreciate the sordid reflection of the sad ennui's joker face in this piece. your comment sits well with me. silent farts reverberate around the corporate world - no tragedy there because they don't endanger anyone least of all the system. saw "in good company" (2004) w/dennis quaid, topher grace again - spot on analysis in that flick.

Laurita Miller – Mar 02, 2010

Thanks for the welcome. I don't know Geoff Hounsell, but I know of him.

D. Weiden – Feb 25, 2010

Hi Jack, enjoyed your thoughts about regionalism in American politics. I agree with you that it appears that we're more divided than ever. I'll just note that regional divides are not new in American history, of course. I do think that innovations in media and technology have amplified these divides. Ah shit, that sounds way too academic... Think I'll put on a little MBV (one of my all-time faves) and chill out.

jo neace krause – Feb 25, 2010

Thank you, Jack for complement on my painting, the Horse Show. It is in the Kentucky Folk Art Center at Morehead. Next exhibition there is in July. Matt Collinsworth and Adrian Swain are great directors there, and are very good to unknown artists.

Frank Indiana – Feb 05, 2010

Thanks, for the welcome, Jack. Hope to get into the site this weekend.

Connie Rice – Dec 15, 2009

Thank you for posting on my wall and drawing me to this place. If you like Bad Brains you are okay with me :-)

Katrina Gray – Dec 09, 2009

Wow, Jack. Thanks for reading my Alfred Chester bit. That was an old one, and you somehow unearthed it. It is now a zombie.

Welcome to the 'naut!

Jack Varnell – Dec 03, 2009

Jack- Thanks for the graffiti...joke of the day is my name is John N. "Jack" Nelson Varnell. Interesting, No? Blessings.

Joe Tripician – Nov 05, 2009

I once wrote a screenplay based on one of Donald Barthelme's short stories. Lovely language, sparse, where what's unwritten becomes haunting. I think of him now as Raymond Carver on LSD as filmed by Alain Resnais.

Jack Nelson – Nov 04, 2009

Thanks DP. it's like house painting: most of the work is in the prep -- haven't painted a damn thing though, just keep prepping. My wife hates my reliance on metaphor but I frankly can't avoid it.

Darryl Price – Nov 04, 2009

Jack--that list is a poem all by itself!

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