Jack Varnell

Location USA
Website http://www.emotionalorphan.net

About Me

I am not a hero, possess no fortune, haven’t changed the course of mankind in any way. I am unaware of any whose life has been permanently altered by knowing me, and for the most part I know nothing about their lives today. On the other hand, I am no serial killer, thief, dictator , malingerer, or miscreant. I am not in jail or institution. Some were sure I would be. I am not dead. Bets were surely placed on how long Id last.

Why do you write?

Mine is a story the world could probably do without, but for me, it is one that must be told.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Neruda, The Beats, Rilke, Hesse, Dotsoyevsky, Nietzche, Camus, Not God by Ernest Kurtz, Kim Addonizio,
ad nauseum...ad infinitum...

Jack Varnell's Wall

Brianne Baxtali – Mar 20, 2011

Hey, thanks for reading my fragment of a story I don't remember inventing. It's always cool whenever somebody reads a piece and leaves a comment so I know what I'm doing right (or wrong).

J. Mac – Aug 13, 2010

Do I know you?

Matt Dennison – May 16, 2010

Thanks for going back and reading that story of mine, Jack. It's hard to find people to read the longer pieces, so I appreciate it.

J. Mykell Collinz – May 15, 2010

Jack, thanks for reading and commenting on At Seventeen. Look forward to reading more of your work.

Jack Nelson – Dec 08, 2009

thanks for checking out vimeo stuff -- esp. mule documentary.

Jack Nelson – Dec 03, 2009

house always wins when it comes to bets over the long haul -- you're the house. good list.

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