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A Welcome and Primer STICKY 84 Joani Reese 8 months ago by Gary Hardaway
All this stuff on my computer 6 Nonnie Augustine 7 minutes ago by Erika Byrne-Ludwig
two finds, unread and recommended 1 strannikov 3 days ago by strannikov
Taco Bell 2 Chris Okum 13 days ago by Jenny Rawls
Back in April 5 Bill Yarrow 18 days ago by Tim Young
Invitations not arriving 3 Ann Bogle 28 days ago by Ann Bogle
Gulp...sharing my Kirkus Review with you guys. 10 Nonnie Augustine 1 month ago by Mathew Paust
Winner, winner, parrot dinner! 8 Adam Sifre 1 month ago by Adam Sifre
Estelle Bruno 4 Darryl Price 1 month ago by Ann Bogle
Anthology Submission Call Begins Nov. 11 2 RW Spryszak 1 month ago by RW Spryszak
Icosadyadria made it into the Sept. 1 Kirkus Reviews! 7 Crabby McGrouchpants 1 month ago by Jenny Rawls
stimulating, vexing, or of no consequnce at all 6 strannikov 1 month ago by strannikov
A good way of putting it: 6 Nonnie Augustine 1 month ago by Mathew Paust
Deer Heart Magazine still seeking submissions 4 Kait Mauro 1 month ago by Mathew Paust
Call for Manuscripts 1 Kait Mauro 1 month ago by Kait Mauro
Tribute to Sally Houtman in Flash Frontier 14 Rachna K. 1 month ago by Matthew Robinson
The Ekphrastic Review 9 John Riley 1 month ago by John Riley
My book website & how to buy my books. 8-] 3 Nonnie Augustine 2 months ago by Ann Bogle
Prayers for Vegas and Tom Petty 4 Darryl Price 2 months ago by Mathew Paust
In Depth: An Interview with Marcus Speh 6 Marcus Speh 3 months ago by Charlotte H.
CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS 5 Kait Mauro 3 months ago by Kitty Boots
Review of Nonnie's book 5 Mathew Paust 3 months ago by Gary Hardaway
Oyez oyez, Nonnie's debut book is out today! 8 Mathew Paust 3 months ago by Nonnie Augustine
"Flash Fiction for the Age of Trump" now a Kindle Single! 4 Crabby McGrouchpants 3 months ago by Crabby McGrouchpants
Need suggestions, advice 5 Kitty Boots 3 months ago by Tim Young
It's my horn, and I'll toot if I want to. 11 Adam Sifre 3 months ago by Adam Sifre
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