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A Welcome and Primer STICKY 78 Joani Reese 1 year ago by Phillis Ideal
An Essay from Barrett Warner at REVOLUTION JOHN 2 Sheldon Lee Compton 5 hours ago by David Ackley
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Summer Quarterly - Revolution ... from Blue Fifth Review 1 Sam Rasnake 1 day ago by Sam Rasnake
Joani Reese at CPR 3 Barry Basden 2 days ago by Sam Rasnake
Sara Lippman's Doll Palace 5 Carol Reid 2 days ago by Joani Reese
This is, like, *literally* the best article I've ever read 16 Nocticula 4 days ago by R. K.
Discussion of the strangeness of Fictionaut these days 37 Sheldon Lee Compton 5 days ago by Jerry Ratch
Florida author Steph Post interviewed at Revolution John 1 Sheldon Lee Compton 7 days ago by Sheldon Lee Compton
Tell It Slant 2 Charlotte Hamrick 8 days ago by Sam Rasnake
Night Train is back!! 1 Jim Harrington 10 days ago by Jim Harrington
Ian Svenonius 3 Oliver Hunt 11 days ago by Chris Okum
another good resource 2 Carol Reid 12 days ago by J.A. Pak
Interview and Q&A session with Jarrid Deaton at REVOLUTION JOHN 1 Sheldon Lee Compton 12 days ago by Sheldon Lee Compton
A great read: Barry Friesen's new collection 17 David Ackley 13 days ago by David Ackley
Citation Needed Please 2 Chris Okum 14 days ago by Crabby McGrouchpants
Get to work! 3 Matt Dennison 14 days ago by Nocticula
Design & Photography 5 Lost In Thought 14 days ago by Lost In Thought
I'm now an associate editor of Night Train 15 Sheldon Lee Compton 15 days ago by Henry Hoyle
Here's an interesting thread... 13 Matt Dennison 15 days ago by Henry Hoyle
Help with writing erotica 4 Dolemite 15 days ago by Henry Hoyle
On reading The Love Song of J. Alfred... 53 mxi wodd 15 days ago by Henry Hoyle
Early review of "Brown Paper Bag" 4 Nocticula 16 days ago by Henry Hoyle
Blue Fifth Review... August 2014 Issue 4 Sam Rasnake 16 days ago by James Lloyd Davis
Squeeze Me Lemon Till The Juice Runs Down My Leg, Luv, And Then, When You're Done, Would You Please Fetch Me A Cuppa, With Just A Spot Of Cream? 12 Chris Okum 17 days ago by Oliver Hunt
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