stephen hastings-king

Location essex massachusetts
Occupation bon vivant

About Me

i live by a salt marsh.
i prepare pianos.
i make entertainments.
i walk a wonder husky.
i drive in circles.

Why do you write?

i like to make stuff.

Any favorite authors? Books?

round 1: alain robbe-grillet (jalousie) michel butor (mobile) georges perec (life: a users manual, species of spaces) raymond queneau (children of clay), jacques roubaud (great fire of london), william gaddis (recognitions), william h. gass (tunnel).



round 2: joyce. beckett. proust. olson sometimes, pound other times. mei mei bursenbrugge's sphericity. some susan howe but i forget which. w.g. sebald.


bruno schulz.

stephen hastings-king's Wall

Gary Hardaway – Jan 11, 2013

Thank you, Stephen, for the generous comparison of "Linear A" to the late work of Max Ernst. I am grateful.

Matthew Robinson – Jan 01, 2013

Appreciate the kind words on my story "Three Endings," SHK. It means a lot coming from you. Happy New Year!

Robert Vaughan – Dec 08, 2012

Stephen, thanks for your thoughtful musings on "What Some Boys Do." Grateful indeed.

Gloria Garfunkel – Nov 22, 2012

Re: Aflame. Stephen: I loved your suggestions. I'm big on extra periods, but I've never deleted a comma. What freedom! I think it makes a big difference. Thank you so much for taking the thought and time.

Penny Goring – May 06, 2012

Thank you very much xx

Nicolette Wong – May 05, 2012

thanks for reading my piece, stephen! i wasn't so sure of it at the onset either ;)

Foster Trecost – Apr 06, 2012

Stephen, thanks for reading Cactus, and thanks for the comment, too - I appreciate both very much. fos.

Penny Goring – Jan 17, 2012

Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the Nick Pop thing. I'm dead chuffed. x

Penny Goring – Aug 20, 2011

I totally adore your 'About Me'. Thanks for your comment on Temp. P. (I like to be reminded I'm not the only one who's walked barefoot & skinted/no map!) x

Jack Swenson – Aug 19, 2011

You know, the young temperance lady was sort of foxy, now that you mention it. Thanks, Stephen, for the read and the star!

Berit Ellingsen – Jul 28, 2011

Hi Stephen!

Thank you very much for reading and commenting on Early Summer! Very glad to hear you liked the exterior and the interior, for me its much the same, that's why I indulge in my addiction to descriptions! :)

You're right, it is a high rise, but maybe more organic than JG Ballard's landscapes (which scare me a lot).

Jack Swenson – Jul 28, 2011

I appreciate your read, comment, and star (?) for "The Bicycle." The support on this site is fabulous.

Christopher Allen – Jul 15, 2011

Hey, Stephen! Thank you for commenting on "Nothing Between Us." Yes, very very unpleasant folk in this one. :)

Tantra Bensko – Jun 24, 2011

very exciting!

Jennifer Solheim – Jun 23, 2011

bienvenue à paris! (well, in an fnaut sorta way.) glad to be in contact, stephen, and looking forward to reading more of your work.

Robert Vaughan – Jun 19, 2011

Hi Stephen, thanks for the recent read and comments on 3 Short Shorts. Glad they struck a chord.

Christian Bell – Jun 17, 2011

Stephen, thanks for your read and comments on "Drive"!

Jack Swenson – Jun 16, 2011

Oh, my God, another bond trader story! My favorite!


David Ackley – Jun 13, 2011

Thanks again, Stephen, for the good meaty comment on "Tiger Milk<" your perceptions very interesting, much appreciated. On another note, I'm laboring (not by virtue of boredom but bad French) through La Vie:Mode d'emploi, though a long road to go, Liking it though.

Christopher Allen – Jun 02, 2011

Hey, Stephen! Thank you for taking the time to read and leave such an interesting, perceptive comment on "The Language." Much appreciated. Hope you're doing well.

Berit Ellingsen – May 31, 2011

Thanks a lot for the comments to Repatriation. I may some day experiment with more maximalism, but I may like simplicity too much.

BTW, What are "ado-boys"? Adonis-boys? Adidas-boys? :)

Julie Innis – May 18, 2011

Stephen, thank you - your comment meant a great deal to me, touches on what concerned me most about the story. Though I don't miss FB itself, I do miss our political exchanges. Hope all is well.

ABxx – May 17, 2011

Hello, Steven. Thanks so much for the fav on "The Mariner's Daughter." I look forward to reading more of your work.

James Lloyd Davis – May 13, 2011

Stephen, thanks for the comment on "The complete, unabridged contents of an abandoned diary found in Memphis." You're right, grit is my preferred and natural environment, though I've been away from it for a while. It's like riding a bike, though. Once you're there, you never forget.

Foster Trecost – May 12, 2011

Hey Stephen, thanks for the great comment on Table Thoughts. I really appreciate your feedback. Fos.

Bill Yarrow – May 05, 2011

Thanks for commenting on "Semi Tiresias," Stephen. Tiresias could foresee the future--he just forgot what was going to happen!

Julie Innis – Apr 22, 2011

SH-K, Your comment touches on one of my biggest concerns with the story and as such, I am happily relieved. And, as always, much thanks!

Foster Trecost – Apr 21, 2011

Hi Stephen, thanks for what you said about Misplace Emotions. You seem to get the story just the way I intended, and that doesn't happen very often. fos.

Bill Yarrow – Apr 20, 2011

Thanks for faving "Addictions." Loved the Roland Kirk piece.

James Lloyd Davis – Apr 14, 2011

Thank you, Stephen, for the fave and the comment on "David Foster Wallace meets the sage Lao Tse in a strange place."

M.H. – Mar 30, 2011

Hi Stephen,
Thanks so much for your generous comments on "Christina Heppel" (loosely set between the wars) - I so glad you liked it!

Foster Trecost – Mar 28, 2011

Hey Stephen, thanks for reading Man on the Run. Thanks for commenting, too. fos.

Karen Eileen Sikola – Feb 24, 2011

Loved your story on fwriction:review today.

Bill Yarrow – Feb 09, 2011

Thanks for the fave also!

Bill Yarrow – Feb 09, 2011

Thanks for the comment on "The Assassination of Sadat." Always enjoy your reactions to my work, Stephen.

Shelagh Power-Chopra – Dec 20, 2010

drunken conversations about greenheads, that's a good name for a short story. A husband and wife drink and bicker on the porch all summer day about greenheads and then the mailman arrives bearing disastrous news...

No greenheads down here, just ticks and quahogs. And some mighty good miniature golf courses, many built in the '50s, not abandoned per se...but probably should be...

Shelagh Power-Chopra – Dec 20, 2010

I live by a salt marsh too. Does that make both of us write a lot of pretentious, preachy landscape poetry?! Heard Essex is lovely, have only been to Rockport–lovely (but unfortunately dry!)

Susan Tepper – Dec 15, 2010

Stephen, I'm really glad you like "saying" and thank you!
cheers! susan

Julie Innis – Dec 10, 2010

Thank you for your observation about the legs - liked that point quite a bit.

Larry Strattner – Dec 02, 2010

I'm in the middle of reading Desert by J.M.G. Le Clezio. I think I like Disappeared Things because it's tone reminds me of JMGL's style. I think you might like this book.

Cherise Wolas – Dec 02, 2010

Stephen, thanks for the great comment on Gin And A Cowboy: Redux... loved the way it felt to you in the reading!

Foster Trecost – Dec 01, 2010

Hi Stephen, thanks for reading Moon View Mountain Road, and thanks for the comments, too - I really appreciate that. fos.

Jules Archer – Nov 22, 2010

Stephen - thanks for commenting on "Lay on Me". Appreciate it!!

Shelagh Power-Chopra – Nov 21, 2010

Thanks, Stephen!

Michelle Elvy – Nov 08, 2010

Thanks, Steve, for your comment on Two Trees. Hope you're loving Fn!!

J. Mykell Collinz – Nov 05, 2010

Hi, Stephen. Thanks for reading 'Fifty Five Words or Less.' I appreciate your comment.

Julie Innis – Oct 27, 2010

thank you for your thought-filled comment. Much to digest, always appreciated!

Jack Swenson – Oct 25, 2010

Great comment on my story "The Party." Thank you so much!

Bill Yarrow – Oct 25, 2010

Thanks for commenting on "Florid Psychosis." I always appreciate your reads, Stephen.

M – Oct 21, 2010

Thank you for your comments on "Mrs. Quigby," Stephen. I appreciate hearing that the voice is doing what I intended it to do in the piece. I look forward to reading more of your work. -- Q

Bill Yarrow – Oct 11, 2010

Thanks for commenting on the Orange Julius poem. Glad you liked it twisty! Fun to write.

Martin Dodd – Sep 25, 2010

Thanks for the response re: Cowboy Poetry. The image of being tied to a port-o-john in the parking lot of a rodeo with nowhere else to go may replace my long-held notion that I have been dropped into a Gary Larson cartoon. One may cry or sing.

Julie Innis – Sep 22, 2010

You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Much thanks for your thoughts re. My Tumor.

Marcus Speh – Sep 21, 2010

much enjoyed your post to the general forum thread on publishing/fictionaut and responded - wonder what you think. cheers from berlin!

ABxx – Sep 20, 2010

Thanks for commenting, Steven. All best, I.

Walter Bjorkman – Sep 19, 2010

Stephen - thanks for the comments on my The Last Time - Guy agreed with your view (socialist realism), calling it a Mao poster meets peasant farming. My take (afterwards, not intent, I often slip into mode without defining) was Norman Rockwell draws the Joad family. Nice to see I for once can elicit sort of similar responses. Appreciate the read.

stephen hastings-king – Sep 14, 2010

it pleases me to think that phrase may have it's own life, julie. thanks. yeats is tricky. some of his stuff i like. other aspects of his work make me want to staple myself to something. but i've not read him in any depth for a while now. should i?

Julie Innis – Sep 14, 2010

adding "pale, sensitive and irritating ado-boys" to my list of favorite phrases. Great response. So what say you Yeats?

Bill Yarrow – Sep 13, 2010

Thanks for reading and commenting on "Black Squirrel Poem." Appreciate it, Stephen!

Bill Yarrow – Sep 13, 2010

Love your favorite authors list. I teach (or have taught) Robbe-Grillet, Queneau, Calvino, Borges, Joyce, Beckett, Proust, and Schulz. Glad to see Gombrowicz on the list.

stephen hastings-king – Aug 15, 2010

hola. yes here i am. thanks for the welcome(s)...

Michelle Elvy – Aug 15, 2010

Hey! You are here! Welcome, my friend. So looking forward to reading your stuff here.

Darryl Price – Aug 05, 2010

Hi Stephen. Welcome.

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