Jane Hammons

Location Berkeley, CA
Occupation Teacher of writing, UC Berkeley (retired)
Website http://www.janehammons.com/

Books by Jane Hammons
  • by Shari MacDonald Strong, Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner
    Seal Press, 2008.

  • by Robert Swartwood
    W. W. Norton & Company, 2010.

  • by Charles McLeod
    Outpost19, 2013.

  • by Erin Elizabeth Smith, T.A. Noonan, Rhonda Lott
    Sundress Publications, 2014.
  • About Me

    I write fiction, creative nonfiction, the occasional poem, as well as articles and critical essays.

    My writing has appeared in Akashic Books (online); Alaska Quarterly Review; Atticus Review; Brain Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers; Columbia Journalism Review; Concho River Review; Contrary Magazine; Crimespree Magazine, East Bay Monthly, Full Grown People, Poetry Quarterly, San Francisco Chronicle Magazine, Southwestern American Literature, The Millions, and Word Riot. I've been nominated a couple of times for Pushcart Prizes, a gazillion years ago was awarded an Academy of American Poets prize, and recently received a Derringer Award from the Short Mystery Fiction Society for Best Flash Story. A collection of short stories was shortlisted by Salt Publishing for The Scott Prize (2013). My story "Oryx Love" was a finalist in ScreenCraft's inaugural Cinematic Short Story Contest (2016).

    I've conducted creative writing workshops for A Room of Her Own Foundation, Georgia O'Keeffe Ghost Ranch, Abiqui, New Mexico; and given presentations on storytelling (Justice Stories, Resistance Stories and Just Good Stories; American Cultures, UC Berkeley) and writing and teaching with social media (SXSWedu, Austin, Texas)--to name a few of many.

    Why do you write?

    Life, teaching, dance, photography. Force of habit--kind of like breathing.

    Any favorite authors? Books?

    Roberto Bolaño, Octavia Butler, Anne Carson, Marguerite Duras, Thaisa Frank, Eduardo Galeano, Shirley Hazzard, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Ryszard Kapuscinski, Larry McMurtry, Flannery O'Connor, Michael Ondaatje, Robert Stone, Sarah Waters, Walt Whitman, Robert Wilson

    Jane Hammons's Wall

    Ylan Ha – Sep 24, 2014

    Hi Professor. Thank you for reading and commenting. Also, thank you for liking my story. I think once I got over the "first published story" anxiety, new ideas keep popping up. I'm jotting those down and will start working on them soon!

    Penny Goring – Jun 25, 2013


    Gary Hardaway – Jan 28, 2013

    Jane, I am truly enjoying your photographs. Thanks for them and for your generous response to Black Bombers.

    John Riley – Jan 08, 2013

    Jane, thanks for commenting and faving "Testimony." I'm delighted you enjoyed it.

    Tina Barry – Dec 29, 2012

    Hi Jane. Thanks for the comments and star for "The High Line, NYC." I know what you mean about each poem being a frame. There's a lot of peering through the glass, so to speak, in the poems. Happy New Year.

    Robert Vaughan – Dec 08, 2012

    Jane, thanks for your recent comments on "What Some Boys Do."

    Jo Rasmus – Dec 07, 2012

    Perfect ending! Thanks so much for your fav and encouragement.

    Foster Trecost – Nov 29, 2012

    Hi Jane, thanks for reading a bar for all occasions, and thanks for taking the extra time to comment; I appreciate it very much! fos.

    Alex M. Pruteanu – Nov 28, 2012

    thank you for your kind comments on my story Moldova, 1977

    Yasmin Elaine Waring – Nov 25, 2012

    Thank you Professor Hammons! Your comments on "Texas Route 29" mean a lot to me.

    Gloria Garfunkel – Nov 24, 2012

    Hair: I think the real action of change was on the farms and the communes. NYC was the center of narcissism.

    Gloria Garfunkel – Oct 05, 2012

    Thanks for "Mother's Day." I still laugh when I read this one.

    Gessy Alvarez – Sep 17, 2012

    Thanks so much Jane for reading "Childless." I've never heard of Nataliz Ginzburg. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Jaime Franchi – Jul 13, 2012

    Hi Jane - I'm brand new here and just found your comment on my wall. I didn't realize I had a wall! Thank you so much. I really enjoy your work.

    Carol Reid – Jul 10, 2012

    Looking forward to more in your series relating to your Cherokee heritage, Jane. Thanks for answering my question about native soldiers.

    Meg Pokrass – Jun 29, 2012

    Hi Jane! Thanks for reading and commenting and your support for "Them". Hope all is well, and hope to see you very soon.. meg

    J. Mykell Collinz – Jun 13, 2012

    Hi, Jane. Thanks for reading 'Global Arms.' I greatly appreciate your comment.

    Matt Mason – Jun 04, 2012

    A belated "Thank you!" for the welcome to Fictionaut!

    DJ Young – May 31, 2012

    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on O Fortuna. Greatly appreciated.

    David Ackley – May 29, 2012

    Jane, thanks so much for checking out my poems at Camroc Press Review. I liked your review of the novel too, and I'm reccommending the book to Ann, who's the reader of mysteries in our family.

    Barry Basden – May 27, 2012

    Thanks, Jane, for your touching comments about 'Ray's People...' My people, too, have been like yours and Ray's. A most poignant and restless weekend for many like us, I suspect.

    MaryAnne Kolton – May 24, 2012

    Jane, thanks for taking the time to read Running Forward. I think Bethann and Lloyd must have slept through health and human sexuality class. . .

    Tina Barry – May 17, 2012

    Hi Jane. Thanks for commenting on "Everything is Fine" and for the star. And your note to me ("power of your pen")made my day! Thank you.

    Nicolette Wong – May 08, 2012

    Thanks Jane, for reading and commenting on "Throw"! Much appreciated! Looking forward to reading more of your work, too.

    Penny Goring – May 06, 2012

    Thanks, Jane. Very appreciated. x

    Foster Trecost – Apr 11, 2012

    Hi Jane, thanks for giving Cactus a few minutes of your time - I really appreciate the read, and the comments, too. fos.

    M.H. – Apr 06, 2012

    Thank you so much, Jane, for your comments on "Telling." I hope you are doing well - have been enjoying your pics on FB!

    Linda Simoni-Wastila – Mar 30, 2012

    Hey Jane, thank you for your generous comment and fave on After he failed to wake up. So glad you're back (yes, I have missed you) and writing and reading. Hope all is well in your world. Peace...

    Barry Basden – Mar 30, 2012

    Thanks, Jane, for your comments and fave for 'My Last Hunts.' I'm glad it resonated.

    Bill Yarrow – Mar 26, 2012

    Jane, thanks for commenting on and faving "The Hotel Where Esenin Hanged Himself."

    Mark Reep – Mar 22, 2012

    Hi Jane, thanks for your comments on 'Grace', very much appreciated. Saw you've listed China Miéville among your favorite writers- Have you read M. John Harrison's 'Light' and 'Nova Swing'? All best!

    Penny Goring – Mar 18, 2012

    Thanks, Jane. I MUST try to sort a decent recording of 'I Fear Nuffink'. x

    Steven Gowin – Mar 15, 2012

    Hi Jane. On the Texas story... you said: Great fiction always tells the truth! This is very real. I can taste the Jack Daniels. I would actually end the story "I was on his back, smiling true happiness, a bitten apple in my right hand"--A little girl having taken a bite out of the apple would be too hard for me to resist as the closing image-- not that you asked :) *

    Do you mean you'd end it right after "apple in my right hand," ? If that's what I understand you're saying, I think you're absolutely right. I'd get out right there... no mas. Back right off. Whatever followed was superfluous. I'm not completely sure how Fictionaut works yet, but this is Steve Gowin (Steven Gowin).

    Jules Archer – Dec 03, 2011

    Hey Jane - thanks so much for the comments and feedback on "Cloudy..." Appreciated!

    Marcus Speh – Dec 02, 2011

    ha, "mother's little helper"...thanks jane for the generous comment on "the serious writer occupies wall street". cheers!

    Andrew Stancek – Nov 18, 2011


    I am a great admirer of your work so your kind words about "Sounds of Silence" mean much to me. Thank you.

    Gill Hoffs – Oct 31, 2011

    Thanks, Jane! Really appreciate the comment and the fave on 'Annie MacLeod' - looking forward to seeing our work together soon :)

    Kari Nguyen – Oct 31, 2011

    Jane, so nice of you to stop by my short pieces. Glad you liked them. Hope all is well!

    Joani Reese – Oct 23, 2011

    Hi Jane: I always appreciate it when you comment on and like my work. Thanks for your response to "2008..."

    Penny Goring – Oct 22, 2011

    *YELLS HER THANKS* XXX < loud kisses

    David Ackley – Oct 22, 2011

    Thanks, Jane for the look and comment on "Base," bit of gritty nostalgia for you...

    Erin McGrath – Oct 11, 2011

    Jane, how very interesting! Thanks for reading and the comment - I'm glad you liked my little poem. :-)

    Christopher Allen – Sep 22, 2011

    Hi, Jane. Sorry for the slow response. I've been slammed with work lately. Thank you for your comment on "Husk of Hare". I hope you're doing well.

    Bill Yarrow – Sep 15, 2011

    Your comment on "The Knitting Needle," made me very happy, Jane. Thank you. And for the fave.

    Susan Rukeyser – Sep 15, 2011

    Thanks for your comment on "Spray-Tans in the 70s!" I really appreciate your support.

    Jack Swenson – Sep 13, 2011

    Thanks, Jane. Glad you got a chuckle out of "The List." More truth than poetry in that little tale, I'm afraid.

    Chad Rohrbacher – Sep 11, 2011

    Thanks for the welcome, Jane

    Ron Earl Phillips – Sep 10, 2011

    Jane, thanks for the comment on "The Dog Catcher." Appreciate your support.

    David Ackley – Sep 10, 2011

    Jane, thanks for checking out " In the Woods," glad to have your ever insightful eye applied.

    Matthew Robinson – Sep 06, 2011

    Thanks for the comment and the fave, Jane!

    Susan Tepper – Sep 05, 2011

    Jane, it's funny but I find this story tame by comparison to some of yours, but like they say: the writer is the last to know. That you found this so disturbing is such a great compliment, because I so much admire your disturbing stories-- esp the one we chatted up.

    Gill Hoffs – Sep 04, 2011

    Thank you for the lovely comment and fave on 'Annie MacLeod' - much appreciated!

    Susan Rukeyser – Sep 04, 2011

    Thanks for your kind words abut "Mother Lies." I hope you're right & he stays part-savage, if only in his imagination. He's most himself in the woods - perhaps that's where his wild man lives.

    Susan Rukeyser – Sep 03, 2011

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful words about "Dirty Business!" And thanks again for introducing me to this wonderful community. I'm slowly but surely finding my way around, and I love what I see. Looking forward to getting to know your work better.

    Marcus Speh – Sep 02, 2011

    thanks jane, for the comment on "before the bloodbath". during production, the title actually came to me last! but then everything fell into place...

    Foster Trecost – Aug 31, 2011

    Hi Jane. Just a little thank you for spending some time with Blank Checks - I really appreciate the read and your comments. fos.

    David Ackley – Aug 30, 2011

    Dear Jane,

    Thanks for the great comment on " Felder on Ice." Love it back.

    Joani Reese – Aug 28, 2011

    Hi Jane: Glad "Play" could twist your tongue. I appreciate your comments and *.

    J. Mykell Collinz – Aug 28, 2011

    Hi, Jane. Thanks for reading 'Nothing in the Middle.' I greatly appreciate your comment and *.

    Penny Goring – Aug 28, 2011

    Thanks for reading me! (Temp. P.) XX

    Matthew Robinson – Aug 25, 2011

    Haha, it's a lot of fun. Although I didn't realize until after I had commented on your piece that today is Borges' birthday.

    Joani Reese – Aug 14, 2011

    Hi Jane:

    Just saw your comment on "Final Notes." Thanks for liking it--It's a work in progress. I added another cinquain about cutting up an autographed football and feeding its pieces to the dog... Left over anger at an ex's strange proclivities is wonderful fodder for mean little poems, especially when it becomes emotion recollected in tranquility, though I'm not sure this type of thing is what Wordsworth had in mind ; )

    Roberto C. Garcia – Aug 09, 2011

    Hi Jane, thanks for the kind words for my first stab at flash fiction, "Ghost writing". Cheers!

    Joani Reese – Jul 25, 2011

    Jane: "Simply beautiful" are simply exquisite words of praise. Thank you.

    Carol Reid – Jul 23, 2011

    Always appreciate your support, Jane! Thanks once again, and looking forward to your next story.

    Jack Swenson – Jul 23, 2011

    Jane, thanks for weighing in the Great Tots Controversy. I changed "ladies" to "people." I did know that the word lady could be offensive in the singular, but I thought is was okay in the plural form, e.g., Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. Lady, out of my way, please.

    MaryAnne Kolton – Jul 18, 2011

    Jane, can you wait for me to get there? I would give a body part to hear you read this in any BART station. . .

    Joani Reese – Jul 18, 2011

    Hi Jane: Thanks for the kind words about "Imago," now back to the novel! Best--J

    Bill Yarrow – Jul 17, 2011

    Jane, thank you for being a reader of my poems and for faving "Black Ice."

    Gill Hoffs – Jun 25, 2011

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read 'A bottle of raspberries' and fave it - I really appreciate it! All the best, Gill

    Berit Ellingsen – Jun 21, 2011

    Hi Jane! Thank you so much for the nice comment to and rereading of my story. :) The setting is even better in real life.

    Emily Bertholf – Jun 20, 2011

    Thank you, Jane for your generous comments on September Morning. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my work. I'm new here, so I'll look forward to reading your work too.

    Marcus Speh – Jun 20, 2011

    cheers, jane. am looking forward to reading your mothering story on my kindle ...thanks for commenting on <a href="http://www.fictionaut.com/stories/marcus-speh/under-the-apple-tree">under the apple tree</a>.

    Christopher Allen – Jun 19, 2011

    Hi, Jane!
    Thank you for your comment on "The Number 4"! I think Randall will feel awful as a piece of boxy boxite. :)

    J. Mykell Collinz – Jun 19, 2011

    Hi, Jane. Thanks for reading 'Mercury Unbound.' I greatly appreciate your wonderful comment and *.

    MaryAnne Kolton – Jun 18, 2011

    Jane, I worked for eight years rid myself of the big rocks and also still have a pile of pebbles to deal with. Writing is my therapy now. Each time I am able to reveal part of myself in my work those stones turn to pebbles and the pebbles to dust. Thank so much for seeing this piece for exactly what it is.

    Katie Norton – Jun 08, 2011

    Jane thanks for commenting on my story, Motley Crew. I enjoyed reading your interview on the Fictionaut Blog. Those interviews with the writers keep me going. Thanks for that, too!

    Marcus Speh – Jun 05, 2011

    thank you jane so very much - also for tweeting about "<a href="http://www.fictionaut.com/stories/marcus-speh/in-the-nude">in the nude</a>". real memories here, you'd be surprised how close to the truth this really is. heck, i am surprised...the past is an odd weed.

    James Lloyd Davis – Jun 04, 2011

    Jane, thanks for the fave and the postmodern suggestion concerning quotation marks on "The secret meaning of dreams." ("See ... can't help myself." he said. Jesuit grammatical disciplines and all, eh?)

    E. Victoria Flynn – Jun 04, 2011

    Hi Jane, thanks for the note on my tiny story. I'm sure you're right, the title is Avocados. :)

    Jack Swenson – Jun 02, 2011

    Jane, I hope you liked my Chagall inspired story. I live in a weird neighborhood! Thanks for the feedback.

    Tina Barry – Jun 01, 2011

    Hi Jane. Thanks for the kind words and star. I'm glad the last line of "Tuscaloosa" resonates for you.

    Michael J. Solender – May 30, 2011

    oh if only i were going to saint looie ...but alas no.. have a cold one for me..

    Berit Ellingsen – May 29, 2011

    Thanks so much for commenting on Repatriation! I'm impressed by your control of form and imagery, both in The Unknown Substance and Headstone III. Curious to see what you had in DecomP.

    Christopher Allen – May 29, 2011

    Hi, Jane! Thank you for commenting on "The Pain Taster." Hope you're doing well.

    Fred Osuna – May 18, 2011

    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on "Clockwork," Jane. I think that short scene could make for a heady Paul Auster-like labyrinthine piece ('cause what the heck is Bill really up to, anyway?). Whaddya think?

    Julie Innis – May 16, 2011

    Jane - thank you!

    Foster Trecost – May 16, 2011

    Hi Jane, thanks for reading Table Thouthts - I appreciate that, and the comment, too! fos.

    Carol Reid – May 16, 2011

    Jane, I'm so glad you liked my story, thanks!

    Marko Fong – May 14, 2011

    thanks for your kind comments about Imitation of Life.

    Mark Reep – May 14, 2011

    Hi Jane, thanks for reading and commenting on House Rabbit. Was a fun little piece to write, glad you had a laugh :)

    Greg Davis – May 13, 2011

    Hi Jane,
    Thanks so much once again for your positive feedback and for making "Oaxaca Dreamland" one of your favorites! It's wonderful to get such a positive response and some direction from another writer. Thanks a million.

    Jack Swenson – May 09, 2011

    Thanks for the encouragement, Jane. The old folks at the home in Fergus Falls appreciate your support.

    Marc Lowe – May 08, 2011

    Thanks, Jane! I x-posted the piece to the Noir group. Much appreciated.

    David Ackley – May 07, 2011

    thanks, Jane, glad you approve of my twisted "Intervals."

    David Ackley – May 06, 2011

    Thanks , Jane for the gourmet response to "Tortillas."

    Jane Flett – May 02, 2011

    Thanks for the comment on my cowgirl song, Jane! I may have said this before, but I adore Dreaming In Mink.

    Jerry Ratch – Apr 30, 2011

    Thanks, Jane! You are right! By the way, you can find these words at the intersection of College and Ashby. I think I've written about 3 books at Cafe Roma over the years!

    James Lloyd Davis – Apr 29, 2011

    Thanks, Jane, for the generous comment on "So I asked myself, 'What would Shane do?'"

    Kathy Fish – Apr 29, 2011

    Jane, thanks so much for the nice words & fav for "The Bed." Appreciate it!

    Neil Serven – Apr 29, 2011

    Hey there. Thanks so much for giving “The Wreck of Me” a nice read, and of course for the fav and wonderful comment.

    M.H. – Apr 29, 2011

    Hi Jane - Thank you so, so much for your generous comments on "The Last Swim" - I'm thrilled you liked it :)!

    James Lloyd Davis – Apr 25, 2011

    Jane, thanks ever so much for the fave and the comment on "The Rising." You're so good to me.

    M – Apr 23, 2011

    Dear Jane: Thank you so much for your great remarks on for my mother on mother's day. And I'm so glad to have continued the mom theme with the good read of your own work Dreaming in Mink. Wow! Can I take out an ad for it here on FN?

    Penny Goring – Apr 23, 2011

    Thank you! XXX

    Roberto C. Garcia – Apr 20, 2011

    Hi Jane, pleasure to meet you here! Thanks for your comments on "Egypt is Wisconsin".

    Bill Yarrow – Apr 18, 2011

    Thanks, Jane for the great comment on "Son of Goya." Appreciate your reading and commenting very much!

    Thomas Pluck – Apr 17, 2011

    Thank you so much for your kind comments on "An Arm and a Leg."

    Heather Kirn Lanier – Apr 13, 2011

    Yes, thought I'd give it a go! I could use the camaraderie.

    M – Apr 10, 2011

    Jane: Thank you so much for your very generous remarks on my piece alys. They mean so much to me!

    Alex Taitague – Apr 09, 2011

    Thank you so much for the invitation. Why isn't the world more like this website?

    Jo Deurbrouck – Apr 01, 2011

    Hey, thanks for reading "Rowdy," and helping me out with that ending. You wrote: "This is to say I love the way it is both protective and threatening. Is it possible to get some of that tension into the ending?" and that makes me think hard, because I absolutely was trying to get both the character's protectiveness and his...infantalization?....of his wife into those last lines. If I missed, maybe that's what's hitting me wrong about the ending too.

    Jack Swenson – Mar 20, 2011

    I must be doing something right if you say something nice about one of my stories, Jane. Thank you. Glad you liked "Big." Been awhile since I wrote a story that stirred so many emotions in me.

    Mark Reep – Mar 19, 2011

    Hi Jane, thanks for your comments on Snowdick. The dialogue was fun- Everything was, really :) And yeah, a little creative cussin' is always refreshing :)

    Penny Goring – Mar 18, 2011


    Jen Knox – Mar 12, 2011

    Thank you, Jane, for your comment on 'Wave'. You're the best!

    Jules Archer – Mar 08, 2011

    Thank you for the feedback on "Health Code". I really feel that's where the story needs some work too - so I appreciate the feedback SO much.

    Soon to be deleted – Mar 07, 2011

    Thanks for reading 2089

    Carol Reid – Mar 06, 2011

    That was an especially generous comment you made about Two Poets. Thanks, Jane.

    Keith U. – Mar 05, 2011

    Jane, thank you so much for reading "1991," and for the star!

    Doug Bond – Feb 25, 2011

    Jane...really appreciate your comments on Traces..Winter Sky. -- it was all i could do to resist a David Wroblewskian urge to introduce ether and quicklime as a deux ex machina :)

    Karrie Higgins – Feb 22, 2011

    I have been meaning to tell you this:

    On the day I read your story, "Sphincter," I had my computer propped on the kitchen counter so I could work standing up. When I do this, the computer screen faces the apartment door. I am usually careful to twirl the computer around if someone knocks, because lord knows the research and writing I do just looks weird. I don't need to scare off the maintenance crew. :)

    On this day, though, I forgot. The Fedex guy knocked. I answered. And there, right over my shoulder, blazing from my Macbook screen: SPHINCTER.

    He saw it. Oh yes, he did.

    Too bad I don't have a Polaroid of the face he made when he realized what he was reading--er, what I was reading.

    Tee hee.

    Jules Archer – Feb 20, 2011

    Jane - thanks for reading and your kind comments on "Liplorn". I may just whip the longer story into better shape!

    Jack Swenson – Feb 19, 2011

    Thanks for your comments about "War," Jane. 'fraid my feelings were all over the place at the time.

    Cynthia Hawkins – Feb 18, 2011

    Thanks Jane! I'm glad you noted the character dynamics in "Hoops" because that's one of those things I always wonder about, if it's actually coming across like I think it is. Very helpful!

    M – Feb 14, 2011

    Dear Jane: Thank you for your wonderful comments on ash. They mean so much to me. Happy Valentine's.

    Frank Vander Rasky – Feb 07, 2011

    Jane, many thanks for your “*badabing!” Happy you enjoyed “Badabing Badaboom.” Your comment and fave much appreciated! Franco :)

    Darryl Price – Feb 04, 2011

    Thank you so very much for your kind words. They mean the world to me.

    Robert Vaughan – Feb 04, 2011

    Thanks, Jane for reading and commenting on 10,000 Dollar Pyramid. I am grateful.

    J.B. Lacombe – Feb 02, 2011

    Jane, thank you for reading and commenting on my story. I'm glad the opening drew you in! :)

    M.H. – Jan 30, 2011

    Hi Jane - I'm so glad you liked "Nothing Good..." - & I can't thank you enough for your support :)!

    David Ackley – Jan 29, 2011

    Hey Jane, Thanks for picking up on " Hellgate," always great to have something catch your favor(ites).Favorwrites?Anyway, thanks a great bunch.

    Marcela Fuentes – Jan 28, 2011

    Thanks very much for your comments on my story. :)

    Fred Osuna – Jan 17, 2011

    Thanks for reading "Bogart Generations" and "Going in Circles" and leaving your kind words, Jane!

    Kim Conklin – Jan 17, 2011

    Thanks for the thoughtful comment and fave on Unheard, Jane. I appreciate the read and your connection to the piece.

    Stephanie Austin – Jan 17, 2011

    The first person is rather vilified these days, isn't it? Thanks for the read!

    E. Victoria Flynn – Jan 16, 2011

    Hi Jane! Thanks for inviting me. Looks like another great playground :)

    Lena Vanelslander – Jan 13, 2011

    My pleasure Jane, glad I discovered your work!

    Joshua Michael Stewart – Jan 11, 2011

    Hi Jane, Thanks for reading/commenting on my poem & invite to the noir group.

    Tina Barry – Jan 11, 2011

    Thank you for reading and commenting on "Harpoon," and thanks for the star. I'm so glad you liked the story.

    kate hill cantrill – Jan 10, 2011

    Hey Jane! One of my bestest friends is Larry McMurtry's daughter in law, well ex d in law. in, but still they keep in touch. He likes to send caviar during the holidays. Also, I love your list of writers. Swoon! I have a friend who is so obsessed with A. Monroe I think she'd have a stroke if you took her books from her.

    Shelagh Power-Chopra – Jan 06, 2011

    Jane, so glad you liked the leg & yes, maybe I should submit it to the noir group...!

    Walter Bjorkman – Jan 06, 2011

    Jane! - thanks for the comment on "Why do I . . . ". Now you have me thinking of making this guy a sometimes co-hort of my Eddie, who only tolerates him like he does Chalky. He could be good for some stories - maybe another rant, this time maybe some where in New Mexico . . . Thanks again, always appreciate your reads & comments. And now your assigned duties.

    Bill Yarrow – Jan 06, 2011

    Thanks for your lovely comment on and fave of "Whiplash Marriage," Jane.

    J. Mykell Collinz – Jan 05, 2011

    Hi, Jane. I appreciate your comment on 'Piece of Mind.' Glad you enjoyed reading. Thanks for the "Top honors" and the *.

    Fred Osuna – Dec 13, 2010

    Good morning, Jane! Thanks for popping over and leaving your kind commentary on "le Misérable." ¡Espero que la su Navidad sea feliz! (That's three languages at once.)

    Penny Goring – Dec 12, 2010

    Thanks for reading Bone Dust.

    I get your:'I'm always hearing voices. They like to tell stories.'

    That's how it is for me too. Cool! x

    Tawnysha Greene – Dec 05, 2010

    Thank you for your kind words about "Sundays." They are greatly appreciated!

    Joani Reese – Dec 04, 2010

    Jane: Thanks for your read of "East Memphis." It's one of my favorite places. I suppose that came through in my word choices.

    Susan Tepper – Dec 04, 2010

    Jane I'm thrilled to get a reponse from the woman who wrote Pleiku Jacket which is one of my all time fave's, thank you!

    M – Dec 01, 2010

    Thank you for your kind remarks about loon, Jane. They are very much appreciated. I also look forward to reading more of your work. Cheers. -- Q

    Foster Trecost – Nov 30, 2010

    Hi Jane, thanks for reading Familiar Things, and thanks for commenting, too.

    Kathy Fish – Nov 27, 2010

    Thanks, Jane, for the lovely comment and fave for "Repair Man." I really appreciate it!

    Kathy Fish – Nov 22, 2010

    Hey Jane Hammons, thanks so much for reading the interview and for the kind comments for "Snow." I really appreciate it. I always smile when I see your author photo, I love it!

    David Ackley – Nov 22, 2010

    Thanks so much Jane for the great comments on 'Keepers'. Glad it appeared on your radar. Unfortunately, your comment didn't on mine...no e-mail, which is why I'm so late acknowledging it.

    Keith U. – Nov 21, 2010

    Thank you so much for reading, commenting, and faving "Lettuce!"

    You made me smile, and made my day. :-)

    Jo Deurbrouck – Nov 21, 2010

    Hey Jane, thanks for the nice words about my flash, "Nemesis." I'd love any editing thoughts you have on that one. It bugs me. Still like the idea but it feels like I'm missing my own point.

    Joani Reese – Nov 21, 2010

    Jane: Thank you for responding to my work. It's a pleasure to be here with such talented writers. I'm waiting for your next piece.

    Jack Swenson – Nov 19, 2010

    Jane: Thank you. What a great comment about "Night & Day"!

    Michael J. Solender – Nov 19, 2010

    Ha ha Jane, yes we are warped! I think you saw this at YM. Thanks for reading again!

    Marko Fong – Nov 15, 2010

    just wanted to thank you for your very kind comment about my story, Battleship. I look forward to getting to know your writing too.

    Michelle Elvy – Nov 15, 2010

    Jane - gosh. Thanks for the heartfelt comment on Two Trees, and thanks for feeling the connection. I hope that thinking of your brother brings you joy alongside the inevitable sorrow. I am glad you came here late, and I am glad you are reading and writing as much as you do. You are a force of nature! Thank you again!

    stephen hastings-king – Nov 02, 2010

    thanks for reading and commenting on the next-to-newest event particle, jane. much appreciated.

    Karrie Higgins – Oct 29, 2010

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I bow down to your awesomeness!

    I am re-reading some of my faves of yours today. They just keep getting better.

    Jen Knox – Oct 27, 2010

    My pleasure, Jane. Your writing is incredibly powerful... I feel as though I'm becoming a better writer just by reading your work.

    Walter Bjorkman – Oct 27, 2010

    Thanks for comments on Something Jazzy - wouldn't mind having a tollbooth on that line out of town, but it would have to be omnipresent.

    Larry Strattner – Oct 25, 2010

    Thanks for your comment on Three of Swords. You're right. You're in the middle of it. I'm bad at 'love' scenes so I was working on this bit. My 'violence' scenes are a lot better but I'm trying to be a more well-rounded person.

    Jack Swenson – Oct 24, 2010

    Jane, thanks so much for the read & the fave for "Dream Girl."

    Kim Conklin – Oct 22, 2010

    Thanks for the thoughtful comment and fave on 4P28! What an observant point about the female character!

    Sara – Oct 21, 2010

    Jane, Thank you so much for your thoughtful note. I've been off FN for a while, but it's so nice to return and receive thoughtful feedback from readers like you. Hope all's well, Sara

    David Ackley – Oct 21, 2010

    Thanks, Jane, always a pleasure to read what you have to say about my work. If you do come across the Hemingway story, do send it along; I would love to read it.

    Jack Swenson – Oct 08, 2010

    Thanks, Jane, for your very flattering comment about my post 9/11 story.

    Bill Yarrow – Oct 03, 2010

    Thanks so much, Jane for your lovely comment on "Son of Uncle Sm." Appreciate it very much.

    Susan Tepper – Sep 27, 2010

    Jane, hysterical and crazy about sums up my mood when i wrote the vagina girl story (centerpiece), so glad you found it funny, thanks so much!

    Julie Innis – Sep 26, 2010

    Jane, thank you! Means a lot coming from you as I quite admire your work.

    M.H. – Sep 24, 2010

    Hi Jane - Thanks so much for reading/faving "Origin" - I'm so glad you liked it!

    Walter Bjorkman – Sep 19, 2010

    Jane - thanks for reading the flash The Last Time. That one I had fun writing, started with a recollection of someone derisively pronouncing wheat as all there is in Kansas - I flopped it. Hope that little thing - er, a novel or something, is going well and we will see some more flashes from ya.

    stephen hastings-king – Sep 18, 2010

    thanks for the read and comments of "the replacement." i'm glad that it got into your head.

    Fred Osuna – Sep 17, 2010

    Jane, thanks for the warm welcome and kind words about "Enid's Hat."

    Meg Pokrass – Sep 15, 2010

    Jane - thank you so much for your kind words about "California Fruit"! It means a lot. xo-meg

    Fred Osuna – Sep 15, 2010

    Thank you for the hospitality, Jane. It's nice to be here.

    David Ackley – Sep 05, 2010

    Thanks, Jane. I'd like having you read my stuff, even if you thought it was shit. Big bonus having you like it though.

    Frank Vander Rasky – Sep 04, 2010

    Jane, many thanks for stopping in to read "We Have Eskimo Bars" and for your nice comment on my use of language. Your FYI also is appreciated as a heads up that the Eskimo Bar is known in New Mexico.

    James Lloyd Davis – Sep 03, 2010

    Jane. You write it. I'll buy it.

    Linda Simoni-Wastila – Sep 01, 2010

    SOOOOOooo very cool to see Making It Right on mashable -- hits galore, you go girl! Peace...

    David Ackley – Aug 31, 2010

    I saw " Savages" liked it, and am very happy with the comparison.

    Susan Tepper – Aug 31, 2010

    Jane, so glad "burned" works for you, thanks! Also excellent interview on Noir group-- that's a great idea, will write something noir and send it

    David Ackley – Aug 30, 2010

    Few things more pleasant than to have Jane's stamp of approval on a piece of work--blessings on your kind soul.

    Bill Yarrow – Aug 29, 2010

    Hey, thanks, Jane, for finding "Greyhound." Love your comments. Yes, Prufrockian is a word.

    ABxx – Aug 29, 2010

    Hi Jane--
    Thanks so much for the commentary on From HCMC with Love. Glad to see it's still being read and appreciated.

    J. Mykell Collinz – Aug 29, 2010

    Hi, Jane, thanks for reading 'Private Security - IV.' Your helpful comment is greatly appreciated.

    George LaCas – Aug 22, 2010

    Hi Jane, thanks so much for your comments on "The Way is Dark, the Road Long" - George

    M.H. – Aug 21, 2010

    Hi Jane,
    Thanks so much for faving "Rod and Gun Club" - I'm so glad you liked it!

    Laurita Miller – Aug 20, 2010

    Jane, thanks so much for your comments. I'm glad to meet you.

    Ian Ayris – Aug 20, 2010

    Hi Jane. Just wanted to thank you for the kind words about my story 'Chained'. Was really nervous posting on here - not a lot of confidence, you know - and what with Michael (Solender) inviting me on here, didn't want to let him down :)

    Michael J. Solender – Aug 19, 2010

    Thanks Jane for reading and enjoying my piece and for starting the Noir group - we are clearly on to something!

    Mary Lane – Aug 17, 2010

    Thank you for reading and commenting, Jane. I look forward to reading some of your work.

    All the best,


    Bill Yarrow – Aug 17, 2010

    Jane, glad you enjoyed my noir blog. Thanks for checking it out.

    Michael J. Solender – Aug 17, 2010

    Jane thx for reading and enjoying my noir piece at Yellow Mama, off to read yours at ATON now!

    Tim Elhajj – Aug 14, 2010

    Jane, thanks for the kind words and for selecting "I Am" as a favorite. That business about my mother-in-law's name has turned into a much loved family gag, so I was glad to find a place for it an essay.

    Okla Elliott – Aug 14, 2010

    Thanks for the kind words about my essay.

    Jack Swenson – Aug 03, 2010

    Jane, thanks for reading my Paris story. Do you think the ghost of Hemingway will haunt me for stealing the ending from him?

    Kim Conklin – Aug 03, 2010

    I appreciate for the comment and the fave on Black Swans. Thanks!

    Michelle Elvy – Aug 02, 2010

    Thanks, Jane, for the comment on A Night of Not Knowing. Thanks for reading, sorry for your ache, too.

    Kari Nguyen – Aug 01, 2010

    Hi Jane, thank you for reading Requirement. I’m glad you liked it!

    James Lloyd Davis – Aug 01, 2010

    Thanks for the chuckle, the fave and your delightful comment on "The man who killed Molly Bloom."

    M.H. – Jul 29, 2010

    Hi Jane - Thanks so much for tweeting "At the Rose Festival"!

    Jerry Ratch – Jul 13, 2010

    Thanks, Jane, for your comments on Revenge at the Nudist Camp!

    Cynthia Hawkins – Jul 13, 2010

    Thanks for reading and commenting on "Deep Pockets"! So glad you found it funny. Humor is tough, and I *always* wonder if it's really working.

    Jack Swenson – Jul 13, 2010

    Thank you, Jane. Yes, indeed; all good fiction is true.

    Bill Yarrow – Jul 10, 2010

    Thanks, Jane, for reading and commenting on "The Transportation of Hens." I appreciate the "straight ahead clarity" comment. Reminds me of Auden's definition of poetry: "the clear expression of mixed feelings."

    Claire King – Jul 01, 2010

    Jane, thank you for reading and commenting on Sports Day at the School for Clowns! I've been out of service for a while (day job!) but I'm glad you liked it! Claire

    Jo Deurbrouck – Jun 30, 2010

    Thanks for commenting on my story, "Spring Ice," Jane. RE the father/son pairing, I tried to write that story four or five different ways before I brought the father and his dog in. Every time it was just an anecdote: 'guess what happened today! it was awful!' When I tried weaving the father in, i had a story.

    Ryder Collins – Jun 30, 2010

    Jane, thanks so much!

    Bill Yarrow – Jun 30, 2010

    Thanks, Jane. I appreciate your kind comment on "Life with Fish."

    James Lloyd Davis – Jun 30, 2010

    Thank you so much for your comment and fave on "The Pure Land."

    Cherise Wolas – Jun 29, 2010

    Jane, thanks for such lovely words about Lake Chelan, so glad you liked it. And I appreciate the fav you gave it.

    Karrie Higgins – Jun 20, 2010

    Thanks for the nice comments, Jane!

    Jerry Ratch – Jun 20, 2010

    Hi, Jane, I live in the Rockridge. Wrote an entire novel at Cole Coffee on College Ave, most of it posted here.

    M.H. – Jun 19, 2010

    Hi Jane - Thank you so much for your generous comments on "I don't have a gun" - I'm so glad you liked it:)!!!

    Dewi Faulkner – Jun 17, 2010

    Sorry for the double-post. :(

    Dewi Faulkner – Jun 17, 2010

    Yippee!! Excited!

    Kari Nguyen – Jun 17, 2010

    Hi Jane. Thanks for stopping by my story!

    Michael J. Solender – Jun 16, 2010

    thanks Jane so much for reading and enjoying Missed connections - the real ones are even more strange!

    Doug Bond – Jun 15, 2010

    Jane...thanks for reading Wild Blue Yonder...and thanks as well for helping Meg navigate the San Pablo shuffle...what a difference 2 miles can make, yikes!

    Jack Swenson – Jun 15, 2010

    Jane, thanks for the thumbs up for "Naked Ladies." You're the best!

    Myra King – Jun 14, 2010

    Jane, thank you so much. I'm glad it made an impact and thanks for the fav :-)

    Cynthia Hawkins – Jun 13, 2010

    Thanks Jane! Good to see you on here. In my true absent-minded professor nature, I've already accidentally deleted a story ...

    Robert Vaughan – Jun 13, 2010

    Thanks for your comments about Furballs. I usually do check about how many dialogue "tags" are left (after the initial blast). So glad you caught them and gave me great advice.

    Robert Vaughan – Jun 11, 2010

    Hi Jane, so nice to read your work on Fictionaut! Hope to have some of your insights about my short pieces also.

    Johnsienoel – May 27, 2010

    Thank you for reading and commenting on the Judas Horse. I have researched the same and they break my heart.

    Martha Williams – May 24, 2010

    Jane, thank you very much for your kind words on Hummingbird -your opinion means a great deal to me. Martha

    Jack Swenson – May 23, 2010

    Jane, Again, I appreciate your kind words. Thanks so much. The Amsterdam memory was for me wonderful and terrible at the same time.

    David Ackley – May 23, 2010

    Thanks, Jane for the read, kind comment and the fave. All deeply appreciated.

    J. Mykell Collinz – May 23, 2010

    Jane, thank you for reading Drug War Snitch. I appreciate your interest and comments and look forward to reading more of your wonderful work.

    Kirsty Logan – May 22, 2010

    No worries Jane, I really loved Dreaming in Mink. Every time I read it I get something new. Thanks for sharing it!

    Stephanie Bobo – May 21, 2010

    Thanks for the fave on "Not Today," Jane! Glad you are having some "Yes Today's" with your novel. Now nail that fucker down!!!

    Stephanie Bobo – May 21, 2010

    Many many thanks for readin' appreciatin' and favin' the continuation of the Ezra story and the flag day doo-dad. You always so totally get everything!

    Mark Reep – May 20, 2010

    Hi, Jane- Thanks for the comments & fav. And yes, those gastanks were an issue. Happily, neither of my Pintos ever burst into flame :)

    Matthew A. Hamilton – May 19, 2010

    Thank you for the kind words about Tsalagi. Much appreciated.

    Jenn Alandy – May 18, 2010

    LOL -- it totally does look like a ghost book.

    Jenn Alandy – May 17, 2010

    Thanks for the supportive comments, Jane! I'm looking forward to delving further into the Fictionaut world, and I hope to post some newer work soon :)

    Stephanie Bobo – May 16, 2010

    And big thanks, too, for the comments and fave for "My Thumbs." Glad it was a surprise!

    Stephanie Bobo – May 16, 2010

    Thanks, Jane for the read and comments and fave on "Mrs. Booth Reading Locke and Other Things." I'll share fever any time!

    Walter Bjorkman – May 14, 2010

    Ah, the wonders of google. I had a breadfruit tree, but they offering was a traditional East Indian meal. Then the masi mash on google, and wiki tells all. Thanks for the read - and go 52/250!

    Bill Yarrow – May 13, 2010

    Thanks, Jane, for your comment on "Blossoms and Buds."

    James Lloyd Davis – May 12, 2010

    Jane, thanks for the appreciation. It means a lot.

    J. Mykell Collinz – May 12, 2010

    Thank you, Jane, for reading and faving At Seventeen. Your comments are very reassuring.

    Julie Innis – May 12, 2010

    Jane, thank you for your kind words on Atonement. Glad you liked it. You are def. a master of the line - love your nanoisms.

    Lori Lou Freshwater – May 11, 2010

    Jane, thank you for such nice thoughts on "My Name is Bill Franklin," and I apologize it took me so long to get here.

    Myra King – May 08, 2010

    Thanks, Jane, for your kind comments, much appreciated :-)

    Doug Bond – May 07, 2010

    yay..thanks for pulling "Fireflies" off the shelf a couple weeks back, love to have that one get read and congrats again on Pleiku...you nailed that one

    Foster Trecost – May 03, 2010

    Hey Jane, thanks for reading and commenting on Nine and Five - I really appreciate it. foster.

    Michelle Elvy – May 03, 2010

    thanks, Jane, for reading Latitude Adjustment. I appreciate your enthusiasm! I worried that the references to Stewart Island would be too obscure, but in the end if the language works, perhaps it doesn't matter so much.

    Jack Swenson – May 02, 2010

    Re: "Now or Never." Jane, Thanks so much. Yes, in Yountville at that! And I like the pun!

    Chalon Emmons – May 02, 2010

    Thanks for inviting me here, Jane. Now how to stay focused on finishing the novel?

    M.H. – May 01, 2010

    Hi Jane - I just wanted to thank you for your kind comments on "Three dreamers" - I'm so glad you liked the story!

    Stephanie Bobo – May 01, 2010

    Many thanks, Jane, for reading "Hammer" and "Scrap" and your comments and faves! Glad you like those pieces, and always appreciate your to-the-heart-of-it responses!

    Kathy Fish – Apr 30, 2010

    Hi Jane, thanks so much for finding and reading my story "Space Man" and for your kind comments. I really appreciate it!

    Martha Williams – Apr 30, 2010

    Jane, thank you so much for your kind comment on 'Spill' - I really appreciate you reading it. M.

    Matthew A. Hamilton – Apr 28, 2010

    Thank you for commenting on The Other Side. This is not part of the novel. The novel only focuses on the Armenian Genocide. However, I am thinking about turning it into a novella, short stories following. The Other Side (which will be expanded) will be one of those short stories.

    Andrew Roe – Apr 28, 2010

    Hi Jane. Thanks again for commenting on my story "Stalling." So glad you liked it. I just checked out "Pleiku Jacket" and thought it was an amazing read. Damn. Looking forward to seeing it again in JMWW. Congrats on that.

    Stephanie Bobo – Apr 25, 2010

    Thank you, Jane, for reading "Classmates" and for you insightful words for the poems. Always a blessing, your appreciation!

    Michelle Elvy – Apr 25, 2010

    Jane, I so value your comment on Almost There. Glad it touched you so; I'm glad you see the life and the journey in there, too, alongside the death. Your comment really touched me.

    Lori Lou Freshwater – Apr 24, 2010

    Jane, thank you for your thoughts on In the Path of Mary. It is deeply appreciated.

    Martha Williams – Apr 23, 2010

    Jane, thank you so much for your kind words on 'Tears of a Trucker'. I'm so thrilled, especially after reading your story, 'Pleiku Jacket' which is so clearly a favourite. Martha

    Jack Swenson – Apr 18, 2010

    jane, Thank you for your comments on "Snowed In." Glad you liked the tale.

    Lori Lou Freshwater – Apr 18, 2010

    [Moving this from my wall so you can actually read it. Still fumbling around with the way things work here...]

    First, thank you for your comments on "Waiting for a Terrorist".

    Second, it was my pleasure to read "How Bittie Betina Learned to Fly," and if you don’t mind, from now on she’ll be close to heart as well.

    David Erlewine – Apr 17, 2010

    I'd love a Hint Fiction group here on f-aut! Speaking of that, I gotta write some stories by July 1 for Wigleaf's contest. Zoikes!!!!

    Matthew A. Hamilton – Apr 16, 2010

    Thanks for reading and commenting on What Her Eyes Saw. Yes, this is part of the novel I'm working on. Slow going, I'm afraid. I need a library to do more research. Not too many resources in rural Philippines. Another trip to Armenia and Turkey would be a plus, too. I'll post selections in the coming weeks. I'll message you to let you know. Thanks for wanting to read more. That's very encouraging.

    Matthew A. Hamilton – Apr 16, 2010

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting on Memoir of a Hill Staffer. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Dave Malinowski – Apr 15, 2010

    Thanks for the welcome wall inscription! For some reason I'm surprised Fictionaut has a wall. But why should I be?

    Ashwin Sodhi – Apr 15, 2010

    Oh, and Go Bears! What do you teach at Cal?

    Ashwin Sodhi – Apr 15, 2010

    Thanks for the warm welcome. It, and you being the first female commenter, went a long way to cut the guilt of sharing such a cold, heartlessness piece as my first.

    Darryl Price – Apr 14, 2010

    I like the hearing voices part.

    Kirsty Logan – Apr 14, 2010

    Thanks so much for your comment on All-Night Cartoon Party! Your book looks fascinating, by the way.

    Meg Pokrass – Apr 06, 2010

    Jane, thank you for your comments about "Villa Monterey"!

    Christensen Sen – Mar 27, 2010

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my first story here Jane!

    Stephanie Bobo – Mar 27, 2010

    Thank you, Jane, for lending your fine eye and ear to "Mind You Don't," and for your insightful comments!

    Tia Prouhet – Mar 26, 2010

    Hey, thanks for reading and saying nice words about my little stories. I have more, but they're in the publication-hopper, so I wait.

    Stephanie Bobo – Mar 26, 2010

    Thanks, Jane, for the comments on "Maps"--yeah, I think about that "not going anywhere just not going home" at lot--glad you get it!

    Shelagh Power-Chopra – Mar 25, 2010

    Thanks so much for commenting on the two stories!

    Carol Reid – Mar 25, 2010

    So glad you liked "Pirates". Thanks!

    Susan Gibb – Mar 24, 2010

    Thanks for reading the hypertexts, Jane, and I'm especially happy that you were intrigued by them. I think you'd enjoy writing in this style and your students should be exposed to it. Here's a link to a presentation I did that might give a fast explanation of it: http://susangibb.net/blog2/the-creative-process-a-blend-of-skills/ Then, you might want to check out some of the links on the Hypercompendia site or I can point you to more resources.

    Jack Swenson – Mar 24, 2010

    Jane, thanks for your kind comments about "Old Wounds" and the story's ending. Getting the ending lines just right gave me fits! I'm so glad it worked for you.

    Carol Reid – Mar 24, 2010

    Thanks for letting me share "Boiling the Dog's Head". I emailed it to a friend who I know will appreciate it!

    Walter Bjorkman – Mar 24, 2010

    Thanks, Jane, for the reading and comments on "Hollister" - Appreciate!

    Stephanie Bobo – Mar 22, 2010

    Thank you, Jane, for inviting me to this wonderful place, and for your kind words about my work. I actually love it when you boss me around. And I'm a big fan of your work. I hope the novel is going well--you've got a big ol'bright horizon to write toward.

    M.H. – Mar 22, 2010

    Hi Jane - Thanks so much for your kind words on "Aunt Ginny's Lunar Bash." They are much appreciated esp. since you're a native (the closest I've lived to NM is Durango, CO where I fell in love with the state) :)!

    Sara – Mar 21, 2010

    Jane, thank you so much for taking the time to read -- and comment on my work. I know it's not a cheery one but I'm glad it was effective.

    Finnegan Flawnt – Mar 19, 2010

    hey jane, thanks-this resonates with me - all of it - my problem is that i don't want to be a ff writer (some may call me a whiner...) i continuously wonder where the attraction comes from (many answers have been given to that. i only read ff online apart from a couple of small pubs i bought since joining fictionaut because i met the authors here. i'm also sitting on unpublished (in fact unfinished) novels. your commentary is fasinating to me, so yes, definitely more. perhaps other want to join the discussion, too. none of the two novel-related groups here have a "how to get to the novel" discussion going...maybe we should start one? - cheers ff

    Finnegan Flawnt – Mar 19, 2010

    this question keeps coming back to me so i must ask: why is working on a novel driving you crazy?

    David Ackley – Mar 17, 2010

    Thanks for taking a look at my story, Jane and I appreciated the comments very much. Also glad to have the opportunity to see your story, which is very solid work.

    Finnegan Flawnt – Mar 17, 2010

    and an excellent ride this was - you do a lot with language there. great piece.

    Doug Bond – Mar 17, 2010

    Hi Jane--Looking forward to meeting you in one of your trips out to State...Meg and I are out here in the Sunset..loved Beckett not Joyce

    David Erlewine – Feb 21, 2010

    Jane, thank you so much for commenting on Pogo The Clown. Hope you're doing well. Looking forward to more of your stories.

    Christian Bell – Feb 06, 2010

    Jane, thanks for commenting on "Blue Cotton Candy" and adding it as a favorite!

    Jack Swenson – Feb 01, 2010

    Thanks for the kudos and the fav click. Glad you liked the story.

    Meg Pokrass – Jan 23, 2010

    Nice to read your work here!

    Ajay Nair – Jan 19, 2010

    Yeah, menace is always good. Especially in stories.

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