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Location Portland, OR
Occupation Novelist

About Me

I'm the author of THE LEGEND OF JIMMY GOLLIHUE, now under contract and forthcoming in 2012. The e-book is now published!

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PEN American Center associate member and contributor

Most recently, my short fiction appears in Metazen and Horror Bound.

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Why do you write?

1. I don't know.

2. It's a kick.

Any favorite authors? Books?

James Joyce - Ulysses, Finnegans Wake; Cormac McCarthy - all his novels; Roberto Bolaño - 2666; Thomas Pynchon - Gravity's Rainbow; David Foster Wallace - Infinite Jest; Salman Rushdie - Midnight's Children; Paul Auster - The New York Trilogy; Sylvia Plath - Winter Trees; Denis Johnson - Jesus' Son, Tree of Smoke; Norman Mailer - Harlot's Ghost; Miguel Cervantes - Don Quixote; William Gaddis - The Recognitions; Don DeLillo - Underworld; Günter Grass - The Tin Drum; Robert McKee - Story; Donald Ray Pollock - The Devil All the Time; Haruki Murakami - 1Q84

George LaCas's Wall

Penny Goring – Mar 07, 2012

Thank you! Very much! XXXXXXXXXXX

Penny Goring – Jan 21, 2012

i want to get my last (first) book revised and republished... thanks for reading the brain thing xx big luv

Penny Goring – Aug 02, 2011

Thank you Georgeous! Such a cool comment. XXX

George LaCas – Jul 24, 2011

Thanks, Susan, and they tell me it will be out as an e-book in a few weeks.

Susan Tepper – Jul 24, 2011

George thanks so much for what you wrote on my poem "holding" and Big Congrats on your book contract!!

Susan Tepper – Mar 31, 2011

George, I saw a nice comment from you on my poem Dark Country, from way back when.. sorry I didn't respond sooner, but sometimes F'naut doesn't send them over or they get spammed or something..
thanks George!

Penny Goring – Mar 18, 2011


Susan Tepper – Aug 30, 2010

George, congrats on Heavy Lifting, its a great story!

Susan Tepper – Aug 30, 2010

George, congrats on Heavy Lifting, its a great story!

Randal Houle – Aug 15, 2010

"Purple Micro Godot Dot." HA! The whole story would be things like, "Why, can't you see that it's purple?" "Of course it is there, I just said as much."

But I like your better informed ideas much better.

Ok, Last one, (well, not really, it's never the last one, but I'm being kind) The little town called Gotown where the streets are in disrepair because everyone is waiting for GoDOT to came fix the roads. Peace!

Randal Houle – Aug 15, 2010

Hey George, how about, "The Return of Godot." Or "Godot Returns" or EVEN BETTER (OMG, I should be writing this shit down), "The Second Coming of Godot."

Lillian Ann Slugocki – Aug 15, 2010

I think Godot, the inside joke, would be a great play.

Bill Yarrow – Aug 12, 2010

Thanks, George, for the help with "Augustinian Prayer Sonnet." Yes, Jean Paul is my preference too. How in the hell is other people did I screw that spelling up? Thanks for the close reading.

Love "never-ending rhyme"--another kind of hell, I suppose.

Claire King – Aug 10, 2010

Thanks for the comment on Upstream, George. That was my first and it was such fun to write. But tough to hit an exact word count like that!

Randal Houle – Aug 10, 2010

George, thanks for your read of "wait"
You really caught the communication overload angst of it.

Penny Goring – Aug 04, 2010

Thanks G. I'm in a bad mood right now, so I'll leave it at that + hugs x

Bill Yarrow – Aug 03, 2010

Thanks, George, for your comments on "The Death of Sherwood Anderson." I like your edit and I'll make that change.

James Robison – Jul 23, 2010

Thanks, George, and some day we'll need to hve a long chat about Infinite Jest. Meantime, thanks.

Kari Nguyen – Jul 22, 2010

George, this oil makes for such sharp edges, right? Thank you so much for reading!

Penny Goring – Jul 20, 2010

& thanks for the Georgeous fav

Michelle Elvy – Jul 17, 2010

Yep, every now and then a happy ending is a good thing. Thanks for your comment on Bedtime Story!

Kari Nguyen – Jul 13, 2010

I’m very happy you like the writing. I have another piece up now, called Star Anise, but it is much longer than the others. I’m off now to read Hotel Chelsea – Scene 2!

Kari Nguyen – Jul 13, 2010

George, thanks so much for your excellent comments on After Dinner, etc. I laughed out loud. The stories are each distinct but they relate to each other in different ways, depending on how you read them. I enjoyed your interpretation, especially of “Change it!” :)

Tina Barry – Jul 12, 2010

Hi George. Thanks for the kind comments about "A New Tattoo." I better get busy reading some your stories. Congratulations on your upcoming novel. Very exciting.

Sara – Jul 11, 2010

George, Thanks for your generous note. I see I have a lot of catching up on your work to do, but look forward to dipping in!

Susan Tepper – Jul 10, 2010

George, thanks much for reading and expressing your enjoyment over my story Summer in the City. It was fun to write

J. Mykell Collinz – Jul 09, 2010

Thanks, George, for reading Unoriginal Sin. I appreciate your comment.

Michelle Elvy – Jul 03, 2010

thanks, George, for your read and comment on New World. I appreciate the enthusiasm, even as I contemplate how to rework it altogether! Looking forward to reading some of your stories, battery dying in a Hong Kong airport just now; will come back here in another day or so... Nice meeting you here, and thank you.

Cherise Wolas – Jul 02, 2010

My god George, I'm working away on my own projects, and I can't keep up with Hotel Chelsea and all the intercuts, and now the Nanette pieces. There seems to be a new one daily. Very impressive, you are on a roll my friend, and I promise I will read all!

Rick Rofihe – Jul 02, 2010

Thanks for the comments on "NEVER Drunk, ALWAYS Disorderly" -- that's very perceptive about NYC cops' humor. (MOST of them, MUCH of the time, anyway....)

Kari Nguyen – Jul 02, 2010

Perfect, I appreciate the suggestions! My plan is to get to all of them eventually. But for now, I’m off to The Naked Mountain!

Kari Nguyen – Jul 02, 2010

Well that just means the whole world to me. Thank you for that. Someone once told me to keep a smile file, you know, of the feedback you receive that sustains you. I never did make one but if I had one I would put your comment there. I’d love to read something of yours today. Do you have any suggestions as to where to start, or a favorite piece?

Kari Nguyen – Jul 02, 2010

Hi George. Thank you so much for your encouraging words, and for taking the time to leave them. Can’t wait to check out your work.

Cherise Wolas – Jul 02, 2010

George, a question: are parts of Hotel Chelsea Scene 4 and 5, also in the intercuts?

Teri Pastore – Jul 01, 2010

George! Hi. I wanted to thank you for your feedback on "Warning: Mud Makes Me Horny." I am delighted it's getting read, and over the moon that folks are providing constructive feedback! Thank you so much~

Myra King – Jul 01, 2010

Thanks George, it's in a crime story actually! Been working on the ms with Beate critiquing. She has been wonderfu!
I haven't been on fictionaut for awhile as I'm preparing for my book launch of short stories, City Paddock, I'm hoping to raise lots for the Light Horse.

Cherise Wolas – Jul 01, 2010

George, I have much of your Hotel Chelsea, and the intercuts to catch up on, and they are on my reading radar!

Rick Rofihe – Jun 28, 2010

Thanks very much for your generous comments for "Cousin"; I really do appreciate them.

Con Chapman – Jun 28, 2010

George--great minds think alike. Quixotic chivalry is dead, so it falls to the writers to revive it. Thanks for the suggestion. I may expand it a bit.

ABxx – Jun 26, 2010

Hello, George. Thank you for the commentary on my latest story. I'm looking forward to reading your work. All best, Isabell

Meg Pokrass – Jun 24, 2010

Thank you for reading Tahitian Vanilla, George. I'm glad it's strange and funny. I probably tried to make it serious, but these days things are becoming funny no matter what i do. so I am just going to ride that...

Sara Silva – Jun 22, 2010


Thanks for the invite, Georgie!

Rick Rofihe – Jun 22, 2010

Snake is probably a "good" source of protein, too....
Thanks for reading "Northeast of Eden".

Cherise Wolas – Jun 22, 2010

Thank you for the explanation: in no world, at no time, would I ever have figured out what MDF stands for!

Cherise Wolas – Jun 21, 2010

Thank you so much for your wonderful words about CCTV for Fictionaut Fave. I am really honored that you chose to write about my work. And I greatly appreciate both the read and the time you took to write about my piece. Thank you, thank you! What a wonderful way to start the week!

Rick Rofihe – Jun 20, 2010

Thanks for your kind words for my story "Something About Ireland" -- I appreciate it.

Bill Yarrow – Jun 17, 2010

Thanks for reading and commenting on "Truman Compote" George.

Con Chapman – Jun 16, 2010

Thanks for comment on Lagging. I think you're probably a better pool player than me, so you'll have to spot me a couple balls if we ever play.

Cherise Wolas – Jun 13, 2010

I am printing out Hotel Chelsea, parts 3, 4, and 5! Will read!

Walter Bjorkman – Jun 12, 2010

George - thanks for the comments on the imagery on 'I Came', appreciate the read.

Michael J. Solender – Jun 12, 2010


Thanks for reading and enjoying Beard-Men..I completely understand the love/hate with facial hair!

Nicolette Wong – Jun 12, 2010

Thanks so much for reading my story 'Checkboxes'. It means a lot to me. Looking forward to reading your work here.

Erica Hoskins Mullenix – Jun 11, 2010

Thank you for reading and kindly encouraging "loose threads". I really appreciated your thoughts on it.

Jack Swenson – Jun 09, 2010

Thanks, George, for your comment on my alzheimer's story. First sentence, last paragraph: so important, and so hard to get just right.

Cherise Wolas – Jun 09, 2010

Hi George,

Linked stories set in NY, of course, can be very interesting. I guess I wonder if it's the same main character throughout, or different narrators, or what ties them thematically together besides the NY setting? You've got a great energy in the Hotel Chelsea pieces, and I'm not sure whether it's the Hotel Chelsea setting or whatever is going on in the narrator's life that brought him to NY, in that state, etc...

Bill Yarrow – Jun 09, 2010

Thanks for favoriting "Searching for the Word," George. Glad you liked it so much!

George LaCas – Jun 08, 2010

Oh, no hurry - just wanted to make you aware of them ... Hotel Chelsea being in NY and all, and the subject matter. Not to rush you, & thanks for printing!

Cherise Wolas – Jun 08, 2010

I have just printed out Hotel Chelsea, parts 1 and 2. Am a bit behind these last few days, but I promise I will read!

Cherise Wolas – Jun 06, 2010

I live in NY. I have doormen. They just gave it to me!

Cherise Wolas – Jun 06, 2010


Just got Goolihue in the mail! Love the cover, and thank you! Am eager to dive in.

The Naked Mountain - so very funny, my friend!

Susan Tepper – Jun 05, 2010

George, all the best on your new book!

Aaron Teel – Jun 04, 2010

Thank you kindly for your comments, and congratulations on the novel.

M.H. – May 31, 2010

Hi George - Thanks so much for your nice comments on "Fleet Week"!

Myra King – May 31, 2010

Thanks, George, glad you liked it - I don't think the world is ready for genetically modified dogs.

George LaCas – May 30, 2010

You're welcome, Cherise. Good stuff!

Cherise Wolas – May 30, 2010

And for reading The First Date Questionnaire -- fine idea you had about my compiling a list of such questionnaires. I will have to think!

And for your great comments on CCTV. Yes, just a first draft, and you're right about the beginning... haven't gone back to it in a while, but eventually I will really develop it.

Thanks for reading and commenting and for the favs!

Cherise Wolas – May 28, 2010

Thank you for reading The Shloshim Period and An Italian Lunch. I greatly appreciate it, along with your comments!

Julie Innis – May 26, 2010

Good to meet you here, George LaCas - and we share a fondness for all the same writers.

M.H. – Mar 10, 2010

Thanks for the kind words on my story, George :) I love Algae Freuden & look forward to reading more of your work.

Meg Pokrass – Mar 10, 2010

thank you for your kind words about "A Salty, Slutty Bird"
Looking forward to reading your stories here!

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