A Desperate Tweak

by George LaCas

testing one two three
testing one two three
this seems to keep the keyboard from sliding forward
what a fucking pain in the ass
testing one two three
shit should fucking work without having to fuck with it and add
little plastic rubbery doodads to make it work like it
should work in the fucking first place

what of long-term typing?
will this keep it from sliding forward?
could I actually write a novel this way?
should I get a new writing desk?
a new keyboard?
maybe a fountain pen?

I have two of those hand exercisers jamming the
tray and keeping it locked in place
and I have the keyboard itself hanging half off the
front of the tray
in the future we will voice-activate anything we have
to say, we will whine it because we'll be
big babies shitting ourselves, heads giant,
bodies wasted and slack from

computer symbiosis ... but so far the tray isn't sliding forward
and the keyboard hasn't slid up or back into
my lap ... and while I'm on the subject I'm beginning
to see why one might want a typewriter from
1961 or even earlier, which in spite of
twisty inky ribbons and jammed keys and crumpled carbons
at least didn't slide all over the desk like some
cheap piece of shit.

OK, this works. I'm just glad no one has to see it. Like women,
for example,
like my being a writer might make them
want to come over. Their loss, and anyway I have writer's cramp.