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You and Ric Okasec

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Rick agrees to pay Paulina $12,500 dollars to go to bedwith me. “That's what I'm worth?” I joke, but I'm not offended.Who knows what such an amount that signifies to them?Apparently, they do this kind of thing oftenIn my dream, yes. I didn't want to bore you…


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Quite like your dream, a dress of fleeceA comet's tail astride your belly: fleas,Bleeding out this house you've leased.That flossy train in sleep. Felicitous,He's come again, a man, to fleeceYou from a $5, which, awfully at ease,He does, then goes where addicts go. He…


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More a process of electionBy a patterned vivisectionLabeled for express protectionOf a subsequent directionThan intemperate rejectionOr a process of deception.Call it interim collection,Then the release of affection.With each winking interjectionAn unspecified…

It's a Boy!

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Sex when you’re pregnant Is like sex when you aren’t Pregnant, but with extra people.

It's Only Natural

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I just like puppies, and slapping people.

I tried summer with my eyes closed

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I tried summer with my eyes closed.I tried it tied, bound tight as a bundleI carried on my head, in my teethI clamped summer until it squirmed.I wore it tied behind myself like a bow;I placed it like a rose in my teeth;I stood in its circle of lightAnd waited for…

Two Sonnets

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"Love/Hate" Lo, my heart now breaks at the sight of thee--Still mine eyes do hunger to take thee in.Lo, my lips now frown in melancholy--Still, they long to kiss thee again... again.Lo, my hands are now clenched in fists of rage--Still, they need to caress thy tender…

Sleep and Poetry

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It’s that, really, nothing else could be Sleep and Poetry, Mr. Keats

The Great San Francisco Poetry Wars, Chapter 1

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I lived for a time on Red Square in Berkeley. You may have heard of it. It was run by Von Rotten (that’s just plain Von), who was considered the Vladimir Lenin of the Foul Language Movement of Poetry (FLMP, pronounced “Flimp.”) They even went so far

The Great San Francisco Poetry Wars, 2

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The next day was my faculty trial, and things grew real intense around the campus. A large crowd of students began to gather around the base of the building that housed the administrative offices, where my hearing was being held. The meeting room was up o

Blue Glass

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Of course that’s seen behind a screen. The lake by day is patternless gray, the O of breath- stoked mirror or a chain- smoked sky, slim fingers rising

The Dancing Weather or The Small Truths that are Often Fireflies

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The primary currency of the future will be poetry."--Andrei Codrescu "The opposite of fear is not courage but compassion."--Peter J. Gomes fifteen beautiful assassins by D.P. for Mel and Charlotte…

False Mustache/Giant Scissors/Chess Club

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Apis Indica (for Mel) I really don't have the heart to try and write the love you deserve anymore. It's taken everything, every breath, every circle around the sun…

Robert Kennedy Remembered by Jean Baudrillard

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K is eating a banana. He says to me, "There is no end in the sense that God is dead, or history is dead. I would prefer not to play the role of a thoroughly useless prophet. I leave that to others, like Gene McCarthy."

Please Respond to This Message/F-Bomb(Such Merciless Zeal)/Totems from Within the Dialogue of Resistance and Survival

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The Sky Here's Full Stopped under a blanket of blue snow. That's my reality. But even if one of those thread-like clouds throws its swallowed light after you I suppose I'd be happy. I want your footsteps illumined on the path. And if…