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So What If It Is(A Poet's Dance Rattle Representing the Head of a Crane)

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a moving fountain, a living creature? She won't pay the bills. So what if it is the candle in the central pumpkin of the entire mundane world? That won't eat your cancer. I'm told it's the light behind the eye of each star's…

The Comfy Shoes vs. Some new Ink

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Don't worry about the many lives. I know that you're just trying to figure out way too much at once. That at the same time what you really, really want's a nice new pair of shoes (which has absolutely nothing to do…

I Blinked Because

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what looked to me like a very real door had just swung open in front of my eyes--still made out of all the stuff I was used to seeing, oh I don't know, grass, tree, sky, clouds , and airplane;(so)I went inside. This now seems like a silly even lame…

THE BOOK OF SUCH ~ a suite of poems

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A Being of Aether, who having appeared to me one morning, instructed me in the geometry of thorns. She seemed to be semi-infinite as her often melodious speaking voice was unimaginable in one direction and limited in another.

Keep Shoes Organized(Foreclosed Houses)/ Professor Plum Delivers the Keynote

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Any key will get you started. There are many that don't quite fit the traditional icon for me personally. I've always loved the idea of skeleton keys because they conjure creaky old black iron gates. Still they remain only one way to open things up and pass…

A Reconsideration

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Remember when we declared our friendship at an end. . .


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could easily spoil your picnic with their sticky marching feet. Pepper the impending clouds with a strange or sweet rain. That's only for starters. Words are like poor little robots without much hope for a god of their own. They pee on the …

Banana Bread

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Moore Street, Saturday

(These) Words Used to Be

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me buzzing. Something you might hear from theback corners of theroom. It meant somethinglike things aren't alwaysunder our control,some are deconstructedright around you.Will you build a life of your own or…

The Horse Shaped Hole

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stands softly in moon-wash nibbling on tufts atthe top of sleepingday. Instantly we aredeputized astronomers bearing silentwitness. No one knowswhat true colors theanimal exhibits. None care.Shaking this great shaggymane back and…

A collaborative project at Drunken Boat

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In the beginning is the ending is always the middle is floating forever ever never in all there where who can tell is anywhere is not imagining all of it, bits of ego, id and libid o such as we supposing symphonies of orbiting cellos playing the music, an

I Can Feel It

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The wheel has forever turned to ever. So why are all these lost things still with me as more words? When there's no road for beginners coming back? The only thing that made any sense to me was missing. I simply…

Broad Daylight

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In Memory of Lily Burk I don't know what they want. Anything you give them will never do. Most fear pain because they cause it. Hate happens over andover. As if they have two nostrils but no real experience of air. This is beyond sad belief. The…

Getting There

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A pampered air was still stroking past us with its usual sleek showoff hairdo. With the spewing traffic belching leftward a shrinking balloon sun was once again trying to look bad by casually leaning on a few bricks…

Snuggie your Life Away

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Who is the moron that invented the Snuggie?