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Smiles are for Suckers

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I walked her home. She lived eight blocks in the opposite direction of me, but it made her smile —I made her smile.

Upwards, Into the White Eye Rising

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Upwards, Into the White Eye Rising I. Your scent, as carried by…

I've Been Here Before

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I’ve been here before. it wasn’t you though— it was her before you, and then she before her … before you.


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Two Peas

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We skated through the back alley, leaves on dumpsters,played street hockey with broomsticks and sucked onsour gum-balls liberated from the confectionery. Cripes,they had hundreds of them, like they're missing thetwelve we got (8-me, 4-you; I had bigger pockets). On…

i know not seems

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It is said Queen Elizabeth I, on a gelding,wore a red silk, goose-feathered hat and an ironbreast plate on the eve of battle with the Spanishfleet. She pressed her wee feet into silver stirrupsand called out empowering epithets to amuddy assembly of soldiers. “I have…


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Mom and I are chatting throughthe telephone. My two roommateswatch a Timberwolves game in the livingroom which doubles as a bedroom forthe one of them with long hair. Mombegins to weep—sounds like she's got lemongrass stuck in her neck. She tells me that shecan't take…

cake bride

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white-ruffle-shoulder'd figurine can't standbut that one foot is fix'd ankle deep in creamcheese and her back's against a pink wickerarch. The cake reeks of confectioner's sugar,coils of butter'd icing, and mint. The bride'splastic form seems to pivot at the waist and hasa…

eight or nine not-so-orange carp

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the melodious flute crouches, a bloated tree trunkbetween the legs of a thickset flautist with a bloodred do. The do's done such that one can see a bronzesculpture of a tidal wave in it, its stomach quite full.The conductor, a bit of celery, brown around the…

Sand Dollars

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A wan, cinnamon, soft-shell crab—one meatless claw cracked, one eyegone—stretches unmolested in the sand, itslong legs submerged six or so centimeters.Tight, off-white bolts of ocean swellplow the shore—furrowing it—withthe regular retreat of the…

Titus, I

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I'm on black vinyl stool, the top of which, a circle, has a grill grid of boot-type tread marks slicing it into like-lined circle sections. I'm in the basement of a half-ass college library on a warm May day. I'm having a look at a collection of essays pertaining to the…

no carrots

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I crane my head and eyes side-wise:a Zenith hangs from a thick metal armabove the curtain. On it I see the paper plateof the United Nations building in New York.The image is split into a series of lines on thescreen which intermittently cracks apart into tinybricks,…

cheap two-seater

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A blind man downtownsells bikesfor thirty cents a pound.Today Ibuy ablack tandemfor ninedollars andpedal ithome through snow.

oh jeez, Noah, you knew

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Flood!fancy track-lightsreveal the basementwhere we nearly builta mini-bar in 1985 with pop-art shot glasses and an alligatorice bucket. Multi-gallons of opaque, green water saturate the cement floor—our hand-woven throw rugs,Village People records and…


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s'okay,s'alright, I tell a smoke that so coyly pops from the tan kittensnorts and backsinto a cabinetat the scent ofsulfur.