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Simple Methods for the Identification of Plastic(People)s/Welcome to the Onslaught

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"Living is easy with eyes closed."--John Lennon "While there is no basic difference between human and animal capacities for suffering and pleasure, human beings are different in one important way. We have the ability to reflect on what we do, the power to act…

What Happens When We Die?(Look Out Below!)/Our Vibrating and Vanishing Deeds

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Looks Like the Sea is Alwaysdreaming of doing somethingelse besides quietly sloshingaround but can't quite manageit. And I can't find properwords I know so believe meright now. Honestly the onlything speaking directlyto me here is that softlycurled pink cloud…

Dim Mak — the Touch of Death — Is Only Real in Movies

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Billy the Kid is more bloodshot than / Jesus’ eyes the day after, and his head hurts / more than the dog / he kicked in the side / this morning.

Every Monday in Mt. Gilead, Ohio, Grandpa Rudy Plays Piano

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Clear of the spiders, witches, and /skeletons hung / from the cherry trees downtown / he steers, no, pilots / the Plymouth down North 61.

Memphis in May

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My soul was pulled out the pupil of my eye / into a nigger playing guitar / (it’s red and old, there’s a cross there) / He pushed a shopping cart full of loudspeakers / down to the furthest street of Me

A Bit at Sea(May Contain Traces of Karma)

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You only gain what you giveaway in measure. I like howyou've managed to eat an enormousamount of time off the clock.It's your face, too, I want you to see.After you've collected all themust-have experiences whatare you going to do with them?Now we'll…

When Someone You Know Waxes Poetic( Scars To Prove It)

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"I like God alright but I don't understand anything he's talking about."--Sarah GambitoThe moon is asdull tonight asa broken tooth;each wideningstar softly drips.I can't help itif you were theone able tolet go of ourcertain dream. Thismoon is a lostshoe,…

Our Manual of Pretty Good Moments(When English Majors Apologize)

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Day One: the Blind Stupidities make a movie, leave popcorn messThis is the perfect shape for the hole you leftin my head. What good is a heart really? Nothingworks like love did and everything quits after love leaves.Every action is a lie picked up and carried awayby a…

Bendita Pena

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"All life is present every moment."--Clayton Eshleman"If life is the teacher then there are a lot of bad students."--Mariana Caplan"Grief is love too.'--Tim Farrington Thanks for asking: I think apoetics of grief is correct. Becausegrief knows no…

For You

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I dreamed my ship came in yesterday. Sorry but I've already been booked. I'm not about to leave you the map. You'll find your own way someday. Still if…

The Greatest Public Works Program

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Hope wakes starving/ in the storm,/ to off and hunt.

Things to Imagine Before It's Too Late(The Dangers of Genetically Modified Fun/Out of Shape/Whatever)

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2nd revised versionSometimes I forget how strange theworld is. I'm not so worriedabout following their rules. I'm muchmore interested in being real. I'venever believed in their definitions ofbeauty. Yet I've alreadyseen many miraculous things on justabout every…

A Novel(Here, and Here, and Also Here)

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A Novel (First edition) A single slice of leftover yellow birthday cake has taken quietly to the air like the most natural creature alive but only because a small white saucer pushes it along. This still…


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I have a memory of rooms I never leave but have invisible walls. These are rooms I never leave, these are rooms where I exist but don't live. These are rooms where it is dark but I know they can see everything. They can even see inside of me—even my heart beating…


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waking mid-motion derailed mis-seeing twisted tree trunks for drunken suited men with washcloth faces wiping off the wasted nightscape of midnight misplaced before a caked men's room mirror wipe saliva thickened glass last night's travels grime not to see…