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The Taste of Something New

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He steered to the roadside and answered her question before she could ask.

leave the dog, take the cannoli

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he who laughs last is probably a dumbass fuck

Pro and Contra in Sepia Black

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From decade to decade, editorial opinion swings and sways as to whether the fault of volubility resides chiefly with the practitioner or with the lawless company he keeps.


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Perhaps a lover stunned by chance once left her scarf wound round that branch,

The Summer Of My Beautiful Idiocy

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In the summer of '68 my father persuaded me to go visit my grandparents on their farm in North Dakota. I had long hair and dressed like a French symbolist outlaw. Took the train to Minot, spent the night in a hotel (watching Your Cheatin' Heart, movie about Hank…


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There is a twisted porcelain face on the shelf that breathes fire every time the fantasies are questioned.

Neural Tones

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--"Look at us," she murmurs. "Tristan and Isolde without the adultery." --"Well, you can't have everything." --"No? I heard otherwise."


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I'm writing you a letter played on a cherry flute. I'm sending it along through the poem's cloud of incense. The only delivery system I still hitch up for long distance writing. I'm writing you a letter you'll probably never read. Never get.…

Saigon 66

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Wraiths of Vapor

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The rain hammers the windows, an unorthodox pattern on a sad Sunday morning.


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You eat my mind ...

Tuna Salad In Cat Heaven

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I ate a tuna salad sandwich for lunch.


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This is not her death. This is absent-minded omniscience. This is impossible. And then again, the inside-out, implosion. And the hall was clogged with bodies; none of them hers, but who could be sure?

All Stories Need An Ending

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Drugs, after all, once in the system, demanded unfalteringly more drugs.

Life in a Time of Drought

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Life in a Time of Drought: Sign taped to the latrine Do Not Flush Until The Alligators Rise To The Surface