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Internet Revolutionary

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The sentences didn’t tell accessible yarns, they imparted secret knowledge. They were restless on the surface of things, drawn to inner workings and systems and the inner workings of systems..

Gone To The Dogs

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The dog stands in the front yard, his white fur turning red and yellow in the August sun. He moved into the house last month. In our one conversation he'd explained he was the first member of his family to own a home. It is a nice house with a circular driveway. The grass…

Treatments & Procedures

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there was a shameful attempt to steal fire and now the vultures always come for my livers and my God I Am sorry

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The Divine and merciful Understanding Calls out to me But let me not speak its name. You are an unworthy hearer And I am a secret-keeper, cunning With keen thoughts and prayers of swift Justice Single is our thought and act And when we pray we know not what it…

Artemisia at Her Canvas

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a slow and beautiful silence

A dress

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My poetry is bare, showing its pink and purplish imperfections and its injuries. I buy it a dress to hide its bruises, to ornate it a little, to make it smile. On its rather ugly and mishaped body, the dress looks comical, ridiculous, clumsy, like a bird with a broken wing.…