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The Fish

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No, I---we---all of us---just did what was more than strongly suggested that we do.

A Journal of the Plague Year: Day 289: Valedictory for a Clown

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the end of this journal

We'll Let You Know

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There's a lot of big talk now. It's simply meant to guide you straight in the slushy ditch. For a laugh. You understand. Nothing personal. You do know how they always mean no harm while they are killing you, right? It's a savage…

The Big Snore

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Soon, I was ready to urinate again. Finishing up, that feeling of euphoric emptiness came over me. Ready for anything! But what?


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Hygga was on the French news tonight. Hygga is big in France. And Scandinavia, of course. I'd never heard of it. Hygga comes from a Danish word meaning “to give courage, comfort, joy.” It stems from hyggia, which means to think in Old Norse, and is related to…

Short Stack

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I got the job after Booker was shot.