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Three Small Ekphrastic Objects

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Agamemnon and Menelaus were/ complete creeps. Achilles was// a pompous piece of shit.

Watching Bobbie Die

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It was all about the war.

Sudden Window

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There is someone looking for youfor him or herself. I don't know if they'll keep on looking forever when we live our present lives so far apart from each other. You might as well be behind a glass at all times. But I still would want that lucky…

An Answer

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"Why?" is the question I ask, but no one is around to answer. What would an answer change anyway? But it is all I can do. So it is all I can do.

In the Month of Halloween

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Did you ever have a morning when you just did not want to wake up? Sleep can be marvelous, but dreams not so much. If you believe, here is a tale. "She was awakened by the mushing of her pillow around where her head lay squarely on it. It was not violent,

The Hour of the Wolf

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Beneath an opal moon, the open field and wilderness across it look immersed in varying shades of blue. A strong night howler blows across a little girl's face as she walks the field as if in a trance; her whole visage framed against the backdrop of this very act …


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“If we had, I mean, not been in love, would you understand?” I tell her to make a list. First on it, kick the can. Just as silent is quiet is a mid-dinner’s eve it is out there now, stated, between us. I don’t know if she will, but maybe she’ll make a lis

Cathedral Garden

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the whirlpool of what

The Angel with The Broken Wing

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"She was like a perimeter guard for an advanced race of beings who looked human but were somehow para-human entities focused only temporarily within this dimension."

Puppet X, 3

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I look good Together Got these penny wings I could actually fly with It all becomes so clear Sound goes down Sanity returns in an instant The night is bigger... I’d rather stay near the ground I’m not a practicing angel

Speak Softly, Tricky Man

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Snow fell against the windows casting shadows that danced like fireflies or flame—he couldn’t make out which for sure. He’d tumbled and bounced from balcony to balcony, the snow calming with the winds and gently falling, now.

Out of the frying pan...

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the pressure from my lungs threatened to burst my eardrums.

Blank Checks

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Then he said something that really made sense, said he kept a blank check in his back pocket...