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Meet Me In The Dollar Bin

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When I stopped drinking,the desire to write poems was gone.Remember this to be true.The black dog still waits in the distancenot far from the fence.I watch it and open the sliding windowsto let the winter air run amuck through my kitchen doorengulfing me with…

Parts Unknown/ Mix Off and On

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"Think for yourself"--The BeatlesIt seems like years. Our adventure is long past your bedtime now. It has no real timeline for me. Maybe someday. Is that pain enough for you? You only become aware of it as you go, if you go. We were eager…

Possible Wildlife (redux)

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This caused a problem when some raccoons, skunks and a fox were found lingering on and around the premises (separately, of course).

Bad Clean Fun

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It was cold and clammy, but then it got worse. Far worse. Any opportunity to celebrate the unity and harmony of tolerance was soon cancelled.

George Santos' Dream

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he dreams of limp victims stepping out of the waves/ water draining from skin and hair