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Taking Notes

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promise me

Original Sin

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The sirens didn’t eat the sailors


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This story is dedicated to Matthew Paust


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The gated community of Dos was named for one of Babbage’s landmark educational figures, Ms. Dos.

Zwarovski Crystals

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It was 14:24 official eBay time. Louise had spent hours looking at over 30,000 items under “Elvis Memorabilia"

For Christ's Sake

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Apples and Oranges and Apples

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No one is going to find us. And even if they did it's just a play someone wrote with you in mind as the lead. No one is going to find us. I could have told you this but I didn't want to spoil your newfound fun. No one is going to find us. The funny…

Another dead chicken

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in the chicken house this morning. The second one this week. I carry the stiff hen out to the back pasture

When Words Were First Born

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When words were first born They were like pure prayer I could see them in the sky And hear them whispering through your hair But now they’re like dreams That only sorrow owns We still need the sun We need to find Solace on the ground

The Lightning

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IThe squirrels danced in the treesthey leapt from branch to limbto the struck down tree trunkthick with barkthe creek was overfilledlightening had lasted for days"Just one more day,"she told herself"Just one more day,"before the sun comes out againthe lightening had cracked…