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I’ve been hacked. Someone has taken over my body, is living my life in another way, is telling racist jokes at a party


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The boy curls beneath a plastic tarp until the truck stops in a depression of rock, hidden from the border's many eyes.


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Each day, I lose more words-/ nouns and verbs- but especially// proper names. People and places

This Is Really Living, She Said

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She bought herself her own apartment That was when she told me I have a hard time getting out Unless it’s really important like work I told myself wake up early Get some coffee, but I oversleep I had a massage therapist come to my house

Jurassic World: Aftermath

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The world had gathered to hear about how the world’s most expensive and scientifically advanced theme park had turned into one of the largest crime scenes, and nightmares, of the modern age.

Kim & 'Fred

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Spliced from the scraps on the cutting room floor by a young intern from UC Berkeley while Brando studied her profile in 1959

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Bogart frowned, said, "How do you do that?"