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Liturgy of the Hours

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Sometimes late at night my dead sister visits and it is always the same, where the forest runs down to the sea


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but most times/ it’s just improvisation// with phrases of unknown origin/ swirling in my head

Arcana Magi Zero + Pure - c.13

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Street by street, non-combatants ran away. Each one passed by the Society and law enforcement screaming.

Picnic Jugs

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The car was a two-tone black and white Chevy...

As the Wine Keeps Flowing

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My blood has turned to flour I've been in Babylon too long My heart was singed by fire But it's drowning in my song We raised a prayer to Mary We had to take our share We took our places in the ferry But we didn't pay the fare And we don't know…

days of rational belief and mythical thought

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you sometimes still hear/rational lunatics sing/moving hymns to "truth".

Barnyard 1961

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The boy heard loud barks and squeals, climbed on a chair, and looked out the window at the barnyard and the faded blood red barn.

Flesh and Stone

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Someone in a slippery raincoat walks by with rubber boots friction and suction sounds. It's raining: a heavy, vigorous, insistent rain. The willows across the road are kneeling in ocher mud. On the tall eucalyptus, the kookaburra preens and realigns its feathers. Mia gauges…

I Had a Dream

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I was born into a perpendicular world I held Vertigo in my arms once And gave her a good squeeze That she just couldn’t get out of her head Then she would follow me around the perimeter Where my breath was being held Against my will Ah,

The Ritz

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After oh so many hours the eyes could only close only to view a Ritz cracker marching on a nose

Ego with Toupée

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The Magic

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This is the hole I fell in. I can get out of it now, but I must have fallen fastasleep. Does it matter if it was for a long or a short time? Everyone is gone like a smile and replaced lately by sadly different versions of themselves. When I saw you…

The Blossom

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Call it a rose

Off the Record

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“In other words you're going to lie through your teeth..."