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Crack Pot Bear Chili

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Hunters took 750 bears

If you see her say hello (things to never say to an ex)

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I’m sorry, who is this? I have a new phone. (Hey, Fictionauters, add your fav line!)

16th Street Mall Shuttle

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Do something that's really useful.

On A Carport in Bethlehem

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I can hear soft rain

Friends Love

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She darted out of her shadow, deftly she maneuvers through the tables and chairs and their eyes follow her.

The Wood Hover (a parody of GM Hopkins)

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My trousers turn when her these eyesights earn is learned in light,Like limn of laugh or limbs hers — do I know her, no? — but gauzy Greyhair ravings greyscale havens of Old Jake whose floozy Wooed, ne'er raised the wood that, pencil-perched, arrests…