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Cracked Heart Reigns in My Eyes

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Rainy eyes fall fast somewhere close to me Riding the wind like lust

El Dia de los Muertos

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They wear their bodies recklessly, these cempazuchitl,
 these flowers of the dead.

Don't Be Difficult

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maybe eventually time / will erase our time together

Punkin Head

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The old neighborhood, long paling in the shadow of greater Los Angeles, was reduced to two blocks in length and occupied only one side of Figueroa. It was the crumbling bastian of homes whose architecture remembered yet street-car bells clanging, watermelon farms and…

Back Story

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I wanted you in the worst way but that's not how I got you.


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Know therefore what is work...

How to Fuck Kayne West (Up the Ass) by Donald Trump

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[marbles] [blither-blather] [blarg]


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We were clinging to hope and innocence Until the second jet struck the Twin Towers That was when real evil twisted our hearts And we were left without prayer, or power Yes, a couple holding hands jumped from the building But when I was the o

President Liz

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I fancy myself a spy. Unofficial official of the H. O. A. Super secret free agent agent of the Glenwood Homeowner's Association. Even the board is unaware of the work I do in their name, without the faintest utterance of their name. Only the highest of the high, the…

transmission garbled part'y received + three from Han-shan

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(magnifications of meaning/ confer legibility)