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Struck Silent by Whalesong

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Later, she slipped back into her care home bed in the Dementia wing of the building, and breathed some shallow breaths.

This Is It

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Cleft-Split Rock

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Walking here with you on these narrow strands


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When we were young and small we played in the orchard. Mom made apple pies and fried apples, caramel apples and apple sauce, apple cider. Grandma’s apple butter recipe.

John Nixon Cummin' in Matt Hogue.

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[FARCICAL STATUS ... Keep going to Ladd's, you fucking losers! #talesofatwentyFOURyearoldNOTHING]

The Last Time (Revised Version)

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we met you wanted tobe hungrily kissed inthe dark with a small moonfor your only pillowand just stars for your billowingnightgown. How am Ito go forward with somuch sweet chaos on mymind? I am wrecked uponyour lips like a deliriousdilapidatedold sailor who embracesthe…