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The Real Photo

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He was looking at the photograph. No, he was studying the photograph. He was concerned about what he was seeing in the foreground and how it related to the action in the background.

Song of the Earth

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This is your only life. Honor it.

The One Small Dance for your Nano Ledge

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I mean you've got to go out there sooner or later. Someone's behind you. They can't go until you make your final fatal move. We all knew this was coming. They won't accept any regrets as tokens. BTW. And besides, you are your own ticket. You…

Going to California

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on the edge of dream

I Hung My Head

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I hung my head the day my eighth grade math teacher told me I wouldn't amount to anything, and not long after that I dropped out of school because nobody was going to miss a kid like me who wasn't good at math or anything else they tried to teach. I hung my head a couple of…


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Every ten days, the Decadent Sisters assembled for dinner. Although raised together, they were each very different...

The Dream Is Always The Same

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The Situation Room

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the room in which situations are kept