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A tiny story, 55 words, just enough to fit on a . . .

the dead bird

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Seven Haiku for Sad and Scary Times

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The Cheshire grinning/ moon cups itself to capture/ Venus should she fall.

The Atheist of Mirrors

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Don't mistake my eyes for supplication. My invisibility is your nightmare.

Blackbeard's Blood

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I don’t care if they find the damned place. I don’t care one fucking bit.

Not Lao-tzu's Yellow Brick Road, i - xvi

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your head heavy with your struggling soul, can you wrap your arms around the One?


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we all reach a junction


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But I can't help it./I am alive./Therefore, I die over/and over again/over nothing.

Another Poem About the Moon

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And us, like a giant eye looking back, plotting

Maria Salome

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It is not her beauty which strikes me.It is not her smile for nothing at all which blinds me.It is not her fate to have been born on the 22ndof October's, 1932 attached to the name of Salomeduring the great depression and beingleft an orphan at age five which kills me.It is…

TV's Where It's At.

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So much of daily life in that house entailed keeping your mouth shut out of *guilt*.

How Nice It Would Be

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I wonder how many crumbs he can drop to make a cookie, whole, so I can relax a little and throw out the self help books about how I'm not right in the motherfucking head,