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A Journal of the Plague Year: Day 289: Valedictory for a Clown

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the end of this journal

I Wanna Destroy You

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Wrong Number

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He tilted his head at his monitor and exhaled “No.” Minutes later, he tilted his head the other way and more sharply exclaimed “No!” Then he began over the next quarter hour simply to stare at the data stream before him, which left him speechless.


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His hands are old But still function As hands

The Fish

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No, I---we---all of us---just did what was more than strongly suggested that we do.

Short Blonde, Long Red

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Natalie blushed the vodka with an almost pointless twist of the fruit juice as I fought in my inside jacket pocket for my wallet...

The Big Snore

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Soon, I was ready to urinate again. Finishing up, that feeling of euphoric emptiness came over me. Ready for anything! But what?