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An Open Letter to my Fictionaut Family

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Dear Fictionaut Family,Some of you may recognize my name and remember reading my work, some of you may have joined more recently and be wondering what the hell I'm doing addressing you directly. I began writing on Fictionaut in 2010, during four years as I was fragmenting…

Off the Record

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“In other words you're going to lie through your teeth..."

The Ritz

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After oh so many hours the eyes could only close only to view a Ritz cracker marching on a nose

The Magic

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This is the hole I fell in. I can get out of it now, but I must have fallen fastasleep. Does it matter if it was for a long or a short time? Everyone is gone like a smile and replaced lately by sadly different versions of themselves. When I saw you…

Deep June Pool

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I may be the shadow that I am, but I only ever loved you.

Ego with Toupée

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