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deja not

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I haven't felt my soul leave my body


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a girl in a red cap flashes by

pop music till yer brains bulge blue!

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every color of sound turned to green / human beasts’ treadmill tastes must be trained: / we may yet starve to death, but we’ll die de-brained!

More from The Chronicles of His Demise

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Dread and drudgery sour each day

Surge Of Green

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Already past the harbinger of yellow crocus

You Should Know

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Do you know how much it takes to holdthe spring you love against your lips? No angel, or I, will ever begrudge, nor the planets that have to slow their pace and stumble their orbits a degree behind to make the magic that keeps our grip. We could have been elephants…

A Burst of Color

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There’s a sudden Burst of color Like the dispersal of a ghost In a light wind And now candy wrappers are Scattered all over the heavens It looks like God got lit up By the sky As we flew too c


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It's 50/50 that you'll ever pad your knee enough to ever kneel on it. Your back hurts, the Orthapedist labels it arthritis. I think that means we're getting old, so I crawl up the tower of your body as I'm a little younger, more sprightly. You're a

A Scene From Woody Allen's Unreleased 1976 Holocaust Film, "Double Negative," Starring Woody Allen and Max Von Sydow

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she's everything's possible

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she's balanceshe's no regretshe's be yourselfshe's promises madeshe's dreams never endshe's a rainbowshe's last night on earthshe's head over heelsshe's oh yeahshe's purple rosesshe's sweet surrendershe's ever after blissshe's all the riches she's behind the wheelshe's…