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August, now and after

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I'll see her this fall, a redhead in camo


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Why are we not the clouds?


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When her mind was good


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Today the color of the skyremakes my heart into somethingless willing to break, or to judge,and I am thankful for it. Acolor not unlike walking chestdeep in the ocean and seeingbeautiful clouds and thinking Iwill be back. Dreaming with the sky.Please stop lying to me. A…

Elvis, Mosquitoes & Marilyn Monroe -- What I Learned From Magazines This Week

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People usually take fonts for granted.


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The husband entered my friend's home and shot him dead

On Being, Dasein, and Heidegger

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We were at a friend’s house warming party, and Wendy lounged about with a suspicious smoke between her fingers beside me, after a while saying, “What is Being, anyway?”

All Set

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Unkilled Jeff

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"Oh — what is this 'work' thing the philosophers speak of" sort of thing. ¶ He's honestly curious, from his point of view.

Lava Lamps R Us

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I was sitting in the bar With lava lamps all around Feeling like an f'ing hippie From Mississippi When the planet spun around And the time was backing up And an eentzy weentsy puff of weed It just flew right outta my mouth And I hopped

Edju - the 39th Stave

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39. They put each of us in solitary confinement. Jacinto's room was long and narrow. Mine was a white cubicle. Alice's reminded me of a dank basement when they threw her in. Then, after three days of bread and water, the…