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...a session/ of hide and seek/ among the syllables.

The Ballad Of John & Yoko

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All Things

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Thank you for all things beautiful.And to you: you shouldn't have tosell your soul for a crust of bread.You shouldn't have to sell your soulfor a little cash. You shouldn'thave to sell your soul for a safeplace to lay down your body. Thanksfor life's restless feelings,…

"It's the dead of midnight, and Orion wheels round..."

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It's the dead of midnight, and Orion wheels round- With passing road-streams as its parallax, cars More distant from us, as the next one's windows Blocks the view of riders free from traffic lanes; I Am not your window. As you glide, or go to…

The List

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Agnes folded the magazine in her lap. It was one of those women's magazines that had a picture of a supermodel on the cover. The girl was pencil thin and not that attractive, at least not as far as Agnes was concerned, and she was surrounded by boldface words encouraging…

April Wheeler

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Where am I? The void between life and death. The light at the end is flickering, not as bright nor as strong as I’d hope it would be.

Cayetana: A Love Letter to the Band

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"Oh, sit on my face oh won't you? Your velvety wetness would provide a nice counterpoint to the upholstery of the sofa-matching easy chair, crummy but that's the charm of this…

After the Logical Wars

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There is fire under the earth Where the dragon has spoken So you have only 13 seconds To turn around and fly away Or else they’ll blow wind and fire Up and down your spine There’s no need to drown Or hide anything There are still men

How We Open Doors

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-- as if I had / only rung the rusted bell --