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From The Plague Year 2020

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I went to Costco

This Morning

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Never did

Lavender Blur

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Donna and I get out of the car...

Extraterrestrial Bingo

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Let me tell you about extraterrestrial bingo: it's loud. They put the speakers over my head. And the microphone keeps moving. Most of the organisms here are old. And from another planet. I see a lot of tentacles. A lot of auras and bugeyes. Everyone seems to know the…

Night fear illusions

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Sometimes/in the middle of the night/awake under a panoply/as caustic as Doré/illustrating Dante

Naps Like God

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I took a nap And woke up and finished The sky Now I’ve grown lazy like God And let the politicians slide by

Where is His Grave

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She took a desolate road as the wind blew.

Six Feet Either Way

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the ants play pinochle on your snout

Cosmic Apple

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A Sonata For My Mother

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Because her mother died when she was five.Because a child should not lose her mother at the age of five.Because the nuns dressed her as baby Jesus.Because she wasn't educated past the age of 13.Because she had to stop going to school to work for her aunt's who beat her and…

A Journal of the Plague Year, Day 19

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Sauve qui peut.