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Many years later, when I saw her again on a crowded subway car approaching Times Square, I thought back to the night when we both shared a piece of cardboard on the roof of a freight train moving through Mexico.

The Other, Less-Successful Shakespeare

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Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your money, not your ears, because quite frankly I’m a little in arrears.

Pigs Fly

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You are rounded just the way the mountain is, out the window. The sun sets on both of you now. Three of you, I should say: the mountain, and you, and little Frank, who is currently batting my ear because he doesn't want to be named Frank but it's for your dead father,…

I Remember, By Joe Brainard, If Joe Brainard Was A Spoiled Rich Kid Who Attended The Same High School As Bret Easton Ellis

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In what appears to have been a coordinated, coast-to-coast attack, country clubs across America were attacked last night with firebombs and heavy contaminations of herbicides.

Whistler's Mother's Son

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The painting known as "Whistler's Mother" gave birth to a son...

Lead Belly's Legacy: The Proteus of the Blues

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Thus began one of the more unlikely academic partnerships ever. Lomax took Lead Belly on a tour of several colleges, then ended up at Harvard where he presented the hulking musician to a professor who said “He is a demon.”


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The field opens up to us like something born.

Unveiling Kirkiss Automated Amazon Reviews!!!

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No! No! Nonononono!

Like Water

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I become a lake, a river, a stream, an ocean that will one day be able to move anything, anyone.

The Girl in Chute 18

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On the morning of the Winnowing the smog-smudged sun made everything look pillowy, the way it had when Mom, Valley and I had finished the last of the wine before the Inevitability. I was glad no one was out to see Mom following behind…

But It's Been a While

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When I first met Luther he was sitting on the sidewalk, his back pushed up against a vacant storefront wall, thumbing through the “help wanted” section of a few-days-old copy of our local paper and I was moved to offer him a couple of dollars for which he said,…

Going Organic

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I should probably make it clear up front that I am not in my right mind, which I quite understand compromises the credibility of what I'm about to say. Without going into the history of my minor and somewhat more major psychotic episodes, my psychiatrist, unsure how finally…

Fat Man in a Blizzard

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There he was. Minnesota Fats, short and pudgy, jowly and blond-haired.

Blizzard on 105th Street

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severe snow storm coming. I'm looking for a parking spot and listening to Machito & Charlie Parker

Greenback Fly

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It doesn't take a genius to figure how he sank, in the drink, like Jeff Buckley. Like a stone.

Meditating on a Bottle of Salad Dressing

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There's a man in a Mackintosh reading Harper's Bazaar, I think many things are bizarre, I think the possibility of things not being bizarre is bizarre. Sometimes I'll have a great notion but doesn't everyone? I dreamt I fought in the civil war in the…

Keep it, Curt

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Just move out.

Somewhere East of There

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The last time I saw my father he wasn't dead.

When Birds Do Not Fly

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The last chick in the nest

How to pick up women.

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The easiest and most legal way to pick up a woman is to take a single, writer friend with you to a bar. While there, look for the woman you are interested in. Her? Are you sure? Okay then. Next, tell your writer friend that the woman keeps looking at him when he's…

A Brief Stirring Of Dust (3rd Chapter)

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Wednesday David awoke to the blaring of his clock's default alarm and managed to feel simultaneously perturbed and relieved. It was the alarm that irritated him and the fact that he neglected to set a more mellifluous alarm. The relief came as he realized he was only…

Manifest Destiny

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Will it take the rise/ of cyber guerillas to finish it/ in the way it should be finished

from Presence

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facts are facets are / things in the act // the truth speaks softly // as time saying amber / to the enduring sap // words come and go / like leaves like men // we the tree remain ...

Bacon's Blood (4)

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“It's not a tattoo. It's a birthmark, about the size of a dime. It's in a very private place..."

My First Abortion

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She’d been doing nothing but sleeping and eating and practicing the violin since the abortion, and he wondered if she would ever start temping again.

Blackouts... Take Seven w/Snare drum, Piano & Sax

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Her name flashes like block letters shaded in blue in front of her. The image sinks and fades into the sidewalk.

Oscar et Jimbo: Another Parisian Love Letter

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He flew, still flies sideways nevertheless, like a wire hung thing from a Méliès fantasy. Méliès, a neighbor now.

A Horse Walks into a Bar

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I got this job where I sell snow cones from a cart in a petting zoo. Parents ask if their children can take pictures with me. I neigh and nod my big horse head. After my shifts, I go into the bar, still in my getup, as this horse, and the bartender says,

A Dollop of Love

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Mary Magdalene might’ve given him a dollop of love for the terrible pain. There, my father remarked was a woman, a barefaced hussy, forgiven her sins by “a better man than I, Gunga Din,” he’d say.