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Du livre de sa vie (from the book of his life)

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Spider on a Red Thing

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Equality became the next goal, rendering gay redundant in describing marriage. Gaelic life is ringed with sharing and lent the word slogan.

At the Pink Ladies Taxi Stand

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I needed a used copy of The Second Sex by Simone de Boovoir like a fish needs a bicycle, to quote an old feminist gag.

Sparrow Down

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There's no surcease from heat, no "cool of the evening," like the songs say about summer in the South. Those songwriters sat under fans in the Brill Building in downtown Manhattan.

Wandering the Streets of Fitzrovia

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I’m deathly afraid of the pub crawls of my ancestors, through Bohemia and Fitzrovia because of the ghosts of alcohol already etched inside my veins and the headlong loss of oxygen

The Guardian of Starlight

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now the days are empty and time has lost its head

Sleeping on Route 110

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in the deep dark of a 2 a.m. atmosphere


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Mostly, I'm the goat


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Boors is the beer you need. You’ve had enough to think – have something to drink!

First Shot (37)

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"Getting a little spooked..."


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She loved me once. When we were young and the world revolved slowly in our hands. She never said as much, but she did. I knew by the way she moved, the looks, the whispers in the dead of night that carried only to my ears. We spent weeks on that beach in…

the Nightside of Other

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Under awnings of other loves


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April 18, 2014 To: Mr. C. Monk, McSweeney's Internet Tendency From: Johnny Cockran on behalf of Wonderbra, the Uterus, a couple of Legos and two mammalian Slush Pile Workers from the Sunday, New York Times Re:…

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love

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My first love was a woman of principle. Never deny your man was her motto.

Barbarian(s) Within the Gates

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The conference met every expectation, except for those it failed to meet at all: not one expectation I carried to the conference in good conscience was exceeded, not one.

it rained that day

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In the Red

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The younger woman asked Scott if he loved Jesus.

Seven Forever

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It was my fault.

Make Music, Not Love

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We are/no more than heartbeats on repeat.

Tonight's The Night

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The 14

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The flag, with the white “14” emblazoned on its pink background, churned against the wind that blew over the Sorrell Complex. Last week, it had been planted atop the dome that capped the east wing of the building and no matter…

Help Support My Attempt at Being Funny

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Do things you normally wouldn’t even consider doing Buy a book of poems, drink some soup Check your empty spam folder just in case someone didn’t forget you Go home early and late in the same day Get out of bed because you want to

Long Sticks Are Often Useful

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It was just lying there by the side of the road next to a mailbox, pockets turned out, weeds kinda rolled flat around it. I counted three nickels, a dime, and a cigar butt too. I could sure use the change for gum, but I didn't want to get near it. It looked dead,…

A Whole Forest Full of Leaves

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A response to Darryl Price's "Hello Is All There Is".

In the Stream of Space Expanding, Eddies

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Microscopic purposes emerged// with their combinations and permutations

First Shot (36)

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...once when he got up to pee...

Crystal-Blue Persuasion [Card #2: The High Priestess (WORK-IN-PROGRESS — v.3)]

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Crystal reclined on her bed, completely naked.


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The sidewalk moves like jelly and he tells me it’s okay.

Pretty Face

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The two girls who were my best friends had not minded that I didn't draw it in. It was Obie, as he was nicknamed, who commanded me to inhale at thirteen. "You're dead," Obie said, as soon as I did it. I fell backward in the tall, yellow grass.

Vigil and Prayer

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What nightmare can compare to life / somewhere right now?