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First Shot (41)

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We left Blow, Salzwedel and Sarah at Gramps's store, with Sarah about to tell her teacher and the young lawyer why she blames herself for her grandfather's death... [cue up studio organ]

The Last Beach Heather

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At the end of each summer they would cross Uncle Tim’s Bridge in Wellfleet and clip some beach heather.

Return to the Magic Tree House

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“You can't smoke in here, Jack,” his father said. “Your mother will kill me.” Those were the first words spoken as the pair rode in silence from Chester County. Jack pulled the unlit cigarette from his mouth and tucked it above his ear. …


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A retaliation against the modern poetry monopoly of the Far Left Wing. CALENTURE …

A Circus Never to Return

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But on arrival Darlene was in no prompt mood to undress. "There's some ugly sumpthin' out there along the fence, looks like it's gnawin' on sumpthin' dead."

Paz Canto

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landscapes over mystic embraces firmly rooted in the dance curving the hipline. Watercourse of river coarsed in rapier steel and silk.His advances and retreats forever arriving.


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The Gray Woods

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I control my breathing and hide from you that I can, and will always forever. I have become expertly capable of hiding, losing myself in drawers and behind houses, beneath the earth inside a hollowed out pine.

Someone points a gun at my brother

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He hands everything over, what else / would any surprised person who wants to live do?

Chapter 1

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“The King,” he paused, pursed his lips, looked across the crowd of eager and fearful citizens of Ki, “is dead!”

Basic Principles of Physical Space

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a body lost in thought stays hopelessly lost in thought for as long as the latte lasts and the coffee shop stays open and the moms don’t gather with their baby carriages and the bums don’t bum overly much and the trust funders don’t lose too

Summer Circa 1960

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A latch key boy, free/ to do the stupidest things-- like jumping// off the carport roof clutching a homemade/ flying machine that couldn’t fly

Pink Leggings

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Leggings, leggings, leggings red, yellow and green, any color really, became her raison d'être. Gartered leggings, puttees, trews of the Scottish Highlands, German's lederhosen, or buckskin leather worn by the American Indians, called leather…

reunion poem featuring a tulip tree

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"it’s easier to write a poem about a tulip tree"

If "1984" Had A More Upbeat Ending.....

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Momentarily Winston’s thoughts muddled again. He felt his fingers twitch, a physical sensation which seemed to accompany any recollection from the past. Most of his memories were moments he’d reiterated so many times during his stay in the Ministry of Lov

Ode to an Afro (or Going Natural in a Corporate World)

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In praise of the colorful flock with crowns of teased cotton candy rising high above Modular walls, stalled operating systems staling coffee and pale corner offices

Never Cut Your Own Bangs and Other Recurring Dialogues

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Stop getting yourself in trouble with writing or what you say to people. Clearly your enthusiasm for precise articulation is not appreciated by all, and you hurt people and their organizations, even if for the right reasons.

Billing Notice

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Due to recent enhancements to our billing system, the rate per unit for your basic service can no longer be determined.


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Passers by continued to walk past this strange capsule placed by the Moscow municipality just at the gate of the Bolshoi. Some said it was a new kind of cloud seeding invented by the Chinese.

First Shot (40)

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Previously Salzwedel brings his student out to the car where Blow discovers the student is not a boy, as he had assumed. Sarah, the student, blurts out that she blames herself for her grandfather's death.

Living Alone

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The thing about living alone is, you’ve got no one to scratch your back. If it’s a whisper of an itch, a fleeting thing, it can usually be taken care of by leaning casually against a doorframe and swaying back and forth. Which can actually be quite nice,

The Handsome Man: A Play in Ten Short Scenes

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Elizabeth Karlin, M.D. and U.W.-Madison’s OB-GYN Chair’s Cash Window

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Sad to tears, not bubbly, ordered as all in Madison, outpatient by Elizabeth Karlin, internist, later a bullet-proof vest abortion provider.

The Frog

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Publisehd in Linguistic Erosion When Jesus and Magdalene began to cross the sunflower field they met a group of boys, squatting before a rocky outcrop. Covered with…

Like Me On Facebook. Or Else.

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Do you spend most of your time on Facebook, or all of your time on Facebook?

The Fierceness of Lemons

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Their neighbor came over with a bag of lemons, camped in the hall and watched her make tea in the kitchen. She was wearing slippers and Sam was out for an eighteen hour run, training for an eighty mile race. It was always about lemons…

Note To Self

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Along with Bad Bunny comes the reckless dancing the ambulance chases and the long, drawn-on faces

The Piano Player’s Dead Rejoice

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Requires one of those leaps.

Balboa Egret

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A New Kind of Madness

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in my youth I was enamored of the moon—that is to say, lunacyI applauded the bizarre in natureI appropriated the gratuitous from dreamsI drank brashness and frenzy from bookswhat mad things I did!(throwing a bucket of water on the naked couple in the bed)what…