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When All Danger of Frost Is Past Haiku

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the last frost of spring. Replant

Obsidian Femurs

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Bones (17)

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Shit, he thought.

Things are being said

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Things are still being said in a world that sounds like rough bows and straight slicing arrows communicating with (smashing fists) a pool of tired animals. There must also come a time to surprise those same cruel faces with metal…

Big Top Boogie

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I had the blues. I was feeling down the day the circus came to town. There was cash in my pocket and a bag of weed. I went to the circus with a desperate need to renew my faith in the good of mankind. Perhaps under the big top some laughs I’d find.

Getting Rid of Her

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We needed to get rid of her. That was the word from Mary, our new Director of Social Work. We shouldn't have hired someone with 18 years of experience for a job that could be filled by a new graduate. She was costing the hospital too much money, and the…

After Prometheus

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His method is simple...


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A Good Provider

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She looked over from the passenger seat at her husband and smiled. It had been twenty years. She hadn't expected him to remember. She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, placed her hand on his thigh.“We'll be home soon enough,” he said. He was not…


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* Martha slid her finger into the handle of her cup and was just about to raise it to her mouth when the next report on the TV froze her like hard candy. …

Flaubert Eats Breakfast with His Mom

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your mania for sentences / has dried up your heart

The Exhaustion of Dreams

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I like it best when I wake up And the wild rain of dreaming ends.


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Love Letter From a Content Writer

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This was supposed to be a love letter written by a content writer, then it just got weird.

13. spring makeout haiku

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tangerine mouthfeel

American Cheese

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Ted calls me up to say he'd got a killer deal on some loaves of Sweetheart bread and packs of Kraft Singles. When I come over he's making grilled cheese sandwiches as fast as he can.


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You're nothing. You're wallpaper. You're carpet.

You're in Hell, in Paradise . . . It Seems! (An Already-Chosen-for-You, 'Choose Your Own Adventure™'-esque Story) [#10 of 10]

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You feel like you've been "sandpapered," just so he could get his internship credit-chit for his résumé.


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They're shutting off my electricity tomorrow.

Defiant of Gravity

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I see you in sleep,/ the sands of rememberance collecting/ in the corners of my eyes.


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Gerald and I have had our share of problems. Like I mentioned before, his infatuation with the Third Reich has become something of a sticking point.

Billy Strayhorn: A Short, Gay and Lush Life of Beauty

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“I don't have any position for you,” Ellington told Strayhorn. “You'll do whatever you feel like doing.”

Cow & Fly

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If I can eat a cow...

TV Eye

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the world’s biggest poser fags

That's all, folks...

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I’m supposed to be writing poems but it’s Saturday morning and I’m watching cartoons.

My Wife

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My wife thinks I should be committed.

The Silence of the Library

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I don't mind the Silence of the Lambs so much. It's the silence of the library That bothers me.

Artist's Statement: Stepbrother

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Mark Reep is that stepbrother you had a thing for, the one who turned you onto Steve Vai, Stoli.

Lessoning of an Old Runner

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On my morning commute...

Five Million Yen: Chapter 66

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Jack Krackenthorpe, Director-General of MI-5, sat alone drinking tea in Lee Ho Fook, a third-rate Chinese restaurant in Soho a mile from his Curzon Street office.