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First Streetlight

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What I'm going to do is grab this eight-year-old fellow down the block, and declare him a candidate for this Presidential campaign. I'll be his campaign manager, and our whole message will be based on the First Streetlight platform. It's old school but very…

Autumn Day

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The wind whispered through tree branches and the underbrush with little fanfare. Trees creaked and moaned in response, their branches rattling together like the bones of a reanimated skeleton's hands. Leaves of all shapes and colors skittered across the ground as if they…

Every word for love should always be misspelled

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in a land of exquisite excrement the germicidal agent is king

The Verge

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San Miguel of Little Havana appeared to me in a dream. He arrived in his Mercedes like all good exiled Cuban saints from Miami should. He sat at our table in Tropical Park among pollo frito, bocaditos, morros y cristianos, vaca frita, pastelitos,…

The Idealistic Beetle

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My fellow beetles and I have an agitation sickness, this always-gnawing at the spongy marrow, decay under the surface that is treatable only with poison and species war

Secrets of the Younger Brother - 13

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After some weeks there came a morning Ehan didn't visit the melzem. Unusual in itself, but Ahmed took it in stride. He could do more for himself by this time and was even developing the habits of one who knows the desert. What…

Third time in the day

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Independence, Self-Worth and Happiness

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For Veronica, now fifty years old,

mermaid tale

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your words that came crashing over me/ so cold the clear shock was like salt water

River Run

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yearning amid the waning

The Reading

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the few dissenting// dismissals among the grad school clusters,/ the hasty exit of the undergraduates,

New Worlds Require New World Wars, Naturally

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In the good ol' days of the 20th century, whenever world wars were waged, conflicts occurred according to rules dictated by the classical physics of the Newtonian era . . .

Big Heater

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they got some heat here in the West

Two poems by Kitty Boots

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To dance along the wrack line...

Must Not Be a Working Bird

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I said, “That bird is hungry.” The sparrow was eying both of us At our separate outside café tables As it hopped around looking for crumbs. Then it would look up at us Expectantly.

Poets Who Thrum

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Poets who thrum jirble and thwack Poets who thrum eat quorn with raw swamms Poets who thrum are eristic (not shambolic) Poets who thrum deliciate unto kench when they freck

On Photography

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Suppose you should bend your whole body backwards like a bow and push the rest of your true self forward like Georgia O'Keeffe in nineteen-nineteen over in my direction? My gaze would certainly be more than just the official poetic curiosity…

The Purple Prose of Cario

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I contemplate the words that did not make it; the lost ones. The words deprived of their moment in the sun. These words. These words that are not part of the story.

Prelude to Pain

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Grayson Warren is living the American Dream: a 15-year career as a city cop, a great wife and two kids. And then one day his dream turns into a nightmare.

Kind-hearted Assassin

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When you happen upon my thoughtsA profoundly joyous feeling bathes me in its wavesFrom the earliest days and still continuingThis emotion builds itself into an intense stormSo strong as to have me smitten in the single beatOf my heartWhen our eyes meet, my heart stirs out…

Smoking Giants

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I think they've always been together, talking amongst themselves about whatever is happening around them. A part of me wishes they'd walk into the cave and disturb whatever is burning it from the inside out.

Las Trenzas

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Two braids placed inside a little golden box after they were cut by one of the tenants of La Francia, Anita who was the neighborhood hairdresser and lived in La Francia which was the name of the apartment building my abuela lived in Little Havana circa 1971…

'Til Death Unparted

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He woke to scents of lavendertied in a lilac ribbon,flowers on his pillowa soft hand at his cheek.She whispered love forever And his life fell apart. Morning spoke of love refound,sunlight sailed across the roombut dreams of softest momentsmelted in the…

Glowing Inhibition

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There will always be some who misread the dance

1888: Mrs. Sherwood

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It's gone too long since her Robby Sherwood's dreams rose through the tenement chimney into pear-sweet clouds. Once was he planned histories, carried herself over slopes of hesitations to the night meadow, soft-skinned and whispered. Her man shouldered…

Secrets of the Younger Brother - 12

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*** Ehan caught birds for him almost every day. He also scolded Ahmed for his lack of piety. This was a constant Ahmed could depend on. Bird or no bird. These visits were so routine the camels became used…

Unfinished Business

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The receipts all fell into the black leather valise he’d retrieved from storage that afternoon, except for the forty-eight cents, which wound up in the right front pocket of his jeans.

The Stanislavski Code

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If I was a woman, I would not be my type, but you would wear tweed with the dignity it deserves.

Speck in the Thrall of Cosmic Forces

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Fear the air and fear the fire./ Fear the land and fear the water./ Creation is out to get you, speck,