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In 1958...

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In 1958, the Pope declared Saint Claire the patron saint of television.


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The Heart

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My wife and I were looking for a "fixer-upper." We were strange that way. We were leaving a rental which had cat tunnels built into the walls. One villa we toured had a heartbeat. In the basement, in place of a well pump, was a heart made of fibrous roots which had…

My Family Castle Outside Prague

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The family castle, Krivoklat, pronounced something like sheevoklat, where my maternal grandmother’s family ran a hotel, was founded in 1109 A.D. (how long our family ran the hotel business is anybody’s guess, taken over by the Nazi’s, then the Com


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i forgot how water tastes

The Future Unmapped

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Your headache is gone now, the pain peeled back by a barrage of alcohol and pills, the pine-scented perfume of yours wrapping me in love as I push aside branches and make my dogged way ahead of you.

Nazi Muff-Diving: It Could've Happened Here

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It’s right there on page 226, the infamous Gestapo muff-diving scene, as famous in its genre of mindless beach-reading as Gatsby at the end of the dock or Proust's madeleines.

Days Do Not End

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Calling out the Storm

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Outside we could see the winds bursting sharply through the trees. When an oak actually bends to one side, its bad...a normal person seeks shelter.

Here I am

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Writing a poem while the polar tendencies are under wrap is like listening to The Dobbie Brother's without the whining Mississippi moon. Like a latte without the foam. And yet here I am. I will not write a poem while under the polar eclipse. I will not write…

God Bless You, Mr. Eichmann

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So I ran to the door, and when I opened it a guy with a crewcut led in a band of about fifteen blond-haired boys in wheelchairs and on crutches.

Two New Poems

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1. Weeds of the World (Unite!) We invade the invaders and they invade us, these little Blooming weeds. They raise their flowers and let them blow Into the winds like fleets of stars. All of us Steer by their turning tide. All of us will eventually …

New Flavor

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Billy fell into a bottle, and we couldn't get him out.

The Excitable Artist, Once A Small Town Boy, Reacts To A Negative Review Of His Sculptured Cucumber, Installed (An Excerpt)

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One sentence

Stepping On Snails

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Mildred Haufnaughten rarely rushed anywhere, but to see her hobble along in the fast-paced gait of someone in a hurry, one might think otherwise.

Swim for It! [Card #18: The Moon (v.2)]

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What was it Kurt Cobain said? "Just because you're paranoid, don't mean they're not after you!" ¶ Something like that, anyway . . .

Atoms of Sleep

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From the compass of the self the unifying leap,gravitate gently, atoms that sleep,to where mystery reclines and solution must rise,but only for a fraction a lifetime implies.No sphere sympathetic to station or throne.All peripatetic. No flesh. No bone.Nothing to…

Bacon's Blood (34)

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Rose v. Motley -- Round 1

After the Night

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Rodrigue blues and Hunter reds will pleasure our eyes...

The Nude Pianist: A Novel: Chapter 17

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Friday night in Little Italy is a big night.


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The stunned son knelt to understand then fell, his heart shredded by the hollow point.

All About the Guns

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Been looking for guns. His guns have turned up missing. He’s been looking for the guns. Looking for guns. The au-pair must’ve snuck back in And took the guns. And the baby. The baby must be crawling off with Guns again.


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Skimmer's feet were on the floor before he was fully awake. It had been another dream-heavy night and the last one had broken the paralysis of sleep before his mind could blink open and reset his awareness to the present day, the present moment, which pos

A Bum-note Baritone

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Quite a figure he cut in his Jockey y-fronts, the Johnson’s Baby talcum powder billowing everywhere, the old-fashioned bottle of Old Spice shaken and slapped on both palms and then both cheeks.


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You were a mine field


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She worked the research desk. Like most ladies before computers and cell-phones she lead a quiet conservative life. She wore dresses, spent time with family and friends...Emma also had been stricken as a child


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I enjoyed the talking part though rambling on and on for lord knows why or how

An Incredible Waste of Paper

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This story is an incredible waste of paper.

What might come after you

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Animals in the Crescent City

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I’m not a religious man by definition, but I said two Our Fathers while I was pissing.