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Pox Americana [Card #4: The Emperor (WORK-IN-PROGRESS — v.4)]

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Sandra ambled over, looking a bit more brightened than she had a second ago, before Daphne got her attention, staring at the caged bears.


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Cellulite is legal to have, either way.

Quitting Smack

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I figured he knew what he was doing–he was the crazy one, after all, not me–so we took turns snorting lines of equal volume.

Justice for Mr. Boogedy

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Whence came a tapping at my door, a tap tap tapping...

Sacred Throne, Book 1, Chapter 11

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"Cal! Are you smoking!?!" His mother's voice, outside the door he'd reinforced with a deadbolt he found in the garage. A pirate flag, skull and crossbones tattooed with obscenities attached with safety pins, covered the door on his side. It shook slightly

Milo and Mobius

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The Deep End

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Like Jimi plucking steel strings


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One Black Wheel

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"..squeezing her eyes and mouth tightly."

ANYONE but Shakespeare

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Leave Shakespeare alone. He endures and persists, his works are praised and read regardless. But stop reading, stop consulting him for one decade, one decade. Leave Shakespeare alone.

The Figurehead

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An amber song, that street light glow that shimmers in rain storms, a seedy pornography in colour washes that highlights the edges of a world that should otherwise remain hidden. It picks out the lines and contours of her face, the angles of an idea registered in facial…

M. Nerveux Chronicles: Toad Suffers a Bad Business

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Herr Toad smokin'

Road Trip

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A strong man, normally of rotund diction, he wanted to open his mouth and sing. But not on a Truimph capping 60 MPH on a highway hemmed in by cars. No, he would have to wait until he hit the Sagtikos Parkway. As he drove, he dreamed about a bit of snatch. Not…

A Tale Of Three Titties

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"Someone should have told her that less is more..."

The Sharps

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How could a leaf be an accident?

Twelve Hour Shift

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At four, the all-night donut fryer lit a cigarette and pondered the murky depths of his steaming vats of grease.

Be Careful What You Wish For

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I got my new dog today, a toy terrier, as advertised, from an online retailer, and printed him or her, I’m not sure which, because of an inherent glitch built into the system, on my new 3-D printer,


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When the dark shadows of his limp eyes told us life was slowly seeping away, stolen by his stroke, his wife signed the “DO NOT RESUSCITATE” order and, tearfully leaving the room, she turns, asking a final question, “Think a needy family could use his…

Things of Beauty

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The cover features Lincoln as a woman. Lincoln as a woman is not a thing of beauty.

Antigone Détente

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Tan my hide. Feed me to rabid / macaques.

Theodore Van Kirk, Last Remaining Crew Member of Enola Gay, Dies

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They had a bed set up on the porch. He liked to watch over the hills for approaching storms. His great grandson, Dylan, fed him Cocoa-Puffs. He sucked them like a baby. Dylan flipped through the pages of Ted's life. “Plane,” he said, pointing. He was…


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I wrapped my flesh around love, That’s the idea, everyone said.

More of 'Jane Err: A Screenplay'

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OFF-SCREEN: WAITRESS (softened somewhat) I'm sorry, but . . . you're been here five hours. You need to buy something.


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I gave you two daughters. I gave you four grandchildren. I'm done.

The Third Time my Father Tried to Kill Me

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They sang and clapped and stomped shod feet on hardwood floor, the smell of man sweat and bomb-making thick as perfume.


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I know who done it. Them goddamn taters. I walked around the yard and started picking up pieces of the camaro, wondering if, from above, they’d laid the parts out into some kinda cult symbols or something.

The Cockroach Lawyer

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One morning a cockroach woke from troubled dreams to find himself transformed into a horrible vermin—a lawyer.

My Drunk Friend

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My drunk friend is built like a hastily packed trash bag; full of lumps and portending very dark things.

All there is

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You need buttered broths and to copy old writings by hand by very poor light.


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Sometimes he would get up at night, go outside, and stand in the middle of their back yard.