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The balloon of you

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and the mass exceeds the buoyancy/ and gravity pulls you back,

The 27 Club

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Jimi, Jim, and Janis Kurt and Amy too They died and gone to heaven And fit inside a shoe Room 114’s where they lie Their eyes wide open

Bar at East Capitol Road

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My friend, drunk, spoke to me / outside a bar where we hung out; / and his eyes were red from tiredness,


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The Great Big Story of My Failure

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Most people sitting underneath an overpass are homeless.

Bones (23)

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“You see, I represent one of Annette's clients, and it's quite possible he's in serious danger. And I'm concerned now that Annette might be in danger herself.”


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She wonders if he will do the dishes. He said that he would, but that doesn’t mean anything. He said he would do them last week, said he would save money, said he would come home last night. He didn’t do any of those things, either.

April 22, 2014

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Not with a bang but with / a whimper, they say, / that is how the world will end. / I am not Ophelia and there is / nothing beautiful about my fall.

Nostradamus Backs Down A Weary Statie

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being cursed of course, I already knew,


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nine seven thousand debut novel words i love you thx for reading by #aksania #xenogrette #MINE #novella #birdking #pixies #ASPARAGUS #SPACETRASHVIOLET #SEX #DOROTHYNOTROBOT

Heebie Jeebies

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Marge didn't eat lamb or pork.

Sorrows Know How to Swim

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That night he dreamed about a duel with toothbrushes....

Jackson Square

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Bangs swept up with a Lucite clip, small full breasts brushing against cloth and skin the color of a communion wafer, the tall girl walked across Jackson Square. The Artist, packing his paints…

Getting Rid of Her, Part 3

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Part three of the exciting real life horror series set in Carecorp, America's corporate hospitals.

A Little Bird

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Who are all these people hanging over me like grape vines? Like Gargoyles? It's always been the same old thing. You wanted to know what I am always laughing about. About all these people hanging over me like blowing leaves. Like balloons. Let's get serious. All…

Political Science

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We know the big one is out there.

Bad Sex Me Thinks

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“Portrune!” he cried. “What do we make of this?”


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Mall Flower

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I’ve blown out my shag haircut and it’s big. BIG-big.


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My face turns to promise more, but my insides are browning.

Dog-Eared Sparkplug

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soon enough the orphans will unsheathe their pistols and the hash fields will be emptied of sparrows


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affiliation: still not in a pagan death cult was just out on the thawing lawn lying belly down, too soon sucking spiked lemonade (not blood) up a twisty straw life is a string of unknown songsslow reveal, we fake our way along service: devour wayward stars …

A monochrome no doubt.

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A monochrome should carry memory home. But across its greyscale there—no face—and though out of place might it not be on the blindside of my mother—this she hides a secreted note. A man is out of shot whose jacket made of wool I can see fills out the…

20. Smitten

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Your tunamelt cadence / Sank me to ocean floors

It was a Dark and Stormy Night

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One of his big failings was getting pissed off about things but not troubling to fix them. He was working on it.

Haiku Haiku, Fattened Feral Kittens, Hobgoblin Test

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and watch the bird play and squirrel play/ and the twitching of cottontail noses


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By the Way, I'm pg.

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Driving alone again across the U.S. I thought back on my first relationship. As I sd to my girlfriend, because I was always talking, Lynda, I sd, which was not her name, the darkness surrounds us, what can we do against it? Or

"Hey, why don't y'all join us for supper?"

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Rewarding the kindness of strangers.