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The Nutzis

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The Case of the Incinerated Spinster

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There by the opposite doorway opening onto the thinly carpeted kitchen lay—well, what seemed to be all that was left of Miriam Flagellporte . . .


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i left a place where/ i was unhappy/ but it did not make me happy to leave

The Sun King

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The day I died,I was riding my bike. I was wearing a neon green helmet.I was wearing a headsetlistening to the theme from "SWAT".I was thinking of asking John Kornif he remembers it and then notedhe had not even been born yet when Robert Urich made his television…


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I write poems as if language matters.


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instead of gun metal deceit, sounds of malice;be a drop of rain.


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Old lines, new name.

Two-Fisted Flowers

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For Emily Dickinson Home is gone. I'm an orphan now meaning I wasn'tAlways so alone. Everyone I see is running from something.But they still sail their candles to the moon hopingTo awaken someone on the other side of this glory.Who might send them back a kind…

belly of a fish

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1 Good Hubcap

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I got one good hubcap I lost the other 3 I just don’t know What the heck is wrong with me I got one good hubcap As you can plainly see The other 3 were seen Just a-hanging from a tree That’s what must’ve happened When I ran my car ri


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For Takama this created the second conundrum of the day. One even bigger than the first. When he’d first learnt that sensei and he would be boarding a flight together for a series of demonstrations in Geneva, little had he expected he would be locked up i

I Wanna Do This

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strobe lights wash me up and down and here is the hottest mad dancer of the early morning black and loaded rushed into a freeze frame ...Also link to the song "Nope"

Test Unit, Werowocomoco

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Test unit: an initial dig to determine archaeological value.

my fling with Kalpana

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I wander toward the midnight dock a neon sine curve stabs my eyes

This Can't Be True, But I Remember It

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She calls me by my name. She says I am her daughter.

Heart 1.1

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you wear the warmth of death/ and your heat eternity/ blasts on mourn from your heart


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I heard on WUSF,


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girls sleek & thoughtless/ as sharks

mnemonic haiku

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skies electric blue,/limpid dewy air, the world/framed by a small farm.

A Cameo (for no-one)

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I bleed my heart into my computer, peruse The fact they have proclaimed my root unfit for use But it is I! This manhood, this tower Extending up toward the heavens like a miraculous flower, Purple headed warrior of generation, See it standing…

Subsistence Culture

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Defy the impulse to grow beyond/ your means and the means of the/ place where you lie at night.


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While searching for wildflowers along an old logging path bordering a ravine, I heard voices. “Damn, Clete. Where are we?” “I think you didn't make the goddamn turn, Mert, you idiot.” I looked over the edge of the ravine beside my path.…

Looking Glass

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Hi! How can I help? I imagined the tech support person to be Chandler's age, but then everyone sounded like a sixteen-year-old to me when they chatted online, especially when they were tying to help me with a technical problem. …

2 Good Hubcaps

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I got 2 good hubcaps I'm feeling kinda low Instead of tooling down the highway I been going really slow Don't wanna lose another I can't afford that now Just passed my country store And hit my cousin’s cow How come I still keep drivi

A Beggar's Welcome

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. . . it's all we ever want -- the holding.

Paper Boat

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You make your art when you can and Perhaps vice versa. You really Don't know what that means? You make your Art and visualize your mind As a large pool of water. You Make your art and if you're lucky They may not want to talk about…


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A friend's remark about androgyny, "it's overrated," she said.