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Remembrance, or Regret

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You kept trying to catch your breath, but it was true laughter That kept filling up your belly from the inside And you were having trouble sitting on top of that flaming ride And keeping your balance, and your cool, as if your cool wasn’t All th

When Mistakes Are Made

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He also looked at the tv with a detachment he sensed was dangerous and the sensation scared him so he ran into the kitchen and felt ashamed alone in the hot room and trembled.

A Few Words About Juliet, Naked

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HARRY (V.O.): . . . Before he died the guy who wrote the books said Jonny Gossamer (a pulp detective) was a joke. He wrote it for the money, and it was all bullshit. Harmony (a fan of the Jonny Gossamer novels) ignored this. She knew better. I mean, who the hell was he?…

Something to Sing (About One Day)

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The meaning is the meaning of everything. We didn't know you any better than you knew your own self. We only wanted to say hello in a new language. Right or wrong, after that the brave meanings mingle and disperse when the lights come up.…

Ten lines inspired by a lecherous man ...

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A hymn for her when his head cocks shameless.

Amish in the Theater of Lust

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Through the Walmart parking lot they came...

Humans [a screenplay-in-progress]

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She BENDS over and retrieves a bag that says POTATO CHIPS on it. Her dress is vaguely sweaty.

Under the Stars

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There was once a girl. Her name was April. Her family lived at the edge of a village. When she looked out her second floor window she could see the forest stretch for days. At nights after supper she would lean over her bed; watch the stars in the distance and wish many…

The Year in Review

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I sat at my desk and made a list of all my accomplishments this year. I won the hot dog contest at Nathans in Coney Island! Well, not exactly.

Walking on Pebbles

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I was on holidays. A hot day in July. I decided to walk to the part of the lake not seen on the postcard: a shallow end rippling lightly on a pebble bed. It was both a timid way of getting acquainted with the water before the big swim, and a wish to get closer to the hills…

William Carlos Williams wasn´t married to my wife

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This is just to say, she says, I´ve eaten the fucking plums.

Thirty Seconds

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Some guys get by on hope or hate or both. Some lose their minds, if they brought them in the first place.

A Man Dies

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The spirit smiled and held out his hand, the light in the room magnified and he brushed past the books and the thoughts still hanging in the small alcove, " You are ready now.

observations on an autumn day

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macho bucks in velvet defy you driving down the lane

The Closers

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I like to treat guilt like an accounting problem. I first understood the value of this when I was in a hotel room in Des Moines shortly after fleeing from the crime. Now, lying in bed in my studio apartment in a city there's no point…

Birthday Buddy

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His birthday buddy was like a wife to him: they were born a day apart. This was coordinated, he believe, in the womb. Well, to be more accurate, wombs. She was due two weeks earlier but waited; he two weeks later but cut his womb-time (as the kids call i

Drainmen Ch. 5

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I keep the drains clear.By name and therefore by title, a Drainman. A job made necessary by the rains that have been with us ever since the fighting stopped and life returned to normal. No one has been able to explain the connection between the constant rain and the day the…

Autobiography 22: It’s Not Just the Income

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Unless they leave you comatose,/ it’s the disasters you remember.

The Construction of a Deep, Black Void

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The faint stars began to twinkle in the orange and purple sky and the clouds turned to watercolor and the window became a painting.

The Endless Dream of Humanity

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I may have walked across the sacred line That separates me from the rest of mankind But I already paid my dues So, what club do I get into? When I wake up And the wild rain of dreaming Ends I discover that Guilt is just another four-le

At Night, I Live A Life I Can't Recall

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these dreams at the edge of my memory, dimly lit and hazy

Music and Books

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You're all I've got to keep me company, but it's a very fine company. So familiar, and warm as any cold digital fireplace. I can tell you've got more in your story, but it doesn't make you happy. I really do not feel well today. Fun I wanted to…

Wash That Man

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The washing machine at home was broken. It was an old leaky Maytag. A discouraging mess—twisted panties, sky-blue jeans, and an old lover or two or three floating downstream (the reverse of spawning salmon). Each man was slightly drowned,…


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[This story is not racist!]

The Last Cricket of Summer

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The weather, mid-sixties now, will take its toll on this singular voice.

Scattered Shells

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Coral took off her shoes and walked up the stairs to the office. As usual it was rather early. The night dust was still floating about. She was alone in this part of the building. The cool banisters suited her hands, the coarse concrete grains her feet. That morning,…

Trader Joe's, on a Sunday

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When you think I'm not looking, I always am. You say it's like nicotine, your best analogy as a non-smoker. The kind of hit that is hard to live without and isn't it human nature, you ponder.

Midsummer Night's Wake

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I will no longer be betrayed. At least not voluntarily.


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A petition submitted to the Planning Department of Palm Beach Florida requests a zoning variance applied to Mar — a — Lago. Studies, backed by research, have defined Mar-a- Lago, an ideal location for shelter and protection for immigrants, fleeing from…

The Maze

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Madigan's findings were alarming, to say the least, but the results of what appeared to be years of research seemed to speak for themselves— This world is not real! the document insisted.