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Rain (a sense of her)

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January 1980: Avenue A and St. Mark’s Place, East Village

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In the St. Mark's Bar and Grill romance is a speedy thing, a blurred whir of grope, kiss, connect. The tricky thing is timing: to leave in time for the boozy love of the hour to carry through to full, naked contact. Some succeed of course. Others overstay, hang past the…

Iowa Voters

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I miss my fire from the first three races

Journal of Puritan Minister, Jon Sorrim: Fragment 1

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It was the first time I had ever seen a possession.

sick fuck

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The Fourth Prague Defenestration: 7

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The family castle, Krivoklat, pronounced something like sheevoklat, where my maternal grandmother’s family ran a hotel, was founded in 1109 A.D. (how long our family ran the hotel business is anybody’s guess, taken over by the Nazi’s, then the C

local maps

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With Arthur Rimbaud at the Chamber of Commerce

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A little kiss, like a crazy spider, will run round your neck.

Professor Einstein's Living Proof (an excerpt)

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Light “I can escape the feeling of complicity in it only by speaking out.” The professor arrives on time, sockless. The former a sign of his polite upbringing. The latter, his lack of pretense and high …

20,000 Years of The Apartment For The Dead

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He saw places that he hadn't thought existed. He found his analog from 17,000 years ago praying inside of a white pyramid in Kathmandu, and saw how the fireballs being catapulted through the air outside were stopped in midair by a beam coming from the top

The Judge's Wife

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Her pheromones were working overtime.

20 minutes in the life

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I had a blanket over my head, going into the hospital, its giant, pale brown doors beeping unlocked and slowly opening to me.

That Day I Don't Remember

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It was a sunny day because everyday was a sunny day and the thunderstorms they thundered and the sun was dripping down the horizon and the sky was blue and blue and blue endless blue and the distance was salty and my eyes burned and there was no time to cry no time to cry…

On Welding

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I wanted something new, something different, something with fire.

Stranded People

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There are stranded people just like us, that's Not necessarily what I'm looking for. Negativity won't pull us through the Barbwired walls of hate. And even if I Was the only one, I wouldn't want you To look any different. I'm older Now, no one…

Cube of Boxes

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...he was suddenly and hazily relieved that he had something in Persepolis and blue agave plants to talk to her about.


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The human/ is less dependable than these pinpricks// and the lunar cycle.

Still Strangers.

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I didn’t question any of it and instead sat motionless as she dropped my wrists and walked away seconds later.

I Was A Republican (For only one day, and it was a long, long, time ago.)

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There was gonna be a rumble in our schoolyard. An outright brawl. It was gonna be just like Blackboard Jungle. Only real. Not some movie at the Duwamish Drive-In. Every boy in my school, it seemed like, was lined up outside except me. All the third and fourth graders…

On Socks

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There’s a hole in my sock, just large enough that my big toe keeps slipping out.


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I could hide away in this tower But I am Rapunzel And I will let down my hair

..maybe it was the fish I had for lunch

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"Are You in the Mood?"

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fingers tapping keys well after midnight

The Fourth Prague Defenestration: 6

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My grandfather rode with the Czar’s army. He was abducted from a village in Austria, trained to pillage and drink, plunder and rape, and ride the best horses that could be had. They were given the best vodka and the sharpest swords. They were all just b

Aliens, they stole mi hermano's brain

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“Boyohboyohboyohboy,” he'd say, “beisbol.”

Arcana Magi Pure Vol.6 - c.5

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The sun was at the edge of the earth. The shadows around Ayane and her friends brought the creature closer.

How Did You Meet Your Wife?

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“How did you meet Mrs. Harris?” Ricky asked Mr. Harris, who was startled both by the substance of the question and the blunt manner in which it was asked.

No. 6 Kleingemainergasse

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As it was, she was on a mission to get back and either close the chapter or re- open it on her former lover. Something was curiously drawing her to him. She was frank with the man on the plane. He understood. When they deplaned on the tarmack in a snowsto

Menelaus Supporting Patroclus

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He remembers, he touches, he lifts and kisses the mouth.

When the Ocean Was Ours

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The Ocean used to be ours. When the stars were still fire and they were the only light burning though the dim, hazy nights, the ocean was ours. Before the smog, and the lights that were carried by the men who rose from the sea, the ocean was ours. We…