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I Just Got Some Yahoo

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Speaking was like lifting a giant rock; she parsed it out to a couple-few phrases, to avoid becoming overtired.

10th Stave of Edju and the first barrel is almost done.

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10. he is hot to warm in the neck. instant he goes into the fog. oars crack glass and reveal the wet. far he goes, not far enough. I row for hours. The landmarks on either side of the river obliterated by the steam.…

Metro Retrofitting

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Fax me back to South Street listening to the dumpster / trumpeter, standing like licorice in the rain, / as the fetid officers assemble for the raid

even from the moon

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even from the moon our planet’s truth has not been seen.

James Dean

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The woman lit a cigarette and sat on the edge of the bed, crossing one leg over the other. She took a long drag, tilted her head back, paused. Her eyes flicked to the NO…

The Day Nixon Died

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"I remember thinking, 'Good.'

Her Bones, Porous

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We are airplanes in a take-off queue, waiting for death, for a parent to die and for ourselves to move out onto the runway, reluctant, ready for departure.

On an Iceberg of Words

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She cut me adrift On an iceberg of words And words melt As you know Looks like we may have Gone out on the limb A little too far without A toe-hold on Reality Doesn’t it? But I saw the headlines: Cows Bound for Slaughterhouse Make

How To Train Mules

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“Mules don’t like to dive, Esther.” “I said maybe, Hugh. Maybe.”

Part Two: The High School You Didn't Attend

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Most people who homeschool or unschool their kids are in one of two camps: hippies or religious zealots. Your mother swung between the two categories many times during your childhood. You remember her telling you things like “he won’t buy the cow if he g

Catching Mitt For Sadness

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He stops smiling and only says he loves me when prompted, as if asking me to pass the salt for his inner peace as it tastes too bland.


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the Blue Ridge Mountains were entangled in their usual mist, but the early morning sky looked good


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I am feeling a poem coming on.What a PITA.It is like a hot flash out of the bluewhen you least expect it.And when did we start abbreviating?Was it that summer of '79?No wait.It was August 1980 when I saw you dancing across the disco floor and we were both wearingwhite…

This Moment In Punk History

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What? Hey, man WTF???

A Story Told Over Dinner

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Then one day, Grandmother warned our father, her son, just like that. "Steven," she said, though he hated it when she used his full name, "I think some sort of storm is coming."

A Guide to Ignoring Nuclear War

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[insert title]

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[insert short snippet of text]

Spent Wastes

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Edju 8 and 9

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8. I went back up the broken concrete steps to the high street, away from the mass of men and their stinking river. I returned to my apartment and retrieved my pistol. The mystery of blue steel. My beautiful Nagant M1895.…

Plant Me

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If you find the place they forgot to bomb send me a hot pink postcard. The planet is only so big. We're already dipping our heels into the waters without wanting to become true believers, miserable followers. The bedtime stories will have to…

masters of their trade

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vampires seem never to be victims of drought . . .

Haunted objects

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I went to the lake,to our spot. there were daffodils there.i smiled at that, then cried a want to hear something funny?they scare me. they are so, so yellow.they screamed caution.I almost kept walking, but the sun is out, and I am…

Paws in Snow

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I suppose I'm getting nostalgic. The white landscape is suddenly interlacing with my reverie. I must return just for the memory of Blizzie. Faint paw prints in the snow-covered trail. It was walking along a lake, at the foot of a…

Miss Snipsnap

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A poem about a hairdresser. Published in Ambit

Weed Fire

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Wind was a sorry excuse for force

Apollo (2/2 - sections 3-5)

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III. Through wheelwind crypts of mystery, through…

Napomo 17: April 13 - 18

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Bones consolidate with age. The fleshy/ bits of body follow by wrinkling and/ spreading outward, appearing to expand.

Prologue: Fantasy

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You had your heartbroken a little bit, once, just enough to let you understand. You studied abroad. There was never a drunk man who refused to leave your dorm room.