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Lingering Over Language

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The mornings he comes in

This Heart's On Fire

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A Hypothesis in Two Parts

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A. Dandelion (Part I )Go down, ahead. I've seen that avenue all my life. The burning weeds are full of the lovely fallen. I truly believed in what you said, we were going to meet and become wild and free of the list of secret lies. When I lift my…

Lost Keys

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The most unoriginal, trite and hackneyed story ever written!

The Song Left in Me

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The sky’s on fire with existence When I’m around you Your wandering kisses enter my soul But your quiet beauty may be What really carries you It is like Finding and touching the Pearl of existence To be near you Was that your tattoo

There Were Giants In Those Days, and the Wickedness of Men

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We laugh at them, parading two-by-two, the elephants rolling tail to trunk across the makeshift gangplank, wide slats flexing under their sway. A pair of snakes contemplates gulping a pair of frogs and their clandestine movements stun a cricket and his mate. Birds squat…


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At fifteen...


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The year begins well here with much needed rain and tee-shirt temperatures.

Aphorisms and Asides on States of American Fiction

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The second anniversary of Quillette's 7 January 2020 piece “National Book Foundation Defines Diversity Down” (byline: Kevin Mims) is upon us. The piece seems not to have been overread or much remembered over the interim . . .

Yeopim Pork Men

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The trio stuffed their grilling equipment in a battered van and left for Dixieland Speedway at 4:30 am.


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Much reincarnation

think about it

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they say it's the holiday season they've been saying this for a very long time


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My grief is made up of Demons fighting to Claw their way first Out of my eyes

Good (Enough)

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Maybe I am good

'How I Came To Find Out I'm Like Thomas Pynchon and Bruce Sterling' by Jon Bon Jovi, King of America!

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The Stinger

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Having once had a holiday misadventure as a teenager I've become cautious. Overcautious perhaps, timid, but that's me now at twenty left with persistent scars. You might want me to elaborate on my experience but I prefer not to. It's become part of my personal domain,…

In Plastic

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I'm more ash now than cigar.

Silent Valley

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Jerry pulls back the throttle and squints through the window of the cockpit at the little abandoned village below. “Silent Valley,” he says in a voice-over style like in the promotional videos. The quietest place in the Western Hemisphere.”The huts…

Tiny Window

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I remember the living room heater

Hotels (an excerpt)

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“Snobs,” our head housekeeper Denise called them in her deep voice, while peering out from under her glasses at me.

A Word About Everything

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I remember having a beer once And feeling like a minor god And I know in some lie you told Your life began making sense And I also know that the mind likes logic But the heart loves chaos I just hope flies land on the butter of your soul

No One Was Watching

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What happens in life when no one is watching?

Express Lane

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The Guy Behind Me only had one item. And he looked too young to fully grasp Loneliness.

The World of Willy Gregg

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Death threats? Just another mumbling day in the world of Willy Gregg.

O'Hare International Peoplewalk Tunnel

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At step blinding speed we all alight somewhere in the world

I Bought New Candles

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The candles and my brain flame like a torch


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Unless we see it, probe it, Name it, star by star, and feel This awful, tenuous gratitude.

Just Another Plebian — Err, Philistine!

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I hate your guts.

substance shadow spirit

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ride crests and troughs of ceaseless change, / without delight but without fear, / and once it’s time to leave, then simply go, / without regret, with no unseemly fuss.

Jimbo’s Wish

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growing up fumbling for excuses your fingers, clumsy littlepads of flesh you don't recognize a scatter plot of acnethat won't erase by mirrorwhy this scene doesn't workkissing the detachable lips of bobby-soxed methodgirlswho keep…