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The sun placed itself upon a mighty peak and showered a million peaks with it's dazzling gold.

The Night Before School Starts

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A familiar ritual by now...

16 Horsepower

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The oceans have no sides

Wherever, Whenever

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A memory exploded inside her . . .

Arion, the poet

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Nearly everyone knows of that celebrated poet’s story coming down to us from classical Greek mythology: the tragic tale of Orpheus and his descent into the underworld to rescue his beloved Eurydice. Well, there’s a much lesser known story of a legendary 7

Drainmen Ch. 8

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From the vantage point of the worker's tent, emerging, she seemed even more slight and frail. Perhaps tiny beneath the busy windows of the gray and blue buildings behind my drain. The trash bin. The old streetlamp over her head. The…

The Museum of Inner Light

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On the way to The Museum of Inner Light Expect delays Expect bumps in the road Expect potholes and such Expect a murder of crows Rolling acorns over the rooftops But what I want to know is who Who eats a butterfly On the way to

The PRIMA DONNA & THE CHAUFFEUR: A Love Story! (in full, living colour!)

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You shouldn't look at my undies! I'm gonna kill you if you look at my undies again, you goddamn bastard! :)

Paleo Prophet

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We are insatiable


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In the east the sun. I love

Take Seven w/Snare drum, Piano & Sax

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They struck him just above his right eye, gashed him good. A scar-leaving gash. There was blood.


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the frost has made all tender greens bow

Fly Fishing For Bats

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then something like a shark gnawing on a harpsichord. Her drum kit apparently is an entire laundromat. A pocketful of marbles spilling in rivulets, down a set of narrow linoleum steps, merrily as two warblers splashing in a birdbath. several octaves below

Tough Guy

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He remembers his father’s concrete slab hands. Balled into fists they resembled kettlebells.

First Love

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What happened then was not entirely innocent or spontaneous. I had been impressed by a scene in Some Came Running by James Jones, where the teenage writer sneaks his girlfriend home and makes love to her on his childhood's bed.

My Alice

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My story begins where so many have ended, strapped fast to a cold table, just moments from a lobotomy needle and anything resembling the man that I am.

It's Tough

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got the space heater going in the desert got a lot of space out there somewhere

You Would Not Find Me

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and I saw a man mopping the floor. He did not look like a monk, but he was smiling at something I could not see. You would not find me and I was beautiful. You would not find me and you closed the memory. I thought that was unfair and maybe it was,…


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It's true. I like to walk on the ceiling. But please. Don't hold it against me. The ceiling is cold. Nobody lives there. Just a spider. A curious arachnid. She lets herself down sometimes. If I'm on the bed, trying to sleep, staring at the ceiling, watching her…

White Room

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That night if you had asked what do you want? / I'd have answered by holy nightfall I want / to fill my mouth with your name while your lips / graze my bare skin like hidden cobwebs


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For a few/ vivid weeks, deciduous shrubs and trees/ will seem to glow like flames and embers

Drainmen Ch. 7

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A hand touched my arm, the delicate wings of a medieval bird lost in the fields. Barely there. A suggestion of a thing more than a thing itself. A thing I didn't want to acknowledge. I was determined to ignore it. Keep my eyes wooden and unattached. But it touched me…


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The paper was strewn, everywhere.

In the Life

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You had autumn in your hair I liked the way you sat at a table And drank champagne My past years have carried me To sixteen countries Christ, we have so much to share Listen, I know how the other half lives And we can’t live like that an

Mean People Suck

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He said his wife levitated.

The Continuum of Flames

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Molly was from dull and wet Kansas City, Missouri, where she learned to pass the time in the many record shops and bars that lined it's inconspicuously storied streets, catching the attention of a young red blooded all American Kansas City man, from time

Nemesis' Rainbow

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The moon has a cloud pass before it. The strop has a razor pulled up-and-down, up-and-down, up and down against it.