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Play it, Sam

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...still the same old signs...

||||||||||| (Munun)

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Winter melts to ashes and now we walk where hillocks dip like pillows, where a warm pocket of air keeps the scent of spring beauties for itself. Sensitive vetch, so easily shocked, folds under a feather, yet the earth trembles where trout lilies shove. Buds stall on…

Your Boredoms

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Your boredoms are not my fascinations. Your boredoms Belong to the ice caves with the Mammoths, Although haven't they been tortured enough by the Changing winds? Your boredoms are far from twinkling Objects in the beaks of ancient crows,…

Please Don't Pass The Salt

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The only silver lining? The man in my life and I are in this together.

In A Lightning Storm, Sheep Run Through Barbed Wire

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I used to fear things. The lonesome wind come through the clapboards. Dry hillsides rustling. My own skin in the summer heat. Rattlers. Lurking. Abandoned coal pits. Pa said I was afraid of desolation. I didn't know what he meant by that. How can you be…

Lessons of Dark and Light

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Snapshot Outside the Ladies’ Room

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the land she seeks is far from us but still its twin’s the Texas dust that’s tamed today by Texas rain.


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Soon everyone will know what is coming.You cast a spell of heaviness and I crumple, horizontal. Like Aurora, sleep is my destiny.Tantalus in reverse, my curse from food forever I will flee, while everything changes;discomfort and…

The First Time Ever I Saw A Hummingbird

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The first time ever I saw a hummingbird the Santa Ana winds were thrusting somewhere through Sunset Blvd and Highland Ave and the school bell for Hollywood High rang for first period as the humming sound and the bell ringing and and the…

Plans and The World

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You are terrified. You light/ the autopilot light and trust// the small machineries of self/ to land things safely,

The Man Whose Wife Lived in His Neck

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This is the story of the man whose wife lived in his neck. Every morning, he would turn to her and say, "Hello, Sweetheart. How was your night?" and she would answer, Brilliant! What else?

A Frog in Water

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“You're just a frog in water, aren't you?” she said. I was over the Indiana state line and thinking of turning back to sleep that night but needed to understand what she meant by the comment, her last comment to me, before I started the car in the drive. …

What She Left Unsaid

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Megan beat up on herself later over the unsaid.

Something Else

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There were ten thousand photographs buried in the bottom of the jar

My Mother Was a Bluebird - song

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My mother was a bluebird Who flew from tree to tree My father was a pilot Who flew right over me Her soul is still living There upon my tree My dad’s evaporated Right in front of me My brother’s soul has wandered Far away I see I

Violent Limb Part 2

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"Take the other arm, Jonas! Take the other arm," I said, laughing. "Make me a better god!"

A Political Man

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There's a potent multimedia declaration Flying eagles starred and striped Mocking cartoon independence Where every promise shines Not every veteran's hero Chequered drug misuse Glorious public relations Concealed a…

Smart Stay Cannot Detect Your Eyes

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he hears the blare of the horn, what some call a whistle on the westward tracks,

ANYONE but Shakespeare

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Shakespeare was Shakespeare, after all, the greatest poet the language has ever boasted: why did Shakespeare’s contemporaries even bother with their paltry efforts?

Secrets of the Younger Brother - 2

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*** It was a different world after that. Hazim kept to his own way of doing business. He also made more lists. Accounts and balances. Weights and measures. Not of things, but of men. There was a tally …

Glen Beck: Limp-Dick Detective [Ch. 173 - 177]

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“Uncle Jake!” Glenn Beck screeched like a goddam little girl.

A Thought for Emily

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Your precious feet were there once pressed against the familiar floorboards when your poems suddenly appeared to you like lightning. I wonder which window they came in? Here's a thought: you were like a window. You caught all that light…

Snatch X

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...the astonishing discovery...


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48 words

Lord of the Poets

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I almost caught a poet today.

A Walking Tour Paused

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In nineteen eighty-one an Iranian fighter pilot taped thinly hammered leaves of gold to the skin under his flight suit. A few glorious pounds overweight and carrying a helmet under one arm, he crossed the tarmac. It was his most finely executed maneuver. Before anyone…

Poem 1

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Now's the time …maybe. Maybe now's the time. Forward or back and half awake, where does it end? For pity's sake, For pity's sake who knows? Question, question again and again fuck the pain. And… …


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The diagnosis? A lesion. Of enthusiasm, Fitzgerald said.

The Fourth Prague Defenestration: 20

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The Gropers of Prague were there, all around us, in spirit if not in fact. Was it KGB? Was it a ghost from my past? Or my own hand? Stop guessing. It was Einstein himself. The KGB had taken him into custody somehow, though by what authority? All the