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Waiting for the Voice on the Line

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hoping for a happy outcome/ like a kindly voice on the line


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Flower Power

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"Poets are damned but they are not blind, they see with the eyes of the angels."--William Carlos WilliamsThere is something beautiful I want to say to you that doesn't seem to make much more sense in a box of clever words like this one. It feels closer to…

The Lincoln Effect

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Ty speed-walked down the long ass tunnel that connected his “A” train to the NJ Transit bus, which would take him across the bridge, where he'd splurge for a cab to take him home.


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By dawn, she is ready to hunt.

A Cockroach in the Museum of Fine Arts

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Archy the cockroach provided me with hours of entertainment, seasoned with extended periods of confusion since many of the jokes went right over my head.

The Journalist Sips His Tea

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It isn't fashion or politics, centipedes or Morgellons, but the sanctity of melons, the squeezing out of juices. Now that we are purified,addicted to the colour red, neon signs announceelectricity is dead.A tranquil crowd of strangers, anxious…

Bacon's Blood (10)

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Someone will be eating crow.

Bandsaw Accidents

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The Mayor

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The streets downtown belong to the people. The people wanted greater transparency. They wanted Mayor Abok to be straight and narrow with them. They wanted their streets to be level and safe to drive their vehicles on. They wanted their streets to be usefu

Here Comes the Sun/ There Goes the Moon

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still have the yellow rose that I did not throw into the grave.


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Well, I finally checked myself into this what you call a “ Facebook Rehab Clinic” up here just about 40 miles outside of Kalispell, Montana in a little town called Gulag and, as I'm sure you can guess, there's no posting or commenting or liking anything anymore…

The Answer at the Bottom of the Stairs

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She knew she had missed a step as her body rolled down the stairs. Panic set in as the world flew by her at lightening speed. Would she survive?

Unreality Television

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I was told, take him round the back and deal with him.


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Filling his nostrils, cold and moist against his cheek. The primitive taste of it, like licking a grave. Prayers tossed from his mind to the heavens as stray small coins are tossed into a fountain. His left arm throbbing beneath his weight. All around him

Live Luscious

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The earthy texture of the/ black and the pungency of the green will/ soon mix with onion,

at the offertory table

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She learns of two outcomes. Hers and most other peoples.


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I C U: …

Coming Undone

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The tongue couldn't remain in his hotel room.

Closed Letter to Management

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don’t ask me to set my goals./ I have none except safe air to breathe,/ a reliable roof,/ something aromatic in the oven.

Tuesday May 8th 1912. One hour’s burial in the poor ground of Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.

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Dairyman’s Child—the child of John and Jane Larkin—Measles John’s tears soured the milk for all of Sheriff Street for a month


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Seen from the window, …

Sacred Throne, Book 1, Chapter 17

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With a loud grunt and horrendous scraping of wood against cement, Cal dragged the cross over to the confessional. After leaning it against the booth, he motioned Charles over to hold it steady. Taking hold of the crossbeam, he pulled himself up to the top

One Hurt in Collision at Intersection of Art and Commerce

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Color rushed into Upshaw’s face, and her eyes narrowed to grim little slits as she hissed “You son-of-a-bitch!"

Bacon's Blood (9)

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Blow fires Bacon.

The First Day

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One sentence

Spare Parts

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Breaker's Yard Blues!

The Devil's Pass

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“Devil’s Pass.” It had the highest rate of vehicle fatalities per year in the entire State of Colorado. Everyone in my state drove like a bunch of stupid rejects, so I asked the guy just how many? He replied, “Four thousand for the entire state!...Nin

Ones and Zeros

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The radio sputtered, and did not stop, then from your eyes fell things light years from their meaning (a fall forever) intangible yet cogent mantras. My works full of silence, pools of water upon which nothing can reflect. But I shall…