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Ma and Me

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I wake up happy every day. I know it's a genetic defect, but whaddayagonnado? Every week I go to my support group for Adults of Functional Parents, but the hall is empty.

The Discovery of Infinity

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Infinity occurs as an afterthought, for discoverers like Columbus as for countries like America.


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Then I am in Washington DC impersonating an accountant.

Part 1: Childhood and Adolescence

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This account is the best my memory can manage. All of the episodes I’ve had and the psychiatric medications I have tried have taken their toll on my ability to recount. I will include all of the ugly things I would rather not admit.

Man In The Blue Scooter

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Death's Honesty (12)

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All-important sex scene? Getting closer, getting closer--still in foreplay

bloodletting and the strobe of hearts

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the injured color wheel of the world

After the Poison

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I've measured out our time togethersealed it in airtight bottlesthe one labeled 1998 kept closelike smelling saltsOne whiff a camphor waking memaking me high on the idea of usputting blinders on your infidelitiesdouble vodkas and damaging wordsAnd when that isn't enoughI…

The Abandoned Shoe Project

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It’s the unfinished sentences Of the children on our refrigerators That worry me the most It’s the Fake News It’s all the people Living in their shopping carts Without shoes It’s the abandoned shoe On the street And the Abandoned S

Breath for Nick Cage

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But El Roy Never listen no so

November Odds

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The stars align against us. Lines of force/ collaborate to push us off the edge/ into the dark abyss we’ve joked about.

Notel Nobel

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That was before Cohen died. Castro died. Castro Died should be a title by Samuel Beckett. Once I nearly went out to buy a bass clarinet just for the purpose of playing along with Leonard Cohen.


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There is a dead factory. It sits on the tip of a small piece of land which extends into a forgotten lake, like a giant dirty-inked thumb pressed against a faded blue sheet of paper.

Remember to Sing

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“Not all the birds are to be trusted, and there are other spies more evil than they are.” —J.R.R.Tolkien This may well be your own about time to walk out that comfortable front door forever. Nothing will ever …


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death like the lobby of a hotel/ you were just leaving/ or a well-lit room/ you could enter at will/ better than beauty

“Yo Donnie, Hawyadoon?”

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“Fine, Tony, fine. I'm brilliant . How many times have I got to tell you my name is Donald now. All the time you're with that disgusting, “Donnie,” a grammar school name. Get some class. You own the matzo factory now. You're not just another…

Cape Charles

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"ain't hardly got a lick o' crabs today"

Our Time in San Francisco

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“I love you,” he said. I imagined him falling off a cliff.

D Evil in the D

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when the devil dies he divides enough evil for everybody

Black Widow: (Conclusion)

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—You must be joking, he laughed.

excerpt from "ruNn"

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"...The old witch by the water spigot told me you’d have large sacks big enough to put a woman’s body in. I need to get one.” “The old green witch drinking the shitwater?” “Sounds like the one I spoke with, yes.” “She should keep her big mouth sh

Going Back in Time: Song

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If we go back in time We are living in tents If we go back in time We are living in caves We are fighting over rivers We are fighting over fields Near the soft edges of slime If we go back in time Nothing would have us And we had t

Wonkie Eye

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The bad optical, crossed or dead or lazy or stray

Arcana Magi Pure Vol.7 - c.3

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After the Cooking Club and Sayako formerly introduced themselves, they all stood before the sisters, listening to their story. Ren took a puff of his pipe as Ayane pressed her hand over her chest and Sayako took short breaths as her heart raced.

The Passed Away

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Died is forever. Passed away/ Is ambiguous. Dead isn’t/ polite.

Stay. Sit. Listen.

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There is a small church in the south of Italy, with a stained-glass window depicting the sister of John The Baptist.

Figs from the jar

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.."She realized she was thinking about Beth. She was in love, such a forbidden, lovely state of mind!! Oh she smiled at the thought of that ’sexy bitch’ as she called herself. Why would Beth turn her on in this way? Perhaps her jovial nature, her good loo

The New Dam

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Rain Day

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I have no envy/ for whatever / feels nothing

Lavender, a Liberal

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Lavender, a Liberal Betty, batty from hormones, in a fanciful fit, named her daughter Lavender. Husband Don winced. Brothers Donald, John, Billy, and Tom were puzzled and pleased by this sister, this girl, who was a little bit like them, yet not like them at…