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At the Bend in the Road

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I was at the bend in the road thinking of Robert Frost but there was no fork, there was no yellow wood, there wasn’t even a horse to ask me why or what if There was no decision to be made just a thousand tourists from Prague

Human Kind Can’t Bear Very Much Reality

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Particles flung by the sun pierce us through, undetected

The Wreck of Your Life

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Tale of Another Country

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At twelve, I had begun to think about death as a possibility of life.

hump daze

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Before you start reading this it is important that you understand that I know nothing about the evolution of horses or camels. I mean, I literally know zilch about which came first or if they are even part of the same family. In my head I imagine one of those charts…

The Birth Canal Was Easy

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It was time.

In The Style Of The Ancients

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Pox Americana [Card #4: The Emperor (WORK-IN-PROGRESS — v.3)]

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She hoped this meant something. The signs were with her.

Waiting, Softly Crooning

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She sat adjacent to the bottle of Rioja, half-consumed, and as the week passed the dust settled on her like the faintest covering of snow.

While the Light Lasts

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Smoke from bodies aflame tongues the strung moon;

First Shot (51)

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Ex-Sen. Bartholomew "Bart Bullshit" Gladstone has just exited Blow's office. Blow and Mary go for a drive to discuss plot-thickening developments.

The Option Package

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he felt like ranting about cars.

To Walk Backwards

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Tom wasn’t crying. A few snowflakes, the first of the season, flittered down and landed on Elizabeth’s new headstone, christening it. Tom didn’t have his topcoat, and he never buttoned his suit. He tried not to shiver. Lynn lifted her face from Tom’s c

Living in the Death Industry Could Kill You; The Q&A

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Q: Tell me briefly about how you got into the death industry.

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Place

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The first time ever I saw your place With furnishings of orange and blue--oo oo oo.


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The Trials of Saint Agnes of Rhodes

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Was she giving another virgin birth so Jesus wouldn't be lonely?

Together in Tuscany

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Here comes the bus. It’s going to Tuscany and is full of pronouns: he, she, me, you, it, them, us, we, and you again.

Induce Me

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Life's a beach? A bitch? Same thing.

MoonEarth Collision: A Disaster Short Story

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Full MoonWhen the Vice President is informed of the impending apocalypse, the Renaissance man turned politician recalls a verse: The moon her magic be, big sad face of infinity. A former academic and University Chancellor, Vice President Jamison has…


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THERE'D been mutterings on the shareholders' board about a dodgy deal shoved through. In the rush after the towers' thing to get out relevant stock an executive producer had signed off on some film school kid for five big ones to shoot a…

The Ill-Tempered Caviller

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The Ill-Tempered Caviller decides to run for office. He runs as an independent. On the campaign trail the Caviller eats hot dogs and kisses babies. One of the babies drools on him. The Ill-Tempered Caviller spits back.

As a Film Cassette Enters a Camera

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"...only images I can know,"

Slight of Hand

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Our ironies don’t make us happy

Bums of the Bird World

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Yeah, okay, so pigeons are the bums of the bird world So what are a flock of crows working over a wheat field while the artist Vincent is desperately trying to live with his bleeding ear or to sell at least one painting during

The Scottish Play

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Days like this I operate this city on muscle memory.


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Then I see her walking down the grass aisle: my assignment. She looks nothing like the image I have been trained with, but her identifier is strong.

First Shot (50)

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Last episode Bart Bullshit dropped in on Blow and Mary without warning. Now he lives up to his bloviating rep.