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I Swear the Devil Stole My Bible and Such

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I swear the devil stole my bible I had a whole stack of them Around here somewhere I saw him smiling to himself A smile about a mile wide And then he slipped right out the door And went inside the tent Across the river where I went A

Two works by Jill Chan, first published in Blue Fifth Review

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a bridge of words capable of unsaying the past like shelfless memory

Still Dancing b/w Smokey Conversation

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an engine stalls out in the parking lot the driver tears her skirt coming through the door


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I'd like to grow you a flower. I thinkmaybe I just will. Right now. Here's as good a place as any. Well you'll probably never get to see it, but it will be there just the same and it will be yours. Kind of like these poems that I make if you think…

Uniquer Than Thou

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brilliant green eyes

Brick Walls

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A flash in chapters

A Harsh Pep Talk

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You are nothing but a generic white man with average looks and intelligence, trapped in an indie romantic comedy. You sit in your overstuffed coffeeshop chair, drinking an impossibly befoamed cappuccino, the sleeves of your flannel rolled up to your elbows, mellow synth…

Camellia Sinensis

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Pu-erh under the moon - / old growth forests, beds of moss

Sharp Nails

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Has it ever happened to you to have met someone and not recall who they are? You think of their eyes, hair, mouth, assemble them in a jigsaw to shape a recognisable image, add other pieces, build a place with familiar features, flip through moments in the past. There are…

Shot Story

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The earmuffs, a fine pale green, are tilted slightly to the left, threating to quash her in their magnitude. Her eyes, sharp sparkling blue, focus for a flash on him, looking for applause or assurance, or perhaps just approval. Safe,…

Three Flash Sonnets

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Poor souls. Likely they'll be poets.


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I forgive you, Socrates, for choosing hemlock.

Arcana Magi Zero + Pure - c.11

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Ayane took another look of the area and it was large warehouse. A loud thud vibrated outside.

Situation Room

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The president repeated, Nothing is happening, you see? Yes, Mr. President, I said.

reality concedes, for once

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beckoning with citrus streaks blue cobbled streets/and stuccos lit with gold lamps guide strollers here/to Place du Forum in Arles and this café . . .

"No lights shine out tonight high hung in heaven"

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(From Postcards fom a Railway Station (final poem)) No lights shine out tonight high hung in heaven: And the constellations like a dead man fall. No sight of polar eyes, whose sons are seven, And I stand unthinking and beyond it all I own it all a…

In Brief

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I can admire Falling Water and find Mr. Wright a complete shit.

Weather Forecasting

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By the time the forked tongue of the flag extended flat like it was pressed between two of my thick volumes on weather forecasting, the man was still walking with his nose glued to the ground.

the symmetry of Aldo Rossi's handrails

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It would be another difference a building has from a “sculpture”. It would be something that even photographers would have difficulty in disguising, since many modern buildings, even many modern photographs of buildings, place such emphasis on symmetry. For both…

The Ghost's Tale

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Don’t worry, she said It’s not blonde down there But she is wrong It’s just as blonde down there As anywhere The light down along her arms For instance The down along her cheek On the back of her neck Her thighs Apparently I am n


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Maybe you, citizen, should be a jerk. Jerks get where they are going. You, citizen, what about you? Handy, dandy, where’s the jerk? Conformists. Sheep. All of you, all of us, boiling out our radiators. Spending our day, our days, our lives in coope

The Glass Bowl

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I caught a fragment of a charged argument as I passed them. The young man said, “Well, I am talking about love.” And the young woman with equal volume checkmated with, “Well, I am talking about money.” Though their lives were none of my business, this exc

This Is How You Make The Bed

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He disrobes; shoes, socks, shirt, belt, pants. He smells of hard work. The nude whisper of everything else.


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dreaming in my cartoon life the car lifts its legs a hundred feet in the air

The bookshelf

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I grew up in a little red house filled with books. Both of my parents love to read, and the proof piled up in every room. Current books in the bedroom. Books from the last ten to twenty years in the living room and kitchen. Old books from their childhood and college days on…


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The trouble was, Bernie couldn't keep his old companion anymore. After having shared his small house with him for the most part of his life he had to let him go. He advertised, asked around, but no one seemed interested. No one wanted his friend, not even as a gift.…

Odysseus Remembered

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Years later Polyphemus still remembers the wine-soaked taste of Odysseus’s men. The barley and garlic-flavored Greeks. Their flesh a fibrous, blood-hued hummus. Their crunched bones releasing sweet marrow.

Food & Treasure

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She wakes up with rosemary.

Cannabis Emerges, Rampant

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What the hell is going on out here!? Yelled the man with the shotgun


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By whatever stretch of imagination, I was not acting heroic or selfless. Under similar circumstances, any stranger would have done the same. Apparently, at the time, I was the only stranger in the crowd... if nothing else clever. Now, that I can be