Carl Santoro

Location Carl is from Carle Place, N.Y.!

About Me

Retired photographer. Love reading. Love writing. oh making visual discoveries with the camera.

Why do you write?

As a photographer, I am drawn to the way light plays with us when least expected. I feel the urge to catch it and show others its beauty and playfulness.

With that same photographer's looking glass, my real-life observations,like so many unannounced random jewels of light, trigger in me the need to jot down short reminders, thoughts, notes, to safeguard until they can be studied and developed. They may morph into poems, flash fiction, short stories or an entire theme for a novel.

These notes then are like snippets of captured light that must be shared. It is their further development, however, using pencil and paper or plastic keyboards , akin to the processing in a film darkroom, that I hope to conjure up, and out, all the additional wording waiting to be used, to be shared, to be understood. If it is entertaining, fine.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Uncle Tom’s Cabin-Harriet Beecher Stowe, Treasure Island-Robert Louis Stevenson, The Great Railway Bazaar-Paul Theroux, Report to Greco - Nikos Kazanzatkis, Bird by Bird-Anne Lamott, We Took to the Woods-Louise Dickinson Rich, A Walk in the Woods-Bill Bryson, Goethe - The Sorrows of Young Werther, A Woman on Paper - Georgia O'Keeffe, Flannery O'Connor, Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle, Reverence for Life, Albert Schweitzer

Carl Santoro's Wall

Charlotte Hamrick – Oct 05, 2014

Carl, I would love to read your fairytale/novel when it's published. I'm very envious you've been to the mermaid parade - how much fun it must have been!

Tabatha Stirling – Jun 02, 2014

How lovely of you xxx

Steven Gowin – Feb 12, 2014

Carl, thanks for the note on Old or Fat.

Sophie Xiong – Oct 01, 2013

Thanks for your comment on my story! I did not write it on a plane, but I did write it on a bird. The bird died recently though, due to engine failure.

Samantha Memi – Jan 09, 2013

I'll make you some sticky buns. Thanks for the comment.

Carl Santoro – Oct 14, 2012

Foster Trecost – Oct 02, 2012

Hi Carl, sorry for the late thank-you, but I haven't forgotten. Moved to Germany, so I've been a bit busy. Anyway, thanks for the read and comment on Frank Meets Francine - much appreciated. fos.

Mary Lane – Sep 23, 2012

Thank you so much, Carl! Means much that you enjoyed "Pool Toys" enough to comment. Best, HM

Emily Bertholf – Sep 15, 2012

Thank you for your read and comments on my poem "Remembering the Future," Carl. I greatly appreciate it.

S. M. – Sep 07, 2012

Hi Carl, thank you for commenting on my "Marmalade". I don't know if he was wearing a hat, he may be the kind of man who does. He once told me while walking down Sappho street he was singing "Que sera, sera..." to himself. And added that he was too old for this. But probably not old enough for a hat.

Gloria Garfunkel – Jul 28, 2012

Thank you for your comment on Spaghetti Woman. In fact, I think we are all drawing from our collective unconscious about the stratosphere, where the fragile ozone layer exists. Just today the NY Times said that worsening storms due to global warming are harming the ozone layer with a backsplash of water in an area that is normally desert dry. Our surival on earth depends on it. I'm not surprised it's popping up in lots of stories. I also enjoyed your unfortunate Invisible Woman.

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