Daniel Harris

Location Sarasota, Florida & Brooklyn,NY
Occupation Musician, Artist, Writer
Website http://blog.danielharrismusic.com/

About Me

76-year-old professional musician, composer, writer, artist, engineer, underwater human acoustics specialist.

Why do you write?

I have tried to create, build or design something every day of my life. I don't know what fuels this, but the fuel has to be burned.

Daniel Harris's Wall

Gary Percesepe – Feb 16, 2018

Hello, Daniel. Thanks for reading and commenting on my work--an honor to have you here at Fictionaut.

Ray Nessly – Mar 09, 2017

Thank you for commenting on "Digging a Hole to the China Sea". It's part of a collection of 'Nostrum Brothers' stories I'm putting together. They vary on the fiction/CNF scale; this one is pretty much "true."
I've added you to my contacts so that I can follow your posts as well as your comments on other stories.

Kitty Boots – Jul 11, 2016


Thank you for the comments on my 2 poems.

Barry Friesen – May 25, 2016

Ha! Holding your breath, indeed! Thanks for taking the time to read "Wet Work" and comment as well. I appreciate it, Dan!

Dianne McKnight-Warren – May 18, 2016

Great suggestion on Claffey piece.

Ellie Lee – Apr 09, 2016

Thank you so much, Daniel, for taking the trouble to read my poem. I'm new here and very much looking forward to reading your writing.

Tim G. Young – Jun 17, 2015

Daniel,I wanted to say thanks again for your choice of 'Blues Repeat' for your Editor's Eye contribution. So glad we are here!

Ann Bogle – Jun 13, 2015

FYI, just caught this on Ron Silliman's page on Facebook, Dan: http://artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/06/07/up-for-auction-lucian-freuds-letters-to-a-poet/?emc=edit_bk_20150612&nl=books&nlid=81304&ref=booksupdate

Myra King – May 19, 2015

Love your Mocking Bird piece, Daniel - sublime! Will read more of your work when I have time.*

Larry Strattner – Apr 01, 2015

Thanks for your comment on Scientific Submittal Method. Appreciated.
I have reviewed your listings of various composers, artists and writers and found myself wanting

Carl Santoro – Aug 30, 2014

Daniel, thank you for visiting and commenting on "You Should Change at Jamaica". It really helps.
I agree. I struggled with extending the story to include the myriad of possibilities inherent in such a mystical situation. I felt if I left more to the imagination, what with tying in the title to the cryptic note and all, that a reader might come up with some additional musings my mind would not. I could so easily take it over the top and muck it up as I have done before. But, yes, my hands hovered over these plastic keys for several dramatic, thought-filled moments. I hope it isn't too much of a let down like you would experience at a grade-B horror film where you never see the whole monster, only some cheap effects. I hate that. No pay off in the end. Am I ranting? I rant - therefore I am. Any whooo, thanks. That was exactly my sentiment when I ended it!

David Ackley – May 14, 2014

Thanks Daniel for taking the time to read and comment on "Stealth," what you said was the main object of writing it.

Daniel Harris – Jan 08, 2014

Thanks Larry. I'm going as fast as I can and still write music and paint pictures.

Larry Strattner – Jan 06, 2014

Jesus, Daniel, I just looked here. You're an old guy. Keep writing, and be quick about it!

Javed Hayat – Oct 01, 2013

Hello Daniel. Thank you for your comment and the fav on A Distant Mystery. Appreciated it.

Deborah Oster Pannell – Sep 22, 2013

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for sharing your impressions on Strangers on a Train. I look forward to checking out some of your work!

Tina Barry – Sep 05, 2013

Thanks for the kind words about "3 Bedrooms...",Dan, and thanks for the star! I look forward to reading your work.

Gloria Garfunkel – Oct 08, 2012

Thanks for your Werewolf enthusiasm.

Gloria Garfunkel – Sep 30, 2012

Thanks so much for your enthusiastic comment on Psychotherapy, God and Me.

Gloria Garfunkel – Aug 18, 2012

Thanks Daniel for that wonderful foodie comment on Birds of Prayer.

Gary V. Powell – Aug 09, 2012

Thanks for the read and comment of Maalox.

J. Mykell Collinz – Aug 07, 2012

Hi, Daniel. Thanks for reading 'Sagacious Abridgment.' I appreciate your insightful comment.

Matthew Robinson – Aug 06, 2012

Appreciate the compliment on "The Second Sun," Daniel. As for the science: original research. ;)

Gloria Garfunkel – Aug 04, 2012

Thanks so much Daniel for your thoughtful and profound comment on Fairy Tale in Dacahu.

Marcus Speh – Aug 04, 2012

dear Daniel, thank you very much for commenting on “arachnophobia”. I appreciate it very much.

Gloria Garfunkel – Aug 02, 2012

Thank you for your funny comment on Spaghetti Woman. Any food hanging from beards is funny.

Gloria Garfunkel – Aug 01, 2012

Thank you for your long comment on Reading at the Table and I left you a long one back there. I enjoyed your story Similarities as well.

Ann Bogle – Aug 01, 2012

Dan, thanks for your comment on "Twedes." Insular struck me. My family (not meaning my grandmother's original family) is like a bicycle wheel and we are its spokes, non-intersecting neighbors across coasts, threaded to EMC2 hub.

Gloria Garfunkel – Jul 22, 2012

I'm here again, to thank you for your fine comment on Birds of Prayer. I left a lengthy response there.

Gloria Garfunkel – Jul 21, 2012

I responded with a lengthy note on my wall to your lengthy note on my wall. There are myriad places to post and it's often confusing what's the best place. That was a great comment.

Gloria Garfunkel – Jul 16, 2012

Thank you for your message about Pig Girl and for the fave. I am noticing that you, like me, are new to Fictionaut. It's been an amazing experience and I've only been here two days. Welcome!

Ann Bogle – Jun 17, 2012

Welcome to Fictionaut, Dan. I look forward to reading more of your stories.

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