On being offered a seat on the Bart train

by Joanne Jagoda

On being offered a seat on the Bart train


Darling— you want a vodka on the rocks

I've had a crappy day

two boys on the Bart train offered me seats—

if it were only one, it wouldn't have smarted

I'd have dismissed it as cute…

 a singular gallant gesture

but twice in one day… oh God—

I'm not ready for this


Remember when I entered a room and turned heads

is my youthful charm a sputtering fire in the hearth

but how can I be fading

when some days I still want to boogie

to the Rolling Stones blaring from the speakers in Trader Joe's

hell, I just started a tap dancing class at the senior center

I don't want to be overlooked like a bag of lettuce in the back of the Frig

when inside I'm the same long-haired babe you met when I was nineteen


Passion still pulses through our fingers like a frisson

I'm glad we're on this last journey together

I'll never be old to you—I know that

ok… I'll confess, I could've stood for the BART ride

but I took the damn seat anyway—

growing old is a bitch.