Matt Potter

Location Adelaide, Australia
Occupation ESL Teacher and Social Worker

About Me

Matt Potter is an Australian-born writer who has spent the last two years (2008 - 2010) living between Adelaide, Australia and Germany (particularly Berlin) ... perhaps following the summer.

After long-held dreams of becoming a psychiatrist, an historian, a gynaecologist, a gymnast and a singer came to nothing, Matt became a social worker and an English language teacher.

Matt is inspired by the discipline of others and their sense of enjoyment and adventure, and wishes these would rub off on him.

Matt also edits 'Pure Slush':

Why do you write?

I write because it makes me happy, it keeps me interested, and I so often think, oh God, that would be such a funny story!

Any favorite authors? Books?

Ellen Gilchrist (adult fiction / short stories); Annie Hawes (travel); Christine Harris and Margaret Clark (children's).

Matt Potter's Wall

Neil Serven – Dec 06, 2011

Matt, thanks so much for loving "A Killing in the Market," and of course, for giving it a good home.

Estelle Bruno – Nov 11, 2011

so glad you chose writing such great stuff, instead of that other (medical) But then, I'm sure you would have been great in any field.

Gill Hoffs – Sep 01, 2011

Matt - thank you so much for what you said about 'Snow Go'. We got there in the end, and I'm extremely glad we did. I have your 'crib' email sellotaped to the inside of my notebook. I'm very grateful for the compliment and the help. Gill

Marcus Speh – Jul 03, 2011

indeed, matt: "What is a nail. A nail is unison. / Sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet tea." (from gertrude stein, <a href="">susie asado</a>.

Marcus Speh – Jul 03, 2011

"And you know, if it really only took 3 or 4 minutes, more power to you, Estelle!" loved that comment, matt. power is the key term here. it grows over time but once you have it, you have it and you can summon it outside of time.

Marcus Speh – Jun 24, 2011

thank you matt for unearthing the secret treasures in "<a href="">secret brush strokes</a>" when commenting!

Kathy Conde – May 22, 2011

Matt, Thank you so much for your comment on Movement. I really appreciate the feedback!

Susan Tepper – Apr 09, 2011

Why do you have to live so far away? I'd like to go out with you for beer and pizza, I know we'd be very good friends. Thanks soooo much for getting my work the way you do, re Swastika, and gum.

JM Prescott – Feb 25, 2011

Hey Matt, I haven't checked Fictionaunt in months and I just saw a pages of stories you shared with The Glass Coin. I'm sorry I've been incommunicado. We are actually in the process of a completely new design for The Glass Coin, which is taking up much of my metal space. Hope you'll come check it out. I'm hoping to have the new format up and running April 1. Cheers, Jo

Soon to be deleted – Feb 17, 2011

Most welcome!

M – Feb 15, 2011

Hi Matt. Thank you for the very generous remark on ash, the reference to Ellen Gilchrist. Wow! Have a great day.

Frank Vander Rasky – Jan 06, 2011

Thanks, Matt, for your comments on “Oh, Fish Eggs!” Glad you enjoyed it.

Angela Kubinec – Dec 23, 2010

Glad you enjoyed "No Sweat". One never knows....

Robert Vaughan – Dec 09, 2010

Hi Matt,

Oops, I forgot you were already a part of Thunderclap! on Fictionaut. Silly me, I must have been at the bar ordering us another round. Drink up!

Angela Kubinec – Dec 08, 2010

Thanks for the Slushie invite. I needed refreshment.

Robert Vaughan – Dec 07, 2010

Hi Matt,
Thanks for your salient comments on "The Wedding March." Glad it resonated with you, and I appreciate your read.

Foster Trecost – Oct 13, 2010

Hi Matt, thanks for the read and comments on MVMR, I really appreciate it. foster.

Susan Tepper – Sep 28, 2010

Matt, those are such nice words on my story Centerpiece, thank you thank you!

Jane Hammons – Sep 03, 2010

Hey Matt, thanks for finding Dreaming in Mink and reading it. And for liking Sally :)

Michelle Elvy – Aug 27, 2010

Hey Matt -- so glad to see you here! I am 'following' you now, which I always laugh at, since it makes me sound like a stalker. But you already know how I feel about a man who spends his time betw. Berlin and the South Pacific....

Jane Hammons – Aug 20, 2010

Welcome to Fictionaut, Matt.

Susan Tepper – Aug 20, 2010

Matt, it must've been a thrill to get personal responses from Ellen Gilchrist. I wonder why her best writing is behind her? She has a rich source stream, it should still be flowing.

Darryl Price – Aug 20, 2010

Matt--it's good to have you with us.

Susan Tepper – Aug 19, 2010

Matt, thanks so much for your read and great comments on Shrimp. Why is Gluck called Gluck? I don't know, exactly, I think it came in my mind as "Yuck" (like oily shrimp). I grab whatever name appears first when I write a story. I see you like Ellen Gilchrist, I love her work, especially the Rhoda stories

John Wentworth Chapin – Aug 19, 2010

To have someone become a contact, you click on their name, look at their profile, and then click "follow" near the upper left-hand corner. I find this site painful to navigate at times, but I'm not a very good sheep.

Robert Vaughan – Aug 18, 2010

Welcome to Fictionaut, Matt!

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