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Occupation Writer and Editor
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About Me

JM Prescott’s brain was forged by Mary Shelley somewhere north of Toronto, where she taught herself to read as editor-in-chief of Panda Bear Magazine (out of print). Then she slowly moved south. She got as far as chapter one of Lord of the Rings and the Carolinas, when she decided she’d had enough of quests and turned around. She is co-editor of The Glass Coin and a freelance writer.

Why do you write?

I write because I breathe, and sometimes, because I don't.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Terry Moore, JK Rowling, John Sandford,

Though The Looking Glass And What Alice Finds There, Lewis Carroll
A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens
The Little Prince, Antoine Saint-Exupery

JM Prescott's Wall

Marda Miller – Mar 01, 2011

Hi Jo :)

Keith U. – Feb 28, 2011

Jo, thank you so much for reading "1991" and commenting!

Susan Tepper – Feb 25, 2011

Jo, thanks for your good words re our new novel What May Have Been. If you are around NYC on March 19, we will be reading from it at KGB Bar. I like the whole concept of the Glass Coin group!

J.B. Lacombe – Nov 15, 2010

$500 would definitely be nice right now :) Thanks again for the info! Hope all is well with you!

Angela Kubinec – Nov 11, 2010

Thanks for the CZP/Rannu invitation. My mind wheels are spinning already.

J.B. Lacombe – Nov 11, 2010

Jo, thanks for the invite to the Rannu Fund Group!

Matt Potter – Nov 08, 2010

Hi - thanks for reading my story 'Licking around the rim' and your comment. I have just re-read it and am wondering what are the spelling mistakes and mishaps you found.

Jules Archer – Nov 06, 2010

Thanks Jo! You're too kind.

Gay Degani – Aug 27, 2010

Thanks for the welcome! Looking forward to spending some time here.

James Lloyd Davis – Aug 26, 2010

Jo, thank you for reading, favoring (Isthataproperword?), and commenting on "The man who killed Molly Bloom." It will be a novel. It just keeps growing in my head. Thanks for the invitation to submit to the Glass Coin. I'm breaking some rules right now, trying out something else in the "two sides of the same damn coin" mode that may similarly fit y'all's vision. Soon as it works, I'll send it over.

Jules Archer – Jun 22, 2010

Thanks for the review on Passages. BTW, read your blog post today and it completely echoes my thoughts...doubts...questions. But it was great...and comforting!

Christine Yurick – Jun 22, 2010

Thanks, I appreciate the welcome!

Jules Archer – Jun 14, 2010

Thank you for the review! Very happy to be part of the Glass Coin Group.

Robert Vaughan – Jun 11, 2010

Welcome to FIctionaut! I am so happy that you are here. I will check out the Glass Coin. HAve you checked out jmww? I am an editor for that magazine.

Sophie Rochester – May 25, 2010

Hi - yours looks interesting too - in fact it looks like it could feature on The Literary Platform... we are here:

Sophie Rochester – May 25, 2010

Hi - thanks for the welcome - I am Founder and Editor of the Literary Platform... do you know it? S

Alle C. Hall – May 20, 2010

HI, JM. What a nice intro to Fictionaut. I am utterly unready to delve into the beauties here -- queries! Book proposal! Grant ap. due! Children to nurture! When does one have sex? I look forward to checking out your stories and Glass Coin when I have ... time?

Thanks again,

Jane Ann Heard – May 19, 2010

Thank you for the welcome! I am scrambling to post some of my writings - soon. I just learned of this site and I'm so excited to be a part of the group.

Myra King – May 19, 2010

Thanks, Jo, I will (and have!)

C.W. Stewart – May 19, 2010

Thank you for your comments. They really meant a lot to me. I fixed a couple of errors and removed the extra intro to the fog. I have a couple of other stories that I am working on and I'll see if I can make something less than a 1000.

Matthew A. Hamilton – May 16, 2010

Thank you for your comments on My Favorite Color. I also submitted it to your e-zine. What kinds of problems did you see? I was thinking about deleting the last line.

Matthew A. Hamilton – May 13, 2010

Thank you for joining NC writers. Glad to have you.

Mark Sutz – May 13, 2010

thanks for the welcome. you might find this little site i built of interest if you like submitting to contests.

it's the best one out there, if i do say so myself.

Gabrielle Taylor – May 09, 2010

Thanks for the kind welcome message. :-)

Jules Archer – May 07, 2010

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the great notes on my story! I would be honored to submit to The Glass Coin. I have a few ideas and just need to see where the themes take me...

J.B. Lacombe – May 04, 2010

I believe being an honorary Quebecois requires copious amounts of la bière (preferably Labatt Bleue) among other things :) Where we are from, where we have been --- great fodder for a short story!

J.B. Lacombe – May 03, 2010

Hi Jo, thanks for letting me know about The Glass Coin. Looks like a great publication! I love the "two sides" concept. I would love to submit (I have a few ideas percolating that would fit one of your upcoming themes). And yes, good to meet a fellow Canadian writer (!!), though I should qualify that I'm originally from NYC :) I've lived here for a while though, so I consider myself an honorary Canadian. Cheers from Quebec!

Larry Strattner – May 03, 2010

Couple typos. Check em out. Enjoyed the story. The horrific tape loop.

Darryl Price – May 02, 2010

Thanks for mentioning THE LITTLE PRINCE. As it should be. Welcome.

Matthew A. Hamilton – May 01, 2010

I plan of submitting, but don't know when. I'm going to look through the website and get a better idea of what you are looking for. I thought of a creepy story with the bench on a cobblestone street, but it needs more thought.

Keith U. – Apr 30, 2010


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