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  • About Me

    I joined fictionaut to learn from you.

    I've published a number of books. I've also done some non-fiction, science fiction and short stories in places such as M-Brane SF, the Deadly Ink Collection, Full of Crow, Bewildering Stories, Cynic On Line, Final Draft, A Twist of Noir, Powderburnflash, Adventure Cycling, King Pin Chess, the It's Our Pleasure Collection, Computer Graphics World, Modern Dog Magazine, Penninsula Pulse and Saponifier Magazine. If you like my short stuff here on fictionaut, you'll love some of my novels. Buy them all and find out which ones.

    I may have even published a poem I sent away once and forgot about.

    Mostly I edit and organize a large Excel spreadsheet of my rejections. I also blog a bit on - the pencil and the chain - it's all random stuff. I'm practicing.

    Why do you write?

    Yeah, well I am
    a little bored.
    Stood on the verbal corner
    and whored.

    Suffered the fools;
    realized they were me.
    Hoped for visions
    but couldn’t see.
    Quit before I really tried.
    Took a hot air balloon ride.
    Lied and lied and lied
    and lied.

    Second nature to me now.
    I say you’re gorgeous.
    You’re a cow.
    You see it’s white.
    I say it’s black.
    And no, I’ll never
    take it back.
    Secure in my
    Citizen of a two-faced nation.

    I do not step on sidewalk
    Lest I break my mother’s
    heart. Already broken
    long ago, by some bozo
    I do not know,
    whose genes, still angry
    walk around,
    in my jeans
    making sloshing sounds.

    So, imperfect as I may be,
    lying makes it true for me.

    Any favorite authors? Books?

    I have read many lists of what others have read. It appears I have read none of the books I was supposed to and all of the books I was not. Recently I have been reading Jane Eyre and am blown away by it. Otherwise, I read mostly trash. Someone has to.

    Larry Strattner's Wall

    Gary Percesepe – Apr 18, 2018

    larry--thanks so much for reading "Liturgy of the Hours" and for posting a comment-- warm regards, gary

    Carl Santoro – Mar 20, 2015

    Larry - Thank you for visiting and commenting on "The Face in the Oatmeal". Sorry, I did not see your Dec. 2014 comment until today. (It's hard being me). Comments on Fictionaut can be like a good pat on the back when needed, and literally keeps me scribbling towards a Wordsmith Degree (if only). Thanks again. Be well, Carl

    Misti Rainwater-Lites – Apr 21, 2014

    Hi Larry, thanks for your kind comment on Bloodless.

    Steven Gowin – Feb 12, 2014

    Thanks for the star on "Old and Fat." I do appreciate it.


    Daniel Harris – Jan 08, 2014

    Larry, thanks for the encouraging post on my "wall." I'm going as fast as I can and still paint pictures and write music. Days are long. Read most of the books on your list, which is a good one. I like the voice in your stories.

    Allen Hope – Dec 05, 2013

    Larry, thank you for taking the time to read and comment on "Christmas in the Big Easy."

    Amanda Harris – Jun 08, 2013

    Thanks for reading "Never Let Me Go". Your next piece should totally be bricollage.

    J. Mykell Collinz – Oct 08, 2012

    Hi, Larry. Thanks for reading 'Assiduity Two.' I greatly appreciate your comment.

    Shawn J. Higgins – Sep 23, 2012

    Hey Larry: Thanks for your comments. Yes, I enjoyed "Winter's Tale" immensely also but am somewhat disappointed that Mark Helprin has done so little since then. I've since become quite fond of Scott Turow's writing in "Presumed Innocent," but was disappointed by "Ordinary Heroes." He wrote that like an ordinary writer, and I felt his first novel was extraordinarily written. Will keep reading what you have in here. In the meantime I will be trying to improve my blog writing as I'm afraid I'm not very good at keeping up with the blogosphere. Cheers, Shawn

    Bill Yarrow – Sep 14, 2012

    Feel free. Steal away! Thanks for reading and commenting on "Agra Road," Larry!

    Roz Warren – Jul 30, 2012

    You are funny.

    Gloria Garfunkel – Jul 30, 2012

    Thank you so much for your comment on The Sneeze. I really enjoyed your story Eli.

    Barry Basden – May 26, 2012

    Thanks, Larry, for your comments about 'Ray's People...' Yep. Sad, ain't it, to know so many?

    Chris Okum – May 04, 2012

    Larry, thanks for reading Marc Bolan. What sad anniversary are you talking about?

    Linda Simoni-Wastila – Apr 03, 2012

    Larry, thank you so much for reading and faving After he failed to wake up. Appreciate you taking time to read my itty-bitty story. Peace...

    Barry Basden – Mar 31, 2012

    Thanks for reading and commenting on 'My Last Hunts,' Larry. But surely you jest. Hunting is generally not PC and often quite distasteful and messy. But there are lots of hunters and, comparatively, very few serial killers...

    Jane Flett – Mar 08, 2012

    Thanks Larry! For thinking I am not swanning around.

    Sally Houtman – Feb 07, 2012

    Larry, thanks for your kind comment on "Immiscibility." Yeah, my kinda science, too. I love your comment above where you spend your time organizing a spreadsheet of your rejections. Yeah, me too. I bet my spreadsheet could beat up your spreadsheet.

    Con Chapman – Feb 07, 2012

    Waltham is a lot like Lynn, but it doesn't have the cool rhyme, known to all Mass. schoolboys: "Lynn, Lynn, City of Sin--you never come out the way you went in."

    Tim G. Young – Feb 07, 2012

    Hi Larry! Thanks for the comment on The Untold Story.'
    Also I have to tell you the poem you put up for Why Do You Write is hysterical. So, thanks again.

    Robert Lamb – Feb 04, 2012

    Larry, please make Geek Assassin available for the Nook.

    J. Mykell Collinz – Jan 27, 2012

    Hi, Larry. Thanks for reading 'Along Came Doreen.' I appreciate your comments.

    Peter Kispert – Dec 09, 2011

    Thanks, Larry, for your kind words on "Puncture." Much appreciated.

    Katie Norton – Dec 09, 2011

    Hi Larry, thanks for reading Mai Tai Daze. I know you know a thing or two about guns! Best, Katie

    J. Mykell Collinz – Dec 03, 2011

    Hi, Larry. Thanks for reading, 'Heart of Gold.' I greatly appreciate your comment.

    David Ackley – Nov 25, 2011

    Thanks, Larry, for relating to "The Last Chance...Story Contest," Which, strangely, is suffering a slight shortage of entries.

    J. Mykell Collinz – Nov 19, 2011

    Hi, Larry. Thanks for reading, 'Lule of Raw.' I greatly appreciate your insightful comments.

    Bill Yarrow – Nov 17, 2011

    Thanks for reading and commenting on"Fish Boil," Larry.

    George LaCas – Nov 15, 2011

    Hi Larry, thanks for your comments on "Dr. Norm O. Pathy, M.D." - GL

    Jack Swenson – Nov 14, 2011

    Naw, Larry. Surely we will both go to heaven )if not heaven on earth) because we both have a sterling character. Thanks for your read of my Twain story.

    Erin Zulkoski – Oct 17, 2011

    Mr. Strattner: thank you for the comment and fave of Little Grey Elephant. You rock.

    Marcus Speh – Oct 17, 2011

    larry, i go back and forth on the music of "<a href="">moondog</a>" myself...but the look is unparalleled, i wish you could've seen the real man. thanks, mate.

    Beate Sigriddaughter – Oct 17, 2011

    Thanks for your evocative comment on "Eclipse." I love Ingmar Bergman, most of all the fairytale ending of "The Magician." When will we get our summons to perform for the king?

    Robert Lamb – Oct 12, 2011

    Larry, what's the latest on your book?

    Luke Tennis – Oct 10, 2011

    Larry, spoken like a true ex-waiter (if indeed you are). Thank you so much for reading "Sideburns" and commenting.

    J. Mykell Collinz – Sep 13, 2011

    Hi, Larry. Thanks for reading 'A Life of My Own-2.' I greatly appreciate your insightful comment and *.

    Robert Lamb – Sep 10, 2011

    "Larry! Good to hear from you. Good to hear that you have a book close to publication. Be sure to keep me advised. I want to see it. Smashwords adapts for all E-readers. The tricky part is converting the ms. for Smashwords. The do-it-yourself route is tedious beyond words, so I hire it done for $25. Email me at and I'll send you the details." ~Bob Lamb

    Jim V – Sep 07, 2011

    Larry, thanks for chiming in on Power Outage. I'm grateful.

    Marcus Speh – Sep 07, 2011

    hey, larry, thank you for commenting on "before the bloodbath". the dog likes you, too.

    Jack Swenson – Aug 31, 2011

    Larry, thanks for the thoughtful comment on my little visiting old friends tale.

    J. Mykell Collinz – Jul 28, 2011

    Hi, Larry. Thanks for reading 'I Wouldn't Wanna Be Me.' I greatly appreciate your comment and fav.

    Carol Novack – Jul 17, 2011

    Hiya, Larry! Thanks for your kind words. Truth is I don't have time for much of anything with the Retreat, Blog, Press, Review, and Readings. Too much! I need a vacation!

    Tawnysha Greene – Jul 05, 2011

    Thank you so much for your comments on "After." They are greatly appreciated!

    Jules Archer – Jul 05, 2011

    Larry -- thanks for reading Burn, Baby, Burn and your kind comments. Now I need to work up a "Jules Archer: The Definitive Collection" book.

    J. Mykell Collinz – Jun 14, 2011

    Hi, Larry. Thanks for reading 'Mercury Unbound.' I greatly appreciate your comment.

    Jack Swenson – Jun 10, 2011

    Larry, good idea for a new product: The Marital Bliss Lawnmower. Bet it would sell like crazy!

    J. Mykell Collinz – Jun 06, 2011

    Hi, Larry. Thanks for reading 'Destiny Knocking.' Your story comment is greatly appreciated: likewise, for your heads-up on the typo, which you posted on my wall.

    MaryAnne Kolton – Jun 06, 2011

    Larry, Tough story to write as well. Thanks for reading it.
    Re: your profile. Turns out I have read more than half the books you have. Think Jeanette Walls "Glass Castle" has the best first sentence in contemporary fiction. You know there is no right or wrong list of books - just read.

    Brittany Newmark – Jun 06, 2011

    Thanks for you comment. I am new to this whole internet computer thing. Posting that story felt like putting a note in a bottle and dropping it into the sea, only with more expensive equipment. Again thank you for reading and responding.

    Brittany Newmark – Jun 06, 2011

    wwww – May 31, 2011

    Thanks for the comment and the fave, Larry.

    Meg Tuite – May 04, 2011

    Thank you so much, Larry, for Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Do you remember that book, "Do Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?" It was by a John? Can't remember the author (Powers?) maybe, anyway, you're right! I should have thrown that into the mix!!! I so appreciate your reading!

    Roberta – May 04, 2011

    Thank you for such a kind comment on 'The Arms of the Forest' !

    Jack Swenson – May 03, 2011

    What's up, Doc?

    MaryAnne Kolton – May 02, 2011

    Larry, am reserving Lord of the Misrule as we speak. . .Also loved many of your fave books. That first line in Jeanette Walls "Last Castle" was probably my all-time favorite first sentence.

    Jules Archer – Apr 19, 2011

    Larry - thanks so much for reading Woman.

    Mike Lynch – Apr 18, 2011

    Glad ya dug the stories Larry -- thanks for reading!

    Susan Tepper – Apr 17, 2011

    Larry I don't believe you were crying. I think you want to touch the studs, too! Ha ha! Thanks Larry!

    jake fuchs – Apr 15, 2011

    Thanks, Larry, for your kind comments re "The Whippy Guy." Thanks especially for your insight into my character's feelings after the fight. I look forward to reading your work.

    Jack Swenson – Apr 15, 2011

    Thanks, Larry. A very flattering metaphor! Thanks for your comment on "Men Are Beasts."

    Kirsty Logan – Apr 06, 2011

    Thanks for reading, Larry, but my dictionary definitely says 'pein'! Perhaps it's UK vs. US spelling.

    Thomas Pluck – Apr 06, 2011

    Thanks for the comment, Larry! Glad you enjoyed your colonic. :)

    Jack Swenson – Apr 03, 2011

    Larry, Many thanks for your comment on "Tatters" and also the star. I'm very pleased.

    Nathaniel Bellows – Apr 03, 2011

    Thank you for your comment on my story, "Plus and Minus." I really appreciate it. I look forward to checking out your work. Nathaniel Bellows

    Misti Rainwater-Lites – Apr 03, 2011

    Larry, thanks for appreciating Living Without Blood!

    Bill Yarrow – Mar 30, 2011

    Thanks, Larry, for the comment on "Disappearing Ink." Thanks also for the fave!

    J. Mykell Collinz – Mar 30, 2011

    Thanks, Larry, for reading 'Made in Japan.' I greatly appreciate your comment, correction, and fav.

    Jack Swenson – Mar 28, 2011

    How come one of my cats bites me then? Got a kick out of your comment about my story, Larry.

    Marcus Speh – Mar 27, 2011

    what kind of job would google offer me i wonder...court jester? sushi roller? you cracked me up, larry. thanks for the note & comment. i added your site to my blogroll:

    Frank Vander Rasky – Mar 25, 2011

    Larry, thanks for your comments on “God Bless You, Mr. Rinsewater.” Glad you enjoyed it! Always great to hear from you.

    Matthew A. Hamilton – Mar 24, 2011

    Thank you for reading Tsunami. Glad you liked it.

    Misti Rainwater-Lites – Mar 24, 2011

    Hi Larry. Thanks so much for commenting on my Saphris piece. I've tried almost all the drugs but never Vicodin.

    Bill Yarrow – Mar 24, 2011

    Thanks, Larry, for the comment on the Translator poem.

    Susan Tepper – Mar 24, 2011

    Larry, please don't feel itchy and squirmy about Shoes! Thanks for reading!

    Jack Swenson – Mar 23, 2011

    Thanks, Larry. It's always good to hear from you. Glad you give "Big" a thumbs up.

    Penny Goring – Mar 17, 2011

    thanks!! XXX

    Mark Reep – Mar 16, 2011

    Hi Larry, thanks for your comments on Snowdick, glad you liked. And yeah you're right, we're not outta the woods yet. Hard to imagine that in five or six weeks we'll be firing up the lawnmowers :)

    Katie – Mar 07, 2011

    Thank you for the comment on cul-de-sac i just published. I really like your bio on your profile, most of writing is being rejected, and it's the people who don't give up who make it, as I can see with all the work you have published and what is on here! thanks again though!

    Keith U. – Mar 03, 2011

    Larry, thank you so much for your comments on "1991!"

    Erin Zulkoski – Feb 27, 2011

    Thanks for reading "Not Her." And you're 100% right at your reaction of "what an AH."

    Jack Swenson – Feb 27, 2011

    Larry, Larry. A DUI? I drank like a fish and never got one of those. I did get busted for drunken walking one time, however.

    P.s. Thanks for the fav.

    J. Mykell Collinz – Feb 27, 2011

    Hi, Larry. Thanks for reading '1965, what I wanted.' I appreciate your comments very much. And the fav.

    Jack Swenson – Feb 22, 2011

    Ha! You understand. I agree with your comments about cats. Good for the soul, indeed.

    Soon to be deleted – Feb 21, 2011

    Thanks for the comment on Beet!

    Kathy Fish – Feb 21, 2011

    Thank you so much for the kind comments about "The Hollow" Larry!

    Jules Archer – Feb 20, 2011

    Larry - so happy the picture I painted worked for you in "Liplorn".

    Frank Vander Rasky – Feb 10, 2011

    Yo, Larry! Glad you enjoyed “Badabing Badaboom.” Your read and comments are much appreciated. Thank you!

    Christian Bell – Feb 09, 2011

    Larry, thanks for your recent comment and fave on The Real Fun of Vivian Darkbloom. Much appreciated!

    Jim V – Feb 08, 2011

    Larry, thanks for your comment on "A Halo of Smoke." Means a lot.

    Jack Swenson – Feb 05, 2011

    Larry, Thanks for your hilarious comment on my bug story. It may be better than the story!

    Bear Savo – Feb 05, 2011

    Larry, glad that worked out for you. I'm going to start posting here again. Been doing a lot of niche writing for my blog on, but now it's time to start flexing my fiction and poetry muscles again. Even started a new blog to showcase it:

    J. Mykell Collinz – Feb 03, 2011

    Hi, Larry. Thanks for reading 'Stupiditās.' I appreciate your insightful comment.

    James Lloyd Davis – Feb 03, 2011

    Larry, thanks for the fave and the comment on "Sic transit Gloria Mundy." It's loosely based on something that happened in Texas. Something I read about, but never forgot.

    Matt DeVirgiliis – Jan 31, 2011

    Larry, thanks for commenting on Love At Last.

    J. Mykell Collinz – Jan 29, 2011

    Hi, Larry. Thanks for reading and commenting on 'Big Bang Cools.'

    Jack Swenson – Jan 24, 2011

    Scat a what? That's a pretty big for a couple of old country boys, don't you think?

    Joe Hartley – Jan 24, 2011

    Thanks for commenting on my story Dream House

    Matt DeVirgiliis – Jan 24, 2011


    Thanks for commenting on and reading my work, and for catching that misspelled word.

    Jules Archer – Jan 09, 2011

    Larry - thanks for reading/commenting on "I Like It".

    kate hill cantrill – Jan 09, 2011

    Hey Larry,
    Thanks for posting on my wall! Yes, that's Moishes Moving company--very big in NYC. I worked for a much smaller company that is owned and run by artists and writers and musicians and other creative freaks of nature. It's a fascinating world, this moving world. Good luck with your book, too!

    J. Mykell Collinz – Jan 08, 2011

    Larry, thanks for reading 'Creeper.' I like your comments.

    Frank Vander Rasky – Jan 08, 2011

    Thanks, Larry, for reading and commenting on “Oh, Fish Eggs!” I appreciate it.

    Jack Swenson – Dec 29, 2010

    Thanks for the read, Larry. We O.F.s have to stick together.

    J. Mykell Collinz – Dec 28, 2010

    Hi, Larry. Thanks for reading 'I'll be Home for Christmas-1&2. I appreciate your comments and the fav.

    Susan Tepper – Dec 26, 2010

    Hey Larry thanks so much for "chocolates" maybe I should go get myself a nice crappy box of cheap ones! cheers!

    Frank Vander Rasky – Dec 26, 2010

    Larry, thank you for your thoughtful comment on my interdenominational story “The Boy who killed Christ.” Much appreciated! Wishing you a serene holiday season, Frank.

    Matthew A. Hamilton – Dec 25, 2010

    Glad you liked Erzurum. Its in Turkey, former ancient Armenia.

    Juhi Kalra – Dec 24, 2010

    Hi Larry
    The boy may grow up to surprise you. Chapter II was already up, and Chapter III is up now of "The Hill Behind the Door". Safe holidays.

    Angela Kubinec – Dec 24, 2010

    Larry, what a profile! You were very kind and encouraging in your comments on "Continuing Sundown". Thanks.

    Jack Swenson – Dec 20, 2010

    Larry, thanks for the read & star for my cheery (?) Christmas memoir. You are the best!

    Doug Bond – Dec 07, 2010

    thanks Larry! Glad to know "Urgent Reply" got a chuckle!

    Susan Tepper – Dec 06, 2010

    Larry I'm so happy you enjoyed "oasis" and thank you! cheers! susan

    Cherise Wolas – Dec 04, 2010

    Thanks, Larry, for also being a big fan of the green table of yes! Glad you liked Ping Pong.

    Michael J. Solender – Dec 02, 2010


    I'm pleased Lost in the City connected with you. Thx for the feedback.

    stephen hastings-king – Dec 02, 2010

    Hello: Thanks for the read and comment/fave on "A Catalog of Disappeared Things" and especially for the tip on Le Clézio, about whose work I had forgotten somehow (I didn't know that Desert had been translated into English...) Any resonance between what I'm doing and his work is terribly flattering to mine, I think. But I'm pleased about that, and more that I can scurry out and get ahold of/read Desert. So thanks all the way around.

    James Lloyd Davis – Nov 30, 2010

    Yer right, Larry, that mortality thing is overwhelming at times. I like to think, "If there was any real justice, I'd of been dead at nineteen." Subsequently, every day after that is gravy on the plate. Pass the biscuits.

    niceguyted – Nov 15, 2010

    Thanks for the welcome, Larry. Looking forward to reading your stuff. =)

    Jules Archer – Nov 08, 2010

    Larry, I love your cool insight on "Mama's Mass". Thanks for reading.

    Cherise Wolas – Nov 08, 2010

    Thank you Larry, for your lovely comment on Unpacking Sentences!

    Shelagh Power-Chopra – Nov 04, 2010

    Thanks for reading, appointment! And your nice comments!

    M – Nov 02, 2010

    I'm so glad my "motorcycle for a dream" piece resonated with you, Larry. Thanks for your kind words and for cheering on my narrator. "She" really appreciates it. -- Q

    J. Mykell Collinz – Nov 01, 2010

    Hi, Larry. Thanks for reading 'Fifty Five Words or Less.' I didn't spend too much time writing this, unlike everything else I write. And I'm still falling behind on my reading.

    Jack Swenson – Oct 31, 2010

    Larry, how do you guess? My wife is a saint!

    Kathy Fish – Oct 30, 2010

    Glad you liked "How Elm Trees Die" Larry. Thanks for commenting on it.

    Jules Archer – Oct 27, 2010

    Larry, thanks for your comments on "The Minds of Men". Appreciate your read.

    Meg Pokrass – Oct 24, 2010

    Larry thank you so much for your comment on Dog Park and the reading suggestion! Greatly appreciated!! Will do.

    Matt Potter – Oct 22, 2010

    Thanks for your comment about my story 'Bus' - I am intrigued about those voices ...

    Cherise Wolas – Oct 08, 2010

    Larry, thank you for reading and commenting on Redux -Things I Should Have Done #4 - now called Heartbreak Waiting To Happen. I always love finding out how readers interpret my characters!

    Cynthia Hawkins – Oct 05, 2010

    Thanks so much Larry! I hope those guidelines serve you well ;)

    Jules Archer – Sep 27, 2010

    Larry, Thank you for the read and feedback on "Nowhere in Sight". Gotta love a comment from you.


    Julie Innis – Sep 26, 2010

    Larry, I'll buy you a Red if you buy me a Purple. And no, the vodka's not optional.

    stephen hastings-king – Sep 23, 2010

    hello larry...actually, i didn't know about this approach. i thought that you were referring to the kabbalistic template that i adapted to talk about permutations in the story. so i took you as riffing on that. very interesting. thanks for the bounce-back. investigating.

    stephen hastings-king – Sep 23, 2010

    Hello Larry, Thanks for the reading and commenting on The Imagination Factory. Much appreciated. I'm interested in some of the lower-level snowflake classes you mention. Got a reading list?

    J. Mykell Collinz – Sep 11, 2010

    Hi, Larry. Thanks for reading 'Number Nine.' I appreciate your comment.

    James Lloyd Davis – Sep 11, 2010

    Larry, thanks for the fave on "....Norma Jeane, Norma Jeane?"

    Daniel Passamaneck – Aug 31, 2010

    Larry, thanks for the kind word about the salad porn. As for "showhorn," um, no, I'm sure that's what I meant at the time. However, times being what they are, I've decided to move to the more traditional "shoehorn." Thanks for picking up on that!

    Matthew A. Hamilton – Aug 31, 2010

    Mr. Strattner, I never visited St. Anselms, but knew a few monks from there. Indeed, the Benedictines are excellent educators. When I arrive in Fairfield in December, I'll be able to compare them to the Jesuits.

    Lorenzo Sewanan – Aug 18, 2010

    thank you for the comments! would you mind telling me what you meant by inconclusive?

    J. Mykell Collinz – Aug 14, 2010

    Hi, Larry, thanks for reading His Longest Day. I appreciate your insightful comment and the fav.

    Meg Pokrass – Jul 31, 2010

    thanks, Larry. The TFC stuff is a parody of it, nothing more. I don't get any of that tech speak, and hate it. I love to mock it, and none of it is at all real. I'm glad you liked the Jim Jones line. best, meg

    Jules Archer – Jul 29, 2010

    Larry- Glad to help! That's what we're here for.

    Bill Yarrow – Jul 27, 2010

    "For me this poem has made all the difference"--ha! Thanks for your comment on the Frost found poem, Larry. The poem definitely is a curiosity.

    Kerry Johnston – Jul 22, 2010

    Larry, I may love Roald Dahl (much to your amusement), but I'm with you on Lisbeth Salander - she is a character in a million!

    Susan Tepper – Jul 15, 2010

    Larry, so glad you enjoyed my story All Credit Rescinded, thanks, and have a great summer!

    Juhi Kalra – Jul 15, 2010

    Kari, Larry, and Marcelle
    all of you truly excel
    at making my heart skip a beat
    leaving comments, such a treat.

    Sam, my old friend from weeks aught
    giving helpful hints for naught
    How did I deserve to get
    3 favs from this talented lot?
    ...hey, wait a minute, I'm missing a fav...

    Kari Nguyen – Jul 09, 2010

    Larry, I really appreciate your insightful comments on Star Anise. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it! I'm looking forward to reading your work.

    J. Mykell Collinz – Jul 09, 2010

    Thanks, Larry, for reading Unoriginal Sin and commenting.

    Claire King – Jul 09, 2010

    Thank you, Larry for your very encouraging comments on 'Tyler is learning...' I'm so pleased you liked it and I'm definitely going to keep shaping this one up.

    Bill Yarrow – Jul 08, 2010

    I'm glad "Magritte" worked for you--exactly in the way I'd hoped--evoking the quality of Magritte without referencing specific paintings. It's a very early poem for me, but I'm very pleased you and so many others at Fictionaut liked it. Thank you for your expanded comment.

    Bill Yarrow – Jul 08, 2010

    Thanks, Larry, for commenting on "Magritte." I appreciate it.

    Jules Archer – Jul 07, 2010

    Hey there Larry-
    Glad you enjoyed my seductive story "10 Jobs..." and thanks for the nice comment. Oh, what we could do with the letter "s"...


    Sara – Jul 07, 2010

    HA. Larry, thanks for your note: masochism, always.

    Jerry Schatz – Jul 06, 2010

    Larry, many thanks for your comments on "Call Me Naked." I figured aromatherapy and licentiousness might be a winning combination for a story. Where in Wisconsin are you? I have family in Oregon, WI, near Madison.

    Robert Vaughan – Jun 17, 2010

    Hi Larry, nice to see you're on Fictionaut. I'm a Wisconsin writer also. Just wondering, are you in the Milwaukee area?

    Con Chapman – Jun 13, 2010

    thanks for reading and commenting. I felt the metal ruler on my hand in fifth grade, when Scott Dick (I'm not making that one up) and Tommy Walje were teaching me how to give someone the finger.

    Roberta – Jun 11, 2010

    Hey Larry,

    Thanks for the comment on 'The Ending...'

    I haven't actually read Justine - or any De Sade at all for that matter. I probably should.


    Jack Swenson – Jun 08, 2010

    And Bob and Ray. Write if you get work, and hang by your thumbs.

    Jack Swenson – Jun 08, 2010

    Larry, it occurs to me that we may be the only two people on the site who know who Ernie Kovacks is.

    Jack Swenson – Jun 07, 2010

    Larry, Alas, you may be right. Whatever happened to Jonathan Winters?

    Jack Swenson – Jun 04, 2010

    Yes, Larry, a story about a "home" for the elderly comes too close for comfort, doesn't it? At least for those of us who are a little long of tooth.

    Cherise Wolas – May 31, 2010

    Sorry, should have said it's published anew here, An Italian Lunch (revised).

    Cherise Wolas – May 31, 2010


    I've worked on a revision of An Italian Lunch, chapter 5. If you're game for a fourth read!

    Cherise Wolas – May 31, 2010

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting on An Italian Lunch. Yes, I knew that Gabrielle's line about wanting the experience might be tad off-putting, but it is Cameron's pov here. I'm glad that the concept of men fearing what a sexual encumbrance might ultimately mean emotionally worked for you.

    Cherise Wolas – May 30, 2010


    Regarding Addict and your thoughts, in line with the longer works thread, yes, man, I would hope we all could turn our lives into a least a three volume book series... whether it would prove to be any good is a whole different kind of story!

    Myra King – May 29, 2010

    Yep, Mate's fine!

    Mark Reep – May 29, 2010

    Hi Larry, thanks for your comments on 'Lost Dream'. Glad you liked.

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    Thanks for your comment on Elephant! Glad you enjoyed it.

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    Larry, thanks for reading Teacher. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated. Look forward to reading more of your work, also.

    Jack Swenson – May 23, 2010

    Thanks, Larry. Yes, Amsterdam is a delight. Great place.

    Myra King – May 21, 2010

    Thanks Larry for your nice comments about , About Poetry!

    Myra King – May 14, 2010

    Elegantly depressing - I love that. Thanks Larry, muchly appreciated :-)

    Cherise Wolas – May 14, 2010

    My pleasure Larry!

    Michael J. Solender – May 11, 2010

    Thanks Larry for enjoying mu chicken piece

    Jack Swenson – May 07, 2010

    Mox nix to me, too, Larry. Thanks for the comment on "Secrets"!

    JM Prescott – May 03, 2010

    Thank you for your comment on my story. Type-os are my curse, I'm afraid. And they are invisible to me - being dyslexic. I'd appreciate any you can point out.

    Matthew A. Hamilton – Apr 30, 2010

    Thank you for commenting on The Turkey that Couldn't Gobble. I used to draw a little, thinking about doing it again, charcoal, maybe. I appreciate your insights.

    J. Mykell Collinz – Apr 29, 2010

    Thanks Larry for your comment on Drug War Snitch, I appreciate it very much. I enjoy reading your work, The Demon Rum comes to mind. I'll be reading more.

    Cherise Wolas – Apr 25, 2010


    Thanks so much for reading What I Should Have Done - #1 and commenting! I just got onto a Richard Price jag, read Lush Life, which I adored, then Freedomland (if you haven't read you should), then Clockers. Love The Wire too. I look forward to reading your work!

    Jerry Ratch – Apr 18, 2010

    Thank you, Larry!

    Ryder Collins – Apr 15, 2010

    Larry, thanks for seconding my opinion. Actually, what I really want to say is I'm originally from Wisconsin and you made me miss Wisconsin just a little bit more, which may not be cool, but it's the truth (as I see it right now at this moment).

    Jack Swenson – Mar 30, 2010

    Larry, Tell me about it. I'm a year older than you are; I was born in 1909. Thanks for the kind words about my Senior Center story.

    Linda Simoni-Wastila – Mar 24, 2010

    Larry, thanks for the reads on my humble offerings. You and others are making fn very homey. And hey, I'm here same reason as you -- learn from the fine folks here. So much talent... Peace, Linda

    P. Jonas Bekker – Mar 24, 2010

    :-D The Netherlands are small, but not that small. Actually, I think there may be over a hundred people here that read literature so 99 to go ;-)

    Adios – Mar 23, 2010

    Hey Larry, thanks a lot for the read. I'm glad you enjoyed my story. Are you the guy who looks like he fell off a yacht?

    Nina Alvarez – Mar 19, 2010

    Larry, It means a lot that you took the time to read Magic X and comment. I know it's a long piece. I hear you about the distance from the main character and will look closely at pacing and repeating words. Thanks so much!

    LynnAlexander – Mar 17, 2010

    Larry! Small world. Hello.

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    Thank you for reading, Larry! Your comment was really appreciated! :-)

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    Larry - thx for the nod to rat-arsed. Maybe I could do it as it is a sometimes natural state?? btw, I married the farmer's daughter from green county- south of Madison. Where are you?

    Jack Swenson – Mar 15, 2010

    Larry, Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the trio.

    David Ackley – Mar 12, 2010

    p.s. I'd also star Bulgakov's masterpiece( Stalin as Wotan some have suggested) and McCarthy's "Blood Meridian" still my favorite of his works. I'll have to check out some others of your intriguing choices...

    David Ackley – Mar 12, 2010

    The Last line above " lying makes it true for me" is a better statement of what I was trying to say in my reply to your comment. Thanks again.

    Jack Swenson – Mar 10, 2010

    Glad you enjoyed my smoking story, Larry. It sure is a bitch to quit, isn't it?

    Jack Swenson – Mar 04, 2010

    Yup. I'm not a big fan of the GOP. And I doubt very much that St. Pete will send you to the D room. They recognize brains and talent up there.

    Neil Serven – Mar 02, 2010

    Hey Larry, thanks for the comments on "Down Cellar." I grew up in eastern Mass., and now live in western Mass. myself. So far I know the collocation "down cellar" to be common as far down south as New Jersey.

    David Backer – Feb 25, 2010

    Thanks for the support Larry. Always good to be welcomed and encouraged. And to know that I can prove people right. Looking forward. --David

    Jack Swenson – Feb 21, 2010


    Glad you liked my micros. Thanks.

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    I've picked up a few shipments from Eureka in the past. You gotta watch out for the fuzz.

    Matt Dennison – Feb 11, 2010

    Thanks for the recent spate (is that the wright woid?) of comments and faves, Mista' Larry!

    Jack Swenson – Jan 30, 2010

    Yes, indeed. J.T.S. Brown was Fast Eddie’s tipple. I see you know your bourbon.

    Jack Swenson – Jan 30, 2010

    Geez, Larry. I got my drinking career off and running in Wisconsin. You couldn't drink legally until you were 21 in Minnesota. Wisconsin folks were more reasonable.

    AJ Dresser – Jan 27, 2010

    Brilliant "why I write" poem you have up on your page.

    Michael J. Solender – Jan 23, 2010

    Thx Larry for the nice nod.

    sara t. – Jan 12, 2010

    Thanx for your kind words Larry. Glad you liked my optimistic piece! i thought i'd try it out for a change!

    Jason McCormick – Jan 06, 2010

    All good. I had a little fun with it. You play?

    sara t. – Jan 04, 2010

    Larry, love your "why do u write" poem. Especially the first stanza....will be checking out your work.

    Sara – Dec 23, 2009

    Larry, Thanks so much for reading -- and commenting -- on my story. Very, very kind. I look forward to reading your work.

    Jason McCormick – Dec 21, 2009

    I was wondering if someone would mention something about it - the swing's too flat. Normally I'm lights out and I play a three handicap. Now that Tiger's taking a break, I think that I'm the next big thing (yeah, right)!

    Michael J. Solender – Dec 20, 2009

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    Jedediah Berry – Nov 19, 2009

    Thank you, Larry! Glad to hear you enjoyed The Manual of Detection.

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    Well, we can only improve from here on!

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    Larry, Thank you for the comments about The Love Diet.

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    Thanks for the comments, Larry. Appreciate your input.

    David Erlewine – Sep 11, 2009

    "My creativity is fueled by others. If you sniff plagiarism somewhere in our relationship you know I like you."

    Ha! That made me laugh tonight. Love it.

    David Erlewine – Sep 11, 2009

    Hey my friend, thanks so much re "good kids, bad endings." Scott Garson echoed your comments on the "Not Really" story (which I'd posted separately last week). It really is a creepy as hell story, one i have mixed emotions about at this point. Take care, David

    Ben Loory – Sep 11, 2009

    master and margarita kills! i just read his heart of a dog the other day and it wasn't anywhere near as good, though. weird. but, i guess, what IS as good? so it's okay.

    and i love how heaney's beowolf opens with "So." it's so perfect. enough of that "hark" crap!

    Febe Moss – Sep 09, 2009

    thanks for your great comments!

    Bear Savo – Aug 27, 2009

    Larry, I can't wait to read your auction story.

    Reynard Seifert – Aug 20, 2009

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    Brett Fogarty – Jul 15, 2009

    Hey Larry, thanks for your comment and it's really nice to meet you!

    David Erlewine – Jun 25, 2009

    Larry, thanks much for your very interesting comments about my story "No More Carl". I have a next door neighbor with a pool and sometimes I look out the window. I'm still digesting what I wrote but your comments are really helpful/interesting in terms of edits and maybe to help me get a handle on what I'm trying to make the story about. Thanks again.

    Carol Novack – May 29, 2009

    Are you THAT Larry? I must cybervisit Kazbegi Gorges now and leave a comment on one of your fictions here ... asap. I'm remiss.

    Robert Lamb – May 19, 2009

    I look forward to seeing what you do. Please bear in mind, though, that my comments are mere opinion. Well, maybe not "mere," given all my years as an editor and writing teacher, but still opinion. Keep in mind, too, that the fundamentals can be taught, but talent can not be. Still, I liked your line about the possibility of losing on the fundamentals. Stephen King said it all in his very good book on writing: the language is the writer's toolbox; he must learn to use all of the tools in it and know how to pick the right one each time.

    C. Kaminski – May 03, 2009

    [Ha! I talk too damn much for my own good. They ought to warn you about a character limit.] Here's what I was trying to get out:
    And it's highly likely that he knew Bach's nephew, too, or at least heard/gossiped about Kapellmeister J.C. Bach's rocky relationship with the court... You have a really delicious piece of history to work with there. And to present Claire bringing the music of her ancestors to life in a piece of writing in which you bring Claire to life is truly wonderful. Whatever you do, don't rush it. It'll come. I really look forward to seeing how things develop. (Sorry to poop all over your wall.)

    C. Kaminski – May 03, 2009

    Hello Larry,
    I'm so glad that my comments on Concert were helpful to you. I had enough time to start secondguessing, and I was starting to think that perhaps the lacuna was the point--that the absent presence might be something you were working toward there. It was an "easy" set of critiques for me to deliver because I was basically projecting a similar set of problems I have with a piece I've been reworking for so long it'd be embarrassing to say. (And, in all honesty, when I reached that point where the character was satisfactorily rendered, it was no longer the person I'd been trying to transcribe, go figure.) As for your saying perhaps you shouldn't have attempted, I couldn't disagree more! And besides, now your feet are wet. I did some cursory poking around on the internet, found out Georg Christoph Strattner was vice-Kapellmeister and director of the opera house in Weimar. Weimar! What a gig! He was alive when Bach and Handel were composing, and it's highly likely that he knew B

    Ethel Rohan – Apr 17, 2009

    Hi Larry,

    Thanks so much for your comments on "Cracking Open." I really appreciate your time, and look forward to reading your work.

    M.H. – Apr 14, 2009

    Thanks for the comment on my story! I'm prone to fictional violence, but thankfully, not actual violence.

    Dennis Hiatt – Apr 14, 2009

    Thanks for the advice Larry. I have written a couple of hospital screenplays. However, hospital screenplays aren’t sellable (for the most part) because of all the ER type shows on TV. The reasoning goes it’s free on TV why would people pay to see it in the theater.

    Carol Novack – Apr 13, 2009

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments, Larry! Tell me when you post a story here and I'll happly read it! Cheers, Carol

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