by Larry Strattner

A petition submitted to the Planning Department of Palm Beach Florida requests a zoning variance applied to Mar — a — Lago.

Studies, backed by research, have defined Mar-a- Lago, an ideal location for shelter and protection for immigrants, fleeing from hunger, exploitation and persecution from countries having no democracy, law, and protection of its populace.

Mar-a-Lago's  golf course which the variance will allow to be modified for running water, sewage management service, and creation of a tent city, will house  immigrants fleeing from hunger, exploitation and persecution.

The tent city population at Mar-a- Lago will train residents for assimilation as American citizens.

As the students for citizenship proceed through their education process, they will also be given light labor and community-assistance work to pay their way.

A PGA Golf Scoreboard will be installed designed to track and publish any lies or distortions of status disseminated over and above the 10,000 or so prior prevarications issued by the current US government.

Ultimatums will be issued to all countries originating persecuted and savaged immigrant flows. demand ing a halt to all activity causing out-migrations to the US. Political leaders not complying with conditions will be relocated to join the tent population at Mar-a-Lago.

Review of the new zoning structure for Mar-a-Lago will be completed within the month. Failure to support it will result in loss of citizenship for any person actively subverting the project.

This change will signal practical use of this otherwise excessively conceived facility.

Additional documents, beyond zoning, also remove the property from any private ownership and restructure Mar-a-Lago into a public beach, par three golf course and Dairy Queen.

Names and addresses of supporting signatories are withheld for reasons of privacy.

Thank you for your support.

Friends of Mar-a-Lago.