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Jules Archer – Feb 28, 2013

Katie, thanks for reading and commenting on Daddio.

Shawn Misener – Jun 12, 2012

Thanks for reading my work. I look forward to yours!

Rabbit Angstrom – Jun 04, 2012

Thank you so much for the comment Katie on the Wolves Short!

David Ackley – Jun 20, 2011

Katie, this thanks is so belated it's probably actionable, but thanks beaucoup for your kind words for " Paris, 2004," which i just discovered now.

Matt DeVirgiliis – Apr 18, 2011

Welcome. Being young is great; it means you have so much writing ahead of you.

Meg Tuite – Apr 09, 2011

And you worked with Melissa Pritchard?? She's a great friend of mine and I just interviewed her for The Santa Fe Lit Review. Hope you can pick up a copy. It will be out in July. Isn't she amazing!!!!!

Meg Tuite – Apr 09, 2011

Hey Katie!! Thank you so much for your generous comments on "1946, What I Wanted.." I really appreciate your reading and I have to get on my reading here at Fictionaut.

Karen Eileen Sikola – Feb 28, 2011

Hi, Katie! Thanks so much for your comment on "21." I look forward to following your work here on Fictionaut and elsewhere.

Keith U. – Feb 28, 2011

Hi, Katie - thank you so much for reading "1991" and for commenting!

Robert Vaughan – Feb 26, 2011

Welcome Katie! Enjoy the ride.

Darryl Price – Feb 26, 2011

Great to have you with us!

Soon to be deleted – Feb 25, 2011

Hey, Katie :) So glad you're here :)

Lavinia Ludlow – Feb 24, 2011


Christian Bell – Feb 23, 2011

Katie, thanks for your comments on "Tips for the Prospective Superhero" and for what you wrote on my wall. Oh, yeah--welcome to Fictionaut!

See ya – Feb 23, 2011

"The first person you write for is yourself."

Yes, and yes again.

Kait Mauro – Feb 23, 2011

Hi :) thanks for the comment and welcome to fn!

Meg Pokrass – Feb 23, 2011

Hi, Katie. Welcome to Fictionaut. Thank you for your kind words about my story "Tip"!

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