How to Listen

by Samuel Derrick Rosen

They say everything's in Hades, I'm not too sure,
not fond of the absolute, I love the idea of hunger
turning into something else. I have my skeleton

crew and my mural of you and that's enough,
sky is sky and earth is earth and blood is memory
You will not make me run out of adjectives, all is

something coming up out of a tomb, it's eyes wide
and its mouth narrow, spared the thesis of sleep
it senses deliverance in difference, senses all is

glass and sand simultaneously, that this universe is
tear-drop shaped, but in a lovely way, your wall
is painted blue in a dream style but it can't faze me,

not your censorious heart, its feline contradictions,
not your lascivious tongue nor your liberal claws,
not your hyacinth aroused by the stroke of midnight,

not your feminine answers nor what languishes in
your impregnable eyes although I know you know
how to listen, how to listen, how to listen, how to.....