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I write stuff. I wrote a book. It's called Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day and was just released by Penguin Books. Here's a link to the Amazon page in case you want to buy 80,000 copies of it:

Why do you write?

I write because I like it and can't really stop.

Emotional turmoil exacerbates the problem.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Wodehouse, Brautigan, Emerson, Sebald, Borges, Philip K. Dick.

And Portrait of a Man Unknown, by Nathalie Sarraute.

And Richard Laymon's The Cellar.

Ben Loory's Wall

Kenton K. Yee – Feb 19, 2013

Congratulations, Ben!

Benjamin Matvey – Jan 30, 2012

Thanks for joining the group for my novel X, Ben! I hope you get a chance to check it out.

Benjamin Matvey – Jan 30, 2012

Thanks for joining the group for my novel X, Ben! I hope you get a chance to check it out.

Mark Krieger – Aug 11, 2010

Thanks Ben. You don't have to say anything to Sarah though. She'll get in touch eventually. I'm just following a needy feeling I have going right now... You're story made me hungry for burritos. Tell Evison to write something on my wall! Better yet, have him lie and say he digs one one my stories.

Mark Krieger – Aug 10, 2010

Hey Ben! I took your advice on the ending of that story of mine, "Jail". Also, i cleaned up a lot of the "grittiness" in it. that comment and another: a friend said it sounded like Bukowski, dennis johnson and someone else, made me want to fix things up a bit... i'll take the johnson compliment but getting older, i find my taste for the old Bucowski waning considerably.

by the way i sent two stories to Sarah. this was 2 weeks ago... maybe more... at this point i'm thinking she's thinking of a delicate way of saying: piss up a rope...

my wife made some terrible soup tonight. it was like grill grease with grizzled potato and carrots dug out of the dumpster. normally she's a great cook. this one the birds can have. although they probably wouldn't eat it.

Susan Tepper – Jul 23, 2010

Hey Ben, well maybe they will go to Chuckie Cheese after the movie (that's if she peels off those stickers)

Rae Bryant – Jul 18, 2010

Heya, Ben. Cheers again on your work. Can't wait to see your stories in Moon Milk Review.

Veronica Purcell – Jul 11, 2010

Thank you for joining the Scifi & Fantasy Group. Looking forward to seeing your works there.

Robert Vaughan – Jun 11, 2010

Hi Ben, glad to see you here. I enjoyed your piece in the New Yorker magazine. I don't live in there anymore, but I have kept my subscription ever since I left.

Mary Guterson – Apr 23, 2010

you seem to have left my name off your list of favorite authors. That's okay. I won't take it personally. Really. I can handle it. Don't think twice about it. I mean it.

Ann Bogle – Apr 19, 2010

Ben, the Borges reading was at the Memorial Union Theater in Madison, Wisconsin. Friends still remember that "Bonnie fainted at Borges." Russians swoon at literature, her relatives in South America, it was too much for her, we thought, but in fact she was beta testing antidepressants. It must have been early 80s. I thought Borges looked like a grand piano in a suit. It was intimidating! Suspenseful, even. James Baldwin read at the same auditorium, he in a purple beret.

Ann Bogle – Apr 14, 2010

Ben, congratulations on the publication of your story in The New Yorker! Cool to pick it up and read you there.

M.H. – Apr 06, 2010

Hi Ben - Congrats on The New Yorker - TV is simply dazzling. It reminds me of one of my favorite movies of all time - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Bravo!

David Erlewine – Apr 03, 2010

F! I mean Minichillo.

David Erlewine – Apr 03, 2010

Yeah, what Minchillo said. Holy shit, dude, big congrats on the new yorker. I hope/trust that won't knock jmww out of your cover letters.

John Minichillo – Apr 01, 2010

Wowwy wow wow, re: NYrker. Shit damm. Hell yeah.

Christian Bell – Jan 12, 2010

Ben, thanks for posting. Haven’t checked out “Born Again” but have heard good and bad things about it. For me, post-Ozzy is all about Dio.

The Melvins is a group I should be into but sadly haven’t. Where would an aspiring Melvins-ite start?

Carol Reid – Jan 11, 2010

Ha! it's been a while since anyone mentioned my namesake. New and old jokes equally welcome. Except the one about the man in Havana.

Carol Reid – Jan 11, 2010

Hi Ben. Great interview in Emprise Review. Sharp story, too!

David Erlewine – Dec 18, 2009

ha! your wall note, as usual, cracks me up. i love how you phrase things. the idea of you living in fear of a chapbook of mine is a great image. indeed, the bicycle review is very cool and j. de salvo seems like a great guy. i'm not biased or anything, either. hope you're good my friend. d

David Erlewine – Dec 17, 2009

thanks for introducing me to the bicycle review. got something up in there now. i really like the other stories in the issue, more than mine actually.

David Erlewine – Oct 20, 2009

ha! just saw the failing miserably line. nice. dude, one of the coolest comments to any of my postings, evah! really appreciate it. i'm a seinfeld freak and used to love reading about serial killers! you know too much.

Ben Loory – Oct 14, 2009

failing miserably is underrated.

David Erlewine – Oct 14, 2009

Thank you for adding me as a contact and writing on my wall, Ben. I am trying to think of something clever to say vis-a-vis show v tell, but as usual failing miserably.

Scott Garson – Sep 12, 2009

danks for the readz B!

David Erlewine – Sep 08, 2009

Nice to be friends in real life (ie, facebook) and on here. ha

Hope to see more of your work. David

Ethel Rohan – Sep 07, 2009

Thanks for your note, Ben. Cooper Renner and elimae are terrific. Hang in there, it'll happen.

Lauren Becker – Sep 06, 2009

hey ben: welcome to fnaut! you already figured out how to put up an amazing story and get lots of nice comments so i think you'll navigate it fine ...

re: the car, i seem to recall that mine is blue, but, like yours, it is dirt-colored. and scratched up, as i am very bad at parking.

i liked your wl story. was fun being neighbors there!

Scott Garson – Sep 02, 2009

hey Ben, great to see u here... looking forward to checking out "The Book." another thing i'm looking forward to: getting your Wigleaf story up--tomorrow (or late tonite)!

Dave Clapper – Sep 01, 2009

Nice Brautigan shout-outin your books.

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