Craig Snyder

Location Big Rapids, Michigan
Occupation Human
IM (Yahoo) headsfromspace

About Me

I write short fiction and do web design. I (used to) edit Rumble Magazine.

Why do you write?


Any favorite authors? Books?

I like that Harriet The Spy lady Louise Fitzhugh. I like that Eudora Welty chick and that Look Homeward, Angel guy Thomas Wolfe.

Craig Snyder's Wall

David Erlewine – Apr 08, 2010

Craig, thanks! I really like the new look, though I do miss that creepy smiling "woman's" face that graced my other cover. Is it sick that I sometimes opened that link just to look at her grin? It's like I was addicted or something. Hmm, I'll be quiet now. Thanks for the note and hope you're well!

Craig Snyder – Sep 24, 2009

Thanks Dave. Hi Cami. This place is nice looking.

David Erlewine – Sep 24, 2009

excellent! Still one of my most exciting acceptances came from you, Craig, both considing the publication/story and also your enthusiasm/inquiries regarding the story. That was a great day.

Cami Park – Sep 24, 2009

Harriet the Spy is my favorite! Hi!

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