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I like to read and write stories.

I edit Wigleaf, an online journal of very short fictions, and I'm the author of American Gymnopédies, a collection of micros.

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David Erlewine – Mar 18, 2010

Scott, I recall your withering FB update about Esquire's questionable fiction of late. Check out James Franco's WITHERINGLY BRILLIANT piece in the new print issue, with lines like: "Then we sit for awhile not saying anything. I can feel their mind-killing slime thought rubbing on me and corroding me and killing me." Do I feel an SG FB retraction coming? Ooh, burn! And there are no typos above...what does "mind-killing slime thought" look like and how does it rub on someone, let alone corrode? And it apparently kills twice!

Jack Swenson – Feb 15, 2010

I just checked out my story in Wigleaf. I had to pinch myself when I saw it there at the top of the list. Your journal is #1, in my humble opinion, and now I can brag that I have a story in there, too! Thanks so much. You've made an old scribbler very happy.

Josh Spilker – Nov 13, 2009

hey, thanks for joining the deckfight group! will try to get some more stuff going on over there.

Ben White – Oct 12, 2009

The answer to your question at matchbook is YES. Having linked stories all in a row on a page doesn't give it the same feel as clinking deeper into the story. The connections here are integral, almost streamed. A lot of the hyperlink fiction I remember from the 90s was horrible, choose-your-own-adventure kind of stuff. This is it done right. Nice.

M.H. – Oct 12, 2009

Hi Scott,
I loved About Me and My Cousin at Matchbook & esp. enjoyed the experience of reading it - very innovative and interesting.

Ben White – Oct 04, 2009

Friday. 1pm. You + Nanoism = Love.

Scott Garson – Sep 27, 2009

read Amelia Gray's "How He Felt"!!!!!!!

Erin Fitzgerald – Sep 11, 2009

Thanks so much, Scott.

I've been here how long and this whole wall-writing thing still throws me?


Gary Percesepe – Sep 11, 2009

maybe we could just say,

sex in the first


Suzanne Lamb – Sep 10, 2009

Hey, Scott. Thanks for telling me about this. Haven't had a chance to figure it out yet.

David Erlewine – Sep 03, 2009

thanks, Scott, like I need any incentive to post a story. wow, thanks for suggesting i add that one. i owe randall brown huge on i posted a much longer version years ago on zoetrope and randall was like uh yeah i like this but nothing really happens (the story was literally just about ordering a cheeseburger over lunch).

David Erlewine – Sep 03, 2009

If so, I should unjoin the group. :(

Scott Garson – Sep 03, 2009

is Sex in the First line like Sex on the First Date?

Katrina Gray – Sep 02, 2009

Hi, Scott. Thanks for the read/comment on "Sectioned." I think you're right--this hasn't really been written about. But I'm a birth junkie, so writing about these untold stories excites me. Glad you enjoyed it.

Ben Loory – Sep 02, 2009

oooh, it's like a whole new world in here...

Katrina Denza – Aug 30, 2009

Hi, Scott,

Ha! Oh jeez, remarkably simple. Thanks for offering Broken shelter. ;)

Katrina Denza – Aug 30, 2009

Hi, Scott,

Thanks! But I'm embarrassed to say I don't know what you mean. Am I supposed to post a story from Fictionaut on the group page? I'm not sure how to do that yet, but I'll figure it out.

David Erlewine – Aug 30, 2009

Thanks, Scott, kindly for the read and comment on the craigslist story. Now if my wife finds an open craigslist page I can say I'm researching a story.

James Robison – Aug 30, 2009


No one wrote or is likely to write about articulations under pressure but it's an observation of such acuity I'm going to use it, in exactly your words, in the next class I teach. Thank you. Tell your wife I will pre-friend her on Facbook. She has a friend circling and waiting--wait, that sounds like a stalker.

Jensen Beach – Aug 07, 2009

thanks, scott, for the read and the comment. good to see you here.

Ethel Rohan – Apr 19, 2009

Hi Scott,

Thank you so much for your kind comments on "Cracking Open." I'm a huge fan of Wigleaf, and am thrilled you'd take the time to read my work and comment.

Gail Siegel – Mar 13, 2009

Wigleaf continues to be terrific. Just read Boxers. Excellent story. Thanks for being such a great editor, Scott.

Gail Siegel – Mar 12, 2009

Hey, Happy Year of the Micro!

Lydia Copeland – Mar 05, 2009

Yay! Thanks, Scott!

David Erlewine – Mar 05, 2009

Just wanted to be where all the cool people are hanging out.

Scott Garson – Mar 05, 2009

yes, this wall is a place of business. i will now head over Lydia's wall, which i hope will become another place of business.

Katrina Denza – Mar 04, 2009

Hey! There's been a lot of activity on Scott Garson's wall lately...

Dave Clapper – Mar 03, 2009

Just returning the favor, Gail. :)

Gail Siegel – Mar 03, 2009

Oh, Dave Clapper, you make me laugh.

Dave Clapper – Mar 03, 2009

If recent activity sleeps with beard-boy at AWP Vancouver 2003, does she acknowledge it at check-in years later?

Scott Garson – Mar 03, 2009

really? your comm. on this wall registered on my 'recent activity'. so did mine: i got an email: 'Scott Garson wrote on your fictionaut wall.' i was like, damn that Scott Garson! always writing on my wall!

Gail Siegel – Mar 03, 2009

Hard to know, for those keeping score. Since my comment on your wall didn't register on the "recent activity" list, yet yours did. The question is, does all activity appear on the "recent activity" list? Just a subset? Just a ratio of your activity? Just a randomized search of "recent activity". If "recent activity" falls in the forest but nobody is there, is it "recent activity"? Many questions to ponder in arriving at the truth (and beauty) of records and record-breaking "recent activity."

Scott Garson – Mar 03, 2009

yeah i was trying to set a record. did i set a record?

Gail Siegel – Mar 03, 2009

You were busy here yesterday.

NE – Mar 02, 2009


Jessica Breheny – Feb 02, 2009

I just read your story "In Lieu of My Final Paper" in Avery. It's wonderful! Minus -- I hope -- the creepy stalking parts, I feel like I've had that guy in class before.

Dave Clapper – Jan 30, 2009

Thanks for the comment, Scott!

Molly Gaudry – Jan 25, 2009

Another wall post for you, Scott (please don't hate me for this)!

Jason Behrends, of What to Wear During an Orange Alert, presents:

Special Orange Alert AWP Reading

Wednesday, February 11, 2009
7:30 p.m.

Blake Butler
Barry Graham
S. Craig Renfroe
Stephanie Kuehnert
Jason Jordan
John Domini
Allison Eir Jenks
Peter Schwartz
Ben Tanzer
Molly Gaudry

4736-38 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625
(773) 293-2665

Lauren Becker – Jan 20, 2009

scott -- thanks for liking things i write. i like things you write and i like wigleaf -- both very much. i'm going to buy a thesaurus so i don't say "like" so much. i still think you're a 0% a**hole.

Myfanwy Collins – Jan 17, 2009

Scott, Thank you! That is awesome news. Really, really pleased to be a part of wigleaf!

David Erlewine – Dec 31, 2008

Hi Scott! Happy New Wigleaf. David

R. Mangla – Dec 31, 2008

Thanks for the invite. I like the whole setup here.

Tiff Holland – Dec 28, 2008

Scott, thanks for your comments on Officer Friendly. I really respect your opinion and am glad you like the piece.

Amanda Nazario – Nov 30, 2008

Good to know the rules. Heh.

Amanda Nazario – Nov 25, 2008

Thanks for the notice! I am very, very happy you like that piece, one of my faves. Maybe I'll re-post it here? Maybe.

Corey Zeller – Nov 14, 2008


I checked out Wigleaf and thought it looked great. I also liked the Top 50 you put on there. Good choices.

Hope you're doing well.

Jim Ruland – Oct 02, 2008

Hola, Scott!

Meg Pokrass – Sep 06, 2008

I do! <(*#*)> , <(*u*)>, <(*&*)> (various pig expressions - from my daughter! : ( :O :D (in order, sad, surprised, joyous)

Claudia Smith – Sep 05, 2008

I might write on my wall. Well, or you could write on my wall and then there would be no need for me to write on it.

I deleted my Facebook account and kept my MySpace. Tom is always a friend in MySpace. Your wife could be my MySpace friend.

Marcy Dermansky – Aug 30, 2008

Maybe your wife would prefer it on Fictionaut! Now I have written on your wall, too, and I used an exclamation point.

Kathy Fish – Aug 29, 2008

This is sad. Now everybody will want to write on your wall. Wait, it's not sad, it's genius!

Gail Siegel – Aug 27, 2008

Scott, I am writing on your wall, too! First I typed in a poem wherein your name rhymed with parson and Johnny Carson. But then I thought better of it. Instead: nice to see ya!

Scott Garson – Aug 22, 2008

I'm writing on my wall so I don't have to read, 'No one has written on your wall.'

This is like my wife, who won't join facebook because she doesn't want to read that initial 'You have no friends' line.

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