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About Me

I teach writing at San Jose City College and serve as the fiction editor of Ping Pong, the Literary Arts Journal of the Henry Miller Library. My work has appeared in elimae, 580 Split, Fugue, LIT, Other Voices, Storyglossia, Santa Monica Review, and is forthcoming from Avery. I am the author of a collection of short stories and a young adult novel.

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Claudia Smith – Mar 24, 2009

Just read "On Our Way" - it is starlit and dreamlike. I used to take the Greyhound a lot, and you captured something with that story and its nighttime feel.

Scott Garson – Feb 03, 2009

thnx, Jessica! and back at you: "Bug Funeral" is crushingly good! Go Penny!

very excited to read all the others....

Scott Garson – Jan 09, 2009

i used to live there, Santa Cruz. is it possible that you're the one i was always hearing about from Liz Bennett?

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