Alicia Gifford

Location Los Angeles vicinity
Occupation Former critical care RN, writer
Website http://

About Me

I write fiction.

Why do you write?

I've always liked to write but I didn't think of writing fiction until the turn of the century. I took my first class at UCLA Extension in 2000 and ... I like it!

Any favorite authors? Books?

I'm currently enamored with Edward P. Jones after reading his collection LOST IN THE CITY. I'm about to start his Pulitzer Prize novel, THE KNOWN WORLD. I have mad love for Junot Diaz's THE BRIEF WONDROUS LIFE OF OSCAR WAO and his collection DROWN; JESUS' SON by Denis Johnson, all of Lorrie Moore's collections. I heart Deborah Eisenberg too, with special love for her story "Some Other, Better Otto", Antonya Nelson, oh lots and lots of stuff.

Alicia Gifford's Wall

Alicia Gifford – Jan 22, 2011

Hi Carol! I came upon "Sage" in my weekly F. email and so glad I did! Otherwise, I'm not here much.

Carol Reid – Jan 22, 2011

Hey there! Forgot to re-follow you when I re-joined this place. Thanks for the kind comment on my story. How about you post something now?

Carol Reid – Dec 10, 2009

Howdy! but no Bozo?

Gary Percesepe – Oct 31, 2009

oh , ok, well, i just read the dog & girl story, yeah, so, ok, now--well, wow. ok? jimmy. ok, and the answer is NO, check, but still, it's a hell of a story. even so. i mean, the story, it is good. tee hee. oh, my. wheeeeee

Gary Percesepe – Oct 31, 2009

hey alicia, hi, whoa! hey---dogs & women, you got anything for us? send us something.



Roxane Gay – May 09, 2009

The Known World is breathtaking. I hope you've read it by now and that you liked it.

Michelle Tandoc – Feb 04, 2009

Hi, Alicia!

Corey Zeller – Nov 11, 2008

Have you ever read "Nilda" by Junot Diaz. I think it is amazing.

Your story "At the Bar" was great too. It makes me want to go and have a drink with you and make up stuff about everybody we see there.

I'd rather you'd come up here to drink though. I'm sure the drinks in LA cost way too much. Come to Erie and we'll get loaded for cheap.

Myfanwy Collins – Sep 11, 2008

I love that story "Some Other, Better Otto"--one of my favorites. I think I read it first in a BASS, maybe?

Scott Doyle – Sep 10, 2008

Thanks for the invite--where would I be in the literary world without you?

Alicia Gifford – Sep 09, 2008

I'm checking this place out. Pretty cool!

Pia Ehrhardt – Aug 27, 2008

Write us something, Alicia. (Or post us something!)

Myfanwy Collins – Aug 17, 2008

1910, yes! I'm almost 100.

Myfanwy Collins – Aug 16, 2008

Yay! Glad you are here. :)

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