Rusty Barnes

Location Revere MA
Occupation un
IM (AIM) papakookie

Books by Rusty Barnes
  • by Rusty Barnes
    sunnyoutside, 2007.

  • by Abigail Beckel, Kathleen Rooney
    Rose Metal Press, Inc., 2006.

  • by Tara L Masih
    Rose Metal Press, 2009.

  • by Steve Glines, 2009.

  • by Various
    Better Non Sequitur, 2006.

  • by Stuart Miller
    Barnes & Noble, 1998.

  • by Rusty Barnes
    sunnyoutside, 2011.

  • by Rusty Barnes
    MiPoesias, 2011.

  • by Charles Dodd White, Page Seay, Silas House, Chris Holbrook,...
    Bottom Dog Press, 2010.
  • About Me

    I'm the author of two collections of stories, Breaking it Down & Mostly Redneck,a co-founder of Night Train, and sole proprietor of Fried Chicken and Coffee.

    Why do you write?

    Diet Pepsi fuels my creativity, as does good poetry.

    I write, edit, and teach because I'm mostly incapable of real work.

    Any favorite authors? Books?

    Rural, gritty and transgressive will always grab my attention for a moment. Otherwise, it's a long answer you don't really want to hear. Pull me up at Goodreads for a better answer.

    Rusty Barnes's Wall

    Brendan McKennedy – Apr 23, 2010

    Howdee there.

    xTx! – Feb 20, 2010

    "Some Coming Night" in Wrong Tree kicked my ass. Huzzah!

    Kaolin Fire – Feb 17, 2010

    Hello :)

    @barry--Saddam story, agreed.

    Rusty Barnes – Feb 16, 2010

    I still don't really know what I'm doing here. I have posted stories, though.

    Hi everybody.

    David Erlewine – Dec 04, 2009

    I keep forgetting to get on Facebook and tell you I'm good. So, um, I'm good! That Gavin piece is damn good.

    NE – Sep 27, 2009

    yeah book!

    Michelle Tandoc – Feb 04, 2009

    Hi, Rusty!

    David Erlewine – Dec 25, 2008

    Hey Rusty! Nogs for the win!

    barry graham – Sep 10, 2008

    the saddam story i mean. i just realized i wasnt clicked on the story.

    barry graham – Sep 10, 2008

    good stuff

    Rusty Barnes – Sep 10, 2008

    Hi Alicia!

    Um, what do I do now?

    Alicia Gifford – Sep 10, 2008

    Welcome Rusty!

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