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Jim Breslin – May 10, 2010

Robert -

Welcome to Fictionaut! This has been a great way to share our stories and see what other writers are working on. Thrilled to see you on here! Best of luck!

Jerry Ratch – May 10, 2010

Jerry Ratch

Timothy Gager – Jul 28, 2009


Nice to see you, if it is indeed you.

Robert Olen Butler – Jul 17, 2009

Not a joke. Happy to be here. Please, my writer friends, don't be offended if I'm sometimes a bit reticent. I will be reading you all but may not have time to comment very much. But this is such a great idea. Best of luck.

Gary Percesepe – Jul 17, 2009

Hi Robert,

We miss you in Yellow Springs, where Mary Grimm is now holding forth, as I type--

All best,


Darryl Price – Jul 17, 2009

No one has written anything because we're all scared this is some kind of joke. If it's really you we are honored. If you are just someone with this wonderful writer's same name please excuse the above and many warm welcomes to Fictionaut.

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