Piers Marchant

Location Philadelphia
Occupation Writer/Editor
Website http://www.215mag.com
IM (AIM) piersadam

About Me

I'm getting to the point where I can't stand writing these pithy things about myself. Does that work?

Why do you write?

Reading excellent prose, for one thing. Time to really sit and digest something. Things that make me uncomfortable and/or pissed off also works.

Writing is the thing I do that makes me feel the most like I'm doing the thing I should be doing. Which is exactly why it's often hard for me to do it.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Tolstoy, Carver, Trevor, Munro, Dostoevsky, Wolff, Kafka. "Anna Karenina" is right up there.

Piers Marchant's Wall

Scott Garson – Jan 26, 2009

all right, p. "Deserve" is up. Very happy about this. I've wordcounted it several times because I still can't believe it's under 1000. Doesn't feel like it. Great story.

Laura Ellen Scott – Dec 30, 2008

That IS excellent news.

Scott Garson – Dec 30, 2008

he's got a real good one coming soon you know where

Laura Ellen Scott – Dec 30, 2008

howdy howdy--post a story. haven't read one of yours in freaking AGES.

Scott Garson – Dec 29, 2008

welcome piers welcome piers welcome piers welcome piers

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