Matthew Simmons

Location Seattle, WA

About Me

I'm Matthew. I have had things published in a few print places--Sleepingfish, Backward City Review, The Believer, Juked, Hobart, Monkeybicycle. Also, online at elimae, Pindeldyboz, 5_trope, Titular Journal, Lamination Colony.

In 2008 I won the Wabash Fiction Prize from The Sycamore Review.

I'm the Interviews Editor for Hobart ( I make ebooks, and chapbooks, too. They can be read about here:

In 2009, I published a novella called A Jello Horse through Adam Robinson's wonderful Publishing Genius Press.

I am working on a book of short stories that take place in Upper Michigan.

Why do you write?

I am influenced by strong Belgium Beer, peaches, and coffee.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Aimee Bender. Judy Budnitz. Trinie Dalton. Christine Schutt. Lydia Millet. Deb Olin Unferth. Catie Rosemurgy. Renata Adler. Leni Zumas. Eudora Welty. Flannery O'Connor. Joyelle McSweeney. Mary Ruefle. Myla Goldberg. Karen Russel. Carolyn Chute. Kathrine Dunn. Kate Walbert. Amy Hempel. Tillie Olsen. Claudia Smith. Grace Paley. Katherine Anne Porter. Pagan Kennedy. Shirley Jackson. Emily Dickinson. Lorrie Moore. Alice Munro. Francine Prose. Janet Frame. Robin Romm. Mary Robison. Lucy Thomas. Antonya Nelson. Sheila Heti. Amy Fusselman. Samantha Hunt. Harper Lee. Lucy Corin. Mavis Gallant. Diane Williams. Adria Bernardi. Stacey D'Erasmo. Cynthia Ozick. Laura Hendrie. Kelly Link. Stevie Smith. Hannah Tinti. Rachel Sherman. Stacey Levine. Rebecca Curtis. Stacey Richter. Carol Emshwiller. Lydia Davis. Ann Cummins.Marianne Moore. Chelsey Minnis. Susan Minot. Angela Carter. Gina Berriault. Lynne Tillman. Lore Segal. Sarah Shun-lien Bynum. Carole Maso. Terese Svoboda. Karen Brennan. Mary Gaitskill. Susan Neville. Yannick Murphy. Muriel Spark. Gertrude Stein. Shelley Jackson. Sara Manguso. Joy Williams. Jayne Anne Phillips. Courtney Eldridge. A.M. Homes. Miranda Mellis. Eileen Gunn. Rebecca Brown. Deborah Eisenberg. Pia Ehrhardt.

Matthew Simmons's Wall

Corey Zeller – Oct 09, 2009

For some reason I imagined you lived in a cabin when I looked at your picture.

I'd like if you did...and if you's what I'd like to do...

I want to set up two desks facing each other that both contain a computer, a pot of coffee, and a stack of books. Then I want to write that way with you from 6 in the morning to 6 at night.

Then I want to compare.

Well, shit...I guess that would be fun with anybody. But, in your case, I imagine it taking place in a cabin.

Hope things are good and keep up the good work, man!


Rachel Yoder – Aug 29, 2009

Hey Matthew,
The IC is great. I surprisingly LOVE it, even if it is in the Midwest. And as for Ishpeming, if you haven't already published it, I bet you could in PANK. Seems like something they would like...

barry graham – Sep 04, 2008

since this book list lacks female authors, may i suggest mary karr. "the liars club" and "cherry" were both amazing.

and heather o' neill, "lullabies for little criminals" is easily the best book i've read in a very long time.

Marcy Dermansky – Sep 04, 2008

Hey. I just read about your big prize win in Poets and Writers. Congrats. I love that list you have of writers. You should almost get a prize for that, too.

Michael Martone – Sep 02, 2008

So strange how small the world is. Ander and Samantha and looking at your list--Catie and Deb and Susan and Stacey and Stacey etc etc. It is social networking. Publishing is more like political organizine than anything else.


Michael Martone – Aug 31, 2008

Good to hear from you you Matthew. Yes indeed this is the only socializing I seem to have time for. Sam Hunt is on your list twice. Yes I think she is that good.


Pia Ehrhardt – Aug 30, 2008

That, seriously, is a list to go to town in. I copied it down. I'd add Jane Bowles. Antonya Nelson. Mary Gaitskill. Tessa Hadley. Sigrid Nunez. Cynthia Ozick. Grace Paley.

Thanks, Matthew!

Pia Ehrhardt – Aug 29, 2008

Now, you rule.

Pia Ehrhardt – Aug 29, 2008

Hey Matthew!

You need some favorite books written by women, not that you asked my opinion, but, um, that's what noticed.

Kathy Fish – Aug 29, 2008

Hey, you're here. Great!

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